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Claiborne County, Tennessee Queries
May and June, 2000


To whom it may concern;I am interested in becoming a member of DAR. I need to trace myancestry back to the time of the American Revolution. If anyone outthere can help me, I would be grateful.Shannon Bussell Graves
Shannon Bussell Graves
Submitted on Fri Jun 30 16:08:04 MDT 2000


Hi! My maiden name is MCNEW and my grandparents were Alvis FloydMCNEW and Florence Minnie Evans. They raised their six chidren inRed Hill, Clairborne County, TN and later Alvis and Florence moved toMiddlesboro, Bell County, KY. Alvis was born 8/31/1898 and died10/31/1974 His parents were William Patton MCNEW and Mary CordillieMADDON (MADON)and had ten children. Florence was born 8/1903 and died4/29/1978 Her parents were Willie and Julie Ford Evans, maybe fromClay County, TN. Thanks!
Joyce Lee (McNew) Jacobs -- 3451 Timberlane Road, Harrison, MI 48625-9191
Submitted on Fri Jun 30 11:53:38 MDT 2000


i am searching for relative,nancy hammitt kidwell,daughter of williamhammitt,and ?? hewdley,born around 1860,had sister,mary elizabethhammitt smith,and half brother,lee butcher,schoolteacher,who marriedbertha jones. nancy lived in farm in claiborne co,had these children:lizzie,jeanette,della,ivey,bernie,rex,and rod.
peggy dixon
Submitted on Thu Jun 29 22:27:37 MDT 2000


Looking for information on Wiley Mayes who married Susan Powell. Heis the son of Thomas Mayes and Elizabeth Bridges. Wiley and Susanhad one daughter born in Claiborne Co. in 1827 named Louisa. Lookingfor anything on any of these families.
Sue Underwood
Submitted on Thu Jun 29 20:44:11 MDT 2000


I am trying to find information on my gggg grandfather, John WELLS b.1938, married 14 JUN 1856 to Elizabeth (Mary Elizabeth)GREEN, marriedin Claiborne Co., Tn. I am also trying to track down information onJames WELLS b. 1873 who has been found in the 1900 Claiborne Census. He was married to a Carlotta (Lottie) RAY b. Dec 1873. Anyinformation wil be greatly appreciated.
Arania Lee Wells Blount
Submitted on Thu Jun 29 18:54:07 MDT 2000


Looking for information on the BROOKS & NEVILL'S FAMILIES. I am thegd of William Floyd "Black Floyd" BROOKS & Mary Corneilia "Nealie"NEVILL BROOKS. GGM was the dd of George Washington NEVILL & ggf wasthe sone of John BROOKS.I would love to get any info, but would doublely enjoy meeting anycousins that may be out here looking for family as well. I have hadcontact with some cousins, but lost their addresses. Would love tohear from you all again also.THanks in advance for all assistance, I am willing to share what Ihave also.
Fran BROOKS-Johnson
Submitted on Thu Jun 29 11:08:31 MDT 2000


Cadmus COX, son of Higgason and Elizabeth (CARY) COX, and CatherineLEMAR (LAMAR) were married about 1832 probably in Claiborne Co. Foursons, James W., William H., George W. and Noah were born before theymoved to Illinois and from there to Missouri. I would like to knowthe date and place of marriage and would like to exchange informationwith others interested in these families.
Jerry McClure
Submitted on Thu Jun 29 01:20:12 MDT 2000


