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Claiborne County, Tennessee's
June 1998 and July 1998 Quieries


BRATCHER and GOINS 7/25/98 10:31:38 PM Central Daylight Time

Researching the following lines: Bratcher, Susannah (Sookie) Birth : ABT. 1787 VA Death : 24 May 1860 Clairborne CO., TN Gender: Female Parents:
Father: Bratcher, Canada , Sr. Mother: Robinson, Rachel "Biddy"
Marriage: 15 Oct 1802 in Bedford CO., VA Spouse:
Goins, Isom (Isham) Birth : 1786 Rose Hill, VA Death : 18 Dec 1855 Claiborne CO., TN Gender: Male
Goins, Daniel Goins, Preston Goins, Jane "Jenny" Goins, Canada Goins, William Goins, Rachel Goins, John Goins, Elizabeth Goins, Isham , Jr. Goins, Susan Goins, James Goins, Martha
Thank you!
My Ged-com is online at: 
SARAH BROWN MARCUM   7/1/98 9:41:26 PM Central Daylight Time

born in Roane 1825 married FRANKLIN WILSON 1842 in McMinn Co. TN. Believe Sarah Marcum parents may have been connected to the Beverly Marcum family in Claiborne Co. Franklin & Sarah MARCUM WILSON moved on to Christian Co. Mo where they both died. Children: l.John W. married a Maples & also a Eustler, 2.Isiah Davis married a Maples, 3.Ransom Ashley married a Maples, 4.Jackson Baines married a Stewart, 5.William Henry married a Holderby, 6 Dica Sensena never married. 7.Harden C. married a Eustler, 8.Doctor B.F. married a Funk, 9. Sarah Elizabeth married a Maples. Looking for Sarah Brown Marcums ancestors as well as Franklin Wilson ancestors. Betty Crist, Weslaco, TX 
Eugene Robinson  7/19/98 3:52:47 PM Central Daylight Time
My grandfather Eugene Robinson lived in Claiborne County in the Early 1920's. He was married to Stella Dunaway. They had nine children, 2 of which (Joe and Hazel) were probably born in claiborne county. Can you confirm a connection to the Robinsons listed here Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated Thank you Bill Robinson 
DOOLEY, DOOLIN, DULIN  7/18/98 8:46:25 AM Central Daylight Time
Looking to communicate with anyone researching this surname in Claiborne County. I have a John DOOLIN, m Luvisa SMITH cir 1815 in Claiborne. John served in the War of 1812, along with Elijah SMITH. John died around 1830. His children, Bazel, Mary and Susan moved to Morgan Co, KY by 1850. I believe there were other children also who might have stayed in Claiborne County. Luvisa doesn't show up in KY until 1860. I can't find her in the 1850 Claiborne Census or the 1840 unless she might be Elizabeth Dooley. Elijah and his family also moved to Morgan Co, KY. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks Darrold Crites, 
Terri Rene (DaVar) Howard
Looking for any & all information about this family; will gladly exchange data. -
Name: Jesse DaVar (Tate) Parents: Unknown - may have been raised in the household of "Old Garrison TATE"
Birth abt 1780 in Virginia Marriage: to Martha Cane, 16 DEC 1806 in Claiborne, Tennessee
Military 1812 in Tennessee Jesse Tate DEVER's widow applied for a pension for the War of 1812. She said Jesse had served in Capt. Henry Hunter's Co TN Mil. (Service was unsubstantiated, application rejected)
Residence Claiborne County, Tennessee (bet AUG. 1815 and MAY 1823)
Census 1840 in Monroe County, Indiana Census 1850 in Perry Township, Monroe County, Indiana
Death 7 JUN. 1860 in Monroe County, Indiana Probate AUG. 1867 in Monroe County, Indiana
Widow & Children / Listed as Heirs: Martha Cane Dever / Martha Dever Widow; Sarah “Sally” DaVar (abt 1810-) / Unknown heirs of Sarah Mofford; Jane Davar (abt 1810 or 1812-) / Jane Boruff; Delilah ”Delila” DaVar (abt 1811-aft 1874) / Delilah Martindale; Wylia DaVar (17 APR 1816-21 NOV. 1874) / Wylie Daver; Ira Guy DaVar (abt 1818-) / Ira Daver; Keziah Davor (12 DEC 1820-22 MAY 1884) / Keziah Lucas wife of John Lucas; Eliza A. DaVar (1822 or 1823-5 MAR 1878) / Eliza A. Smith wife of James Smith; Amanda Davar (abt 1826-) / Amanda Burkart wife of Joseph Burkart; David Davar (abt 1830-) / David Daver; Patsy Ann “Martha” Davar (-) / Martha Evans wife of James Evans.
AKA: Pension Records from the War of 1812 give his name as Jesse Tate Dever. February 1833 land records give his name as Jesse Davar. His name is given as Jesse Davers in the 1840 census. Jesse's surname on the 1850 Census of Monroe Co, Indiana is spelled Dever and Davar by two different transcribers. August 1867 probate records give his name as JESSE DAVER.

