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James Miller Bible

This is the bible of James Miller, father of the family that founded Bonicord (Millers Chapel).

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John Miller my Father August 20, 1754
Mary Miller my mother unknown his Register was lost
James Miller born December 17, 1776
Rebecca Miller born April 20th 1779
John Miller born December 4th 1797
William Miller born October 7th 1799
James C Miller born November 10th 1804
Peggy Miller born June 3rd 1803
Elizabeth Miller born March 26th 1809
Polly Miller born December 24th 1809
Grundy Miller born Dec 2nd 1810
Maria Miller born June 23rd 1812
Thomas Miller born September 4th 1814
Rebecca Miller born June 23rd 1816
George Miller born May 17th 1818
Mahalia Miller born June 25th 1820
Joseph Miller born Feb 25 1823
End of births of my family signed J Miller
Penellope Buck my adopted Child
Born April 11th 1834


Grundy Miller died April 6th 1811
James C Miller died August 6th 1821
Elizabeth Mcarty died August 20 1827
John Miller died Nov 25th 1832
Maria Pate died Sept 2nd 1839 at 30 ??
John Miller my father Died January 31st 1843 aged 88 years 5=months & 11 days
James Miller my father Died July 29th 1845 aged 68 years 7 months and 22 days
Rebecca Miller my mother died Dec 20, 1859 aged 75 years 8 months
Joseph Miller died March 17, 1861
Peggy Mitchell died the year 1862 Nov 21
Mary Barns died about the year 1864
William Miller died Mar 10th 1869
George Miller died Sept 6th 1877
Age 59 years 3 mo 10 days
Mary E. Miller died October the 16 1881


James Miller and Rebecca McKibben was married May 4th 1796
John Miller and Elizabeth Adams G Addams being her first husband was married August 1818
Peggy Miller and William N Mitchell was married August 1820
Elizabeth Miller and James MCarty was married November 1st 1822
Polly Miller and Bartly M. Barns was married May 10th 1827
William Miller and Aberrilla Nash widow of R B Nash married Sept 1828
Maria Miller and G B Pate was married August 6th 1833
Rebecca Miller and James W. Walker married March 22nd 1835
Mahala Miller & Reazin D Byrn married March 2nd 1843
George Miller & Mary Byrn was married Sept 7 1843
Thomas Miller & Louisa Turnage married August 20th 1844
Joseph Miller & Mary Martin married May 6th 1847
George Miller and Mary L. King was married April the 24th 1857
Elmer Green Miller son of John C Miller and Cisley M. Cone was married July 22nd 1919

Contributed by Gene Williams