I am researching the FRITH Family. My 5th great-grandfather HenryFRITH was born 10-Mar-1778 in Lee co. VA. He married Narcissa(Nancy)_____. They Left VA in 1833 and went to TN, (they are on the1840 Claiborne Co. TN federal census) and finally MO where he died inLivingston co. MO, 2-Mar-1868. Both he and Nancy are buried in theCurtis Cemetery in Chillicothe, MO. I do have the names of thierchildren, and I'd like to find out where the family originated aswell as his parents, Nancy's maiden name and her parents. I'd behappy to share any of the info. that I have.Thanks, Tammy
Tammy Walker -- 1203 S. Prospect, Kearney, MO 64060
Submitted on Sun Jun 25 09:46:29 MDT 2000


searching for nancy hammitt kidwell lineage. she had about tenchildren: lizzie,jeanette,della,ivy,bernie,rex,rod. nancy hadsister,mary elizabeth hammitt,smith,and half brother,leebutcher.parents were william hammitt,and ??? hewgley. she lived on abig farm in union co,or claiborne county.
peggy dioxn
Submitted on Sat Jun 24 18:47:21 MDT 2000


Looking for information on children of Daniel, s/o Hiram , & MaryMcBee Hurst d/o Samuel McBee, of Claiborne Co. Have information onMissouri & Manerva. Would like information on Nathan & William HHurst. Will share what I have.
Charlene Upton
Submitted on Sat Jun 24 00:12:52 MDT 2000


Looking for the name of the parents of Samps and his brother JohnJONES. They married Lassie and Louisa HOPPER. Samps moved to Knox Co.and John stayed in Claiborne Co. The book that I have is verconfusing on who their parents are. They are all buried in Carr Cem.Any info would would be a great help.
Ronald L. Gentry -- 1306 Todds Run Foster Rd., Williamsburg, OH 45176
Submitted on Thu Jun 22 19:21:26 MDT 2000


I'm searching for information on the William Mose Thompson family ofClaiborne County, TN. Would anyone have the tax records of ClaiborneCounty for the years 1882 and after, that could check for him,please?
Linda Aaron
Submitted on Wed Jun 21 19:00:17 MDT 2000


I am looking for any information on my great-grandmother MinervaLynch and her family. She had a brother named Isaac Faytt Lynch. Ithink they came from Kentucky to Claiborne County Tennessee and fromthere to Knoxville, Tennessee.
Jackie Maples-Dobbins
Submitted on Tue Jun 20 10:11:30 MDT 2000


Looking for information on my grandmother, Bessie Garland. I thinkshe lived 1884-1943. Married Daniel B Carter. I think her parentswere David Garland and Liza (Brewer?) I believe David was born in1854 but not sure. And Liza I htink wa 1864-1915. Any help would beappreciated
Donna Nutt
Submitted on Sun Jun 18 13:42:21 MDT 2000


I am trying to discover information about my CAMPBELL, CALLOWAY, andJONES families heritage. I would like to recieve information on,Charles CAMPBELL, his wife Dorcas CALLOWAY/CALLERWAY, or JONES, theirparents, and their children and families. There seems to be a problem with Dorcas'records. One record willlist Charles CAMPBELL’s wifeDorcas with the maiden name of JONES, while others will list hermaiden name as CALLOWAY. I am seeking information that will prove her name either way. Charles CAMPBELL’s wifeDorcas died in Wright County Missouri. Her probate records indicatesher name to be DorcasCALLERWAY Campbell. I believe the correct spelling to be CALLOWAYand believe this to beher maiden name. The papers list Dorcas Campbell's heirs as: AlexCampbell, Elisa Campbell,Margaret Campbell, George Campbell, Nancy Cleghorn, Manerva Cambell,Serelda Campbell, C.C. Campbell, Martha Rowland.
Berna David Hunter
Submitted on Sat Jun 17 21:58:31 MDT 2000


Court records of Claiborne Co.,1848 list Charity Park and WilliamPark as being apprenticed to L.L. Herrell and William Oursley.In 1850William Park was listed as an orphan and reassigned to L.L.Herrell.He had also changed his name to William Nash.Who were theparents of Charity and William?What was their connection to the NashFamily?
Charles W. Parks -- C.W. Parks, Glendale, AZ 85306
Submitted on Sat Jun 17 12:57:30 MDT 2000


