Cocke County, Tennessee
Wm. James and Mary Mooneyham Family

Submitted by Russell D. James

Husband William James Mooneyham
Birth 1774 Wake, North Carolina
Marriage Jan. 21, 1799 Wake, North Carolina
Death After 1830 Cocke, Tennessee, USA
Parents Thomas Mooneyham, Jr. (Thomas2, James1) and Traywick Segar

Wife Mary Scrimpture  
Birth 1778 North Carolina, USA
Death   Tennessee, USA


1 William James Mooneyham, Jr.  
Gender Male  
Birth 1800 Cocke, Tennessee
Wife (Unknown)  
Marriage Unknown  
Wife Matilda Cogdill  
Marriage 1853 Tennessee, USA
Death 1880? Cocke, Tennessee

2 Thomas Mooneyham  
Gender Male  
Birth 1801 Tennessee, USA
Wife Sally  

3 Joseph Mooneyham  
Gender Male  
Birth 1816 Cocke County, Tennessee
Death Jun. 3, 1862 Platt, Missouri

4 John Mooneyham  
Gender Male  
Birth 1825 Cocke, Tennessee
Death 1880  

5 James Mooneyham  
Gender Male  
Birth 1827 Cocke County, Tennessee

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