Cocke County, Tennessee
Signers to 1845 Petition

These signers were asking the Tennessee General Assembly for the appointment of a commissioner to move the county seat because Newport was off the main road, was surrounded by barren land, would get flooded streets when it rained, and had rough roads. The petition was submitted in 1845. Visit the TSLA web site HERE for more information. Below are the names of those who signed the petition, in alphabetical order. Please use your browser's "find" function to locate names of interest, but note alternate spellings.
Submitted by
Bruce Price

???, Wm.
?????, Jas. A.
??????se, Leonard

Alexander, L.D.
Allen, Dr. F.
Allen, Edwin
Allen, G.
Allen, Green
Allen. J.R.
Allen, John
Allen, John
Allen, R.B.
Allen, Russel
Allen, W.E.
Allman, Jonas
Anderson, Allen
Anderson, Roderick

Bailey, David
Baker, J.
Baker, John
Baker, Rich'd
Ball, Alfred
Ball, Ausbotn
Ball, Royal
Ball, Royal
Ball/Hall, Elisha
Banks, Uriah
Barnes, Saml.
Basinger, Stephen
Baxter, James
Baxter, William
Beegle, W.S.
Bell, John
Bell, Thomas J.
Bewley?, Saml?
Bibb, Thos.
Bibee, W.W.
Bible, Jonathan
Bird, Henry
Bird, James
Bird, William
Birdseye, E.
Black, Alexander
Black, Anson
Black, Jas.
Black, Reuben
Boulden, William
Bouldin, B.L.
Boyd, Danl. G.
Breeden, John
Bridges, William
Brooks, David
Brooks, George
Brooks, Warren
Brooks, Young
Brown, Thomas J.
Burke, John
Burnett, J.M.
Busler, William

Camel (Campbell), Jos.
Cameron, Green
Cameron, Joseph
Campbell, J.
Carmichael, William
Carson, Robt.
Carter, Ephraim C.
Carter, Geo. W.
Carter, Wm.
Carter, Wm.
Cash, Spicy
Castiller, J.B.
Caton, Thos.
Chapman, Thos. F.
Childress, Edom
Christian, Fines? ?.
Clark, F.D.
Clark, Howard
Clark, J.C.
Clark, James
Clark, James Sr.
Clark, John
Clark, John Sr.
Clark, Thos. J.
Clemons, Isaac
Clevenger, Archibald
Clevinger, A.
Clevinger, John
Clevinger, S.
Click, Andrew
Click, James G.
Click, William
Click, Wm. Jr
Co????, Alfred
Cochran, James
Cody, Stephen
Cogdell, Frederick
Crumley, Jessee
Cureton, Robert Sr
Cureton, Robt.
Cureton, Wm.

Davis, Elias
Davis, James
Davis, William
Dawson, Amos
Dearmon, J.G.
Dennis, Cary
Denton, A.B.
Denton, A.J.
Denton, John
Devaney, John H.
Devaney, W.H.F.
Dewitt, Rich'd B.
Dewitt, Wm. H.
Dickson, Thos.
Dillon, John
Dockery, Baalam
Dockery, Elijah
Driskill, Daniel/David

Easterly, N.W.
Easterly, Payou?
Easterly, T.J.
Ebbs, Green
Ebbs, John W.
Edwards, Lewis
Edwards, Matthew
Edwards, Moses
Edwards, William
Eisenhour, John
Eisenhour, Martin
Eisenhour, Moses
Eisenhour, Noah
Ellason, Hiram
Ellasson, James
Ellasson, Martin
Ellison, Alfred
Eliss, John
Eliss, Mansfield
Etherton, G.B.
Evans, Edmond
Evans, Edward

Fanchur, William
Fane, Waler?
Faubion, John
Faubion, Matthias
Faubion, T.A.
Faubion, Wm.
Felker, James
Finchum, James
Finchum, Madison
Finchum, William
Finchum, Wm. Sr
Fine, Isaac
Fine, Vinet
Fletcher, A.J.
Fowler, Abijah
Fowler, William
Fox, Anderson
Fox, Ezekiel
Fox, John
Fox, John S.
Fox, Matthew
Fox, Robt.
Fox, Wm.
Fox?, Jesse?
Francis, William
Francis, William
Free, John
Freshour, Henry
Freshour, Jacob
Freshour, John
Fugate, Evan
Fugatt, John

