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Lumey Louise Smith Bible

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Name/Place of Birth

Marvin E. Presley at Finley, Tenn
Born July the 31 1900

Wortham Presley at Finley, Tenn
Born January 26 1902

Rufus Presley on Obion River
Born January the 29 1904

Bert Bob Presley at Finley, Tenn
January 2, 1907

Drucilla Presley at Finley, Tenn

Irean Presley
Born June 8, 1912 at Obin River

Borned 1875
Richard Presley 46 Henderson Co
Lumey Presley 44 Al
Born 1877

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Bert Presley died October 11, 1918 Born January 26, 1907

Contributed by great-great-grandson, Jason Presley