Civil War Pension Files

Submitted by:  Bruce Price

John G. McGaha - #985,048

Also John G. Magaha

Co K, 11th Regiment, Tn Cav Vols;Co K, 9th Regiment, Tn Cav Vols

Submitted 07/13/1890

Resides in Cosby, Cocke Co

Could not prove his exact date of birth

he enlisted under the name of John J. Magala on 10/10/1863 in Co. K, 11 Tenn Cavalry, transferred to Co. K, 9 Tenn. Cavalry and was discharged there from 09/11/1865

Wife Lucresy Tittle, married by James Baxter

Living children:Mary born 1852, Samuel born 1854, Isaac B. born 1856, Nancy born 1861, Elizabeth born 1867, Sarah born 1872, Cathren born 1875

Diedin Fall of 1906

Robert McGaha, #119,258

07/29/1867, age 32, resident of 12th Civil District of Cocke County

Co A, 2nd Tn Vol Cav

Widow Harriet McGaha died 09/11/1913;pension #509,718

Robert died 03/26/1900

Married 10/20/1855 by Wm. N. Smith, MG, at or near Cosby

Wife:Hariet McGaha, formerly Hariet James, his only marriage

Living children:James born 08/26/1862, Joel born 05/09/1870

01/28/1884, age 48;enrolled 11/01/1862 in Co A, 2nd Reg Tn Vol Cav;discharged in Vicksburg on 05/24/1865;56, fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes;his Post Office was Costner;he was a farmer

Harriet died in the home of her son, Joel F. McGaha, of cancer of the jaw;she was buried in Dennis Grave Yard

Joels address was RR2 Cosby

William R. McGaha, #231291

Co E, 2nd Tn Cav Vol

 discharged 07/05/1865

04/26/1908, Izard Co, Ark, Bigspring Township, age 70

served form 09/16/1862 to close of war

59, fair complexion, black eyes, fair hair;farmer

born 02/18/1838 in Cocke County, Tn

move to Arkansas in 1904

Barren Fork PO, Izard Co, Ark

Wife:Mary Johnson, married 04/29/1861 in Cosby by William Garver, Esq;no other marriage for either

Living children:Ulysses G. born 02/06/1868;Nancy E. born 07/28/1870

Died 09/25/1925 at Mt. Pleasant, Ark and buried at Barren Fork Cemetery

Mary died 07/25/1901 [NOTE:This date incorrect]

Death certificate in pension file:place of birth Cosby;father Robert McGaha;mother Campbell

Samuel McGaha, minor heirs, #147984 (Margaret, Linia, Sarah, Hannah)

F. G. McGaha guardian of the minor children of Samuel McGaha who was a private of Co E, 2nd Regiment Tenn Cavalry Vols

Jane McGaha, mother of the children, died on or about 04/18/1857 and that Samuel McGaha did not remarry after the death of his wife Jane McGaha [this is incorrect;he did remarry]

[recorded in Jefferson County, Tn]Agnes Roberts and Lucy Large of Cocke County were both present at the dates of births of the following name children of Samuel McGaha:

-Margaret, born 11/16/1850

-Lavina, born 04/09/1852

-Sarah A., born 10/11/1853

-Hanah, born 04/09/1855

pension file includes a copy of the marriage license of Samuel McGaughy and Amanda Tucker, dated 05/12/1860;from Sevier County

State of South Carolina, Greenville County Amanda Magathey, widow of Saml Magatha 07/26/1905 She had lived in the city some 30 years;raised three small girls, daughters of her deceased daughter, Rebecca J. Mays;her son-in-law, Benj. Mays.She came to this city claiming to have come from near Brevard Court House in NC and always claimed her husband, Saml Magatha, was born and raised in Cock County, Tennessee, and died from disease while in the Federal army, in the Federal Hospital at Nashville, TN.

09/27/1880 Amanda McGaha, widow of Saml McGaha, swore that the children of her late husband by his former wife never lived with her but were taken to another county by their relations before she married and she had no record of them.

07/26/1880 Amanda McGaha swore that her husband, Samuel McGaha, had six children by his former wife:William, Elizabeth, Sarah A., Margaret, Hannah, and Jackson;all of them are dead except two;she does not know the names of the two living.She had two children by Samuel:Rebecca Jane, born 02/11/1861 in Transylvania County, NC;Pheby, born 07/09/1862 in Cocke County, Tn.

Amanda McGaha swore that Samuel told her that he had five children by his first wife.She saw three of them in Cocke County:William, Hannah, and Margaret.The other two lived in Blount County.Her children are Rebecca Jane and Phebe Ellen.

Samuel McGaha died 04/06/1864 of measles

John McGaha, widow Eliza, #202654

Neighbors W. H. Tritt, Joseph Campbell, John Sutton, and James Dorsey testify Eliza has not remarried, 11/20/1882;Post Office was Cosby.

03/16/1882, Ritty Large and Mary McGaha testify they were at the marriage of Eliza and John, who were married by George Harper, who moved west and is reported dead

Co E, 2nd Reg, Tenn Cal Vols

Children under 16:

-William A., born 04/12/1866

-Albert L., born 06/02/1868

-Mary, born 10/15/1870

-Margaret, born 07/07/1873

-Burton, born 05/23/1877

Lived in Cosby, Cocke County

Mary McGaha and Ritty Large were present at the marriage of John and Eliza on 10/16/1859 by George Harper

John died 12/20/1881;Eliza died 03/02/1909