Gallaher, Jackson
Gann, John
Garrett, James
Gates??, Deas?
Gatlin, E.G.
Giles, Jesse
Gillet, Noah
Gillet, Thomas
Gillet, Wm. P.
Gilliland, John
Goan, D.H.
Gorman, D.H.
Gorman, John Jr
Gorman, John Sr
Gorman, T.S.
Gorrell, John
Gragg, George F.
Gray, William
Gray, Wm. Jr
Green, ?illpman??
Green, Geo.
Green, Lawson L.
Green, Saml.
Green, William
Grooms, George
Grooms, John
Grooms, Solomon
Guinn, David

Hall, Elbert
Hall, J.W. Jr
Hall, Jno. W.
Hall, Martin
Hall, William
Hall, Wilson
Hampton, Wade
Hance, William
Haney?, Lewis
Hanny??, John
Harned, David
Harper, William
Harrell, Martin
Harrison, John
Harrison, Reuben
Harrison, Thos. K.
Harrison, Wm. P.
Harriss, Jason
Hartsell, Abraham
Hartsell, Anthony
Hartsell, Esau
Hartsell, Isaac
Hartsell, Morris
Hawkins, H.P.
Headrick, Daniel
Henly??, Thos. O.
Henry, Robert
Hensly??, George
Hickey, S.H.
Hightower, Allen
Hilliard, Dulany?
Holland, Charles
Holland, Hugh L.
Holland, Jas. C.
Holland, John
Holland, John L.
Holland, R.A.
Holland, Wm.
Holloway, Wm.
Holt, Edward
Holt, Josiah
Hopkins, B.P.
Howel, Jesse
Huff, John
Huff, Leonard
Huff, Robt.
Huff, Stephen
Huff, Thomas J.
Huff, W? H.
Humbard, Adam
Hurley, W.C. Jr
Huy??, Daniel/David

Inman, Green
Inman, Henry
Inman, S.H.
Inman, Thos.
Inman, Thos.
Isenhour, Philip

Jack, Alvy
Jack, David
Jack, Henry
Jack, William
Jenkins, C.
Jenkins, Caleb
Jenkins, Jessee
Jenkins, John
Jenkins, N.
Johnson, James
Johnson, Wm.
Jones, Allen
Jones, C.H.
Jones. S.P.
Jones, Stephen
Jones, William
Justice, Reuben
Justice, Royal

Kennedy, E.W.
Kennedy, Elias
Kensey??, James
Kilgore, Hany?
Kilgore, James
Kilgore, M.
Kilgore, Thomas
Kilpatrick, Thos.
Kingory, Alfred
Knite, R. Lain, John

Lain,, Moses
Lane, Irvin
Larrew?, Francis
Larue, James C.
Lea, Stephen
Lewis, Asa P.
Lewis, Rich'd
Lewis, William
Linebarger, John
Lovel, John
Lowe, W.H.F.

Maler??, William
Maloy, Wm.
Manning, Jasper
Mantooth, James
Martin, Bartlett
Mathis, Alex
Mathis, James
McClanghan, James
McCombs, James
McGaha, Isaac
McGaha, Robt.
McGaha, William
McGinty, Athen
McGinty, Saml.
McKoy, A.
McKoy, William
McMahan, Allen
McMahan, Anderson
McMahan, Edmond
McMahan, Eli Sr
McMahan, Geo. N.
McMahan, James
McMahan, Wm.
McMillion, Jas.
McNabb, George
McNabb, J.
McNabb, Jno.
McNabb, John
McNabb, W.
McNabb, William
McNabb, Wm.
McSween, James
Messer, Elihu
Messer, Jackson
Miller, Jacob
Mims, Hiram
Mims????, R.
Mire?, George
Moody, Thomas J.
Moore, White
Morell, Chas.
Morris, Amos
Morris, Joshua
Morris, Thomas
Morris, Wm. F.
Moyers, Rufus M.
Murrell, Jobe
Murrell, John
Murrell, William

Netherton, James
Netherton,, Moses
Newel, John
Nichols, Berry
Nichols, James
Night, Rich'd

Odell, Abraham
Odell, David
Odell, Jobe
Oneil, Henry
Oneil, Joseph
Oneil, Pleasant
Ottinger, Adam
Ottinger, John B.