In the Claiborne Co. court records (1815 - 1823) the Aug. 1815 entry is for Jesse “Devers”. From that time on, the name is spelled: Dever, Devers, Deaver, Deavers, Deavors, Davor, Daver, Devor, Davers. These records are typed transcriptions of the originals, so some spellings might be the result of difficulty in reading. But the pronunciation seems to have been "Day-ver". That means that when written "Dever" the first "e" (as well as the "ea" in "Deaver") was given the German pronunciation. Since Jesse grew up in the home of Garrison Tate, and sometimes used that name, it is possible that he wasn't at all clear on the spelling of his name, and the various clerks spelled what they heard.
Sources --- 1850 Perry Township, Monroe County, Indiana Census. page 306. --- Betty M. Mann, Editor. "The Devore / De Vore Families: 1500-1992". Published by Betty M. Mann; Printed by Walsworth Publishing Company; Marceline, MO, USA; Milton M. Ferguson, Publishers Representative; Hillsdale, MI. page 310; --- Mr. Don Matson. postcard dated 12-9-97. --- transcribed by Virgil D. White. "Index To War of 1812 Pension Files" 2 v. ; v. 1 A-I -- v. 2. J-Z. Waynesboro, Tennesse; National Historical Publishing Company, 1992. Vol. 1 (A-I), page 582. --- Ms. Tressie Nealy Cites (1) "Ansearchin News", a quarterly publication of the Tennessee Gen. Society; (2) Claiborne County, Tennessee Court Minutes 1815-1817 page 346; (3) Ibid, 1818-1819 page 137; (4) Ibid, pages 181/182 & 222;. (5) "Ansearchin News"; (6) Claiborne Co., TN Court Minutes. --- 1840 Indiana Federal Census Index. page -82- (Jesse Davers, Monroe County, census page 221). --- 1850 Indiana Census Index. page 137. --- 1850 Perry Township, Monroe County, Indiana Census. page 306. --- Broderbund Family Tree Maker CD. CD 317. --- "Monroe County Indiana Probate Book". book 3, pages 262 & 263. 
CAMPBELL  7/15/98 11:48:12 PM Central Daylight Time

