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Excerpts from the Tri-County News - Volume 2, No. 36 (Thursday, February 5, 1914)

E. L. EVANS is organizing a real estate company to purchase the Methodist Church lots on Depot Street for $2,500. There are eight 25 foot business lots and this is said to be a reasonable price. At a meeting Monday night $1,300 worth of stock has been subscribed. the proposition is to sell the lots and re-invest in town property and make it an active agency in the development of the town.

Ladies' Aid Society met with Mrs. Thad HALEY Monday afternoon, February 2, 1914. New officers were elected as follows:

Mrs. T. N. LOVE, President

Mrs. Wm. CURTIS, Vice Pres.

Mrs. E. L. EVANS, Secretary

Mrs. V. P. GROUNDS, Treasurer

After all business was attended to Mrs. HALEY served delightful refreshments. The meeting then adjourned to meet with Mrs. T. N. LOVE on Monday afternoon, Feb. 15.

Clyde LEATH of Crockett Mills was the guest of Dr. J. P. SIMS and family Tuesday.

Representative J. F. PARKS was in Nashville this week.

On account of unfavorable weather the Friendship I.O.M. Industrial Club met Monday night instead of Friday with Miss REED. The evening was very pleasantly spent as each guest was busily engaged with some dainty work that only feminine hands are capable of doing, hence there was very little time left for odds and ends. At a late hour dainty refreshments were served. Those present were Misses WATSON, SMITH, HALL, BUTCHER, REED and Miss DAVIS of Dyersburg was a very welcome visitor. The Club was much grieved as one of the most noted members was absent on account of sickness. She was missed very much as no one can fill her place on the prominent subject of "Bachelorhood."

Whereas, our attention has been called to the meeting of the I(ndependent) O(ld) M(aid) Industrial Club in which the ladies discussed the all important question: "The Bachelors of Friendship and how the Problem of their Bachelorhood is to be Solved." Therefore. Be it Resolved, that the Lonely Old Bachelors' Club is profoundly grateful to the I. O. M. Club for the interest shown in the lonely old bachelor of Friendship. Be it further resolved that we do hereby go on record as willing helpers in unraveling this serious problem. Resolved further that the L. O. B. Club is called to meet with Brother John CARMAN on Saturday evening, February 14, to discuss the subject. How would the Old Maids Vote if the Old Bachelors should Become Candidates for Matrimony?" Members are requested to bring plenty of chewing tobacco and whittling timber. Committee: John CARMAN, N. R. YORK, Henry YORK, Leslie SIMS, C. E. SWEATT, N. C. WARREN, Reville FONES, Wiley S. PARK, E. N. BUTLER.

Rev. J. T. BARKER will preach in the Opera House next Sunday at eleven o'clock and seven at night. Everybody cordially invited to attend.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert FLEMING of Alamo are in the city visiting relatives - Sunday's Jackson Sun.

Dosh PULLEY of Tigrett was in Friendship Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. G. T. Smith have returned from a visit to Trenton.

Messrs. Henry CUNNINGHAM and Tom RICE of Crockett Mills were in town Monday.

lyde POSTON of Maury City was a recent visitor in Jackson.

Mr. Henry EDENTON of Alamo is spending the week-end in Jackson guest of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. H. EDENTON - Sunday's Jackson Sun.

Mrs. W. A. MOORE of Crockett Mills has been attending the bedside of her little grand-daughter, Catherine THOMPSON.

Mrs. S. L. HENDERSON of Bells was the guest of her sister, Mrs. B. F. SUDBURY on last Sunday.

Jeff DAVIS, the contractor who has been working at Sanders Town was in Friendship last Sunday.

The fire alarm sounded Sunday about 11 o'clock when the residence of G. T. SMITH on South Main Street caught fire, but the fire was extinguished before any damage was done and the volunteer army arrived on the scene.

Miss Olive PEAL of Bonicord was the guest of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Sudbury Sunday.

N. C. WARREN of Tigrett went to Jackson Saturday night to see Evelyn THAW.

The Senior publisher of the NEWS was a visitor in the hospitable home of Elder John GRIST near town Saturday.

John STALLINGS was in Halls Saturday.

D. D. ROBERTSON of Brownsville was the guest of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. E. A. ROBERTSON, Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. W. H. SUDBURY, Miss Olive PEAL, Messrs. Floyd CHANDLER, and Ramey YORK went to Jackson Saturday night to see Evelyn Nesbit THAW in "Mariette."

