Cocke County, Tennessee
Mary Jane (George and Delila) Ricker
Civil War Widow's and Minor's Pension

Names mentioned: George W Ricker, Mary Jane Ricker, Delila Willett Ricker, Daniel Rodgers, Ambrose Willett, JM Shelton, George Buckner, Rebecca Cline, John M Shelton, Robert A Ragan, Samuel L Stephens, Richard M Johnson.
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Abstracted and submitted by Bruce Price

George W Ricker
served as a private in Co K, 8th Tennessee Volunteers. He was mustered in 8/11/1863 and was killed near Atlanta, GA on 8/06/1864; he was shot through the head.

His widow was a pensioner and was paid to 8/05/1868. George and his widow were married 4/25/1839. (Another document states that George Ricker and Delila Willett were married 4/25/1849.) Daughter Mary Jane Ricker was born 9/30/1859. Delila died 12/01/1868 and Mary Jane applied for a minor's pension.

Daniel Rodgers, age fifty-one, a resident of the 3rd Civil District of Cocke County, was guardian of the minor child of  Delila Ricker, dec'd. Mary Jane Ricker was the daughter of George and Delila Ricker. George was killed at Utoy Creek near Atlanta, GA on 8/06/1864. Delila died at her residence in Cocke County on 12/01/1868 of consumption. George and Delila were married in Greene Co, TN.

Ambrose Willett and JM Shelton, residents of the 3rd Civil District of Cocke County, swore that they saw Daniel sign his name. This document is dated 5/18/1869.

A certified copy of the marriage license of George Ricker and Delila Willett in Greene County, TN, is included in the file.

On 2/11/1865, Delila Ricker, age 41, a resident of the 3rd Civil District of Cocke County, filed for a pension as widow of George Ricker.

George Buckner and Rebecca Cline, residents of Jefferson and Cocke Counties, swore that they were acquainted with George and Delila Ricker and that they were married and the parents of Mary Jane.

John M Shelton swore that he knew George Ricker and fought side by side with him.

Robert A Ragan, late Captain of Co K, 8th Reg Tennessee Infantry, swore that George Ricker was a private in his company. He stated that George Ricker was killed by the Confederate forces on 8/06/1864 while charging the enemy fortifications before Atlanta, GA, by a ball passing through his head from the enemy gun.

Richard M Johnson and John M Shelton, residents of Cocke County, swore that that saw Delilah make her mark. They also stated that they knew George and Delila were married and the parents of Mary Jane.

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