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Claiborne County, Tennessee Queries
July and August, 2000


Benjamin Lankford came to Claiborne County from Rutherford County NC.If he is my gggrandfather he had a son named walker lankford who wasborn in 1833. Can anyone tell me about Benjamin
Gerry Haggard
Submitted on Tue Aug 29 20:44:51 MDT 2000


Am looking for information on John SIMMONS (born about 1782) and hiswife Phoebe CLARK (born about 1787). Children Andrew Jackson "Jack"Simmons born 1815 & died 1871; William Pressley Simmons; IshamSimmons born about 1805 and died November 1852). Both John andPhoebe died in Claiborne County, but do not know if they were born inthis county. I have come to a dead end in my attempts to obtain anymore information. Would appreciate any information about theirsiblings and/or parents. John and Phoebe are my g-g-g-grandparents. Thanks for any help you can give.
Lanis Simmons Shearer
Submitted on Tue Aug 29 20:33:30 MDT 2000


Looking for all Earls, Earles, or Earl families located in ClaiborneCo. Tn in 1900..Any help with census lookup appreciated.
Nancy Caudill
Submitted on Mon Aug 28 19:58:28 MDT 2000


Looking for documentation of location of John Earls in 1900. He wasson of Thomas and Delilah Reed Earles and was born about 1872 inClaiborne Co. Tn. Can anyone look up 1900 census and locate him forme? He may have been married at that time but wife is unknown..Anyhelp appreciated..Thank you..Nancy Caudill(granddaughter)
Nancy Caudill
Submitted on Mon Aug 28 19:55:10 MDT 2000


Looking for any information on David TRENT. Married Nancy EmmaCaroline Robinett. Died abt 1911 - 1912. Had five children, Oscar,James C., Walter Brownlow, Mack Paris, and Vernie Marthalou. SAid tohave had a brother Bill. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
John David Trent
Submitted on Sun Aug 27 13:30:12 MDT 2000


I am trying to find information on my G.G.G. Grandparents JOHN andSARAH WILLOUGHBY. The info. I have say they came from VA. andsettled in CLAIBORNE CO. TN. and later moved to CAMPBELL CO. TN.The only real data I have on them is this:(There is a deed entry dated February 27, 1822, Campbell Co. TN,between ELIJAH LONGMIRE, WILLIAM SWEET and RUBIN MOSS on one part andthe heirs of JOHN WILLOUGHBY deceased on the other part. Nameslisted are SARAH, his widow, children were ELIZABETH, NANCY, AGNES,JAMES, JOHN, SARAH, POLLY and JOSEPH.)Anyone from CLAIBORNE CO. TN. with connections to this family anyinformation will be greatly appreciated.Thank you,Danps. I have a WILLOUGHBY FAMILY TREE web site and the url is:
Submitted on Sat Aug 26 12:41:31 MDT 2000


Trying to determine Cherokee background for Martha Guy Greer and/orWilliam Houston (Huston?)Greer. She died in Claiborne County and 1child Mary Alice Greer born about 1865 died 1923. William H. waskilled at the end of the Civil War trying to escape from Prisoner ofWar camp.
Alice Sharp
Submitted on Sat Aug 26 01:15:32 MDT 2000


I recently found a marriage record for my grandparents stating thatthey were married in Bertha, TN. They lived in Lee Co., VA so Iassumed that Bertha must be in Hancock Co. or Clairborne Co., TN. However, I have been unable to find a Bertha, TN. If any of youever heard of a Bertha, TN or have any information regarding a townor area by that name I would really appreciate hearing from you. This marriage took place in 1894
Carole Barger
Submitted on Thu Aug 24 19:56:44 MDT 2000


I have a record of a Catherine Hurst born to Jesse HURST and NancyMcCARTY on 04 February, 1810 in Claiborne County. This may be partof a Jesse HURST family found in 1820 in Wayne County, TN.. Shouldthis be the same family, I have much data on them after the move toWayne, but none prior to the move.Should anyone have any data on these people, I shall be happy toexchange data.
Jackie Wayne Hurst -- 105 Sowell Rd., McDonough, GA 30252-2950
Submitted on Wed Aug 23 21:58:53 MDT 2000


