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Claiborne County has several message boards where you can post your queries.  Old queries are kept as a courtesy.  The email addresses may or may not be valid.  I do not have updated email addresses or a way to find email addresses no longer valid.  Good luck...Margie

Claiborne County, Tennessee's June thru July 1999 Queries

    ROSE   Sat Jul 31 18:36:17 EDT 1999
    Looking for information on my g/g/g father James Rose who was

    Cherokee. Born in Claiborne County, Tn abt 1850, possible relation of
    Reuben Ross Rose from same area. I have a photo of James and he has
    facial features and coloring of the Cherokee, as did my g/g father,
    and grandfather. Trying to find James parents & siblings. Thanks!

    SPARKS/KECK   7/31/99 2:31:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    I am looking for information about Calvin SPARKS and  Jemima KECK. who were
    born in Claiborne County abt. 1830.  Married and reared a large family in
    Claiborne County. They are listed in the federal census for Caiborne Co., for
    1860, 1870, where her name is spelled as Gemima. Any help would be greatly

    Brown/McNew   7/31/99 6:42:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    I am looking for any information on  the parents of Sarah Brown, born  3-3-

    1850 and married David McNew in 1868.  Sarah and David lived in the area of
    Claibourne or Campbell co. most of their lives.   Jenny

    FIELDS    7/30/99 3:36:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    See Landsford FIELDS in Clairborne Co.TN. in the 1840 Federal Census.  Trying to locate family.  I have descended through a Davis FIELDS and believe Davis is his son.  Will gladly share my information.
    MCBEE & LYNCH   7/30/99 3:17:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    I am interested in #688 in your list Susan J. McBee daughter of Pleasant.  She married Sanford C. Lynch.  I have him down as Sanford Cisero Lynch but I am probably wrong.  I have just started searching on my Lynch line.  Can you help?  Can you tell me if they had sons named John and Issac and if John married a Kirk?
    Jan DuBose
    William EDWARDS & Lucinda HUGHES

    Looking for information on William Edwards b. North Carolina m. Lucinda Hughes/Huges b. Indiana. Lived in Clairborn County, Tennessee, had a son Andrew Jackson [Jack] Edwards b. 1829 Clairborn County, Tennessee. Family
    moved to the Bloomington, Indiana area. At some point Andrew Jackson married Francis Consort/Corisort. She died near Elliottsville, Indiana around 1852.
    They had one daughter, Lucinda. After Francis Consort died and Andrew Jackson remarried Elizabeth Starnes around 1854? He joined the Union Army in New Albany, Indiana  Company G 38th Indiana Reg.and served in Tennessee under Gen.Buell. At some point the marriage was disolved and then Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth Starnes Edwards remarried in April of 1877 in Monroe County,
    Bloomington, Indiana.
    They had children :
    William b.1855, James [Charlie] b.1858, George b.1859, Aminda b.1861, John Thomas b.1863, Catherine b.1864, Edward C. b.1867, Marsha E. b.1869, Rosa b.1872, Benjamin Franklin [Frank] b.1878. Sometime in 1880's Andrew Jackson and most of the family moved to Raymondville, Texas County, Missouri.
    I am desparate for help, any ideas, suggestions, etc. will be very much appreciated.
    Linda Camp

