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Excerpts from the Tri-County News - Volume 2, No. 27 (Thursday, November 27, 1913)

Asa BIGGS, son of attorney W. H. BIGGS of Jackson, accidentally shot himself Wednesday while hunting on the James JONES farm about four miles northwest of town. He was climbing a fence when the shotgun he was carrying fired, shooting him in the head. At press time he was living but no hope for recovery. A special train over the B. & N. W. hurried his father and others to the scene and the special ran on to Dyersburg to meet physicians from Memphis. Mr. BIGGS is about 35 years of age and a member of one of the most prominent families of West Tennessee and is a skilled architect.

A few ladies met at the home of Mrs. Ira D. PARK Friday afternoon to organize a book club. The following ladies are charter members: Mrs. Ira CLARK, Treasurer; Mrs. Robert COLE; Mrs. V. P. GROUNDS, Vice President; Mrs. Roy COFFMAN, Secretary & Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. B. F. HALL, President; Mrs. E. L. EVANS; Mrs. Horace HOWELL; Mrs. Ira D. PARK; Mrs. M. E. WHITSON; Mrs. Will STALLINGS, Miss Edna YORK; Misses Patti BUTCHER, Maude REED and Patti Lee CLEMENTS were taken in as honorary members and the membership limited to eighteen.

A. M. ODLE purchased four lots from L. E. SANDERS on Harwell Heights also the old residence of Mr. Sanders on North Main Street which he will move on one of the lots purchased.

Tom WALKER of near Bonicord was in town yesterday.

Mrs. Mallie HOWELL and children accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Tom WALKER and children, went to Memphis to be the guests of their mother, Mrs. COFFMAN, over Thanksgiving.

Ezra LEATHERS of Jackson was here this week in his car.

. & Mrs. H. S. WILSON and Mrs. HOCKERSMITH of Jackson were guests of Miss Gracie CARLSON Sunday.

The Quality Drug Company has employed Dr. HARWOOD, formerly of Dyersburg to look after the prescription department until their regular pharmacist, Dr. J. W. COLEMAN of Padacuh returns. Dr. COLEMAN has been at the bedside of his wife who has been seriously ill.

The little seventeen months old daughter of Dr. J. S. DOWNEY lodged a tie clasp in her mouth and the Doctor in his effort to remove the pin, pushed it behind the posterior nares or soft palate, causing hemorrhage from nose and throat and severe pain. Dr. POWELL was called and removed the pin, much to the relief of the little lady and the distressed parents.

George ROBERTS of Alamo spent Tuesday night in the city.

Mrs. J. W. SUDBURY is quite sick this week.

Eugene SPENCE, aged about 40 years, died Saturday at his home near Chestnut Bluff. A wife and children survive. He was a prominent citizen and good man. Burial at Lebanon after services conducted by Rev. C. E. NORMAN of this place.

Born Sunday to Mr. & Mrs. Jewel AGEE of Tigrett, a fine girl.

Prof. W. W. BEDWELL, who has been attending the West Tennessee Normal at Memphis, was in town last week. He now has charge of a school near Dyersburg.

Mrs. W. S. FROST of Bonicord spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Mary PERRY.

Henry CUNNINGHAM of Crockett Mills was on our streets Monday.

Barrom PERRY of Bells spent Tuesday night with his brothers, Clark and B. H. PERRY.

Buck NOEL and family left Sunday for Seattle, Wash. where they will make their future home.

Prof. W. I. YOUNG, principal of Elizabeth school, was in the city Saturday.

Mr. & Mrs. D. C. HOPKINS of Hope, Ind. visited the latter's sister, Mrs. C. J. ANDERSON, this week.

Evander DODD was in Missouri last week.

J. T. SANSOM and family moved to Arkansas last week.

Dr. DULANEY of Dyersburg was here Sunday on a professional visit.

Lucian LONG of Martin was a visitor here.

Floyd CHANDLER spent Saturday night in Jackson.

W. B. PHELAN of Trenton was here Friday buying mules.

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. YANCEY visited in Bells Sunday.

A. J. PARKER of California is the guest of relatives here.

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