Rev. C. E. NORMAN preached to a large and attentive audience at the school building last Sunday morning on the subject of "Love."

Earl LEGGETT of Dyersburg, Route 1, was in town Saturday and paid this office a call.

Dr. W. M. THOMPSON made a professional visit to Alamo Saturday.

Ramey YORK of Dyersburg spent Saturday and Sunday with homefolks.

Miss Erma CHAMBERS and a Miss HENDRICKS of near Friendship, were in Alamo Saturday - Alamo Guide.

Olin MOORE of Dyersburg was in the city Saturday.

S. D. BALLENTINE attended the Masonic grand lodge in Nashville last week.

Bill McKINLEY of Dyer was here last week.

Misses Grace SMITH and Mattie CRAIG, of Friendship, visited Mrs. Sebie FOLLIS last week. - Alamo Guide.

Milton CATES of Memphis was here last week.

Euriel MOORE of the Crockett Mills vicinity was here last Saturday.

Robert BEAVER of Dyersburg is now making his home with his son-in-law, R. E. PARKER.

J. A. LANDIS, prominent merchant of Trenton died Thursday, aged 63 years.

Mr. & Mrs. Tom PRIVETT of Crockett Mills were visitors at the home of Dr. W. M. THOMPSON last week.

J. P. HARWELL attended the meeting to the grand lodge F. & A. M. at Nashville last week.

Mrs. Ira GRIFFIN and children, of Friendship, were here last week visiting Miss Cora HOWELL. - Alamo Guide.

"Uncle George" SWIFT of Cairo was in Friendship Monday and paid this office a visit.

Dr. Thos. GROUNDS is about the youngest looking great-grandfather in this country. He has two great-grandsons, a second son being born to his granddaughter, Mrs. Jas STALLINGS, last week. Dr. GROUNDS would get mad at us if we called him an old man and we are not going to do it.

Misses Edith and Bertha WYNN of Wynnfield, Kansas, are guest of Mrs. W. F. PARKER.

Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Stewart of Crockett Mills were guests of B. F. SUDBURY and family Sunday.

Thad HALEY has a nice new sign in front of his lumber and vehicle house.

Frank DIBRELL, former State Controller, died at his home in Nashville Sunday.

The infant daughter of Homer BELTON, west of town, died Saturday and was buried Sunday.

Mr. William LOPEZ of Memphis, an experienced newspaper man, becomes editor of the Maury City Republic.

Mr. Fred BEAVER, son of Robert BEAVER, of the Stokes community, and Miss Mary Isabelle CONNELL were united in marriage at the home of the bride's uncle, Stant CONNELL, near Alamo, last Thursday afternoon.

Section Foreman EVANS and Miss Bulah WICHARD were united in marriage Sunday morning, Esq. J. A. ROBERTSON, of near town, officiating.

E. F. BUCKLES and Wyley PARKS were in Humboldt Monday and brought back Mr. Buckles barber outfit.

Jim FEWELL, the Crockett Mills liveryman, was in Friendship Monday.

Esq. Wilson FROST of Bonicord was here Monday.

Henry HOLMES was in Trenton Monday.

Mr. Talmage KING of ELdridge was the guest of Rev. C. E. NORMAN and family this week.

Dan GOOCH of Jackson was in town Tuesday.

Carl ROBERTSON of Maury City killed two hogs that weighed 1021 pounds.

Bob NEVILS, the big Memphis grocery drummer and former Crockett County boy, spent Monday night in the city.

Esq. J. M. BRIGHT of Gadsden, candidate for Trustee, spent Monday night with C. H. SCALES here.

C. J. ANDERSON of Maury City was here Monday.

R. W. WALTON spent Saturday in Dyersburg.

Master Davis WALKER has returned to his home in Nashville after an extended visited to relatives near town.

There will be prayer meeting at the home of E. A. ROBERTSON next Wednesday night.

Esq. J. A. ROBERTSON was in Alamo yesterday.

Miss Ora JONES has returned from a visit to Trimble.

Little Miss Catherine THOMPSON is improving.

John McCANLESS has been quite sick for sever days with pneumonia.

The little son and daughter of R. E. PARKER have been sick for several days.

Davis HOWARD of near Friendship and Mrs. Rosa STEWART were united in marriage at Palestine Sunday.

We learn at press hour that A. J.(Jack) AGEE died this morning about 7:30 after a few days illness of pneumonia. He was about 50 years of age and one of the community's best citizens.

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