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Levi Smith Family

Levi Smith (D: 1849, Lawrence Co., MO) was the son of John Smith (B: 1745) and brother to William Smith, Simeon Smith, Isaac Smith, Rev. Thomas Smith, John Smith, Jr., and Sallie (Smith) Driskill of Cocke County, TN. (Source: DNA results of descendants of Levi Smith and Simeon Smith, 2005.)

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Background Summary:

     Levi Smith was probably born in VA, place unknown, to John Smith (B: 1745) and wife unknown. The John Smith family migrated from VA to East TN around 1790. Levi died in Lawrence County, MO in 1849 according to Probate papers at the Court House Records in Lawrence County, MO. (On January 29, 1849, Levi gave a note to a L. B. Killey; on April 24, 1849, his son Pleasant Smith acknowledged receipt of $48.50 from a Thos. Cunningham to the Levi Smith Estate. (Probate Papers, Box 2, File No. 38; Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, MO Court House.)

Levi Smith's known siblings included:

     Simeon Smith (B: ca 1770, VA; md. Sarah "Sallie" Austin in1793, Jefferson County, TN; migrated first to Anderson County, TN - then moved to Cocke County, TN where he died ca. 1843.
     Reverend Thomas Smith (B: 1772, VA; md. Mary Bottoms; well documented in Slate Creek Primitive Baptist Church Minutes, Cocke County, TN; lived their lives in Cocke County, TN;
     William Smith (B: ca 1775, md. Susannah unknown; migrated from Cocke County, TN to Jackson County, MO in 1837;
     Sarah "Sallie" Jane (Smith) Driskill (B: 1785, VA; md. Joshua Driskill in Cocke County, TN; lived in Cocke County TN; she died before 1820.
     Isaac Smith (B: ca 1786, VA; md. Cathereine Lynch in Augusta County, VA; migrated from Cocke County, TN to Daviess County, MO late 1830's);
     Levi Smith (B: ca 1791, probably VA; md. (1) Mildred "Millie" Driskill ca 1811, Cocke County, TN: md. (2) Elizabeth Newman April 26, 1832, Jefferson County, TN; (Note: Levi Smith's age based on being about 21 or 22 when first child was born - 1812.);
     John Smith, Jr. (Unknown information for sure: Evidence points to a John Smith, Jr. who settled in Cocke County, TN just south of the French Broad River at the "Bend of the Chucky;" same area the Rev. Thomas Smith first settled before he moved to the Parrottsville, TN area. A court case involving Levi Smith, Henry Smith, and a Lewis F. Leiper also suggests strongly that the John Smith, Jr. is the son of John Smith (B: 1745).

     Levi Smith first purchased land in Cocke County, TN on August 13, 1813 near Simeon Smith and Driskill's line. According to Jefferson County, TN records, about 1830 Levi Smith moved from Cocke County, TN to the adjoining Jefferson County, TN. Evidently his first wife "Millie" Driskill Smith had died; on April 26, 1832, Levi then married a second time to Elizabeth Newman in Jefferson County, TN. From November 1834 to December 1841, Levi Smith was in partnership with a Henry Smith (probably his uncle) and Lewis F. Leiper of Jefferson County, TN - Henry Smith and Lewis F. Leiper were brothers-in-law. In this business arrangement, they purchased land in Jefferson County, TN from my William Smith (B: March 25, 1802, TN) and his brother Isaac Smith (D: before 1840); William and Isaac Smith were sons of Simeon Smith, a brother to Levi Smith. In December 1841, Levi Smith sold his interest in the partnership to Henry Smith.

      In 1844, Levi Smith was in MO and was elected as a Justice of the Peace in Barry County, MO along with his son, Joel Smith. In an April 21, 1846, Circuit Court record in Lawrence County, MO, Levi Smith was indicted for selling liquor without a license; the case was dismissed. According to the Levi Smith Estate Papers from Lawrence County, MO, Levi was alive on January 29, 1849 when he signed a note for $1.50 to L. B. Killey; then on April 24, 1849, his son Pleasant Smith signed a receipt for $48.50 from Thos. Cunningham for the Levi Smith Estate. On April 1, 1850, Levi's son Absalom Smith was named as Administrator of the Levi Smith Estate; final probate estate settlement was made in Lawrence County, MO in November, 1854.

