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Hicks Families of Cocke County with Cheatham County connections

1860 Cocke Co., TN Census: Wilie (Wyly and Wiley) Hicks age 40 brn. abt. 1820 Cocke Co., TN, h/o Mary (Mary Bryant, age 40 brn. abt. 1820 TN), parents of James D. Hicks age 19, brn. abt. 1841 Cocke Co. TN.

1880 Cheatham Co. TN Census, pg. 14a: J. D. Hicks and A. R. Hicks (A. R. is Anna Russell Felts); in the 1900 Census it shows mother 'Mary' (Mary Bryant) living with them. Living next door or on the same property is Forrest Osborne and Susie (Susan E., Emma Sue), d/o James D. Hicks and Anna Russell Felts (1880 Census).

Hicks Families of Cocke County

Joseph Hicks, 1753-1821, h/o unknown
f/o Moses Hicks, 1773-1839, h/o Susannah Childress, 1778-1841
Susanna Childress, 1778-1841, d/o Abraham Childress, 1756-?, and Susannah Lax Susannah Lax d/o William Lax, 1723-?, and Susannah Chandler, 1737-?

James Moses Hicks, 1812-1871, s/o Moses and Susannah, h/o Orpha O'Dell, 1814-1889 Orpha O'Dell w/o James Moses Hicks, d/o Caleb O'Dell, 1781-1864 and Rachell Clevenger Nancy Hicks d/o James Moses Hicks and Orpha O'Dell w/o William Hatley, 1825-1871
Rachell Hicks d/o James Moses Hicks and Orpha O'Dell w/o Thomas Wilson, ?-1861
Susannah Hicks d/o James Moses Hicks and Orpha O'Dell w/o Abraham Keener, 1835-1919
Orpha Hicks d/o James Moses Hicks and Orpha O'Dell w/o John West Davis ?
William Rhoten Hicks s/o James Moses Hicks and Orpha O'Dell h/o Sarah Madeline Bryant, 1850-1916 Wiley Hicks, 1820-1873, s/o Moses Hicks and Susannah Childress (see above)

Joseph Hicks, 1753-1821, f/o Moses Hicks, 1773-1839, f/o John Hicks, 1810-1884.

1850 Cocke Co.,TN Census, 11th. District, family #941: John Hicks, age 40, brn. 1810 Cocke Co., TN, occupation farmer; wife Serena Hicks, age 36, brn. 1814 NC, children:

Son Moses was named after his grandfather Moses Hicks, 1773-1839. In the 1880 Lower Cosby, Cocke Co., TN Census it shows son Moses, occupation farmer, age 34, brn. 1846 TN, wife Mary Ann Hicks (Denton/Keener), age 41, brn. 1839, GA.

1860 Cocke Co.,TN Census, 8th. District: Mary Keener, age 21, brn. 1839 GA.

In the 1880 Lower Cosby, Cocke Co.,TN Census it has children of Moses and Mary Hicks: 1900 Cocke Co.,TN Census, 10th District, family #95: Moses Hicks, age 54, and Mary A. Hicks age 61. Between them they had 8 children, 5 living. At family #93: daughter Isabel Keener, occupation farmer, age 37, widow, brn. Aug. 1862 TN, father brn. TN, mother brn. GA. Living with Isabel is son William Keener, age 20, brn. Dec. 1879, TN, and daughter-in-law Lillie A. Keener (Hartsell), age 16, brn. Sept. 1883, married 5 mo.

1920 Cocke Co. TN Census: Will and Lillie Keener, children Amber and Alton Keener.

Tennessee Deaths and Burials, 1874-1955: Lillie Hartsell Keener, brn. 1883 TN, death 29 July 1933, age 50, residence 5th District, Cocke Co., TN; father Isaac Hartsell brn. TN, mother Nancy Lorge brn. TN.

*See above Moses and Mary Ann Hicks, daughter Serena J. Hicks - Tennessee Death Records, 1914-1955: Serena Jane McGaha (Hicks), brn. abt. 1870 Cocke Co.,TN, death 14 June 1950, age 80, residence Newport, Cocke Co., TN, father Moses Hicks, mother Mary Denton.