I am searching for info on Lucy SUTTON, bn 19 May 1878, died 1954, mdRev Moses Sebaria WHITAKER. They belonged to Cave Springs BabtistChurch. This is all the info I have on Lucy Sutton. If anybody canhelp me out please contact me at Any helpwould be greatly appreciated.Thank You, Tracy
Tracy -- PSC 80 Box 21994, APO, AP 96367
Submitted on Fri Jun 16 21:15:05 MDT 2000


Please help! I am currently doing my research from overseas. Idesprately want some pictures of stones from Cave Springs Cemetery,and Kay Springs Cemetery. I am looking for someone to take picturesof the stones I need, I will certainly pay for all costs. Pleasecontact me if you would be interested in helping me out.Thank You so much.Tracy
Tracy Cadwell -- PSC 80 Box 21994, APO, AP 96367
Submitted on Fri Jun 16 21:02:25 MDT 2000


Looking for information on Celeety HARRISON b 1808. I think herfather was Elias HARRISON and Nancy. Elias was trustee of ClaiborneCounty from 1814 until his death. Celeety married James Pryor PARKERin Campbell County, and they had 8 children. Does anyone have anyinformation on Elias, Nancy or their daughter Celeety. They mighthave had another daughter Nancy Ann. Pam Wright
Pam Wright -- 24396 Pleasant View Drive, Elkhart, IN 46517
Submitted on Thu Jun 15 20:47:15 MDT 2000


Do es anyone have Cherokee decendents from the Claiborne Co. area in1870-1900???What were the surnames???How were they listed on cencus??
Marjorie< BR>Submitted on Wed Jun 14 09:00:59 MDT 2000


Looking for ANY information on NANCY GRIFFIN/GRIFFITH(b.abt.1870's or1880's) of Claiborne Co.,she has one sister I know of MARY VICTORIAmarried Jackson Reed.Mary lived on Lone Mountain Road,it is possibleNancy and Mary were raised there.They were Cherokee,if not fullblooded then close to it."ANY" information would be helpful!!!
Marjorie Reed
Submitted on Wed Jun 14 08:51:50 MDT 2000


I am searching for information on Rhoda Tucker b. 1813-1816 inTennessee, county unknown. Could be any county from Bedford toWilson. Do not have any information on her parents or siblings. Shemarried Henry LOWER/LOUER/LAUREL Abt. 1834. They had three childrenborn in Tennessee; Cath E. Lower b. Abt. 1835, Wm Geo Lower b. Abt.1837 and Sarah M. Lower b. Abt. 1838. Henry Lower may have been bornin Pennsylvania. Any information appreciated. You can reach me Thanks.Barbara Blevins
Barbara Blevins
Submitted on Tue Jun 13 17:44:48 MDT 2000


Hi my name is Tracy, and I am looking for any information on my gg grandfather his name was either Parham or Palmer SMITH, he had twowives the first was Icey JOHNSON, then Matilda MACKEY; anyinformation on his parents or the women would be greatly appreciated.I know that he was born in Claiborne Co., TN in 1815. and that isall.Thanks in advance. Tracy
Tracy Salcedo
Submitted on Sun Jun 11 09:31:04 MDT 2000


I am looking for a birth record for my husband's grandfather, BARTONJOSEPH FOX b. January 1, 1883 in Tazwell, Claiborne Co., TN. I wouldalso like to know the names of his parents. Thank you!
Dorene Fox
Submitted on Sat Jun 10 17:13:09 MDT 2000


marebeth webb
Submitted on Sun Jun 4 15:43:02 MDT 2000


Looking for any information regarding the family of John HenryPatterson and Margruette Marcum probably married in Claiborne Countya few years prior to 1886. Daughter LaCretia "Crettie" b. January18, 1886 married Charles Albert Stilwell July 04, 1903 in RipleyCounty, Missouri. Oral history says Crettie "had some Indian blood"and that one of her male relatives was a physician in the ConfederateArmy. Any tidbits that would help me futher my research would begreatly appreciated. I am happy to share what little information Ihave.
Lynn Stilwell -- 1644 West 20th Street, Lawrence, KS 66046
Submitted on Sat Jun 3 21:17:17 MDT 2000