      Levi Smith's second wife Elizabeth (Newman) Smith died between 1848-1849. In an August 1856 Chancery Court Minutes, McMinn County, TN,  Levi Smith's son Alexander Smith had been named as guardian for Levi's minor children in Lawrence County, MO: Zarah Ann Smith, Samuel Smith, William Levi Smith, John Thomas Smith, Frances Marion Smith, and Mary Eliza Smith. (Elizabeth (Newman) Smith's father died in McMinn County, TN; her children by Levi Smith were included in Newman's Estate Settlement.)

      According to information by William H. Smith (Levi Smith's grandson - son of Alexander Smith) said Levi Smith died of cholera on the trail to California in 1849-1850 and was buried along the trail in an unmarked grave. According to marriage records, most of Levi Smith's first set of children married in Barry and Lawrence counties, MO between 1844 and 1868. Apparently, all of Levi Smith's children except Lewis Smith and David Smith migrated to MO with Levi. Lewis Smith then migrated to the area in 1870 with his two sons, Joel M. Smith and Charles Porter Smith; David Smith stayed in Cocke Country, TN and then by 1880 moved to Hamblen County, TN.

Below is an outline of information gleaned from various sources about the Levi Smith (D: 1849, Lawrence County, MO) families:

First Family: Millie Driskill (D: ca 1829)
Second Family: Elizabeth Newman (D: 1848, MO; md. April 2, 1832, Jefferson Co., TN, by Thomas Smith.
1. Joel Smith (B: June 21, 1812, TN; 1844, Elected J.P. in Barry County, MO)

2. Alexander Smith (B: Sept. 12, 1813; D: Sept 5, 1866; md. Elizabeth Harper, B: April 11, 1825; D: May 5, 1866.

3. Absalom Smith (B: Jan 6, 1815, TN; D: April 6, 1887; md. on Jan 9, 1845, Barry Co., MO, Harriet Gillock, B: 1808, IL)

4. Lewis Smith (B; March 11, 1817, TN; md. Mary Unknown, B: TN; migrated to Lawrence Co., MO in 1870; then moved to McDonald Co., MO.)

5. David Smith (B: Nov 9, 1818, TN; md. Oct 21, 1845, Jefferson Co., TN, Eliza Reams; migrated to Hamblen Co., TN by 1880.)

6. Mildred Smith (B: Mar 14, 1819, TN)

7. Susannah Smith (B: Mar 29, 1820; md. Sep 5, 1839, Jefferson Co., TN, Adam Cluck - killed in Civil War in MO.)

8. Pleasant Smith (B: Jul 10, 1822; md. Nov 14, 1844, Barry Co., MO, Sarah Hackney; migrated to Jackson Co., OR by 1880)

9. Matilda Smith (B: Mar 31, 1824; md. Feb 27, 1845, Barry Co., MO, Thomas Fisher)

10. Nancy Smith (B: April 15, 1827; md. Jan 16, 1845, Barry Co., MO, George Swatzell - md. By Joel Smith, J.P. of Barry Co., MO)

11. Elizabeth Smith (B: Jan 10, 1829; D: Abt 1885, MO; md. (1) April 8, 1849, Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO, Fierness Fisher, B: 1826, Ozora, Ste. Genevieve Co., MO - D: 1872, MO; then md. Oct 6, 1885, Sarcoxie, Jasper Co., MO, (2) Stephen Brown - children unknown)
12. Sarah Jane Smith (B: Feb 21, 1833, TN, D: 1886; md. Feb 14, 1853, Lawrence Co., MO, (1) Jesse Pigg, B: 1823, D: Feb 18, 1869; md. (2) Barney Weekley.

