The battle of Camp Wildcat (Rockcastlle Heights) , Kentucky, October, 21, 1861.  The men of the 17th Tennessee Infatnry Regiment (to the left in the sketch) were the most heavily engaged of all the Confederate units at the battle.  Sketch courtesy of the Camp Wildcat Preservation Foundation.

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The 17th Tennessee Infantry was mustered into Confederate service on August 15, 1861 at Big Creek, Campbell County, TN. The regiment was then placed under the command of Brigadier General Felix K. ZOLLICOFFER, and participated in an engagement at Rock Castle, Kentucky (Camp Wildcat) on October 21, 1861, where it suffered 45 causalities. On January 20, 1862 the regiment was engaged in action at Fishing Creek near Mill Springs, Kentucky. In this battle the regiment suffered 46 casualties and Brigadier General ZOLLICOFFER was killed. The next action the regiment saw was during General Bragg's invasion of Kentucky in 1862. During this campaign the regiment was present at the capture of Munfordville and at the battle of Perryville (Oct. 8, 1862 - 24 casualties).

The regiment was placed in General Patrick R. CLEBURNE'S Division during the battle at Murfreesboro (Dec. 31, 1862), where the regiment listed 246 causalities out of 598 men engaged. Following the Tullahoma campaign, the regiment was heavily engaged at the Battle of Chickamauga (Sept. 19 & 20, 1863) and suffered 130 causalities out of 249 men engaged.

The regiment then severed its connection with the Army of Tennessee and served under Lt. General James LONGSTREET during campaigns against Knoxville and East Tennessee in the Fall and Winter of 1863/64. The regiment was then transferred to the Army of Northern Virginia in the Spring of 1864. In Viriginia, the regiment was involved in many battles, including Drewry's Bluff (May 15, 1864 - 68 casualties out of 319 engaged), Petersburg (June 17, 1864 - 70 men captured), and Hatcher's Run (Feb. 2, 1865). The regiment was surrendered by LEE at Appomattox Courthouse with approximately 70 men remaining from the over 1000 men who served.

Links to Company Muster Rolls & Compiled Service Records.
Co. "A"was made up of men from Bedford County, TN. 
Co. "B" was made up of men from Bedford County, TN. 
Co. "C" was made up from men from Marshall County, TN. 
Co "D" was made up from men from Franklin County, TN 
Co. "E" was made up of men from Franklin County, TN. 
Co. "F" was made up of men from Bedford County, TN and Marshall County, TN.  
Co. "G" was made up of men from Coffee Co., TN. 
Co. "H" was made up of men from Marshall Co., TN. 
Co. "I" was made up of men from Franklin Co., TN and Jackson Co. AL. 
Co. "J" was made up of men from Jackson County, TN and Putnam Co., TN.

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