Robert CARY died in Claiborne Co., Tn. about 1819 leaving a largefamily of mostly under age children. His daughter Nancy was stillwith her guardian who made his last report in 1822 when Nancy turned18. Does anyone know who Nancy CARY married?
Gary E. Young -- 128 S. Commerce, Centreville, MD 21617
Submitted on Sat Jun 3 05:24:30 MDT 2000


Trying to identify the children of John and Elizabeth SHEARMAN BURCH. John BURCH died circa 1825 in Claiborne Co. There were probablyeight children. I only have Mary (Polly) m. John WALLIS, Sally m.Hardin CARY, Lucretia, John M. m. Celia THOMPSON, and William m.Malinda MAYES. Any help appreciated.
Gary E. Young
Submitted on Sat Jun 3 05:16:56 MDT 2000


Could someone help locate the burial site, in Claiborne Co., for JohnBurch b. abt 1770 d. bef 1826 and his wife Elizabeth Shearman?RegardsBarbara Crane Shearman
Barbara Crane Shearman
Submitted on Fri Jun 2 18:53:46 MDT 2000


I saw Wiliam Edwards(1720-1808) listed in the Tennessee Pioneerssection. I have read that he died at his son, Spencer Edwards's homeon Big Bosen Creek. Does anyone know anything about SpencerEdwards(Born about 1785)?
Bob Edwards
Submitted on Sun May 28 20:28:26 MDT 2000


I am looking for any information on Daniel B. CAPPS, his wife wasNancy HURST. They were married in 1849 in Owsley,KY. I am alsolooking for any information on a Rev. W.B. ESTES.
Donna Capps Wickham
Submitted on Sat May 27 09:46:47 MDT 2000


Looking for information on ancestors of a William and Hescenia(Sealeath or Eseneth) HILL. He died sometime between 1850-60 and shedied sometime between 1860-70. My line was his son James M. andElvira DALTON HILL, and his son William Finley and Mary NEWBY HILL.There were other families in Claiborne Co. who were related to James.There was a Harriett HILL TRIBBLES a sister to James, married aMorris TRIBBLES with children Roxann, Lafayatte and Samuel. If youhave any info about these people or any other HILL family I would beinterested in talking to you. THANKS
Kyle Simmons
Submitted on Wed May 24 13:28:01 MDT 2000


Can anyone tell me if LONE MOUNTAIN, the same as LONE MOUNTAINROAD in Claiborne Co.and where is MEYERS GROVE CEMETARY ???lOOKINGFOR Amanda Treece,sister of Jackson Reed,wondering if any REED'S wereburied in this cemetary.
Marjorie Reed
Submitted on Wed May 24 12:24:41 MDT 2000


I am looking for information on JOHN BARTLETT of Tazewell, ClaiborneCo. TN. He was married to NANCY MASON on 12-23-1808 and died inClaiborne County around 1847. I am looking for information as towhen & where he was born, and who his parents were.
Linda Bartlett
Submitted on Mon May 22 22:13:03 MDT 2000


Looking for any information on Jack Bryant, father of Hugh Bryant andLizzie Lee Bryant Wilson. He is my great grandfather. Jack Bryantswife had the maiden name Shelton. It is believed she was thedaughter of Mary & Anderson Shelton of Campbell County or ClaiborneCounty, TN. Jack Bryants wife died shortly after childbirth in1892 or '91 of child bed fever(she had given birth to Lizzie Lee). Then Jack brought his son Hugh Bryant to live in Texas with him andLizzie lived a short time with her grandparents the Sheltons and thenwith the Emmits (The Emmits ran sort of an orphange-no relation tothe Bryants as far as I know). Any help locating information wouldbe so helpful. Jack Bryant was full blood Cherokee. Thanks.
Mourningdove1@cs. com
Submitted on Sat May 20 07:01:14 MDT 2000