13. Zarah Ann Smith (B: Dec 15, 1835; md. Miller Martin)

14. Samuel H. Smith (B: Sep 9, 1836; md. Sep 31, 1855, (1) Sarah Ann Lee; md. Aug 24, 1879, (2) Samantha "Mandy" Stotts)

15. William Levi "Lee" Smith (B: July 1, 1840, D: Sep 1920; md. June 1, 1865, Mahala White.

16. John Thomas Smith (B: Sep 4, 1842; never married.)

17. Francis Marion Smith (B: Jan 1, 1845; D: Feb 19, 1937; md. (1) Susan E. Unknown; md. (2) Mary Francis "San" Brooks - lived in Sarcoxi, Jasper Co., MO.)

18. Mary Eliza Smith (B: Sep 21, 1847; md. Nov 19, 1868, Lawrence Co., MO, Elijah Sample - moved to Kansas)

Children of Levi Smith and Descendants

1. Joel Smith (B: June 21, 1812, TN)
A Joel Smith was J.P. in Barry Co., MO during 1844 and 1845. Joel Smith performed the marriages for three Smiths: Pleasant Smith to Sarah Hackney on Nov 14, 1844; Absalom Smith and Harriet Gillock on Jan 9, 1845; and Nancy Smith and George Swatzell on Jan 16, 1845. Wife and children are unknown.
NOTE: A Joel Smith, age 65 born in TN with father and mother born in VA is listed on the 1880 Liberty, Phelps Co., MO Census. Work is in progress on this possibility.

2. Alexander Smith (B: September 12, 1813, TN; D: Sep 5, 1866; md. Elizabeth Kansas Harper, B: April 11, 1825, D: May 5, 1866)
1. Sarah E. Smith (B: 1842, MO; D: 1843, MO);
2. William H. Smith (B: Dec 11, 1844, Lawrence Co., MO, D: 1921; on Dec 20, 1866, md. (1) Mary S. Boswell - D: Oct 2,1867, buried Old Boswell’s Cemetery; on Nov 25, 1869, md. (2) Mary A. Jennings, B: 1849, Lawrence Co., MO, D: 1917, Lawrence Co., MO. Children: 2.1 Pleasant A Smith - B: 1878, MO, D: 1930; md. Lenne Boucher - B: 1879, D: 1964; 2.2 Robert Joseph Smith B: 1874, D: 1952; md. Alma L. Goss - B: 1881, D: 1941; 2.3 James W. Smith - B: 1875, D: March 11, 1894, never married; 2.4 Samuel Edgar Smith; 2.5 Fred L. Smith - md. Frankie Stotts, buried Beck Cemetery; 2.6 George A. Smith; 2.7 Myrtle Smith; 2.8 John L. Smith - B: 1885, D: 1972; md. Bessie Beard - B: 1890, D: 1965; 2.9 Sarah E. Smith; 2.10 Hiram V. Smith - B: 1889, D: 1908, (never married)
NOTE: William H. Smith served in Union Army Nov 8, 1863 - Aug 8, 1865 as a member of Company H, Fourth MO Cavalry.
3. Josiah F. Smith (B: 1847; D: 1911, Lawrence Co., MO; on July 3, 1876, md. Elizabeth J. Downey - B: 1856, D: 1933, Lawrence Co., MO);
4. Pleasant Levi Smith (B: Mar 17, 1849, Lawrence Co., MO, D: Aft.1921; md. Sarah Alice Boswell - B: 1845, Lawrence Co., MO; Child: 4.1 Gattie Paulina Smith - B: April 20, 1867, Lawrence Co., MO, D: Jan 2, 1944, Lenora, Dewey, OK, buried Riley Cemetery, Dewey Co., OK);
5. Robert A. Smith (B: Mar 22, 1851, Lawrence Co., MO, D: Sep 11, 1866);
6. Malinda E. Smith (B: Sep 25, 1853,Lawrence Co., MO, D: Sep 8, 1866);
7. Amanda J. Smith (B: Jul 25, 1857, Lawrence Co., MO), D: Sep 13, 1866);
8. James H. Smith (B: Jan 16, 1860, Lawrence Co., MO, D: Aug 17, 1866).
NOTE: A Typhoid epidemic in 1866 caused the deaths of Alexander and Elizabeth Smith along with 4 of their children: Robert, Malinda, Amanda, and James. William H. Smith was away from home and was spared. Source: A 2005 e-mail from Pat Lesh, Pacific, MO, descendant of William Smith.