William Rhoten Hicks 1846-1921, s/o James Moses Hicks 1812-1871, s/o Moses Hicks 1773-1839m s/o Joseph Hicks 1753-1821:

1900 Cocke Co.,TN Census, 9th. District, family #18: William R. Hicks age 54, brn. May 1846 TN, farmer, married 24 yrs., had 9 children, 7 living, parents brn. TN, wife Sarah (Sarah Madeline Bryant, 1850-1916, brn. TN, parents brn. TN). Children of William and Sarah:

William and Sarah Hicks' son Tyson C. married 25 Dec. 1912, Mollie Ray, brn. NC. In the 1920 Cocke Co., TN Census: Tyson 28, Mollie 29, children Winfred R., 6 yrs. 4 mo. and Sarah L., 4 yrs. 5 mo. Second mrg. to Edna Earl Godfrey, daughter Elizabeth Love Hicks. Third. mrg. to Nellie Lucille Midlam, son Teddy Lee Hicks.

William and Sarah Hicks daughter Maudie Mae married Vernon Moore Atkinson; children Ruby Elaine, Verna Mae, and Gordon Glen Atkinson.

William and Sarah Hicks daughter Lula R. Hicks brn. Jul.1885 Cocke Co.,TN, d. age 23, single; 06 Mar. 1909 Newport, Cocke Co., TN.

William and Sarah Hicks daughter Lillie Jane Hicks brn. Aug 1878 Cocke Co.,TN, d. 03 Apr. 1954 age 76, Rural, Cocke Co., TN.

In the 1920 Cocke, TN. Census it shows daughters Lillie, Lizzie, and Maude as being single, ages 42, 41, and 30 living with their father William Rhoten Hicks. The following year William died age 75, 03 Nov.1921, Newport, Cocke Co., TN, occupation mail carrier; buried Bryants Cemetery

William and Sarah's son Oscar L. Hicks died 23 Feb. 1947, Dickson Co. TN, age 70, widowed (Bertie Fine), occupation Justice of the Peace, burial place Newport, TN. Oscar and Bertie's son Cowper (William Cowper Hicks) brn. Feb. 1900, Cocke Co., TN; died 23 Feb. 1934, Precinct 7, Cameron, TX, age 34, divorced, occupation 14 yrs. druggist, burial place Newport, TN. Cowper married Mamie Ardella Redmond, daughter Betty Hicks. Children: Burnett Walter Hicks brn.20 Jun.1904 Newport, Cocke Co., TN, d. 25 Sept. 1985 Cameron Co. TX.; Jennie Lou Hicks brn. 25 Jul.1915 Newport, Cocke TN, d. 15 feb. 1999 Conroe, Montgomery Co. TX.; Judge Henderson Hicks brn. 23 Sept. 1908 Cocke Co., TN.; d.30 Jul. Cocke Co., TN.

Bertie Fine's family 1900 Cocke Co.,TN Census, 10th. District, family #140-141: Allen C. Fine, age 49, brn. June 1850 TN, parents brn. TN, married 29 yrs., 7 children, 7 living, wife Mary, age 57 (brn. TN, parents brn. TN). Allen and Mary's children:

Clevenger-O'Dell-Hicks-Hatley connections

1850 Cocke Co.,TN Census 11th. District, family #491: Rachel O'Dell (Clevenger), age 69, brn. VA, living with William Hatley, age 25, brn. TN, farmer; wife Nancy Hatley (Hicks), age 32, brn. TN; children: 'Orphey', age 2, (named after Orphey O'Dell, wife of James Moses Hicks), and Elizabeth, age 1, brn. TN.