There will be a Massengill Reunion June 24,2000 at the MiddlesboroCommunity Center in Middlesboro Ky 11:00 to 3:00. If you are relatedto the Massengill line you are welcome. The line of BennetMassengill that came into Claiborne Co. Tenn before 1840 will be atthe reunion.
mark Treadway
Submitted on Fri May 19 08:51:08 MDT 2000


Am interested in finding a possible LUKE W. LEFORCE and SUSANNAHCLAYBORN marriage, or a LUKE W> LEFORCE and an AMY marriage around1830, or birth and the parents names of the above.
Frank Covey
Submitted on Wed May 17 15:48:37 MDT 2000


Searching for Rose Family from Claiborne County, Tennessee, Born Feb.7, 1855 in Claiborne County, James Preston Rose, G Grandfather, wantto find out info futher back on the Rose Family. Thanks
Carroll Jean Ross
Submitted on Tue May 16 13:49:43 MDT 2000


Looking for information on Louise DUNSMORE, her daughter Margaret(Margaritt) SULFRIDGE. Also looking for information on Bertha SMITHWELCH(spouse Ewing/Ewell WELCH), and her daughter, Willie Mae WELCH(her spouse Lon Powell RICHARDS). Family information supports thatMelungeon ancestry may be possibility.
Carol Richards -- 9690 Hoffman Road, Maybee, MI 48159
Submitted on Tue May 16 04:55:20 MDT 2000


i am searching for g-g-grandparents,william HAMMITT,and his wifeunknown HEWDLEY. born in tn,around 1830's. they had daughter,maryelizabeth,born in 1859-62. sometime before the 1890's,they might havemoved to union co,tn,where mary e. married artilery smith. beforethat marriage,however,she had daughter named eva,born in 1884. wordwas it that they were full blooded cherokee,death record on mary saysdifferent. anyone have info would be appreciated.
peggy dixon
Submitted on Mon May 15 20:44:15 MDT 2000


Looking for information on John Garland who married Louisa Hurst inClaiborne Co. Tn, 1800's. Would like to know if Louisa is daughter ofWilson Hurst Sr. who lived in Claiborne Co. Tn, 1850.
Submitted on Sun May 14 20:18:48 MDT 2000


Searching for the father of Speedwell (Speed) TURNER. Mother wasCelia TURNER d/o Joseph TURNER and Pasty RAINS.Father could be aLANE. children,Speedwell b.abt.1853 m. Elizabeth CARROLL,Johnb.abt.1856,Martha b.abt.1860, Margaret b.abt.1865.Celia m. AaronJONES,one child Ollie TURNER JONES.
Mary Brown -- 5092 Huggins Rd., Mich. Center, MI 49254
Submitted on Sat May 13 19:54:53 MDT 2000


Any information on the murder of the James Nelson EPPERSON family in1875 in Hancock County on their farm would be greatly appreciated.The road is now called Jackson Rd. It runs off Caney Valley Road byPleasant Valley Church near Claiborne County.
Pam Epperson Nash -- 83 Rosell Dr., Beavercreek, OH 45440
Submitted on Sat May 13 09:17:26 MDT 2000


Mildred Hurst, daughter of William and Sara Southern Hurst, married aMr. Kidd between 1860 and 1870 they had one son William. Can anyonefurnish Mr. Kidd's name or marriage information?
Jack L Barron
Submitted on Fri May 12 19:36:04 MDT 2000


Seeking info on George Washington (Baldie) Greene, b. 1/31/1861d.8/6/1950, parents Marshall Greene and Hannah Trent. Seeking infoon Jane Hipshire, b. 3/4/1881 d.10/20/1953, her mother was AngieHipshire. George Washington Greene and Jane Hipshire were husbandand wife despite the age difference. I have their children. Lookingfor brothers and sisters of George and Jane and who is Jane's father. Thanks for your help.
Gail Thompson Rindler
Submitted on Fri May 12 09:49:38 MDT 2000