3. Absalom Smith (B: Jan 6, 1815, D: April 6, 1887; on Jan 9, 1845, md. Harriet Gillock - B: Mar 29, 1808, IL, D: April 19, 1907; both buried Moore Cemetery, Lawrence Co., MO; md. By Joel Smith, J.P., Barry Co., MO).
Known Children from Lawrence Co., MO Census and Cemetery Records:
1. Thomas A. Smith (B: Nov 29, 1845, D: Sep 1, 1860; buried Moore Cemetery, Lawrence Co., MO);
2. Serenda Smith (B: Feb 11, 1848, D: Sep 16, 1860; buried Moore Cemetery, Lawrence Co., MO);
3. William Henry Smith (B: June 11, 1850, D: March 28, 1911, Lawrence Co., MO; on Sep 7, 1873, md. Amanda D. Petty - B: Feb 21, 1850, D: Feb 11, 1908; Children: 3.1 Charley Smith - B: July 9, 1874; 3.2 Carl R. Smith - B: July 7, 1892, D: Aug 12, 1892; 3.3 Claudie C. Smith - B: Aug 16, 1886, D: June 1, 1887;
4. Robert Smith (B: April 10, 1853, Lawrence Co., MO);
5. James H. Smith (B: Oct 10, 1855, Lawrence Co., MO; md. Emma Unknown.);
6. Adam Smith (B: Aug 29, 1860, Lawrence Co., MO, D: 1919; md. Louisa C. Unknown - B: 1856, D: 1936;
NOTE: Adam Smith was the Administrator of his father’s estate - Absalom Smith);
7. Charlotta Smith (B: Feb 9, 1863, MO);
8. Mary A. Smith (B: 1863, MO; D: 1865);
9. Mildred Smith (B: Feb 10, 1868, D: June 10, 1868; buried in Moore Cemetery Lawrence Co., MO);
10. Unnamed Smith (Died Young)

4. Lewis Smith (B: Mar 11, 1817, TN; md. Mary Unknown)
Listed on 1850 and 1860 Cocke Co., TN Censuses with wife Mary and sons Porter and Joel M. Smith; appear on 1870 Lawrence Co., MO census; listed with Lewis and Mary Smith is Susan Cluck - Susan was a sister to Lewis Smith who married Adam Cluck; on the 1880 Census, Lewis and Mary Smith were in Pineville, McDonald Co., MO, along with their sons, Joel M. and Porter Smith and their families.
1. Joel M. Smith
(B: 1838, TN - Source: 1850/1860 Cocke Co., TN Censuses; md. Mary E. Unknown, B: TN); listed on 1870 Lawrence Co., MO census near brother Porter Smith and parents Lewis and Mary Smith; listed on 1880 Richwood, McDonald Co., MO, Census with wife Mary E. age 44, B: TN and children - Martha J. Smith, B: 1811, TN; Minie B. Smith, B: 1866, TN); John W. Smith, B: 1870, TN; Louisa A. Smith, B: 1872, MO; Charlie Smith, B: 1877, MO). Migrated to Lawrence Co., MO, 1870; then migrated to McDonald Co., MO; by 1910, Joel and Mary E. Smith had migrated to Webster Co., MO along with their son, John W. Smith and his family.
2. Charles Porter Smith (B: Aug 20, 1843, TN; listed with parents Lewis and Mary Smith on 1850 and 1860 Cocke Co., TN censuses; listed on the 1870 Lawrence Co., MO, Census near his brother Joel M. and his parents Lewis and Mary Smith; listed on 1880 Pineville, McDonald Co., MO Census with wife Lavinia (Bible) Smith, B: 1867 - 1870, and children - Francis, B: 1867 and David, B: 1876. By 1900, Charles Porter Smith was in Laclede Co., MO with his family.
NOTE: Lewis’ half sister, Zara Ann Smith and her husband Miller Martin were also in Pinevillle, McDonald Co., MO as well as the sons Joel M. Smith and Porter Smith in 1880. Lewis Smith and his two sons migrated to Lawrence Co., MO in the Spring of 1869 (Goodspeed, History of McDonald Co., MO, page 132); in the Fall of 1870, Lewis and his two sons migrated to McDonald Co., MO. By 1900, both Lewis and his wife Mary had probably died; Charles Porter and his family were in Laclede Co., MO; and Joel Smith and his family had migrated to Webster Co., MO.)

