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Friendship Baptist Church Directory 1939-1948

1939 – Church was damaged by fire. The church placed a memorial window (she hand-writes that it is a stained glass window) to Mr. Fate Williams who left a Trust Fund to the Church. (she hand writes $500)

1940 – Pastor’s Home burned. Pastor resigned. Mrs. Sweats house purchased as pastors home. Mr. C. E. Mobley, M. V. Williams, Sr. and Mr. Ira D. Park were elected trustees. Rev. J. H. Miller called as pastor for halftime. Carroll Avery, Church Clerk.

1941 – The note on the Church indebtedness was burned, by George Williams and Ham Park. The church adopted Pastor’s retirement. Rev. T. E. Williams member of Executive Committee.

1942 – Rev. James Farrar was Evangelist for summer revival.

1943 – Pastor J. H. Miller resigned. M. V. Williams, Jr., Church Clerk.

1944 – Rev. Braxton Sams was called as pastor. Mrs. J. E. Privett, Church Clerk. The church went on record as opposing the sale of beer in Friendship. W. E. Bailey called as pastor. Messengers to annual Associational meeting were: Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Ira D. Park, and Dr. W. H. Stallings. Mr. Johnnie Balentine was recognized as deacon.

1945 – A centennial Clinic was held in the church. Additions to church 5 for baptism and one by letter. Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Stallings presented a spinet piano. It was voted to have business meeting on Wednesday night instead of Sunday morning. Rev. W. C. Skinner was called as pastor at the salary of $1,500.00 a year.

1946 – The Church Roll was revised by a committee consisting of Rev. Skinner, J.F. Bailey, Mrs. J.E. Privett and Board of Deacons. The Baptist and Reflector was carried in Church Budget. An automatic stoker was installed.

1947 – Gifts to Union University was $510.00. A baptistry was installed. Voted to have full time preaching. There were 25 additions by baptism in a 12-day revival. Rev. Ray Dobbins, Evangelist.

1948 – Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Putman donated new pulpit furniture to church. Time for Sunday School set for 10:00 instead of 9:45. Raised salary of Caretaker to $25.00. Set budget at $3200.00.

Thank you, to Andy Williams for contributing this information.