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Company "A" The "Pelham Guards" was made up of men from Altamont and Pelham in Grundy County and Hillsboro in Coffee County.
Company "B" was made up of men from Franklin and Bedford Counties.
Company "C" "The Mountain Boys" was made up of men from Winchester, Franklin Co., TN.
Company "D" The "Ridgeville Hornets" was made up of men from the part of Franklin that became Moore Co., TN.
Company "E" "The Lynchburg Rangers" was made up of men from the part of Franklin that became Moore Co., TN.
Company "F" The "Salem Invincibles" was made up of men from Franklin Co., TN.
Company "G" "The Fayetteville Guards" was made up of men from Lincoln Co., TN.
Company "H" "The Shelton's Creek Volunteers" was made up of men from Lincoln Co., TN.
Company "I" "The Tullahoma Guards" was made up of men from Coffee County.
Company "K" "The Boon's Creek/Hill Minute Men" was made up of men from Lincoln County.

About The Peter TURNEY Regiment

A Special Acknowledgment

Soldiers buried in the City Cemetery of Lynchburg, Virginia.


After the Feb. 1861 secession meeting, Peter TURNEY organized a company in Winchester, which was later to become "C" Company. Four other companies from Franklin, Lincoln, Coffee and Grundy counties were formed after the fall of Fort Sumter. TURNEY'S 1st was organized at Winchester, TN, 21 Apr. 1861 and was mustered into service at Lynchburg, VA, 8 May 1861. On 17 May, they traveled by rail to Richmond where they were drilled by the cadets from the Virginia Military Institute. On June 1, they moved to Harper's Ferry and in July to the locale of Manassas where they were a part of the 3rd Brigade, JOHNSTON'S Division. Organization of the Tennessee Brigade was announced on 8 Mar. 1862. The third Tennessee regiment in this brigade was always the First Tennessee Regiment, but not always the same First. Until Feb., 1862 MANEY'S First Tennessee Volunteers was in the brigade, but when it was ordered back to Tennessee, it was succeeded by TURNEY'S 1st Confederate Infantry sometimes called the 1st Tennessee Regiment, Provisional Army, CSA. The Battle of Fredricksburg was fought in Dec. 1862. W.A. MILES sent an account of the wounded and killed to the newspaper. The company surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse 9 Apr. 1865. Isham G. HARRIS, formerly of Franklin County, was Governor of the State during the first part of the war (3 Nov. 1857-3 Mar. 1862) and Peter TURNEY served as Governor of the State of Tennessee from 16 Jan. 1893 to 21 Jan. 1897.

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A Special Acknowledgment

A special thanks for a major contribution made to this Turney page by Mr. Barry Crompton. Barry is a Melbourne-born, 45 year-old public servant from East Brighton, who became interested in the American Civil War during the 1960's when the centennial heightened the amount of publicity over the war. He has had four trips to the U.S.

He is a founding member of the American Civil War round Table of Australia in 1972; is a past- president, a past secretary and editor of the society's newsletter for sixteen years; awarded a life membership and winner of the society's research award on three occasions, he currently is immediate past president, researcher and corresponding secretary for that organization.

He is an honorary citizen of the states of Tennessee and Kentucky (thus a "Kentucky Colonel") for his efforts in Civil War research; he is a member of numerous organizations in the U.S. and Europe.

Turney's 1st is only a part of the book which is in progress by Mr. Crompton. He has generously shared his research for this page. I have condensed his material and set it off by an asterick (*) in order to distinguish his work from mine and other contributors. The extra identification that I have provided is marked by a tilde (~).

Soldiers Buried in the City Cemetery of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Thanks to John Pearson for the following research:

While researching the Battle of Bristoe Station, Virginia (10/14/1863), I came across a listing of the soldiers buried in the City Cemetery of Lynchburg, Virginia. The following names are listed:

1. Farmer, E. - Co. G, 1st TN
2. Farriss, Doctor - Co. F, 1st TN [Soldier Book - Co. G, 12th SC]
3. Parker, Monroe - Co. A, 1st TN
4. Rainbolt, W. - Co. K, 1st TN

In addition, several names are listed as belonging to Capt. Bennett's Company, 1st TN:
1. Britton, William E. - Capt. BENNETT's Co., Tallahassee Guards, 1st TN
2. Rowland, Waddy T. - Capt. BENNETT's Tallahoma [sic Tullahoma] Guards, 1st TN

Finally there are listed three names not shown on your list, perhaps belonging to the other 1st Tennessee:
1. Barlow, William - Co. E, 1st TN (Joseph MARLEY)
2. Cave, J. - Co. D, 1st TN
3. McMinn, E. - Co. M, 1st TN [TX?] (the 1st TX served with the Army of Northern Virginia, more than likely correct since there was no company M in Turney's regiment)

John says that he would greatly appreciate anything anyone can share about the Battle of Bristoe Station, VA.(

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