    BEELER, SHELTON,McBEE 7/28/99 8:09:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Hello, I am new to the group. I would like to explain who I am and why I subscribed.
    My name I Duane Mills. I was born and raised in Pawhuska, OK but have lived and worked the last 30 years or so in the North Sea offshore Norway. I am now retired here in Norway.
    I am the gggrandson of Penelope Shelton who married Robert Beeler in 1861in Grainger County, TN. I have an US Govt, official record where Penelope applied to the Cherokee Rolls as Cherokee Indian because her father Ralph Shelton was a halfbreed.
    This all started as a half hearted search because of a handwritten note I found after my mothers death. She and my grandmother had always maintained we were Cherokee but it was almost impossible to get on the official rolls. I never paid much attention and now wish I had.
    Moms handwritten comments:      "The last but just as important, is that I am a Cherokee Indian. My mothers grandmother was a half breed indian and her father was brought to Indian Territory on the removal of the Cherokees from Tennessee. His name was Ralph Shelton. On removal of the indians from Tennessee, some became ill on the way to Indian Territory and died on the way here. Ralph Shelton died in Indian Territory from pneumonia and was buried in I.T."
    "My great grandmother was named Penelope Beeler  who was the great grandmother of Joe Beeler whose sculpture and paintings are in the museum at Woolarock, which is between Bartlesville and Barnsdall, Oklahoma."
    I have been in contact with Joe Beeler, the native american artist. He confirms he is the grandson or Robert and Penelope Beeler. He says only that Penelope was Cherokee, but I am waiting on more correspondence about verification.
    As to the Sheltons, Ralph is supposed to be the son of Azariah Shelton and Sarah Holt according to WFT 4864 via FTM. He is not listed as their son however on file H6794.
    I inquired through various Shelton geneological groups  about indian ancestry for Penelope Shelton, daughter of Ralph and Anna Taylor, Ralph´s second wife.
    I got a few e-mails mostly explaining that Ralph could not possibly be indian and that he died prosporous on the Clinch River in TN. Some politely pointed out that there was a lot of wishful thinking in families and that there was no indian blood in the Shelton line and I should look elsewhere, maybe the Holts, etc, etc--Sheltons descended from England.
    I do not do Shelton research, nor do i want to. I only want to know  where the indian blood came from. All my info comes directly down from Penelope when she applied in 1897 to be enrolled on the Cherokee "Guion Miller" role.
    I do not intend to include all the info I have accumulated here, but a short summary of her sworn testimony is listed below
    Attached to her application was the following typed statement.  Penelope J. Beeler being first duly sworn deposes and says.
    "My name is Penelope J. Beeler. I live at Neosho, Mo. I am 61 years old. I was born in Eastern Tenn. In Clayborn Co. I claim through my father, Ralph Shelton, who was a half Cherokee. My father was an old man when he died and he died when I was about 6 years old. I think he was in the seventies when he died. My father lived with the white people in his latter days. When he was younr he lived with the indians. I guess he was about 40 years old when he began living with the white people.  He was around where the indians were in 1835, and I guess he lived with them. I don´t know whether he was a recognized member of the tribe or not.  My father never received any money or land from the government on account of his indian blood. I hearn my mother speak of the treaty of 1835. She told about my father going off with the indians and staying with them so much. My father died in Tenn. I could not say whether he was ever enrolled or not. I heard my mother speak about an enrollment, but I don´t know whether my father was enrolled or not. The only name I know of that my father had was Ralph Shelton. My father had brothers:  Jim, Bill. Sisters: Jennie  I have heard of Spencer Shelton, but I don´t know what relation he is to me. Most of my relatives moved from Tenn. to Cherokee Nation, Okla. Nancy Shelton and Annie Shelton was my fathers kin folks. I don´t remember what relation though. it seems to me that Annie Shelton was my fathers´s oldest sister. We applied for citizenship but we never heard from it.
     Witness to mark. Penelope J. Beeler
    Just from her application, I know her brothers and sisters, and also her chlidren by Robert Beeler. 3 of the Beeler girls married McBee.
    What I want from the group is any info that might lead me to indian ancestry for Ralph Shelton.
    Penelope says he was born in VA. A Spencer Shelton was admitted to the Cherokee Rolls but he was born in Indian Territory in 1848 although his father was named James and could possibly be the brother of Ralph.
    I would be glad to exchange info or tosend anyone interested either a gedcom, or an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file with my sources and infomation. The .pdf file can be opened with Adobe Acrobat reader which is free from
    Best regards,
    Duane Mills
    Eiganesveien 28
    4008 Stavanger, Norway

    DANIEL, HUBBS   Mon Jul 26 03:53:38 EDT 1999
    Interested in information (pre-1889) regarding family of Nancy
    DANIEL-HUBBS, born 1-19-1889 in Luttrell, TN.  Her parents where
    Thomas DANIEL and Liza SCHOPSHER.
    Other known facts: She married Lon HUBBS, Jr. on 1-06-1906.
    Lon HUBBS, Jr. was born 4-22-1889 to Lon HUBBS & Martha WRENN-HUBBS.

    Thomas B. Dunsmore   7/25/99 3:19:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Please help!  I am searching for a Thomas B. Dunsmore who married a
    Betty Rogers  probably in Tn. They were both born in Tn.  This marriage
    would have been prior to 1862. Thomas B  Dunsmore Jr, was born Oct 04,
    1862 in Tazewell, Tn.  He was married in 1884 in Chesterfield, Il.He
    lived 65 some years in the springfield, Il before he died.  I have
    located a Thomas D Dunsmore born to the Preston Dunsmore and Betsy
    Hodges Dunsmore that was born in Tazewell. If any one has any
    reference material  and can look up . I would be very grateful. I am in
    a little one horse town in OR,. Thanks  Twila
    HERD, BLOOMER   Sun Jun 27 19:16:56 EDT 1999

    Searching for info on Seth C. HERD married Sarah BLOOMER. Their
    children born along Clinch River area TN were: James Lacy b 1848,
    Cainan Charles b 1851, Martha b abt 1855, George Jesse b 1857, Lucy
    or Celia.  Cainan, Martha & George orphaned at early age and found
    living with Celia & Joseph M. Barnes in 1870 Limestone Co TX Census.
    James, Cainan & George married and raised their families in TX.

    SHARP    Wed Jul 21 22:55:54 EDT 1999
    Am searching for the names and birth year of the children of George
    W.SHARP who was the son of Henry SHARP, Sr. and Barbara GRAVES SHARP
    who settled in SHARPS STATION, in what was then Claiborne County,
    Tennessee.  George, who was born in 1775, was the next to youngest
    child with other siblings being Catharine, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah,
    Henry Jr., Conrad, Jacob, Daniel and William SHARP.  George W. SHARP
    was known to have been married to Mary Loy, Kate Graves, and an
    unknown third wife.  George SHARP owned property in Claiborne County,
    Tennessee and later in Madison County, (Huntsville area) Alabama,
    bought in 1815.  Many of his children were born in Alabama.  The
    names of his children that are known are Isaac, Hiram, Charlotta
    "Lottie", Lila, and George W. SHARP, Jr.