I seek data on the siblings of Nancy SMITH who m. John WELLS in 1822in Caswell Co. N.C. then moved to Clairborne Co. Tenn. almostimmediately. They were in Clairborne Co at least until 1850, thenmay have moved on to Hamilton Co. Tn.
Willard Bacon
Submitted on Wed Aug 23 15:34:06 MDT 2000


I am looking for any information on Jacob KEATON b.5nov.1869 m.America MOORE. Any info on lonzo BALTRIP b. 22mar1900 m.Laura J.KEATON. Also any info that verifies who James E. STUMP's father was.
Debra Baltrip
Submitted on Tue Aug 22 19:54:10 MDT 2000


Looking for any info. on Isaac CLOUD(Jr.), who acquired and residedon land in Claiborne from about 1810 to 1816. He served in the Warof 1812 as a 1st sergeant in Capt.Wm. Huston's Co. (Bunch's Regt.,Mtd.). A son, George, was born in 1810. Isaac was prob. first cousinto Benj. Cloud, the Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Qtr. Sessions asof 1816.
Harry Hogan
Submitted on Mon Aug 21 13:29:49 MDT 2000


Need look-up for father of Benjamin Harrison ARNOLD;Born Nov 11, 1879, Claiborne Co. TN;Died, buried in Union Co. TN, Sep 15, 1957;Mother was Mary ARNOLD (possibly maiden name CARTER), who was bornApril 1858 in TN, married first time to unknown given name ARNOLDabout 1877 and had two children - Benjamin Harrison and Maggie(possibly Margaret), later (about 1886) married John M. PRESLEY.
Ray Presley
Submitted on Sun Aug 20 18:20:07 MDT 2000


Would like information on Thompson Wright. I don't have any dates,but he was a member of Raven Hill Baptist Church, at one time. It isbelieved, he moved, with his family to Knox. Co., Tenn.
Frank Corbin
Submitted on Thu Aug 17 12:14:21 MDT 2000


Would like information on the BUIS, BUISE, BUICE, BISE, BICE familiesof Claiborne, TN. Namely, Elisha, Enoch, Elijah, Abraham, Jesse, andDavid. Some families went to Forsyth, GA - others to Casey County,KY. Any info appreciated.Thanks,Phyllis
Phyllis Rosczuk -- 6798 Lakota Pointe Lane, Liberty Township, OH 45044
Submitted on Thu Aug 17 10:28:28 MDT 2000


WHITAKER and RICE information. I am looking for the father of RiceW. WHITAKER. His mother was Mary Ann RICE. Fern Whitaker
Submitted on Mon Aug 14 21:38:24 MDT 2000


Franklin Stewart -- HCR 64 BOX 97, Thayer, MO 65791
Submitted on Sun Aug 13 13:49:55 MDT 2000


Searching for info on James PITTMAN, b. 1790 to 1800 in NC, d. 1834to1840 probably in Claiborne County, TN. He married Silvia HURST about 1823 probably in Claiborne County, TN. Anyone have info on this man?
Janice Tilman
Submitted on Sun Aug 13 00:12:29 MDT 2000


Trying to find the old homeplace of Henry Ellison who lived in theGreasy Hollow area near Speedwell, Claiborne COunty, Tennessee. Aphoto taken of his home in the 1960's shows a railroad tressle in thebackground. One of the books of the area depicts the Greasy Hollowtressle as it appeared in the 1800's. The caption says that it wasrelocated 1.5 miles south of the Lonsome Valley Methodist Church. Ifanyone can tell me where the church or tressle are located I wouldgreatly appreciate it. I looked all through my maps and couldn'tfind them listed anywhere.Wilburn SharpMontgomery, ALabama
Wilburn Sharp
Submitted on Thu Aug 10 20:04:06 MDT 2000