I am attempting to verify information I obtained about Matthew Monroe Campbell (parents unknown) born 10 Nov 1810 "near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee" (according to biographical sketch about him in Indiana University: Its History from 1820 to 1890). Was there a town of Cumberland Gap in 1810 or is this referring to the mountain pass? Are there any vital records in existence for this time period in Claiborne County? I would appreciate any help or suggestions to help get me confirm this information and to, hopefully, find Matthew's parents. Thanks!!! Janell 
Margie in FL   7/8/98 10:02:05 PM Central Daylight Time
Looking for info on GIBBS, Nicholas - married Levicy HAMILTON (b ca 1810) m 1 Nov 1837 - Levicy was his 2nd wife. Children were: Sarah; James; George; Martha GIBBS. Does anyone know this GIBBS-HAMILTON family?
Looking for info on DUNNING, William - married Ann HAMILTON (b ca 1802) m 17 Aug 1818 - She was the daughter of Alexander (ca 1780) and Susannah Adamson HAMILTON (ca 1781). Does anyone know this DUNNING-HAMILTON family?
Looking for info on CHESNEY, Orville - married Pheebe Alice HAMILTON (b ca 1667) Children were: Mollie, Mossey, Barat, Elmo, and Murphey CHESNEY. She was the daughter of John Alvis and Mary Polly YADON HAMILTON. Does anyone know this CHESNEY-HAMILTON family?
Looking for descendants of Sariah Palistine HAMILTON (b Nov 1869) who married HARRY WADDINGTON with children Flossie, Gertrude, and Milo.  She was the daughter of John Alvis and Mary Polly YADON HAMILTON. Does anyone know this WADDINGTON HAMILTON family?
Looking for descendants of Rebecca HAMILTON (24 Aug 1810-16 Jun 1896) who married Daniel McPHETRIDGE on 30 Jun 1826; children were Anne, Susannah, Betsy, Rachel, Alexander, Scott, Jane, William, Adaline, Lafayette, and Angeline McPHETRIDGE. Do you recognize this HAMILTON-McPHETRIDGE family?
Seeking info on Tilman L. HAMILTON who married Dora McPHETRIDGE with children including Trula, Homer, Beulah, Brady, Rosalee, Robert, Reba, Ruth, Odra, Nell, Pearl, Georgia, Tillman Jr., and Jonie Marie HAMILTON.  Do you have any info on thie HAMILTON - McPHETRIDGE family?
Looking for descendants of Anna HAMILTON (ca 1781) married Samuel McBEE on 25 Oct 1797. Believe had son WILLIAM McBEE who married ANN WILLIAMS and after her death, married Barbary Carlock VanBEBBER. Do you recognize this McBEE family?
Looking for info on James Hamilton McBEE who died 31 May 1872 -- maybe son of Samuel and Anna Hamilton McBee, brother to William McBee. Information was from a family Bible. ============== 
Coleman Joseph Brown  7/11/98 8:39:07 AM Central Daylight Time
I am looking for descendants of Coleman J. Brown (birthdate unknown - circa 1800). I am Illinois descendant of Coleman J. Brown through son Thomas Brown (b. 22 Oct 1825 in Claiborne Co.). Any information would be appreciated such as: dates, burial place, names, etc.
Norman R. Brown 
FOX, Adonigah  7/10/98 8:23:02 PM Central Daylight Time

I am looking for information on Adonigah FOX, born about 1842-1846 in TN. A Civil War verteran he married Martha Leger and moved to Knox Co., KY sometime between 1860 and 1865. Would like to know parents, siblings names and unit he served with in Civil War.
Vern Smith 
SINGLETON WHITE BROOKS  7/12/98 11:01:44 PM Central Daylight Time

I am looking for any information on SINGLETON WHITE BROOKS and AMANDA JANE LAWSON. They were born in and married in Claiborne County. Singleton's parents were ABE BROOKS and ANGELINE COSBY. Amanda's father was WILLIAM LAWSON, her stepmother was SARA LAWSON. Any information would be appreciated. They were born in the early 1900s. Thank you. 
7/10/98 8:10:59 AM Central Daylight Time
Seeking information on George Washington DAVIS, born Feb. 16, 1826 in TN, probably the same as the son of Alexander and Mary (GOUGER) DAVIS named Washington on the 1850 Census. "Wash" DAVIS married a Jane LAWSON around 1851 in either Claiborne or Hancock County. They had one daughter, Mary, in 1852, and by 1859 they were divorced. Jane remarried a John PARKEY or PERKEY and had a daughter by him named Vesta in 1863. Wash went to Christian County, Missouri and remarried a Anne Eliza HART. Many of his neighbors in Christian County, MO. were former Claiborne County Residents and his next door neighbor was a Henry HODGES. Seeking any information that might prove that my Wash Davis was the same as Alexander and Mary's son of the same name. My Wash had either a brother or cousin named Joshua Davis that came to Christian County also. Wash was said to have been 2nd or 3rd cousins to Confederate president Jefferson Davis. I have a webpage with more information on my Davis line at
Eddie Davis Davis page: Vaughan page: Pictures page: Geocities site: 
JOSEPH HURST  7/10/98 8:29:15 AM Central Daylight Time