    Paris Tennessee Cook  7/20/99 9:03:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Hi Joe, Found you through a fellow Texan with Claiborne County ties!  My
    grandfather, Charles Claiborne Cook (1903-1960) was born and buried in
    the county.  I am trying to find information on HIS father, Paris
    Tennessee Cook who was still living when CCC died in 1960.  Paris was
    married to Ollie Estep (1882-1915), but I can find no record of him. Any
    help would be appreciated.
    Sincerely, Connie Cook Sylvester
    LASLY/LASLEY OR LESLIE/LESLEY    7/20/99 1:44:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    I am searching for information on Hanna McGlothen and (Jasper) Joseph Lasly
    who lived in Claiborne County, TN in the mid 1800's.  Hanna and Joseph's
    children were:  Thomas b. 1878, Lenis, born 1879, Joe born 1889, Matilda b.
    1884, Sally, Maude (married Joe Valentine) Jane born 1888, and Mossie.
    After Hanna's death, Joseph remarried (unknown) and had Florence Lasley.
    Shortly after Hanna's death, he moved to Bell County, KY, remarried (Lizzie
    unknown) and had three more children:  Alex, Silus and Ethel.
    I would appreciate any information on this family . . .it is written in my
    gm's Bible, that Jasper Joseph's father was Bill Lasly but I have no
    information other than his name.
    Toni Farmer

    EASTRIDGE    Mon Jul 19 23:15:32 EDT 1999
    Looking for info on Sam EASTRIDGE, Was Sheriff of Caliborne County TN
    in about  1920 or so. He was married to Mary NOE of Bell County KY.
    His parents were Sam EASTRIDGE and Mary BLACKBURN

    OVERBAY/GORDON    Mon Jul 19 23:10:25 EDT 1999
    Looking for info on a Martili OVERBAY who had a daughter Peggy who
    married a GORDON, they had a daughter named Miranda Martiti GORDON,
    she married a Joe BREWER . This was possibly in Claiborne County Tn.
    or Bell County Ky.

    EARLY   Mon Jul 19 22:56:23 EDT 1999
    Looking for information on EARLY, Martin H. who married
    Melcenia?/Nancy Yeary in Claiborne Co. TN on or around 2/15/1867.
    Any information is greatly appreciated.
    WEBB    Sun Jul 18 21:46:01 EDT 1999

    Need parents of John Arnold WEBB, born 15 Oct 1860 in Claiborne Co.
    Married Mary Rachel Whitaker in Floyd, TX, 24 Dec 1880 and died 14
    Jan 1940 in Greenville, TX.  Unable to find anything about parents,
    siblings, etc. He was my g-grandfather, but lost contact with Webbs
    early in my life.  Any help appreciated.  Only possibility found is
    Theophilus Webb, but this is really a guess.  Thanks
    Michael Shoffner   7/18/99 1:08:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    Michael Shoffner was born ca. 1780, according to his son Isaac, in
    Germany. However Isaac was so young when Michael died he may have been
    mistaken and no proof exist.
    Michael was probably born in Orange County NC and was the son of
    George or Frederick Shoffner.
    Michael was married 3 times Perhaps +ACM-1.Eve Moser +ACM-2 ? Clapp, +ACM-3
    Elizabeth Barney.
    Michael's children were Son- possibly William b. 1825-1830 TN
    (daughter) Dorcas (Dorcus) b. 1812 in TN. This is my direct line.
    Margaret (Nancy) b. ca.1820-1825 . Married to John Nelson on 5-26-1846
    in Claiborne County TN.
    Sally b. ca.1828-1831 TN married Josiah Crawford
    Isaac b. 10-17-1847 in Claiborne County TN. m. Mariah St. Clair.
    Any connections?
    Bette Sutton Rodey

    WELCH ,PARKER   Fri Jul 16 17:04:34 EDT 1999
    Welches of Claiborne Co.Parker Welch was in the Census of Claiborne 1840 He Had Several Children One who was named Jesse Born
    Around 1830 Not Sure about the other Children.I found him again in
    Jefferson Co.1870 Listed with Wife Margaret age 50 Girl Eliza age 16
    Will Share Any Info on Welches of East Tn.With anyone who is
    Interested Thanks
    NEIL    Fri Jul 16 12:07:44 EDT 1999

    I'm looking for the parents/grandparents of Peter Neil born about
    1771 who married Leta McCubbins (born 1775-Baltimore City, MD). Peter
    and Leta had two sons: John (abt.1810) and Madison
    (Mattison)(abt.1813) in Claiborne Cnty. Leta died when the boys were
    small children.  Peter remarried. Who was his second wife? The
    children's names were: Hugh, Prior (Prier) Landon, Lucinda,
    Katherine, and Luhaney. His second wife must have died before Peter
    because after Peter's death, those six children went to live with
    their half brother "John" who had migrated to Illinois in about
    1835/36 with his wife, Sarah Ann Shultz(married in 1830,Claiborne
    county, TN) Any information on the "ancestry" of these family members
    would be appreciated. Thank you.
    Keck, Mayes  7/16/99 4:52:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    Hello,I found your pages and was wondering if you have any info on the Mayes
    family,I know my Grandfather was Glen Mayes,His father was Henry Mayes that
    was married to Mirtie Keck,And Henry's father was James K Polk Mayes,and That
    is as far as I can find .If you do have anything on this family I would
    appreciate what you can tell me,Thank you Scott Mayes
    MODE,LODERICK - VANBIBBER,JANE   Thu Jul 15 17:07:37 EDT 1999

    MODE, Loderick married VANBIBBER,Jane in l8l5 Claiborne County
    Tennessee.  MODE left Tennessee for the state of Missouri about l836.
     He took his family with him, but returned to Claiborne County to
    liquidate his property. MODE did not return to Missouri.  Looking for
    property records or births, deaths, marriage records from l8l5-l840.

