Cocke County, Tennessee
William Davis-Sarah Moore Family

Submitted by Russell D. James

Husband William Edmond Davis
Birth Mar. 1864 Haywood County, Tennessee
Occupation   farmer
Census 1880 Madison County, North Carolina
Marriage Between 1880 and 1885  
Move Before 1885 Cocke County, Tennessee
Death Mar. 25, 1918 Cocke County, Tennessee
Burial Mar. 28, 1918 Hickey Community Cemetery, Cocke County, Tennessee
Other Wife Emeline James
Parents Isaiah Davis (Samuel4, Uriah3 , Uriah2, Uriah1) and Mary Elizabeth Stines (Elias3, Elias2, Johann Frederick 1)

Wife Sarah Lavanda Moore  
Birth Jul. 1864 Madison County, North Carolina
Death Between Mar. 21, 1894 and Apr. 5, 1899 This death date possibility is computed by dying after the birth of her youngest child and before her husband remarried.
Burial   Hickey Community Cemetery, Cocke County, Tennessee
She has no headstone, but in an interview with her granddaughter, Georgia Jenkins, one year before Georgia died, she told me that Lavanda was buried next to William.
Parents William Josiah Moore (Thomas1) and Emily Lucinda Davis (Samuel4, Uriah 3, Uriah2, Uriah1)


1 Olgia "Ollie" Davis  
Gender Female  
Birth Mar. 6, 1885 Cocke County, Tennessee
Husband George Ashley James  
Marriage Jul. 20, 1899 Cocke County, Tennessee
Death Apr. 20, 1951 Haywood County, North Carolina
Burial Apr. 21, 1951 Woody Cemetery, Madison County, North Carolina

2 Joseph I. Davis  
Gender Male  
Birth Mar. 1888 North Carolina
Wife Pearl G. Arrowood  
Marriage 1911 Tennessee

3 Lela Davis  
Gender Female  
Birth Feb. 1890 Cocke County, Tennessee
Death After 1910 Cocke County, Tennessee

4 Margaret "Meg" Davis  
Gender Female  
Birth Jun. 20, 1892 Cocke County, Tennessee
Husband Henry Johnson  
Marriage Oct. 25, 1909 Cocke County, Tennessee
Death Dec. 1928 Cocke County, Tennessee
Burial Dec. 1928 MacMillan Cemetery, Cocke County, Tennessee

5 Harriet "Hattie" Davis  
Gender Female  
Birth Mar. 21, 1894 Cocke County, Tennessee
Death May 24, 1967 Sevier County, Tennessee

6 Garrett Davis  
Gender Male  
Death Before 1898 Tennessee

Notes on William Edmond Davis
There may have been a sixth child, a son named Garrett, but I can find no record of him. He would have been born after the 1880 census and died before the 1900 census.(RDJ 09-24-2010).

He and Sarah Lavanda Moore were 1st cousins.

Notes on Lela Davis
Need to do a thorough search of Cocke and neighboring counties to see if I can determine if she married between 1910 and 1920. She was in the 1910 Census (I think) but not the 1920 with her father. If she died, then she did so after 1900 and there is a chance there would be a death record snce they began in Cocke County in 1902. (RDJ 09-24-2010).

Thorough search of Cocke and surrounding counties for a "Lela" or "Lila" of any surname in 1920 showed no one. Also checked Knox, Sevier, Greene. If she lived to 1920 and was married, which is probable, without a marriage record it is impossible to tell where she was at this time. (RDJ 09-28-2010).

Notes on Harriet "Hattie" Davis
I believe she was the second wife of Sheridan Valentine, as he had older children almost the same age as her who lived with the family in the 1920 Census.

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