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Cox’s Chapel Church of Christ

The oldest church in Coxville Community is the Cox’s Chapel Church of Christ. In the earliest days, the people gathered in their respective homes and read the Bible to the family members and the farm workers. Later some of the families went to Alamo, this being an all day trip by wagon or buggy. J. F. Brigance and his wife, Minerva Candace, in 1874, deeded one acre to the trustees of the Christian Church, namely, Needham Moore, D. H. James, and J. A. Cox. Also in 1874, P. W. Moore and his wife, Sarah Porter Howell Moore, deeded one acre to the church. That same year, Moses and Mary Cox deeded one acre to the church.

A church was built within a few years, and the same building, remodeled, is still in use. It retains the original hand-made pews, and altar furnishings. In the cemetery behind the church lie many of the members from the earliest times. Many were already buried there before the church was built.

Descendants from nearly all the first members still attend services. Among them are, Mrs. Kate Porter, Mrs. Mattie Moore, Mr. And Mrs. Rodney Coop, King Porter and family, Wayne Porter and family, Jimmy Porter and family, Reggie Cox, Mrs. Thelma Hopper, Mr. And Mrs. Mose F. Cox, Mr. And Mrs. Roy James, Miss Blanch Cox, Frank Drinkard and family, Mrs. Mattie Lou McCord, Mrs. C. C. James, and Charles Ira James and family. Others who attend are, Mr. And Mrs. J. Jackson, Mrs. Charley Baxter, Richard and Sandra, Mr. And Mrs. Nute Hudson, Mrs. Woods, Mr. And Mrs. Buddy Hudson and Loretta, Mr. And Mrs. Gilbert McMurtry, Dwayne Cox and family, Ernest White, Mrs. Larry McCord and children, and Leanne and Amy Bradley, daughters of James Bradley, who has served as pastor for many years.

This article was contributed, with permission of the Crockett County Historical Society, by Natalie Huntley.

This information was taken from an article on the communities of Coxville, Center and Salem, which was compiled and written by Mrs. C. C. James, and published in the book Crockett County Courthouse Centennial, 1874 – 1974, prepared by the Crockett County Historical Society.