Living next door at family # 490 is James Hicks, age 38, brn. TN, farmer; wife 'Orphey' Hicks (O'Dell), age 36, brn. TN, children: 'Rachel', age 14, brn. TN (named after Rachel O'Dell Clevenger), Susannah, age 9, brn. TN; Elizabeth, age 6, brn. TN; William, age 4, brn. TN; James, age 1, brn. TN

Rachel O'Dell (Clevenger) brn. 1781, Frederick VA, d/o Asa Clevenger (brn. 15 Sept. 1748, Frederick Co. VA; death 16 Feb. 1809, Frederick Co. VA; married 1770, Federick Co. VA, wife Hannah Wright (brn. 14 Feb. 1758; death 16 Feb. 1809, Frederick VA)).

Asa Clevenger s/o George Clevenger (brn. 10 Oct. 1714, New Hanover, Monmouth Co., NJ; death 25 Dec. 1834, VA, Frederick, MD; married 19 July 1737, New Hanover, Burlington Co., NJ; wife Deliverance Horner (brn. 18 Dec. 1708, Northhampton, Burlington Co., N.J.; Death Frederick VA)).

George Clevenger s/o John Clevenger (brn. 27 April 1678, Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY; death 1746, Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ; married 1704; wife Mary Platt (brn. 1678, Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY.; death 1750, Monmouth, NJ)).

John Clevenger s/o George Clevenger (brn.1654 England, United Kingdom; death Apr. 1684, Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY, married 1676 Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY; wife Sarah Hadden (brn. 7 July 1662, Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY, death 1691, Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY)).

George Clevenger s/o John Clevenger (brn. 1633, England; death 1654, New Jersey; married 1650, New Jersey, wife Mary Mnu (brn. 1637 England; death 1654 England.))

John Clevenger s/o George and Sarah Clevenger?

Clevenger-O'Dell connections

Caleb O'Dell h/o Rachel O'Dell (Clevenger) d/o Asa Clevenger & Hannah Wright d/o Thomas Wright (brn. 14 Jan. 1720, New Garden, Chester Co., PA; death 18 aug. 1765, Frederick Co., Winchester, VA; married 1747, Hopewell, Mm, Frederick Co., VA; wife Esther Hiatt: brn. 1 Feb. 1731, Bucks, PA; death 6 Mar. 1778, Frederick Co., VA).

Thomas Wright s/o James Wright (brn. 1671, Nottingham, Chester Co., PA; death 15 July 1759, Frederick Co., VA; married 26 Feb. 1707, East Nottingham, Chester Co., PA; wife Mary Davis: brn. 2 Dec. 1689, Prince Georges Co., MD; death 6 Mar. 1764, Frederick Co., VA).

Esther Hiatt d/o George Hiatt (brn. 1698, Doylestown, Bucks Co., PA; death 28 Oct. 1793, Guilford Co., NC; married 1724, Bucks Co., PA; wife Martha Wakefield: brn. 1700, Belfast, Antrim Co., Ireland, death 12 Feb. 1794, New Garden, Guilford Co., NC).

George Clevenger and Deliverance Horner, d/o Joshua Horner (brn. 14 Sept. 1676, Tadcaster, Yorkshire Parish, England; death 13 Feb. 1721, Springfield Twp. Burlington Co.,NJ; married 1701, Burlington Co., NJ; wife Mary Horner: brn. 1670, Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY, death 1750, Monmouth, NJ).

Isaac O'Dell and Anna Patience Tompkins, d/o Nathaniel Thompkins (brn. abt. 1633 Concord, Middlesex Co., MA, death 6 Sept. 1684, wife Elizabeth Hannah White: brn. abt. 1650, Milford, NH).

Nathaniel Thompkins s/o John Tompkins (brn. abt. 1610, Edlesbourough, Bucks, England; death 23 June 1684, Salem, Essex Co., MA; married 27 Aug. 1632, Edlesborough, Bucks, England; wife Margaret Goodman/Oldham: brn. abt. 1612, Edlesborough, Bucks, England, death 18 Jul. 1672, Salem, Essex Co., MA).

John Tompkins s/o Ralph Tomkins/Tomkyns (brn. 1585, Monington, Hereford, England; death 1666, Salem, Essex Co., MA; married 6 Nov. 1608, Bucks, England; wife Katherine Cardwell/Foster: brn. abt. 1590, Edelesborough, Bucks, England).

