Cocke County, Tennessee
David and Nancy Knight Family

Submitted by Russell D. James

Husband David Knight
Birth Sep. 4, 1830 Cocke County, Tennessee
Marriage Aug. 25, 1855 Haywood County, North Carolina
Death Oct. 26, 1898 Del Rio, Tennessee

Wife Nancy E. James  
Birth Feb. 13, 1833 Haywood County, North Carolina
Death Mar. 24, 1923 Del Rio, Tennessee
Parents James  


1 James L. Knight  
Gender Male  
Birth Sep. 1869 Cocke County, Tennessee
Wife Nancy  
Marriage 1887 Tennessee
Wife Belva  
Marriage 1909 Cocke County, Tennessee

2 William R. Knight  
Gender Male  
Birth 1872 Cocke County, Tennessee
Wife Sarah L.  
Marriage 1898 Cocke County, Tennessee
Wife Loma  

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