Robert McGaha, #119,258

07/29/1867, age 32, resident of 12th Civil District of Cocke County

Co A, 2nd Tn Vol Cav

Widow Harriet McGaha died 09/11/1913; pension #509,718

Robert died 03/26/1900

Married 10/20/1855 by Wm. N. Smith, MG, at or near Cosby

Wife: Hariet McGaha, formerly Hariet James, his only marriage

Living children: James born 08/26/1862, Joel born 05/09/1870

01/28/1884, age 48; enrolled 11/01/1862 in Co A, 2nd Reg Tn Vol Cav; discharged in Vicksburg on 05/24/1865; 5’6", fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes; his Post Office was Costner; he was a farmer

Harriet died in the home of her son, Joel F. McGaha, of cancer of the jaw; she was buried in Dennis Grave Yard

Joel’s address was RR2 Cosby