    MOSLEY, MOSELEY, KELLY   Tue Jul 13 21:56:39 EDT 1999
    Looking for informaion on Jane MOSLEY/MOSELEY b.1880
    (per censusinformation) that lived in Claiborne Co. She was listed on the 1900
    Leslie Co. KY census as a servant and in 1910 in the Claiborne Co.census
    she was a servant for Thomas W. KELLY and Ben KELLY.
    JOHN HONEY, LUCINDA CADLE   Tue Jul 13 18:15:19 EDT 1999

    Looking for information on John Honey, Cherokee or Osage, b.abt.1800
    Claiborne?  m.Lucinda Cadle b.1809 and had a daughter named Miley
    (Millie) Honey b.1832.
    I am looking for the location of Baptist Gap   7/12/99 10:26:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    One of my ancestors, Alexander E. Fiske Harris was billeted
    there during the Civil War in August 1862. He writes of a skirmish ". . .Our
    cavalry pickets were surrounded by a regiment or two of infantry from Cum.
    Gap, they came over the top of the mountain and succeeded in surrounding
    our pickets which were on top of the mountain at Baptist Gap. Lieutenant
    Manard & Colonel Alsten were up on the mountain at the time. Col. Alsten was
    taken prisoner and Lieut. made good his escape but lost his fine horse two
    privates were killed & three taken prisoner all of Capt. Smith's Com- (sic)
    it being on picket that day." This was in a letter to his aunt. Does anyone
    know of this skirmish? Any info would be appreciated.

    DOBBS, SCOTT, MONROE      Mon Jul 12 00:39:42 EDT 1999
    Looking for descendants of Chesley DOBBS and Hannah Scott,
    specifically their son John DOBBS and Cynthia OAKS.  I am a direct
    descendant of their son Lide W DOBBS who married Catherine MONROE in
    McMinn County Tennessee.  Much of this family moved on to Missouri,
    found in LaClede, pulaski, and McDonald counties.  Would like to hear
    from all researching any of this line. Betty Dobbs Wilson  Seaside
    HARROLD, HARRELL   7/11/99 10:04:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    If you are researching any HARROLD, HARRELL names  in Clairborn and
    surrounding counties, particularly those who may have moved from, Old Rowan,
    Stokes and Surry Counties in North Carolina, please get in touch with me.
    William Harrold
    FORTNER    7/11/99 8:51:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    I am searching for information on the Fortners who are decended
    from Etheridge Fortner, Elisha Fortner.  I am also interested in the Carey
    family were related to Tom Carey and Frank Carey. I am interested in any information on these relations.
    Marte Fortner Lawrence
    SCOGGINS    Sun Jul 11 15:32:46 EDT 1999
    James WALKER born Nov 1870 Washington Co Va died 1833 Claiborne Co md Mary Polly Scoggins b 1783 d 1859
    Knox Co Tn their children 1. Alcy b 1811, 2 Mary b 1817 md William Rogers, 3. Amy born 1820,
    4 David born 18285. James born 1825, James Walker moved his family to Claiborne C Tn in early 1800s, thank for any help

    WALKER    Sun Jul 11 15:25:47 EDT 1999
    WILLIAM McNEW born ca 1786 Washington Co Va s/o Elisah and CatherineSmyth McNew
    md 1840 WCV to Lucy Walker md 2nd Sarah Smith their
    children1. Tobias born 1805 2. Elizabeth b 1809 3. Elisha born 1812,4. Caperton,
    5 martha A Jane born    md Robert B Lane 6 FrancisPreston born 1823 md Sarah Maupin,
    7 William, Jr born 1825 mdCarolina Matlinda Rogers, 8. Catherine born 1831 md Alber Williamson,
    9 John born Jun 1833 They moved to Caliborne Co Tn in early 1800Thanks for an help
    DUNSMORE    7/11/99 1:55:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    I am researching the Dunsmore line, and I have a Thomas B. Dunsmore born in Tazwell, Tenn.
    r Middlesboro Kentucky on Oct. 17, 1862. His parents are listed
    as Thomas Dunsmore and Betty Rogers but as of yet I haven't found any info on them.
    I noticed on some of your pages a Roger's family with an Elizabeth Rogers on them and w
    as wondering if you had any more info on her. Also, do you have any
    info on the Dunsmore family/family's ? Would appreciate any info you might have.
    Thanks for your time.
    WALDEN    Sat Jul 10 14:05:00 EDT 1999

    Does anyone have any information on Elisha Walden, the longhunter who
    explored and settled in Cumberland Gap?  I am a descendant of Elisha
    DOBBS    Sat Jul 10 02:12:19 EDT 1999

    I am searching for descendents and/or ancestors of:
    Chesley DOBBS b. ca1749 in Culpepper Co., VA d. 1-25-1834 In
    Hannah SCOTT b. 1754 in Scotland d. 11-28-1838 in Claiborne Co., TN
    William J. Dobbs, Henry S. Dobbs, John Dobbs, Lucy Dobbs, Mary Dobbs,
    Reuben Dobbs, Mayson Dobbs, James Dobbs, Joel Dobbs,
    Phebe Moore Dobbs, Caleb Dobbs, Joshua Dobbs, Lovena Dobbs, Brenda
    Dobbs. Birth dates range from ca1774-1813.
    Please email me with any responses:)  Happy hunting!