Looking for Bird Prater's family.Parents may have been Daniel Praterb.abt.1860 and Mary Phillips. I have one name of a brother,CharleyPrater.Bird may have been born in Va.abt.1880.Bird married MargaretBarnett d/o Andrew Barnett and Nancy Campbell.Bird's parents werekilled in an accident abt.1885. I have no info on who raised Bird andCharley after their parents death.
Mary Brown -- 5092 Huggins Rd, Mich. Center, MI 49254
Submitted on Thu May 11 21:35:15 MDT 2000


Looking for relatives for RAINES, RAINS, preston, josh, born in orabout Claiborn County TN. any information about birthdates. to "
Delores Juanita Rains Fanslau -- 26139 Weigel, New Boston, MI 48164
Submitted on Thu May 11 20:58:52 MDT 2000


looking for history on ZORA ANN MINTON born march 19,1916 CLAIRBORNECOUNTY TENN
virginia jacobson
Submitted on Wed May 10 11:55:07 MDT 2000


looking for history on JAMES WILLIAN CHEEK born jan 4,1897
virginia jacobson
Submitted on Wed May 10 11:51:30 MDT 2000


Looking for the family of my ggggrandmother, Rachel LEICHLITER, whowas born in TN late 1700s or early 1800s. No birth place or birthdate is given in family records, but it is likely she is of the PeterLICKLITER family of Claiborne County (she married Jacob GeorgeDENTON). It is possible that LEICHLITERS/LICKLITERS intermarriedwith the GOINS families of Claiborne County. Any more informationappreciated!
Celia Millington-Wyckoff
Submitted on Mon May 8 08:55:18 MDT 2000


Descendants of JOHN WEST B. ABT 1775 NC-Claiborne Co, Tn and DelphiaSmith. Children Isaac 1817, Emily abt. 1820, Chesley abt.1823, Joseph1826, Martin 1827. Come visit new family reunion website Share genealogy, photos, stories and meet yourrelatives.Site is private so contact Archie at or Georgeat
Submitted on Mon May 8 04:53:10 MDT 2000


I'm trying to find out who the parents of Solomon Hopper,bornNov.9,1854 and died April 6,1916. Also trying to find out who theparents of Rachel Hunter(Hopper) was. She was born March16,1866 anddied Aug.19,1914. They are both in Carr Cemetery. Any help would behelpful.
Ronald L. Gentry
Submitted on Sun May 7 21:35:07 MDT 2000


I am tryiny to find any information on the SWEET family which passedthrough the area 2 centuries ago. I know that Owen SWEET and hisfamily lived in Claiborne County sometime in the 1st 1/2 of the1800's. He probably had 6 children whose names might have been Mary,Polly Alexander, James, Cynthia and Elizabeth. Owen and his familyleft Tennessee for Laurel County, Kentucky in the 1840's with anotherTennessee family named BROCK. One source told me that a SWEET family(Wm. SWEET & Lucy GIBSON) came to Campbell County, tennessee fromSouth Carolina about 1797 but I have no idea if these SWEETs are inany way connected. Any leads will really be appreciated.
Jeff Hodson
Submitted on Fri May 5 12:43:05 MDT 2000


Seeking data on Mary SHUMATE born ca 1855 Claiborne County and dau of Isaac and Catherine SHUMATE.
Submitted on Fri May 5 12:05:56 MDT 2000


I am looking for information on gg grandfather WILEYLAKINS,LAYCOCK,LACOCK. The LAKINS/LAYCOCK name was mispelled severaltimes by census takers. Wiley left Claiborne County just after the1850 census. Wiley was born in North Carolina in 1820 and marriedLousia Ray in Claiborne County on August 1, 1938. I would like toidentify the parents of Lousia Ray.
Bill Ray
Submitted on Thu May 4 21:16:50 MDT 2000


I am looking for a listing of people buried in the Ely cemetery. Could someone please help me?
Cindy Robinson -- 4931 Satterwhite Point Road, Henderson, NC 27536
Submitted on Mon May 1 09:15:40 MDT 2000

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