As you can see, all of these families' descendants worked their way from the north into Virginia and North Carolina and eventually to east and northeast Tennessee. Cocke and all surrounding counties are filled with these names.

William Larry Osborne brn. 28 Feb. 1946 Vanderbilt Hosp. Nashville, Davidson Co., TN; s/o Ollie Hicks Osborne brn. 1912 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, died 31 May 1962 Barberton Hosp., Barberton, OH and s/o Daisy Mae Osborne (Clouse), brn. 14 Nov. 1917 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, died 08 Sept. 1986 Barberton Hosp., Barberton, OH
Ollie and Daisy Osborne's children:

Ollie Hicks Osborne's parents: Forest Lee Osborne,1878-1939 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN and Susan E./Emma Sue Osborne (Hicks) 1880-1937 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.

Daisy Mae Osborne (Clouse) parents: Haston Mansfield Clouse, 1887-1963, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bumbalough, 1889-1946 Cheatham, Davidson Co., TN

Forest Lee Osborne's parents: William F. Osborne,1856-1911 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN and Anna M. Osborne (Booker) b:?-d:?, Davidson Co.,TN

Haston Mansfield Clouse parents: William C. Clouse,1866-1944, Cookeville, Putnam Co. TN and Nancy Drucilla Clouse (Miller) 1868-1888 Putnam Co., TN

Susan E. Osborne (Hicks) parents: James Dallas Hicks 1840-1926 Joelton, Davidson Co., TN and Russell A./Anna Russell Hicks (Felts) 1849-1925 Joelton, TN

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Clouse (Bumbalough's) parents: Jesse Sewell Bumbalough 1850-1914 Board Valley, White Co.,TN and Eliza Bumbalough (Milligan) 1852-1908 White Co.,TN


Susan E./Emma Sue Hicks 1880-1937, d/o James Dallas, 'J.D.' Hicks 1840-1936, s/o Wyley P. Hicks 1820-1873, s/o Moses Hicks 1773-1839, s/o Joseph Hicks 1753-1821

Siblings of Susan E. Hicks:

Parents: James Dallas Hicks 1840-1926 and Russell/Anna Russell Felts 1848-1925


Daisy Mae Osborne (Clouse) 1917-1986, d/o Haston Mansfield Clouse 1887-1963, s/o William Carroll Clouse 1866-1944, s/o William Riley Clouse 1835-1888, s/o Thomas James Clouse 1801-1872, s/o John Dillard Clouse 1775-1859, s/o George Washington Clouse 1740-1810, s/o Thomas Clouse 1710-?

William Riley Clouse 1835-1888 and Loucilla "Lou" Randolph 1835/36-1886 mrd 2/1/1854 White Co., TN (great-great grandparents)

See above, son William C. Clouse and Nancy Drucilla Miller (great-grandparents). First wife Nancy died at the age of 20 (1868-1888). Their children were:

William Riley Clouse second marriage to Millie Mitchell 1862-1922 mrd 4/30/1892 White Co. TN. Children:

William Riley Clouse third marriage to Jayanna (or Joanna) Phy 1891-1952: their daughter married ? Franklin.

In the 1870 census, White Co. TN, Dist No. 11, pg. 17, dwelling 116: Dudley Randolph, age 39, and M.J. Randolph (female) age 16, is living with William Riley Clouse and Loucilla Randolph (Clouse); obviously very close family of Loucilla's. She named one of her sons Dudley and one of the daughters Mary Jane (M.J.). Both girls in the census are listed as M.J.

See above, Dudley Mansfield Clouse mrd. Cora Robinson. The Robinsons were Neighbors of William and Loucilla in 1870; there were several Randolph families in the immediate vicinity.