I am looking for information on the Joseph HURST family. Joseph was born 1792 in New River, Wythe, Virginia. Joseph Hurst married Rhoda MCNEW(who may have been born in Virginia)in Claiborne County but I need to know when. They had at least 3 sons, Hiram HURST born 21 March 1821 in Claiborne County, Edward and William. I want to know if there were more children than this. Also I would like to know more about the familiy's life in Claiborne County before they moved on to Andrew Co.,Missouri in the late 1830's. Joseph eventually moved to Putnam Co., Indiana where he died in 1845. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. I would like to know who he served under, and if he was counted among the ranks of the soldiers from Tenessee. Thanks to all who can help, in advance! 
Cindy Palmer  7/7/98 5:02:59 PM Central Daylight Time
Recently had a family member tell me that Ollie M. Davis b. 12/19/1863 in Powell's Valley was the 4th cousin of Thomas M. Davis b. 12/17/1876. That would make Ollie's parents William Davis & Elsie Harem 3rd cousins with Thomas's parents William C. Davis b. 1/1/1850 & Cynthia Perkins b. 1850. Can anyone give me info on siblings or the 2nd cousins? 
PEARSON ancestors  7/5/98 12:08:23 AM Central Daylight Time
Looking for info. on my gg.grandfather, William Reilley PEARSON b. 1820, Claiborne Co., TN, d. 1900 Blountville, Sullivan Co., TN.
Reported to have served on Tennessee Legislature until 1854. He married a Millie Ann Rowland who passed away. 2nd marriage to Mary McMinn in about 1865.
Am trying to find lineage on William Reilley PEARSON. Thank you very much. Russ Bryan 
Toliver ROBERTSON   7/4/98 10:19:27 AM Central Daylight Time

Toliver ROBERTSON born 1868 wife rachel daniel died app.1886 buried in powell valley near earls hollow ? would like any info on this my gr grandfather thanks. 
James and Sarah Poe   7/1/98 9:58:09 PM Central Daylight Time
I am searching for any info on James and Sarah Poe who had at least one son, Samuel Poe, born in Tenn. Samuel was born abt 1816-17. He may have had a brother James, another one Edward. Possibly a sister, Mary. All born within 5-6 years either side of Samuel. Samuel is listed on Lawrence Co KY 1850 census, married to Eleanor ? from VA, born abt 1819. Does anyone have any info?? Thanks so much, Rose 
Query for Bartley Brooks   7/1/98 12:53:24 AM Central Daylight Time
Looking for info on Bartley BROOKS, b. 1/25/1820, m. Malissa E. ROWLETTE 9/28/1839, d. 1/25/1894. Have marriage and death in Claibourne County, but only TN for birth. Children are: John N., James A., Mary E., Lucinda (m. Henry Burchett), Paulina, Louisa, William, Martha A., Elbert N., and Henry C.
Any help would be appreciated.
STIGALL Family    6/26/98 4:16:29 PM Central Daylight Time

