Cocke County, Tennessee
Robert N (Martha) Fox
Civil War Minors Pension

Names mentioned: Robert N Fox, Martha Dryman Woody Fox, Jesse Fox, Nancy Jane Fox, Isaac Fox, WN Hayes, Andrew J Fox, MA Roadman, John Ellason, Abraham Ellason, Hannah Ellason, William H Wood, Edid Woody, Mordecai Bible, Samuel Bible, Alexander Ragan.

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Abstracted and submitted by Bruce Price

Robert N Fox served as a private in Co K, 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry. He enrolled 7/01/1863 and died 9/06/1864 in General Hospital, Knoxville TN of typhoid fever. He left minor children Jesse, Nancy Jane and Isaac Fox.

Robert N Fox and Martha Woody were married 11/09/1849 by WN Hays, who at the time of the pension application was in "parts unknown". There was no widow's case because Martha died 10/01/1864. The dates of birth of the children were: Jesse born 6/06/1850, Nancy Jane born 5/04/1855, and Isaac born 5/15/1858.

Andrew J Fox, age thirty-one as of 2/14/1867, and a resident of the 1st Civil District, was appointed guardian of the minor children of Robert N Fox. This document states that Robert Fox died 9/04/1864 of chronic diarrhea and that the mother of the children died 1/05/1864.

In a document dated 10/27/1868, MA Roadman, C&M, stated that Andrew J Fox, age thirty-four, a resident of the 1st Civil District, was guardian of the minor children of Robert N Fox. It also stated that the children's mother died on or about 10/01/1864. Fox stated that the children's parents were married in the house of Martha Woody in Cocke County by William N Hayes, JP, and that her maiden name was Martha Dryman. John Ellason and Abraham Ellason, residents of the 1st Civil District, witnessed Andrew J Fox signing the document.

Another document states that according to the published report of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, Robert Fox died 9/03/1864 of "debility from typhoid".

John and Hannah Ellason swore that they were eye witnesses to the marriage of Robert N Fox and Martha Fox by Newton Hays, MG, and an acting JP.

Andrew J Fox swore that he could not file an affidavit of the officiating magistrate who married Robert N Fox and Martha Woody because he was living somewhere in Texas. Document was dated 10/26/1868.

John Ellason and Abraham Ellason, of the 1st Civil District, also swore that WN Hays had moved from Tennessee to parts unknown and that they were present when Hays celebrated the marriage of Fox and Martha Woody, who was a widow at the time, on 11/09/1849. The marriage record in the Clerk's office says 1850, but they swear it was 1849. They were neighbors to the Fox family. William H Wood, Clerk of the County Court, stated that the license was issued on 11/09/1850 to Robert N Fox and Martha Woody. He also stated that if the license were returned to the court, it was either not recorded or may have been among the papers destroyed by soldiers during the war. This is dated 2/14/1867.

On 1/13/1868, Edid Woody swore that she was present at the birth of one of the children of Martha Fox and that she knows the age of said child, Nancy Jane Fox, who was born 5/04/181855.

On 1/13/1868, Hannah Ellason swore that she was present and was assisting physician at the births of two of the children of Martha Fox. She stated that Jesse Fox was born 6/06/1850 and Isaac Fox was born 5/15/1858. Mordecai Bible and Samuel Bible witnessed her signature.

On 2/19/1867, Alexander Ragan, who was 1st Lt in Co K, 8th Regiment Tennessee Volunteers, stated that Robert N Fox died 9/05/1864 of chronic diarrhea. On the retreat from Dandridge, Fox was missing and was reported as a deserter. It was afterwards found that he had been captured by the Rebels and taken to Virginia. He later returned to duty.

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