    JOHNSON AND AUSMUS  FAMILIES    7/9/99 1:40:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Thanks to the Claiborne Co. Tn. Pioneer Project.
    I have now  found the  long lost marriage and lost family.
    I have  a Andrew Jackson "Jack" Johnson in Claiborne Co. Tn. around
    1870.  He  married  Martha J. Ausmus Jul. 19,1874 in Claiborne Co. Tn.
    Andrew Jackson Johnson was the son of Allen T. Johnson brother of
    William Johnson .  both listed in 1870 Claiborne Co . Tn.
    Martha J. Ausmus  was the daughter of John C. Ausmus  and Cynthia Susan
    Both families may have been listed in Old Speedwell Families by Joy
    Edwards Davis
    any information on this book appreciated.
    Any information on these families i will be jumping for joy after 25
    years of searching  I am finally  here. phyllis

    PIERCE   Thu Jul  8 17:01:39 EDT 1999
    Does anyone know about a Clint Pierce who fought in the Civil War and
    who settled in Claiborne County?  Is there any information, including
    dates and biographical information about the family?

    WALKER,TRIMBLE   Mon Jul  5 21:58:51 EDT 1999
    JOSEPH WALKER B ABT 1814 claiborne tennm MARY ANN TRIMBLE
    hildrenabigail ILelizebeth ILmargaret ?mary jane Ia m John Eberline
    John Edward m Sarah WattonM A b 1852 MOSusan ann b 1855 MO m Samuel Watton
    Joseph IVO b 1856 MO m Sarah Jane VancampM E b 1858 ?Samuel Henry b 1859 m Lucille Coffman
    BROWN,  MARTIN    Mon Jul  5 20:42:42 EDT 1999

    I am looking for ancestors and descendants of my g-grandparents, Abe
    BROWN and Mary MARTIN. Abe and Mary had several children - Amanda,
    Meady, Cleveland, Delia and Hubert.  Delia, who is my grandmother,
    was born in 1898 and lived in Claiborne County until 1916.  Any
    information regarding this family would be greatly appreciated.
    CALLOWAY COLE   Mon Jul  5 20:15:57 EDT 1999

    I am seeking information regarding Lillie J. Howard who marriedRector Cole
    in Claiborne County, TN.  I am also seeking info on MaryC. Howard who married
    Charles Calloway.  They may be mygreat-grandmother's sisters.
    Jackson Baker  
    Date: 7/4/99 5:25:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    I am inquiring about any infomation concerning Jackson  (john Jackson)
    Baker, wife Rosannah Standifer Baker of Claiborne Co. Tenn. Married in
    1844 in Claiborne Co. in 1844.
    Dorothy Alexander
    DRUMMONDS    Sun Jul  4 17:16:23 EDT 1999

    I am looking for a record for Cldia Olla DRUMMONDS , b. 3 May, 1894,
    and is bur. in Cleborne Co., TN, died 15 Jun, 1894, bur. in the
    Drummonds cem, Meyers Grove, Claiborne co., TN. I have seen this
    record which included a chartlike- single entry . father was Tandy J.
    DRUMMONDS, and the mother was Tabitha Jane TREECE.
    Date: 7/1/99 12:10:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Still looking for information concerning Elizabeth Manning born TN 1835
    died June 1882 in Tazwell Tn.  Lived in Clairborne Co. Tn. 7th Civil
    Distr. for 40 years - 1850 - to 1882 until her death during a parade
    riding a horse which was scared by a snake and threw her from the
    horse.  She is buried in the Clark Cemetery which is located 1 1/2 miles
    south of Upper Caney Valley Rd. the the end of Brogan road.  Surely
    someone knows somthing about this family. .
    She bore the following children: John Henry Manning - Moved to Kentucky
    William Manning- remained in Tenn
    Andrew Manning - remained in Tenn
    Mildred Manning - Married a Reed
    Martha Manning - Married a Reed
    James Manning - Moved to Oregon
    Sarah S. Manning - married James Roscoe Beattie
    Noah Manning - remained in Tn.
    Elbert Manning
    George Manning - moved to Oregon
    Sarah S. Manning is my ggggrand mother.
    Any information would be greatly appreicated.
    Regards, Malro Anderson
    Ferry Family Request   6/30/99 6:26:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    Hi, I am looking for any information on DANIEL FERRY born in Claiborne
    Co. Tenn in 1836, I found a Daniel Ferry family on the 1830 census which
    may have been his father ,he may have been Jr. ? There was a male 5-10
    which may have been him. Does anyone have access to census before 1830
    or after who could look for me, or anyone with information on the Ferry
    Family It would be deeply appreciated. Thanks Laura Wright-Cinti Ohio