5. David Smith (B: Nov 9, 1818, Cocke Co., TN; stayed in Cocke Co., TN; on Oct 21, 1845, md Eliza Reams in Jefferson Co., TN; moved to Hamblen Co., TN by 1880;
1. Darthula Smith
, B: 1847;
2. Pauline Smith, B: 1848;
3. Levi Smith, B: 1850 - name "Pleasant" was used on the 1860 Cocke Co., TN Census;
4. Sarah Smith, B: 1853;
5. John Smith, B: 1854;
6. Mildred "Milly" Smith, B: 1857;
7. Susannah, B: 1859;
8. William Smith, B: 1864;
9. Mary Smith, B: 1866.
Source: 1850, 1860, and 1870 Cocke Co., TN Censuses; 1880 Hamblen Co., TN, Census, District No. 10, with second wife, Sarah E. (B: 1820).

6. Mildred Smith (B: March 14, 1819; unknown information about her husband/children.)

7. Susan Jane Smith (B: March 29, 1820; on Sept 5, 1839, md. Adam Cluck in Jefferson Co., TN; he died in 1863 while a prisoner in the Civil War in MO.
NOTE: In the 1860 Lawrence Co., MO Census, Susan Smith Cluck is shown with her husband Adam Cluck (both born in TN) and Mary A. Smith, B: in IL, relationship not known. In 1870, Susan Cluck is shown as 50 years old, a retailer, born in TN, and listed with her brother Lewis Smith and his wife Mary in Lawrence Co., MO. Susan Cluck is shown on the Special 1876 McDonald Co., MO census in Township No. 23, Range 31.

8. Pleasant Smith (B: July 10, 1822, TN, D: Aug 19, 1904, Sams Valley, Jackson Co., OR; on Nov 14, 1844, in Barry Co., MO, Pleasant md. Sarah Kansas Hackney - B: April 13, 1829, MO, D: April 13, 1911, Gold Hill, Jackson Co., OR. Md. by Joel Smith, J.P., brother to Pleasant Smith.
1. William L. Smith (B: 1855, McDonald Co., MO; D: July 29, 1913, Jackson Co., OR)
2. Alexander Smith (B: 1858, McDonald Co., MO)
3. Martha Ann Smith (B: Aug 11, 1862, McDonald Co., MO; D: Jan 18, 1955, Jackson Co., OR)
4. Lewis Smith (B: 1874, MO).
Source: the !850 McDonald Co., MO Census lists Pleasant Smith and his family in District 53, in the 1870 MO Census, Pleasant Smith and his family are shown in McDonald Co., MO with Pinevillle as the Post Office. The 1880 Oregon Census shows Pleasant Smith and his family in Table Rock, Jackson Co., OR. Pleasant Smith is also shown as a Sergt. Of Company C on July 25, 1862 in Camp Schofiled, MO.
Source: Bob Shields - gives additional children:
5. Lycurgus Smith, B: 1849, MO;
6. Nancy J. Smith, B: 1859, McDonald Co., MO;
7. Darthula Smith, B: Sep 10, 1860, Wright Co., MO;
8. Absalom Smith, B: 1866, McDonald Co., MO; and
9. Peter Smith, B: 1870, McDonald Co., MO; D: 1880.