I am searching for information on my gr gr gr grandparents, PeterLEGER and Rachel MADDEN LEGER. They were married in 1808 inClaiborne County. Their children were: John, Mahala, Peter, WilliamFranklin, Archibald, Mary (Polly), Nelson, Rachel. Peter LEGER diedin 1858, buried in Leger Cemetery near Sneedville. Rachel MADDENLEGER died c1884 and she is also buried in the Leger Cemetery.I will share information. Any information on the LEGERS is greatlyappreciated.Thank You!
Mary Legere Littlejohn
Submitted on Thu Aug 10 19:49:57 MDT 2000


i am researching the family name RAY, JONES, TAYLOR
Submitted on Thu Aug 10 12:44:24 MDT 2000


Am trying to find information on Preston MORGAN. I have him and hisfamily listed in the following Claiborne Co. census records. 1850:Preston 27, Nancy 25, Sally 7, Nathen 5, William 3. 1860: Preston40, Nancy 38, Sarah 17, Nathan 15, William 13, David 11, Eamaline 9,Mary 7, Catharine 3. 1870: Preston 51, Nancy 48, David 19, Catharine11, Nelly 8, Thomas 5. 1880: Preston 62, Nancy 58, Cornelia 17,Thomas 15. The 1880 census has them in Tazwell. I believe David ismy gg grandfather. Anyone with any information on any of theseMORGANS please e-mail me at
Richard Morgan
Submitted on Wed Aug 9 16:03:42 MDT 2000


looking for any family info on Thomas Adam PATTERSON who marriedLydia Bedia McDOWELL in Jefferson Co. 2 Sep 1808 and had a childnamed Alvus Houston PATTERSON on 17 May 1826 in Tazwell, ClaiborneCo. I want to find any sibs of Alvus, and any info on Thomas and"Biddy" as I have nothing but their marr. date and Alvus's birth. Thomas had a farm near Tazwell, but I don't know where.
kathy Ringger -- 1187 W. Creek ridge, so. Jordan, UT 84095
Submitted on Tue Aug 8 17:51:23 MDT 2000


Need info James David Reed,b. 26 Mar 1883, d. 25 July 1965. b. inClaiborne County. Son of John and Jane Dotson Reed. Siblings MartinReed, Oscar Reed, Lizzie Reed Williford, and Cordoe Reed Wilder. Tothe best of our knowledge James David Reed was born in ClaiborneCounty, TN. Possibly a place called Seed Tick Hill.
Mack and Betty Kelley -- 739 Scoutview Rd., Ashland City, TN 37015
Submitted on Sun Aug 6 13:22:31 MDT 2000


Has anyone any information about a MANRING TN. close to MIDDLESBOROKy. and the name of the coal mine there in the 1914 time period. anyinformation at all will be appricated THANKS..... Carl
Carl Estes
Submitted on Fri Aug 4 20:57:44 MDT 2000


I am looking for Indian or Melungeon ancestry ties to the Bunch,Bundren, or Hurst surnames in Claiborne County, TN. Any help greatlyappreciated.
Jack Bunch
Submitted on Thu Aug 3 07:44:56 MDT 2000


Looking for family of Thomas Henry Gray, born abt 1797 in Tennesseandmoved to Clay Ct Kentucky. Also for the family of WilmingtonHarris.His daughter Helen married my ggrandfather Jasper NewtonGray. Anyinfo would be appreciated on Allen Brown who was born inTennesseearound 1820 and may have married there but eventually ended up inLaurel County Kentucky on the 1870 census where he married LucindaGoins, daughter of Richard Goins. All replies appreciated.Annette Gray Brown --
Annette Gray Brown
Submitted on Wed Aug 2 17:36:46 MDT 2000


Does anyone have a copy of Whittemore's twelve volume compilation ofthe Census of 1790 published by the Baltimore Genealogical PublishingCompany? There were twelve volumes. Need the one on North Carolina.Mr Edgar A Holt ordered this as well as the one on Virginia in 1983to look for the Harrison ancestors. He died before this was done. Thanks for any help.
Ann L Harrison -- 3215 Wood, Texarkana, TX 75503
Submitted on Tue Aug 1 15:01:07 MDT 2000