    WRIGHT, WILSON, BOLINGER, CASSELL   Wed Jun 30 11:48:00 EDT 1999
    I am looking for the parents of;
    Charolette Temperance (Tempy) Wright bur. Wilson Cem. beside New
    Salem Bapt. Church Speedwell, Cl. Co., TN Md George Washington Wilson
    Brother of Margaret Wilson that md Jesse Lafayette Rogers, Son of
    Major David Rogers.
    Julia Ann Wright md John Cassell.
    Elizabeth Wright md Isaac Bolinger, Elizabeth died 1910 in Speedwell
    living in the house with her son Andrew Bolinger.
    William Morgan Wright md Mary Ann Lynch in Cl. Co., TN 1849
    George Franklin Wright md Sarah Susie Bolinger Ausmus (Widow of Hiram
    Martha Wright md Jacob Wilson.
    John Elise Wright md Elizabeth Chumley, dau. of Lewis Franklin
    Chumley, Sister of Dan Huff Chumley.
    All these Wrights are said to be brother and sisters.

    Hiram Mullins  6/25/99 10:47:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Hello, I'm looking for the maiden name of Hiram Mullins, born abt 1813, I
    found him in the 1850 Claiborne Co, census, with wife Nancy and children. I
    also found Nancy in 1860 Hancock Co, Tenn census, with 12 children and no
    mention of Hiram Mullins. He is my ggreat grandfather, What happen to him
    in the 1860 census? Would appreciate any info. Please email me at   Thank you Phyllis
    Caney Valley Baptist Chruch  Fri Jun 25 22:17:38 EDT 1999

    Does anyone know if the Caney Valley Baptist Church records are still
    in existance, if so please e-mail me at

    COLLINGSWORTH, MINTON, CADLE, HODGES, HURST   6/25/99 1:41:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Abraham "Abe" COLLINGSWORTH, married Mary MINTON, possibly Lone Mt. area.  James
    CADLE, married Melissa "Lissie" HURST, possibly Claiborne County.  Granville
    HODGES, married Tilda ?, son James, ran a general merchandise store and feed
    mill, possibly Claiborne or Union County.  Any and all help appreciated.
    WILBURN   Thu Jun 24 23:13:55 EDT 1999

    I'm looking for the birth record of my 2nd great granfather,Claiborne
    B.  Wilburn born in Tn about 1834,thought maybe Claiborne county.
    SHETTER (SHUTTER)    Fri Jun 25 20:59:17 EDT 1999

    I am trying to locate info regarding the Shetter Cemetary located
    near Speedwell Academy.  I have not been able to locate anyone
    with burial records.  My great-aunt is buried in one of the 35 unmarked graves.
    MONDAY   Fri Jun 25 20:54:19 EDT 1999

    I am seeking info regarding the Monday families of Claiborne County.
    My great-grandfather, Jacob Monday, aka Black Jake, was born in12/1856
    and died in 12/1948. He is buried at Ely Cemetary in Arthur,TN. Jacob Monday
    was a stone mason who lived in the SpeedwellCommunity.

    DOOLEY   Fri Jun 25 16:34:32 EDT 1999
    I am searching for parents, siblings of William Harrison DOOLEY, born
    around 1826/9, Claiborne County, TN.  This material was on the 1850
    Lawrence Co., KY, census.  May have been son of Thomas Dooley, listed
    on Claiborne Co. census for 1840 and 1830.  Or may not have been.
    See how much I know about it.  I know about his life after he went to
    KY around 1848, but not about TN.  He lived as a border with the John
    McDowell family in KY for awhile.  The McDowell's also came from
    Claiborne Co.  I think he moved with them.  He married Cythina
    McDowell in Lawrence Co., KY, in 1853. She died having twins later
    that year.  Does anyone know about the DOOLEY family?  If you do, I
    would love to hear from you.  Thanks   Brenda

    SCOTT    Thu Jun 24 00:47:57 EDT 1999
    I'm looking for the buriel place of Daley SCOTT.  He died in Yuba
    City, California in Dec. 1947. His body was transported to Bristol,
    TN for buriel. He could possibly be buried in a Veteran's section.
    He was 32 years old and had been a member of the Bataan Death March
    during WWII.  His father was Fleming R. Scott and his mother was Mary
    Beeler.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    MOORE,MAYS   Wed Jun 23 12:08:13 EDT 1999

    looking for following info in knox county,tn. moore family: john
    b1872? will,hugh,jeff,sister agnes,agnes moved to portland,or 1900
    time.john, my grandfather moved to tazewell,tn married sarah townsley
    1894 married later moved to cumberland gap,tn.
    my home page then click
    enter.thank you.Ray

    CRAIG  Sat Jun 19 20:31:20 EDT 1999
    I am looking for information on my great grandfather DANIEL B. CRAIG
    He died in Pruden in Claiborne co. in 1921.  He was sometimes called
    BANNIE or BANNER. He was married to ROSA DEMARCUS.  They had 5
    children Willie Edmond, Frances Isabell, Harley Lee, Lorene, Winston
    I would appreciate any help.
    ADAMS  Sat Jun 19 18:48:30 EDT 1999

    I don't know what county I am looking for, but I need information on
    Jesse ADAMS b. 1826 and married in 1846 to Elizabeth DOUTHIT.
    Jesse's father is William ADAMS, and Elizabeth's father is Abram
    DOUTHIT, mother Mary.  Do you have any info on either?