I am looking for information on the STIGALL family from Claiborne County. Jacob J. Stigall left Old Tazewell in the late 1800s, and settled in Arkansas. Pat Anthony 
Brooks/Parker/Herrell/Whitaker 6/27/98 8:18:05 PM Central Daylight Time
I would like to add my name to the list of genealogist searching Claiborne Co. I have been researching these lines for 10 years. They originated in Amelia,PE, and Charlotte Co Va. I am trying to piece together the families from Va. and peek into the past learning how my ancestors lived and why they migrated to Tenn.
Thankyou , Gary Brooks 
LEE , YOUNG, HOWERTON, McDANIEL   6/27/98 11:13:22 AM

It seems like most of my family is from Claiborne Co. I have quite a bit would like to share on the following families LEE , YOUNG, HOWERTON, McDANIEL these are my main lines and go back to JEREMIAH YOUNG born 1778 in Virginia and JANE Born 1789 in Tennessee and Jeremiah was in Claiborne co very early. Three known Children: James M. Young married Minerva Barnard, Benjamin Franklin Young, and Leander. My Lees go back to STEPHEN LEE of Virginia whose son ANDREW LEE born 1770 in Virginia married Margaret Peggy Daniel born 1780 in Virginia and settled in Claiborne Co. with twelve children. My Howerton Line goes back to WILLIAM hOWERTON born 1763 in Maryland had two wifes second wife was Catherine Wellington with five children by his second wife and five by his first. My McDaniels go back to JOHN McDANIEL born 1766 in Virginia married Margaret Watkins settled in Claiborne Co. Had eleven children. I am also interested in the Jackson, Mobley, Hayes, Barnard, and all familes that intermarried into these families. I know there are descendants still in Claiborne and Grainger as well as in Bell and Harland and Jackson Co Ky. Will be happy to exchange any data on any of these lines and maybe can find some lost cousins. 
Lavinia Jane Carter     6/26/98 10:08:32 PM Central Daylight Time
I am looking for the ancestors of Lavinia Jane Carter, wife of Greenberry Lawson. who was born in Claiborne, country. Lavinia and Greenberry were married May 14, 1823. Lavinia died Jan, 20, 1915. Joan D'andrea 
BELCHER, FULLINGTON   6/25/98 3:19:47 PM Central Daylight Time
Seeking any information available on FULLINGTONs and BELCHERs in Claiborne Co.,TN between 1790 and 1850. Will gladly share/exchange information.
Maynard E. Fullington 572 U Road Palmer,NE 68864-1113 308-894-6694 
Ollie M. Davis   6/22/98 8:46:37 PM Central Daylight Time

Need more info Ollie M. Davis born in Powell's Valley, TN [where Powell River & Clinch River form today’s Norris Lake] m. MacClelland Towe b.1863 d. 1955. One child was Effie M. (May/Marie/Mary) b. 12/9/1889 1st m. James Blain Keith, 2nd m. Thomas Millard Davis. Other childrens names that I know: Nellie, Nan, Amos. Parents of Ollie M. Davis were William (aka Billy) Davis and Elsie Harem no further info on these. Need dates and any other data.
Thanks, Cindy Palmer 
Elizabeth Stallings   6/22/98 9:16:46 PM Central Daylight Time

I am seeking information on Elizabeth Stallings who married Levi Goin on 2 Nov 1799 in Grainger Co., TN. They lived their lives in the Big Barren area of Claiborne Co. I'm trying to prove that Elizabeth was the daughter of Griffin Stallings about whom I have extensive information which I'll happily exchange. I saw in a PERSI listing that the family of Griffin had a reunion a few years ago in Claiborne County. Would love to chat with some of the descendants. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Beverly J. Ellison Nelson: 
William BAKER   6/23/98 3:14:48 PM Central Daylight Time