9. Matilda Smith (B: March 31, 1824; D: 1899, Bowers Mill, Lawrence Co., MO; md. (1) McEvily B. Davis Aug 15, 1844, Barry Co., MO by Robert Stubbelfield, J.P.; md. (2) Thomas J. Fisher Feb 27, 1845, Barry Co., MO by P. M. Swatzell, J.P.
1. Martha E Fisher (B: Jan 1845, Jasper Co., MO; D: Aft. 1900;
2. Susan E. Fisher (B: Abt. 1847, MO);
3. William Porter Fisher (B: Jan 1848, MO; D: May 27, 1921, Arthur, Douglas Co., IL);
4. Andrew J. Fisher (B: Jan 1851, MO);
5. Joseph H. Fisher (B: Abt. 1855, MO);
6. Sarabell Fisher (B: Abt. 1857, MO);
7. Stephen A. Fisher (B: Abt. 1859, MO);
8. Thomas B Fisher (B: 1863, MO);
9. Sarah Frances "Fannie" Fisher (B: 1866, MO); and
10. John L. Fisher (B: 1870, MO).
NOTE: In 1880, Matilda and Thomas Fisher lived in Benton, Cedar Co., MO.

10. Nancy Malinda Smith (B: April 15, 1827, TN; md. George Swatzell Jan 16, 1845, married by her brother Joel Smith, J.P. of Barry County, MO.
Children unknown.

11. Elizabeth Smith (B: Jan 10, 1829, TN); md. (1) Fierness Fisher on April 8, 1849 by Samuel P. Beemes, J.P. Lawrence Co., MO; md. (2) Stephen Brown (B: Oct 10, 1816, VA; D: Oct 6, 1885, Sarcoxie, Jasper Co., MO, md on December, 1874, Jasper Co., MO - no offspring.
Source: Anne Butcher, Jan 2004.)

(NOTE: Children from second marriage to Elizabeth Newman:)

12. Sarah Jane Smith (B: Feb 21, 1833 D: Jan 2, 1886); on Jan 14, 1853, md. (1) Jesse H. Pigg (B: 1823, TN; D: Feb 18, 1869); md. by Watson B. Lamb, J.P., Lawrence Co., MO.
NOTE: A 1921 letter from T. P. Pigg, son of Jesse H. Pigg and Sarah Jane Smith Pigg to William H. Smith, grandson of Levi Smith and son of Alexander Smith, placed the Pigg’s in Ironton, MO. The Obituary of their eldest son, Thomas P. Pigg (B: Oct 28, 1855, Knobb Lick, St. Francois Co., MO: D: Jan 19, 1940, Ironton, Iron Co., MO; on April 2, 1876, md. Julia A. Starkey - D: Feb 28, 1937 - children: Edna B. (Pigg) Kim; Clarence Pigg; and Everett Pigg) says they had 5 children. After Jesse H. Pigg died, in 1869, Sarah Jane Smith-Pigg md. (2) Barney Weekley in 1801; Sarah had two children by Weekley - Sarah L. Weekley (B: 1872, MO and Martha Weekley (B: 1874, MO). In 1880, Sarah and Barney Weekley lived in Polk, Madison County, MO.

13. Zara Ann Smith (B: Dec 15, 1835, TN; md. Miller Martin (Miller Martin later married a Martha Howard):
1. Elbert Martin (B: 1858, MO);
2. Margaret Martin (B: 1862, MO);
3. Lee Martin (B: 1866, MO);
4. John Martin (B: 1868, MO);
5. Gracy Martin (B: 1871, MO);
6. George Martin (B: 1873, MO).
NOTE: Information from 1880 Census, Pineville, McDonald Co., MO.

14. Samuel H. Smith (B: Sept 9, 1836, TN; D: 1913; md. (1) Sarah Ann Lee Sept 31,1855; Sarah died Sept 13,1857, Lawrence Co., MO; on Aug 24,1879, md. (2) Samantha "Mandy" Stotts, Lawrence Co., MO; Mandy D: 1937; md. by M. B. Stotts, J.P., Lawrence Co., MO.).
1. Jacob D. Smith (B: 1857, MO);
2. Mary E. Smith (B: 1857, MO).