    MCDOWELL  Sat Jun 19 14:05:49 EDT 1999
    Seeking information on a John McDOWELL, b. 1799 or 1800, Claiborne
    County, TN, m. Rebecca UNKNOWN (b. 1801 or 1802, Claiborne County,
    TN) on 25 Oct. 1821, Grainger County, TN.  Parents and siblings of
    both unknown.  They had the following children, all born in
    William MCDOWELL, b. 15 May, abt. 1822, m. 1 Celia HORN and 2 Polly
    GILMORE, d. 30 Dec., 1909, Buchanan County, MO.
      (ch. Nathan Smith, Melinda Jzne, Susan Caroline, Harriet E., Ida
    Mary, Robert Lee)
    James MCDOWELL, b. abt. 1829, m. Jane COULTER (Cotter)  (children:
    Frances Josephine, Wm. C., Martha F, Ernest Edwin,     John, Albert)
    John Pryor MCDOWELL, b. abt. 1831, m. Nancy Jane DANIELS
      (children:  Martha Alice "Mattie", Mary, Charles Thomas, Samuel
    Milton, Susan Dorothy, Julia Etta, James Edgar, Galem Erastus)
    Barton Daniel MCDOWELL, b. abt. 1854, m. Ava CUNNINGHAM
      (children:  Mary F., Nathan)
    Jacob Yaden MCDOWELL, b. abt. 1837, m. Mary CHESTNUT
      (children:  Robert E., David G., Margaret L., Elizabeth S.)

    I am seeking info regarding George W. Howard, my great-great grandfather.
    He was born in the 1840's and lived until about 1920 or later.  He came from V
    A in the late 1870's.  His first wife was Lulisha Howard also of VA.  She died prior to
    1893 when he married Carmony Redmon.  George's children included:  Mary C. , Alice
    Howard Brown, Arminda J (Janie) Howard Rollins, Elizbeth Howard, Lillie J Howard,
    Maggie L. (1893), Melvina Howard Lett (1897-?), and Lutticia (1900).
    He also had two step-children:  Joseph and Sarah J. Redmon.
    I have heard of a son but no one seems to know anything about him.  D
    id a community of Barnes once exist in Claiborne County?

    MOORE, Enoch  bn Mar 22, 1802VA,  died Dec 24, 1876 Claiborne Co.
    Tennessee. Wife Lavina, Children include Mary, Robert,
    William,Daniel, Nancy,Easter. Need info on Enoch's parents,siblings
    ,..Where in VA was Enoch born,Who/What were His parents names etc..

    Am trying to locate any information regarding Lafayette Reynolds and
    his father (name unknown) who lived in the Pruden,TN or Pruden, KY
    area or Fonde (Back Creek), Bell County, KY. Lafayette was born in
    Fonde area or Pruden area on 9/24/1868 and was a coal miner at Back
    Creek. He married Emaline Souders (from Fonde, KY) in 1887.

    I am looking for the Cherokee roots for Ralph SHELTON, father of
    Penelope SHELTON who married Robert BEELER in 1861 at Grainger.
    Penelope applied for Cherokee citizenship on Guion Miller application
    14951 saying Ralph was halfblood. I have a solid rumor her indian
    name might have been CANARY.  Ralph died when she was 5. She also
    claimed to be related to a Spencer SHELTON who was approved on the
    Guion Miller rolls number 538. She did not know what the relationship
    was. She died at Neosho, MO. She was born abt. 1845 and died after
    1906. The SHELTONS have no record of indian blood for either Ralph or
    Penelope but acknowledge their SHELTON ancestry.   Penelope was my

    GREEN, RANDOLPH   Wed Jun 16 14:34:29 EDT 1999
    Looking for info on Lina or Lona RANDOLPH GREEN.  Married James
    GREEN. Lived in Manring TN.  Birthed my mother, Helen Elizabeth
    GREEN Stone in 1914 in Manring.  Lina died soon after 1920.  May have
    had a sister named Reoma  or Oma Randolph.  Would like more info on
    her burial place and connection to GREEN and RANDOLPH families.

    CUMMINGS,COLE   Tue Jun 15 20:55:14 EDT 1999
    Am researching my ggrandparents...GEORGE CUMMINGS and RACHEL MINDY
    COLE. They were married in Greene co 1871. They had a son named
    John who was born in Nashville in 1872. I am searching surrounding
    counties for any trace of this family. If you have a connection to
    these surnames please contact me. Thanks    Nyoka

    KING Family & LAWS  6/15/99 3:17:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    I'm searching for the history of my KING family and LAWS family of
    Claiborne County, Tennessee. There are several of us King & Laws cousins
    who have been trying to get further back on both lines, but we are all
    stuck on our William KING (who married Sarah GARNER) and Salem LAWS (who
    married Mary EUBANKS). Hope someone can help!