Paget, Jas.
Palmer, William
Parker, Alfred
Parker, Jessee
Parker, John
Perker, Nicholas
Parker, Nicholas Jr
Parrott, George
Parrott, J.R.
Parrott, Jacob
Parrott, James G.
Parrott, Jobe
Patterson, Edmons
Patterson, S.
Penland, Aaron
Penland, Charles D.
Pennel, John
Philips, David
Price, Danl.

Qualls, John

Ragan, J.P.
Rains, Isaac
Rains, James
Rains, Joel
Rains, John
Rains, Thos.
Rains, W.
Rains, Wm.
Rambo, Fielding
Ramsey, George
Ramsey, S.
Ramsey, Saml.
Ramsey, William
Ramsey, Wm. F.
Randolph, Wm. M.
Rankins, D.
Reed, Robt.
Reeve, Thos. J.
Rice, T.J.
Roadman, M.A.
Roadman, R.S.
Roadman, W.C. Jr
Roberts, Aaron
Roberts, Adolphus
Roberts, George
Robins?, William
Robinson, Thos.
Rogers, M.M.
Rogers, S.P.
Rogers, W.F.
Rollins, James
Rose, Green
Rose, John
Runions, Roadman
Runyan, Henry M.
Russell, Stephen
Rutherford, Calloway
Rutherford, Marion
Rutherford, W.

Sammes?, R.W.
Samples, Josiah
Satterfield, Wyley
Sawyers, James
Sawyers, John
Scroggins, Wm.
Sehorn, W.G.
Shannon, Hugh
Shannon, St. Clair
Shields, John P.
Shields, R.S.
Sims, Elliott
Sims, Geo. G.
Sims, W.K.
Smart, Wm.
Smith, A? D.
Smith, Alex E.
Smith, Charles
Smith, E.O.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Joel
Smith, John
Smith, Lewis
Smith, W.
Smith, Wm. R.
Sneed, Henly? Sr
Sneed, Neely Jr
Sneed, Pleasant
Southerland, Preston?
Stephen, John
Stephens, Danl.
Stokely, Charles
Stokely, David
Stokely, Jehu
Stokely, John H.
Stokely, N.H.
Strange, William
Stuart, D.W.
Stuart, George
Stuart, John
Sutton, James
Swagerty, Abraham
Swagerty, James

Talley, Dudley
Taylor, Jessee
Templin, John
Thomas, George I.
Thomas, Jeremiah
Thomas, Jno. G
Tinker, William
Turner, Anderson

Umsted?, R.H.

Vinson, John
Vinson, William Sr
Vinson, Wm. Jr
Waddell, S.D.
Wallace, Elizar
Waymoyer, David
Weaver, ?. B.
Weaver, J.H.
West, Lewis
Whitson, Wm.
Wilhight, Reubin
Williams, Collins
Williams, David
Williams, Enoch
Williams, John
Williams, Nehemiah
Willson, M.
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, William
Winniford, G.R.
Wise, Joseph
Wood, Ashby
Wood, David
Wood, Ebenizer
Wood, Grigsby
Wood, Henry
Wood, Hiram
Wood, John Jr
Wood, John Sr
Woody, Green
Woody, Tarlton
Woody, Tarlton Jr.
Woody, Wilson
Wright???, Wm??

Yates, Saml.
Yeats, Jno. W.
Yeats, Moses
Yett, James H.
Young, Joseph
Young, L.B.
Young, Lemuel
Young, Robt.