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Capt. Jefferson Denton
Civil War letter

REFERENCE: This letter was sent to me by my cousins, Marvin & Samme Templin. Please visit their website, Templin Family Genealogy. I have transcribed the letter as it exists. The letter is not signed, but was written by one of his sons. Please visit my website, Tennessee By Blood.

Transcribed 6 May 1999
Contributed by
Carolyn Whitaker


Birdsville, Cocke Co. Tenn

March 30, 1896
Mr. Henry Gibson
Washington, D.C.

Dear sir
In answer to your letter dated March 5 in relation to my father Capt. Jefferson Denton and others my father was Captain of a Company of home or National guards. The best information I can get that was organised in the Summer 1863 my father was captured September 1861 (?) and was in the Andersonville (?) prison about 6 or 7 months. He was in 4 or 5 battels or skirmishes. He was in the battel and capture of General Vance on Cosbys Creek in this county and battels at Hackeltooth near wher Vance was captured. One battel at Hackeltooth there was 13 rebels kild. Below I will write all the names of my fathers company that I can learn of:

Capt Jefferson Denton Died
Lieutenant George Templin was captured by the Rebels & never heard tell of
Lieutenant John Denis Living P.O. Cosby Cocke Co.
F. J. McGaha Living Birdsville P. O.
A. B. Hartsell Birdsville P.O.
Joseph Denis       "        "  "
Perry Lewis Kild by the Rebels
John Lewis Living McK(?)iney Texas was wounded
Sanders Jenkins Ded
John Butler Ded
Richard Templin Ded
Syras Jones Captured never herd tell of
Wm Hartsell  
Brownlow Hartsell  
Alac Allen  
Esau Hartsell Living P.O. Jones Cove, Sevier Co.
Joseph Webb Kild by the Rebels
Wm Huff Ded

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