    My great grandmother Cordelia Jane EVANS born 3 Dec 1864 in Claiborne
    County Tenn.  Her father was Absalom Powell EVANS born 16 Sep 1832 in
    Tenn.  He married Luvisa Catheine BERRY 4 Aug 1852 at Union County
    Tenn. Absalom P. EVANS father was William EVANS born 1803 in Tenn.
    His mother was Jamima Marie LAMB. Born 1804. Would like any
    information you may have to help further my research.

    Looking for inforamtion on the Nausler/Nosler family specifically Lucinda
    Nausler.  SHe was b. 09 Aug 1820 and died 01 Oct 1879 in Garvity, Taylor CO,
    IA, m.  09 Jun1840, Moses Parks JR, b.  23 Sep 1806, Whitley CO, KY, d. 11
    Nov 1879, Gravity, Taylor CO, IA.  According to the information I have found
    Lucinda was born in TN and quite possibility in Clairborne CO, TN.  She had
    at least one brother, Hiram Nausler. His will states he was born in TN.  They
    were born within a couple of years of each other.  Hiram and Lucinda's
    p[arents were Boston Nausler/Nosler b. 1794, most likely VA and Sarah Kirk.
    Any information of Lucinda Nausler or the Nausler Family would be
    appreciated.  Thanks
    Ron Parks
    Oak Harbor, WA 
    Harrell and Day Families   6/12/99 2:25:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    Looking for any information on the the following Harrell and Day families.
    Ezekial P. Harrell married Elizabeth about 1823-24.  I'm trying to determine
    if she is the daughter of Ransom Day.  (EP and Eliz. named their son Ransom
    Day Harrell.)  EP and family lived next to the Ransom Day family in 1830.
    Also looking for EP's siblings and parents. Possible brothers: William, Drury
    Larkin.  They all lived in Claiborne at the same time and are very closely
    listed on the 1830 and 1840 census (Harrell and Day families).
    Also listed on 1830 census (Elizabeth age 70-80) living with another female,
    40-50 years old and one female under the age of five.
    BUSH, GULLEY  Fri Jun 11 14:45:02 EDT 1999

    would like any info on benjamin franklin GULLEY born in 1832 and also
    william martin BUSH, dates unknown, but wed ida melvina GULLEY,
    daughter of benjamin franklin GULLEY. thank you.

    VANDERPOOL; SAWYER  Fri Jun 11 11:20:41 EDT 1999
    Looking for information about Samuel VANDERPOOL who died c. 1840 in
    Claiborne Co., TN.  He was married to Susan SAWYER.  Both died in
    Claiborne Co., but I have not found their grave sites. Their son,
    Sampson moved to Fayette Co, TN, then onto TX c. 1848.

    I am seeking information on Wiley Lacock/Laycock/Lakins born N.C. in
    1820 md. Lousia Ray in Claiborne County August 1, 1838. They lived in
    Claiborne County until after the 1850 census was taken. I am looking
    for the parents of both Wiley Lacock/Laycock/Lakins and Lousia Ray.
    Any information appreciated. Some information to exchange.

    JOHN GRANT BROGAN   Wed Jun  9 02:53:43 EDT 1999
    im looking for information about my fathers family his father was
    robert brogan his mother was josie clark my dad was born in 1911 and
    died in 1977 he lived in tazewell if you have any information please
    email me at

    DEVAULT   Tue Jun  8 20:09:07 EDT 1999
    Looking for a Church in Claiborne Co. that would have been active
    during the years of 1805. Many of my DEVAULT ancestors were born in
    this county. Would there be any churches during that era that would
    have recorded birth dates or christenings?
    Thanks much.
    BOYD, GARLAND   Thu Jun  3 01:59:28 EDT 1999

    Looking for information on Joseph BOYD, b 1874, (son of William BOYD
    and Louisa PRICE) and Cordelia GARLAND, b abt 1880, (reported to be
    the daughter of Wiley GARLAND, (born in Claiborne Co.) and Sarah
    HURST). They were married sometime abt 1894 to 1896 and had children
    Jesse James BOYD, my grandfather b abt. 1903 in Fork Ridge, Claiborne
    Co., TN. Other children are Frank, Edna, and William Earl. I believe
    Jesse J. BOYD was the only one born in Fork Ridge. Anyone with info
    to share (especially abt. Cordelia's marriage to my ggrandfather or
    records of Jesse's birth) please contact me, this is a mystery that I
    would like to have solved.    Thank you

    GRIMES, BELL   Wed Jun  2 16:35:55 EDT 1999
    I am searching for the connection between John Grimes and John Bell.
    We have always been told that Little John "Grimes"  was actually John
    Bell, but that he was raised by the Grimes family. If anyone could
    provide me with any information on this I would appreciate it.

    WYLEY\WILEY\CARR   Tue Jun  1 11:14:04 EDT 1999
    WYLEY/WILEY/CARR, Looking for information on the Wiley/Wyley Family.
    John Wiley married Teleta Carr and Robert Wiley married "Polly" Carr,
    brothers and sisters.  Who were the parents of Robert b. 1804 and
    John Wiley b. about 1806? Would the person looking for information on
    Preston Carr, please contact me, I tried clicking in on their querie,
    but would not work.  I have a little information on Preston Carr.
    Thanks for any help. Charline


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