In the 1830 census of Claiborne Co.TN, a William BAKER had the following family; 2 males under 5; l male 20-30; 1 female 20-30. I am trying to prove the birthplace, parentage, etc.of my GG G'father Wm Baker who was in Coffee Co. TN 1840, Franklin C. TN 1850 to 1880 where he died. The 1830 census of Claiborne Co. fits this Wm Baker and is the only one in the 1830 census of TN that does. Any help appreciated on this family..will be glad to exchange. 
WILLIAM HARRISON DOOLEY/DULEY  6/20/98 2:49:42 PM Central Daylight Time
My name is Aubrey C. Dooley and I'm researching my great grandfather : WILLIAM HARRISON DOOLEY/DULEY. He was born in Claiborne County in l826. I'm trying to find out who his parents were and anything else I can learn about Dooleys/ Duleys of this area. Your help is appreciated. 
Joseph Shelton   6/21/98 9:24:10 AM Central Daylight Time
Looking for ancestors of My 3rd great grandfather Joseph Shelton who is said to be from Yancey NC. Born about 1834. He is said to have married a Barbara Hensley in NC in 1854. Possible children? Then either divorced or widowed, he married Martha Gregory in 1868 in Claiborne TN. They had at least two children 1) Joseph C. Shelton and 2) Ellen Shelton. Sometime between 1870 and 1900, they moved to Knox County Ky. Joseph died between 1870 and 1880. Joseph was killed by gunshot while riding a horse in Flat Lick KY. We also speculate that this Joseph Shelton’s mother was Bertha Reynolds and his father was Roderick Shelton. Joseph C. Shelton or Joseph W Shelton b. Abt 1834 in Yancey NC. Bonni 
JONES,HAYNES,MEMORY   6/21/98 2:06:39 PM Central Daylight Time
I am interested in information on Jesse Carnton JONES VII, born in 1793 in area which beame Claiborne County. His parents were Presley Carnton JONES and Elizabeth HAYNES. Jesse JONES married Beautiful Margot MEMORY in 1815 in NC. Presley Carnton JONES had moved from Bertie or Chowan County NC in 1780 to Powell River area. Any assistances will be appreciated. Gary L. Jones 
RUSSELL, HONEYCUT  6/19/98 7:35:52 PM Central Daylight Time
I am researching the RUSSELL & HONEYCUT families. My great grandfather, ROBERT J. RUSSELL , b Oct 12, 1809, d Feb 3. 1884, married (about 1832) SARAH HONEYCUT, b July 10, 1813, d Mar 3, 189l. They had 10 children and lived in the Lead Mine Bend area of Claiborne County. After 1850 this area was in the newly-formed Union County. I have almost no information on the HONEYCUTS. Can anyone help with parents, siblings, etc. of SARAH? 
Joyce Watson   8-06-12 19:22:51 EDT
I am searching the names of Honeycutt, Rouse, Woods, Goforth, Parker, Beeler, Pressnell, Cunningham, Whitaker, Roark,Poore,Cline, Carmon,Ingram. If you should have any information on any of these names would you please let me know.
Thank you!!
Harold Walter MURRAY   98-06-11 07:52:42 EDT