15. William Levi "Lee" Smith (B: June 30, 1840, TN; D: September 11, 1920, age 80 years, 2 months, 11 days; md. Mahala M. White June 1, 1865 by R. H. Landrum, J.P., Lawrence Co., MO.
NOTE: Information given by son Oscar Smith.) Children: 1. Samuel Smith (B: 1866, MO); 2. Oscar J. Smith (B: 1874, MO, Sarcoxie, MO); 3. Mary Smith (B: 1868, MO)
NOTE: William Levi Smith is listed with his half-sister Matilda Smith Fisher and her husband Thomas Fisher on the 1850 Jasper Co., MO Census; and with Absolem and Harriet Smith on the 1860 Census in Lawrence Co., MO. William Levi Smith served Company H, Fourth Calvary of MO Volunteers from March 19, 1862 through March 7, 1865. In 1862, he was listed as 21 years old, 5 ft. 11 in. tall, with dark hair, blue eyes and dark complexion; also, he was single, a farmer, native of Cook Co., TN (should have been Cocke Co., TN)) and resident of Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO when he mustered into the MO Calvary. Source: Civil War Record No. 1388 from Missouri Archives, Jefferson City, MO.)

16. John Thomas Smith (B: September 4, 1842, TN) - never married.
NOTE: According to John Thomas' Civil War records, he enlisted in the Civil War on March 8, 1862, at Springfield, MO and was mustered out on March 7, 1865. He was 19 years of age in 1862, 5 ft. 8 in. tall, light color hair, blue eyes, and fair complexion; in addition, he was single, a farmer, native to Cocke Co., TN, and resident of Springfield, Green Co., MO at the time of enlistment into the Civil War.

17. Francis Marion Smith (B: January 1, 1845; D: February 19, 1937; lived in Sarcoxie, Jasper Co., MO; wife was San Brooks according to 1921 letter from William H. Smith to T. P. Pigg. Union Cemetery records, Lawrence Co., MO list Susan E. Smith as wife of F. M. Smith; marker for F. Marion Smith says he was born January 1, 1845 and died on February 19, 1937; another grave marker near his shows a Mary Frances Smith 2nd wife, Born September 22, 1864 and Died August 9, 1942. In 1921, Francis Marion Smith lived in Sarcoxie, Jasper Co., MO.
Children by first wife (Susan Smith): 1. Cora P. Smith (B: 1871; D: 1959; md. Charles Sims B:1868; D: 1938); 2. Lee Smith (md. Alpha Unknown) B: 1891; D: 1979).
Children by second wife (Mary Frances Brooks Smith): 3. Elbert M. Smith (B: 1885; D: 1942; md. Faye Patterson; 4. Emery Vernon Smith (B: 1887; D: 1974; md. Leota Warner B: 1903; D: 1991); 5. Ernest Smith (B: 1888; D: 1985; md. Eula Unknown D: 1978; 6. Earl Smith (B: 1891; D: 1959; md. Faye Unknown) D: 1980; 7. Ernie Smith (B: 1893; D: 1970; md. Pamela Dennison D: 1959); 8. Zula Ruth Francis Smith (B: 1894; D: 1980; md. Ernest Otis Houghtaling B: 1877; D: 1962); 9. Lucille Violet Smith (B: 1902; D: 1969; md. Paul Vedder B: 1916; D: 1957 - md. (2) Willie H. Burcett).
Source for wives and children: Descendants of Levi Smith listing obtained from Mount Vernon Library, Mount Vernon, MO, in 2007.

18. Mary Eliza Smith (B: September 21, 1847, md. Elijah Sample November 19, 1868, Lawrence Co., MO by William B. Landrum, J.P.
NOTE: Moved to Kansas. After her father Levi Smith died in 1849, Mary Eliza's older sister, Sarah Jane Smith, took care of her until Sarah married Jesse Pigg in 1853. On the 1860 Lawrence Co., MO census, Mary E. Smith (B: 1847, TN) is shown with her half-brother, Absolem Smith. Here are excerpts from the 1921 letter from William H. Smith about Mary Eliza Smiths: ". . . After your mother married (Sarah Jane Smith to Jesse Pigg), I don't know where Mary Eliza lived. Right after the Civil War, Uncle Lee Smith [William Levi Smith] married, and she lived with him a year or two. I also married, and my wife died in about a year and Mary Eliza lived with brother Josiah and I about two years and kept house for us. She then married a man by the name of Samples. They went to Kansas and she died many years ago. . . ."