Looking for information on Mary Anne BUCKNER. She married JonathonCraig TUSSEY in 1813 in Sullivan County. I have some information onthe Tusseys, but can find nothing on the Buckner side of my family. Any help would be extremely helpful. I am willing to exchangeinformation if there is a connection.
Submitted on Tue Aug 1 14:47:27 MDT 2000


Looking for info on Sarah Margaret SHEFFIELD that married a JamesJARVIS. They lived in Clarborne County TN. Sarah was daughter ofWilliam S. SHEFFIELD and Nancy Anne COULSON. Sarah was born inHawkins County 1864.
Glenn Sheffield
Submitted on Mon Jul 31 19:13:50 MDT 2000


Am trying to find information on Preston and Nancy Morgan and family. I have them living in Claiborne Co. Tennessee as early as 1850. Preston was born 1820 Nancy 1822. They had the following children;Sarah born 1843, Nathan born 1845, William born 1848, David born1850, Emaline born 1851, Mary born 1853 and Catharine born 1857. David was my g grandfather. He was married to Louisana Dotson andhad four sons named Thomas, Lee, George and John Andy my grandfather. I am trying to confirm that Preston was my gg grandfather and totrace his mother and father.
Richard Morgan
Submitted on Mon Jul 31 17:27:08 MDT 2000


Can anyone explain or show me where Powell's Mountain is/was?My ancestor, William Campbell was granted land at the foot of itsnorthern face and I'm hoping to locate where that was on a ClaiborneCounty Map.
Scott Campbell
Submitted on Sat Jul 29 07:21:48 MDT 2000


Looking for information on my ROSE family as follows: James ROSE mNancy Jane GUY WELLS & had following children I know of: Tyler, Frankm Maude LIFORD, Lewis m Maggie DUNSMORE, Ida m Milton CHAMBERLAIN,and Jeannie m Nat GOSE. Is anyone familiar with this family?
Submitted on Fri Jul 28 20:34:09 MDT 2000


I have posted a query like this before, but my e-mail has changed andI was hoping for an answer. Does anyone know what area of NorthCarolina most of the settlers came from to get to Claiborne around1800? I am trying to figure out where William CAPPS came from in NCand who his parents were. He had a son by the name of Daniel B.C.Capps who married Nancy HURST. Any input is greatly appreciated.
Donna Capps Wickham
Submitted on Sun Jul 23 11:05:34 MDT 2000


To someone who has a Marriage record book, would you please see ifthere is a George Coleman married to Rebecca Boles about 1858. Hewas a Baptist Minister and was also in the Civil War. His first wifedied abt 1856 leaving two small children. When George got back fromthe war he bought the old home place that belonged to his father,Thomas P Coleman in claiborne Co, Tenn. Any help would be greatlyappreciated.
Wynona Francisco -- 3010 Stanhope Ave, Lakeland, FL 33803-4349
Submitted on Thu Jul 20 21:12:23 MDT 2000


I would like information on any of the families posted below.Descendants of Joseph C. ADAMS 1 Joseph C. ADAMS b: 1813 in Tennessee d:September 1881 in Clairborne Co., Tennessee . +Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth VANNOY b: October 17, 1821in Tennessee m: September 13, 1841 in Clairborne Co.,Tennessee d: October 14, 1892 in Madison Co., Arkansas Burial: Fritts Cemetery, Madison County, Arkansas Father:Elijah VANNOY Mother: Lois McNEIL .. 2 Edmond C. ADAMS b: 1842 in Tennessee .. 2 Jesse M. ADAMS b: 1846 .. 2 John Jesse ADAMS b: July 1846 in HancockCounty, Tennessee ...... +Sarah Clementine McLOUD m: October19, 1872 in Arkansas - Madison/Madison Co., AR .. 2 Nancy Jane "Jennie" ADAMS b: March 18, 1849 inTennessee - Hancock County d: May 29, 1922 in Huntsville,Arkansas - Madison County Burial: Huntsville Cemetery, MadisonCounty, Arkansas ...... +Freeman M. SKAGGS m: October 22, 1871 .. 2 Rebecca Elizabeth ADAMS b: October 11, 1853 in H
Tricia G. Lynch -- 1806 McVey Lane, Madisonville, TX 77864
Submitted on Thu Jul 20 13:49:16 MDT 2000


