Births, Deaths and Marriages

Richardson and Goodpasture

Taken from entries found placed in a History Book

Provided by Leah C. Savage

C. H. Richardson was born December 14, 1842 (Carol)

Rebecca O. (Barksdale) Richardson was born May 1, 1848

C.H. Richardson and Rebecca Barksdale was married March 25, 1869

Rebecca Richardson died December 5, 1892

Ida M. Richardson was born March 3, 1870 (Mae)

Ida May Richardson and Tho Goodpasture was married August 27, 1888 (Thomas F.)

T. F. Goodpasture born February 15, 1871

Della May Goodpasture was born June 11 1890

Della Godpasture and Arthur Terry was married February 21. 1914

Savage Cornell Terry was born Jan 11, 1915

Willie Anburn Goodpasture was born Jan 31, 1893

Anburn Goodpasture and Ethell Keisling was married December 25, 1910

Ethell died October 18 or 10, 1922 (born Sept 8, 1891??)

Marshall T. Goodpasture was born May 2, 1912

Infant girl born Jan 2, 1915 died Jan 29, 1915

Ida Ruth Goodpasture was born November 22, 1917

Winnie Thomas Goodpasture was born June 25, 1897

Winnie Goodpasture and B. Harris Clark were married December 24, 1919

Mary Velma Goodpasture was born April 1. 1903

Cecil T. Smith and Velma M. Goodpasture were married February 9, 1921

Jennie Hazel Goodpasture was born June 9, 1909

Jennie Hazel Goodpasture and Homer A. Gates married June 30, 1929

Jo Frances Gates born July 23, 1930

Lusettie Richardson was born Sept 9, 1871

Lusettie Richardson died September 14, 1871 (5 days old)

Martha B. Richardson was born February 12, 1873 (Mattie Belle)

Mat B. Richardson and J. S. Dowell were married February 27 (Sewell)

Julia A. Richardson was born April 6, 1875 (Annie Laura)

Ann Richardson and John Hale was married May 1, 1897

W. J. Richardson was born Sept 11, 1877 (John)

Mary E. Richardson was born July 12, 1880 (Elizabeth)

Mary Richardson and Stantford Rich was married May 27, 1896

Nannie I. Richardson was born Jan 8, 1883 (Irene Tinsley)

E. B. Richardson was born March 12, 1885 (Barlow)

Russellah Richardson was born May 22, 1888 (Russ)(female)

Russellah Richardson died March 7, 1919 (age 31)

G. W. Richardson was born September 11, 1890 (George)

G. W. Richardson died Sept 6, 1891 (age almost 1 year old)


Note: I copied information exactly as it was spelled or appeared to be spelled. I added my comments in ( ) about names to clarify. Evidentially they named children but called them by other names. Entries appear to be in Ida Richardson's handwriting. Found in items that would have come from her home after her death. Last entry appears to have been made after Homer and Hazel married in 1929. These notes were spread over 2 pages, one being back and front. I have combined them in this order for easier reading and understanding. I have found photos of Mary Richardson Rich, Barlow Richardson, Russ Richardson and Ida and Thomas Goodpasture. I have a picture of all of Ida and Thomas's children made Christmas of 29 and another picture of just the grandchildren made that day. I have a picture of John Richardson's son and a picture of Mary Richardson Rich's daughter Bessie. I have a photo of Clara Rich but am not sure if she is a daughter of Mary. Submitted by Leah C. Savage grandchild # 2 of Hazel Goodpasture Gates and Homer A. Gates.

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