Daisy Mae Osborne (Clouse), d/o Haston Mansfield Clouse 1887-1963 and Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Bumbalough 1889-1946, d/o Jesse S. Bumbalough 1850-1897, s/o Isaac S. Bumbalough 1813-1897, s/o Issac Bumbalough 1770-1830, s/o Isaac Bumbalough 1742-1800, s/o Isaac E. Bumbalough 1710-?, s/o Edward Bumbalough 1680-1717

The Osborne connection to the families Of Cheatham County, Tennessee 1800's

William Larry Osborne s/o Ollie Hicks Osborne s/o Forrest Lee Osborne and Susan E. Hicks d/o James Dallas Hicks and Anna Russell Felts.
The following is just a few connections to the Binkley Families:

Osborne-Hicks-Felts connection to the Carney families

Binkley and Carney

Osborne-Hicks-Felts connection to the Morris families

Morris and Binkley

Osborne-Hicks-Felts connection to the Perry families

Osborne-Hicks-Felts connection to the Hudgins families

Hudgins and Perry, Hudgins and Harris, Hudgins and Walker, Hudgins and Boyd, Boyd and Binkley, Boyd and Carney, Boyd and Harris etc., all of these families are a link in the Osborne chain. This work was made possible by the generous spirit and hard work of Bonnie Hudgins. Thanks Bonnie Hudgins for all of your good works; it is greatly appreciated.

The Osborne-Hicks-Felts connection to the Harris families of Cheatham County, Tennessee 1800's

Osborne-Hicks-Felts connection to the Walker families

Osborne-Hicks-Felts connection to the Cullum families

Osborne-Hicks connections with England
Thomas Osborne, First Duke of Leeds family

Thomas OSBORNE, Lord High Treasurer, First Duke Of Leeds 1631- 1712; married Lady Bridget BERTIE in 1651, d/o Montagu BERTIE, 2nd Earl Of Lindsey and Martha COKAYNE.

Wife: Lady Bridget Bertie


Mary PERRY ?- 1670 married firstly Hon. Henry NOEL s/o Edward NOEL, 2nd Viscount Campden and Hon. Juliana HICKS; she married secondly, Sir William FERMOR, 1st Baronet, s/o Sir Hutton FERMOR and Anne COKAYNE
Children of Mary PERRY and Sir William FERMOR, 1st Baronet: Henry FERMOR and William FERMOR, 1st Baron Leominster 1648- 1711, married 1691 Lady Sophia OSBORNE, d/o Thomas OSBORNE, 1st Duke Of Leeds and Lady Bridget BERTIE.

Lady Elizabeth BERTIE b ?- 1683; d/o Montagu BERTIE, 2nd Earl Of Lindsey and Martha COKAYNE; married 1655 Baptist NOEL, 3rd Viscout Campden s/o Edward NOEL, 2nd Viscount Campden and Hon. Juliana HICKS.

Hon. Juliana HICKS b. ?- 1680;  d/o Baptist HICKS, 1st Viscount Campden and Elizabeth MAY; married 1605 Edward NOEL, 2nd Viscount Campden, s/o Sir Andrew NOEL and Mabel HARINGTON.

Mary HICKS b.?- 1710 d/o Sir William HICKS, 2nd Baronet, married James DARCY, 1st. Baron Of Navan in 1693.

Francis Godolphin OSBORNE, Marquess Of Carmarthen, 5th Duke Of Leeds 1751- 1799; married 1773 Amelia DARCY, Marchioness Of Carmarthen, 12th Baroness Darcy De Knayth, 9th Baroness Conyers and 5th Countess Of Mertola; children:

Francis and Amelia divorced in May 1779, Amelia then married Captain John, "Mad Jack" BYRON, s/o Admiral BYRON, and father by his second wife of Lord BYRON the poet/author, George Gordon NOEL, 6th Baron BYRON Of Rochdale 1788- 1824; married Anne Isabella NOEL, Baroness WENTWORTH, d/o Sir Ralph Milbanke NOEL, 6th Baronet and Hon. Judith NOEL.

The Peerage of Great Britain

Richard Osborne born 1488 - d.?, husband of Elizabeth Flydane born 1491 - d. ?, England. Parents of:

Children of Alice Osborne and Sir John Peyton, 1st Baronet

Children of Sir Hewett Osborne and Joyce Fleetwood:

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