Cocke County, Tennessee
Telitha (Aaron) Hatley
Civil War Widow's Pension

Names mentioned: Telitha Small Hatley, Mary Small, Aaron Hatley,James Alexander Hatley, Eliza Jane Hatley, John Houston Hatley, George Washington Hatley, Mary Ann Hatley, Sarah Savila Hatley, Waller Hatley, James LaRue, Alexander Moore, John W. Strange, James I. Brown, William Carter, Humphrey Carter, Robert H. Carter, Joseph Rutherford, Elizabeth Anderson, William Anderson, Silas Corn, Mrs. Silas Corn, Joseph J. Kyker, Ira Ball, Bartlet Sisk, Michal Parker, Stanbery Jenkins, Joseph Paget, James Dennis, Right Brooks, Moses Driskel, John Black, John Nease, William Wood, G.W. Loyd, Elizabeth Moss, Elizabeth Samples, Robert Henry, G.A. Henry, Curtin Allison, James Hance, James Rorex, J.C. McNabb, J.M. Bryant, Willis Gray, J.B. Stokely, and D. Sprouse. Original records may be found online through various genealogy databases, or by requesting copies of military records in government archives.
Abstracted and submitted by Bruce Price

Pension Documents
Telitha Small Hatley, widow of Aaron Hatley, Private, Co D, 9th. Certificate #107171. Aaron died 2-22-1864 in Nashville. Aaron Hatley and Telitha Small were married 12-26-1860 by Joseph Rutherford, Esq. (certified copy of marriage record).

Their child James Alexander Hatley was born 6-14-1861.
Aaron's children by Mary Small Hatley:
Child born out of wedlock:
11-04-1864 - James LaRue and Alexander Moore, residents of the 7th District, witness document:
Aaron Hatley and Mary Small were married 11-10-1844 in Blount Co.
Telitha and Mary were sisters.
Telitha died about 10-14-1907.

5-14-1866 - John W. Strange and James I. Brown, residents of the 7th District, witness document.

7-27-1873 - Tellitha (sic) Hatley, age thirty-seven, Rankin Depot PO:
She is the widow of Aaron Hatley, that Aaron was married to her sister in Blount County. They had eight children; three died before the mother.

7-26-1873 - William Carter deposed; states Tellitha has a negro child.

7-26-1873 - Joseph Rutherford, age sixty-three, deposed: Tellitha has a mulatto child.

7-26-1873 - Elizabeth Anderson, wife of William Anderson, age twenty-four, deposed. Residence 7th District.

7-27-1873 - Silas Corn, age sixty-nine, deposed, former residence 7th District: Tellitha had two negro children, one born before her marriage to Aaron.

Abstract of Transcript of Circuit Court proceedings, July term, 1871

Humphrey Carter and Delitha (sic) Hatley on 7-24-1871 and for twelve months before did "bed together as man and wife without being legally married". Jury: Joseph J. Kyker, Ira Ball, Bartlet Sisk, Michal Parker, Stanbery Jenkins, Joseph Paget, James Dennis, Right Brooks, Moses Driskel, John Black, John Nease, William Wood, G.W. Loyd.

Court summons Elizabeth Moss, Mrs. Silas Corn, Elizabeth Samples. Tellitha pleads guilty; confined to county jail for twelve months.

Other data from documents in pension file

Undated - Joseph Rutherford and Robert Henry, citizens of Cocke Co., deposed.

5-24-1888 - John H. Hatley, son of Aaron by first wife, deposed: Humphrey Carter was father of child.

5-24-1888 - Robert H. Carter, age thirty-five, deposed: "...a negro named Humphrey Carter who used to belong to my father....Carter was run off and afterwards died in Knox County..."

5-24-1888 - James Hance, age twenty-four, deposed: "...have known the pensioner Telitha Hatley all my life. She is my aunt by marriage, having married my uncle, Aaron Hatley."

5-25-1888 - Telitha Hatley, age fifty-five, deposed: "...After the war I had a child born to me named Waller, who was seventeen years old the 22nd day of February last. This child was by a negro named Humphrey Carter..."

1-28-1888 - Robert H. carter, age thirty-three, deposed.

3-25-1878 - Joseph Rutherford, G.A. Henry, and Curtis Allison testify for Telitha.

Transcript of Guardian Bond from Cocke County, 9-07-1874

James A. Rorex appointed guardian of James A. Hatley. J.C. McNabb, J.J. Bryant and Willis Gray were justices present.
10-04-1874 - J. B. Stokely and D. Sprouse state that Telitha is not suitable person to be guardian.

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