Sources: Absalom Smith's Probate Records, Paper written by Great-Great Grandson, Leland W. Smith of Jasper AR in 1978; available at Mt. Vernon, MO Library. Also letters between Thomas P. Pigg (Ironton, MO) and William H. Smith (Mt. Vernon, MO) in 1921. In addition, MO death certificates and Lawrence Co., cemetery records also provided some information.

SUMMARY of Findings for Levi Smith:

1. A Levi Smith is listed in Roane County, TN from 1815-1821): Voter List in 1815; Petition for a Road in 1819; served in Capt. Jackson's Company in 1821; and released from Tax in 1821 and 1822 because he no longer lived in Roane County, TN. This is probably time period Levi Smith moved to Cocke County, TN with his father and other members of his family. Levi's father John Smith and brother Simeon Smith lived in nearby Anderson Co., TN; all moved to Cocke Co., TN beginning in 1815.

2. August 13, 1813: Cocke County, TN - survey of 15 acres by State of Tennessee for Levi Smith; he purchased land from Anthony Moore; W. bank of Slate Creek; with Simon Smith's line, Driskill's line; "where Smith now lives."

3. August 26, 1814: Cocke County, TN - survey of 25 acres by State of Tennessee for Levi Smith; he purchased land from John McCampbell; on McCowan's Creek.

4. June 3, 1824: Cocke County, TN - survey of 50 acres on Slate Creek.

5. 1830 Jefferson County TN Census - Levi Smith along with his family were living in Jefferson County, TN; family No. 285 - same family number as Henry Smith.

6. April 26, 1832: Marriage of Levi Smith and Ellizabeth Newman, Jefferson County, TN; married by Rev. Thomas Smith (Levi's brother from Cocke County, TN).

7. Jefferson County Tax Lists - 1830,1831,1834,1835,1836, 12th District; no tax records between 1837-1844. According to Leeper's lawsuit, Levi Smith lived on land below Henry Smith at the mouth of Chucky River; this was land jointly "owned" by Lewis F. Leeper, Henry Smith, and Levi Smith.

8. 1840: Census listed Levi Smith in Jefferson County, TN with his family.

9. August 5, 1843, Jefferson County TN - November 1834 to December 1841, established and ran a partnership (Oral agreement) with Henry Smith and Lewis F. Leeper in Jefferson County, TN (Source: Law suit brought by Lewis F. Leeper in Jefferson County, TN against Henry Smith, Levi Smith, and William Smith; Levi Smith named as living in Missouri. On April 1, 1841, Levi sold his one-half interest in business to Henry Smith and Lewis F. Leeper. The business included 600 acres purchased from William Smith and his brother Isaac Smith - land was sold by Hetty Jarnagin of Jefferson County, TN.

10. August 19, 1851 - Levi Smith named in Case No. 87 concerning the estate of Isaac Newman in McMinn County, TN along with the children he had with Elizabeth Newman (deceased 1848 or 1849). Source: Chancery Court Minutes of McMinn County, TN, pp 69-70; and August 1856 - naming of children with Elizabeth Newman again; indicates they were all in Lawrence County, MO; Alexander Smith had been named as guardian of the minor children - page 244.

11.1849: Death of Levi Smith in Lawrence County, MO; probate records in Lawrence County, MO indicate Levi Smith died between January and April 1849. Levi's son Alexander Smith, also in Lawrence County, MO, was named as Administrator of Levi Smith's estate.

NOTE: Additional East TN families who also migrated to Lawrence Co., MO early:

Alfred Moyers of White Pine, Jefferson Co., TN, was also in Lawrence Co., MO in 1848 in the Mt. Vernon area. There was a dispute in a deed that William Smith (B: 1802, TN) was supposed to get from Susannah Moyers, the mother of Alfred Moyers. William Smith brought a court case to clear title in Jefferson Co., TN; was approved by the court and clear title was given to William Smith.

Also in Lawrence Co., MO in 1850 were Joseph Manning (age 57) and his wife Margaret (age 50) with their children - Lavina, Robert, Elizabeth, Margaret, James, Joseph, Nancy, William, and James Manning (age 29) and his wife Sally (age 29) and their children: Rily, Louisa, John, William, and Cyrus R. from Cocke County, TN.

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