Cocke County, Tennessee
James and Rachel Hicks Wilson
Civil War Pension for Minor Heirs

Names mentioned: James Wilson,  Rachel Hicks Wilson, Henry Mantooth, Matilda Wilson, Thomas Wilson, William Wilson, James Hicks, Nancy Murrell, Nancy Hatley, William Hatley, Thomas J. Keener, Abraham Keener, Elkanah Keener, David R. Simmons, John Braden, F.A. Denton, James J. Bryant, Samuel Butler. Original records may be found online through various genealogy databases, or by requesting copies of military records in government archives.
Abstracted and submitted by Bruce Price

Matilda Wilson born 6-09-1857
Thomas Wilson born 5-09-1859
William Wilson born 6-29-1861

James Wilson enlisted 9-16-1862 and died 4-07-1863 in Annapolis, MD.

James Wilson and Rachel Hicks married 2-10-1856 by Henry Mantooth.

Rachel died 2-16-1862.

9-01-1866 - James Hicks, a resident of District 10, is guardian of the minors of James Wilson (he was Rachel's father).

Certified copy of marriage record.

5-20-1867 - Joint affadavit of Nancy Murrell and Nancy Hatley that they were present at the births of all three children.

Certified copy of guardian bond of James Hicks - June term, 1866. Thomas J. Keener and William Hatley were his bondsmen.

7-26-no year - Joint affadavit of Abraham Keener and David F. Simmons, residents of the 10th District, that the children were of James and Rachel Wilson.

8-08-1869 - John Braden and F.A. Denton, residents of Cocke County, testify that James Hicks is whom he says he is.

12-03-1866 - Thomas J. Keener and James J. Bryant testify they saw James Hicks sign document.

4-20-1867 - Samuel Butler and Elkanah Keener witness James Hicks' signature.

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