I am researching my dad's family from Claiborne County. My dad was born in Eagan, Tenn. His name was Harold Walter MURRAY, born Mar.24, 1920. I would appreciate ANY information on my family. I have the bood "Claiborne and More" where I got some guesses at year of birth from the census on the family. Thank You for your help and let me know anyone who is researching any of these families, please. I am new to this. Patty Murray............ Here is his family as I know them:
8. George W. Murray
4. Milton W. Murray
9. Mary
2. Henry Waterson Murray b. Apr 12, 1891
10. Bill Davis bp. Tenn
5. Mary Elizabeth Davis d. Dec. 1980(Wauchula,Fl)
11. Elizabeth 12. Kirk Sharp b. 1830(?)
1. Harold Walter Murray
6. John Sharp
13. Mary b. Mar 24, 1920 b. 1858? b. 1830(?) bp. Eagan, Tenn.
3. Emma Sharp
14. Allan Parrot, m. April 4, 1947 b. Sept. 26, 1894 b. 1832(?) d. Jan 16, 1987 c. Union County,TN
15. Sarah pd. Wauchula, FL d. June 9, 1981 b. 1832(?) pd. Wauchula, FL
7. Amanda Parrot b. 1861 (?) 
william james norvell  98-06-10 22:09:17 EDT
HI! willtry to keep it short looking for any info about william james he lived in claiborn co.was married there had children born there.was later a school teacher for lee co.VA.lost him in census1860 but was in 1850 wife,s maiden name was elizabeth johnstone trying to locate his father birth place. can you help? thank,s carlos norvell ohio 
CLARK, Joseph  98-06-10 02:42:44 EDT
Does anyone have information on a Joseph Clark who was born in Halifax, VA abt. 1745 and died in Springdale, Clairborne Co., TN in 1835?? I know that Joseph Clark was married to Nancy Smith b. abt 1752 and d. bef. 1802 in Halifax Co., VA.. Their known children were Caroline Matilda Clark b. abt 1775, Isham Clark b. Nov. 28, 1776, Silas Clark born abt 1778, and Phoebe Clark born abt 1780. These children were born in Halifax Co., VA. First, are there any more known children? I am researching a Lenard Clark born in Halifax Co., VA abt. 1781 whose father was a Joseph Clark. This Joseph had a wife only known as E.A. Did Joseph Clark remarry in Claiborne Co.?. Lenard migrated from Halifax Co, Va to Smith County, TN abt 1818/1819. I understand that Isham migrated to Warren Co., TN and Silas migrated to Smith Co., TN . I am trying to see if there is any connection between my Joseph Clark and the Joseph Clark of Claiborne Co., TN. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.
Jim Clark 3975 Deer Run Way Sacramento, CA 95823 916-391-4183 
April Robbins   98-06-09 14:43:02 EDT

Kindly advise if you have info on the ancestry of Martha WILSON b ca 1790/NC who m Thomas BOTTS in Claiborne Co TN in 1809. Pension records of Thomas BOTTS reveal that the marriage took place at the home of the bride's parents in Claiborne Co. The record also shows that the bride's father's name was Robert WILSON. Thomas and Martha BOTTS migrated to Linn Co. MO where both died, Thomas in 1854 and Martha after 1872?? 
David and Highley (?HOLTON) SWEET   98-06-08 06:30:49 EDT
I am looking for more information on David, Malissa, and Owen SWEET of Claiborne County. David SWEET moved to Anderson County after 1840, but was in Claiborne County as far back as 1820. His wife was Highly. Highly MIGHT have been a daughter of John and Elizabeth HOLTEN/HOLTON. Any information on the SWEETs or HOLTENs/HOLTONs in central and NE TN counties would be very much appreciated. My email is 
Navada Gibson Heflin    98-06-07 18:23:09 EDT
I just found out recently that my great grandfather, Simeon Belcher, was born in Claiborne County, Tn. c. 1832. His mother was Sarah? from North Carolina. One of Simeon's sons, McClellan Belcher, born 1866, Lee County, Va. was my grandfather. Any info would be appreciated.
Navada Gibson Heflin 
BYRD   98-06-03 20:08:48 EDT

Am trying to find out the names of the parents of Haynes BYRD. Haynes was born 1860 and died 1915 according to "Claiborne Co., TN. Vital Statistics 1914-1925 published by Cleveland Public Library, edited by Edna Wiefering." What are these records and how would I find out where they got Haynes name! I know his brothers are William Cam Byrd, John Wesley Byrd and Solomon Byrd.

What is this publication and where would I find a copy? If you have access to those records, I would appreciate a look-up for William Cam BYRD, Haynes BYRD and John Wesley BYRD. 

Bert Edens  98-06-03 11:35:05 EDT
I am looking for anyone in the Eden, Edens, Eddins, or any of the multiple variations of that name. Most of them were in Lee Co., VA, but they wandered around to Claiborne, Hancock, Hawkins Cos., TN, as well as Bell Co., KY. Thanks in advance!


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