Does anyone know whos Wealthy SMITH's parents were? She was marriedto Robert Calvin DOSSETT Sr. on 12/4/1870 in Campbell Co, TN but Ibelieve he was living in Claiborne Co at the time. This was his thirdmarriage and nothing is known about it. Anyone with info pleaseshare.
Submitted on Thu Jul 20 13:33:30 MDT 2000


Searching for any info on Charles Shearman b. abt 1771 NC. His fatherwas John Shearman, Jr. b. 1750 NC and mother Mildred ????. Hadsiblings Thomas b. 1782, Temperance b. 1772, Catherine b. 1788,Lucretia b. abt 1777, Elizabeth b. ?? and Margaret b. 1774. Thisfamily came to Claiborne Co. from Russell Co., VA about 1810-1812.Would like to know where John Jr. and Mildred are buried andMildred's surname. Also could this Charles be the one that marriedMillie Edwyn in Caswell Co., NC? Did Charles have a daughter, NancyE. Shearman b. abt 1816 and married Thomas J. Wallis? I found aCharles age 79 on the 1850 TN census living with John age 46 and wifeDracis age 35 in Hancock Co. Is this the same Charles? Any helpappreciated. Thank you.
Barbara Crane Shearman
Submitted on Thu Jul 20 11:49:28 MDT 2000


Am searching for Polly Shearman, daughter of Charles Shearman, shemarried unknown Ousley, they had several children one in particularwas Spencer Ousley and was a minister of the gospel. I have no infoon the family of Polly Shearman Ousley so any info would be greatlyappreciated.Regards,
Barbara Crane Shearman
Submitted on Thu Jul 20 11:26:03 MDT 2000


Submitted on Sat Jul 15 09:55:08 MDT 2000


Jacob PIKE - Claiborne co., Tn:We are looking for information on the ancestors of Alfred Jones Pikefrom Rockcastle co.,Ky.b: 9/17/1848 Claiborne Co., Tennesseed: 5/4/1928 - Rockcastle Co.,Ky-:Marriage#1 - Susan F. Sears-10/29/1871Whitley Co., Ky1 child - George Johnston PIKE-:Marriage#2 - Celia Ann Griffin-5/4/1875Rockcastle Co., Ky12 children - His father was Jacob B.PIKEb: Approx. 1827 - Claiborne Co., Tennd: ? , Rockcastle Co., Ky-:Marriage: Bathena Jones - 11/1/1846Claiborne Co. , Tenn12 children. "I am looking for information on the parents of Jacob PIKE."
Jim Simmons -- 2104 Winston Ave., Louisville, KY 40203
Submitted on Thu Jul 13 19:54:22 MDT 2000


Seeking information on Thomas and Jershua (Crutchfield) Wilson whoresided in TN in early 1800's. Any information or assistanceappreciated.
Paul Rickett
Submitted on Thu Jul 13 13:20:33 MDT 2000


William Davis b 1750-60 where?? He was in SE KY-- Bell,Knox County COKY area,heard he moved to Claiborne CO and went back and forth to SEKY to visit. In 1870's there was his son named William Davis therealso.His bro Richard,John,Thomas and Henry Davis Henry was captered by theEnglish during the REV WAR.Sound familiar to youSandy Davis Posten
Sandy Davis Posten -- PO BOX 286, Taneyville , MO 65759
Submitted on Tue Jul 11 14:02:38 MDT 2000


Looking for information on Henry GUINN listed as 38 in the ClaiborneCo.1850 census. Wife is Elizabeth age 45. Children are: Caroline,Rebecca, James, Sarah,and George.
Nancy Brown
Submitted on Sat Jul 8 21:30:01 MDT 2000


Looking for information about Leander FRAZIER, dob 16 Dec 1832 inClaiborne Co. TN. Married Nancy Wells 1857.Looking for names, dates, etc. for children of John & Nancy (SMITH)Wells, including daughter Nancy above.
Joy Esteban
Submitted on Sat Jul 8 15:55:16 MDT 2000


I am tryiny to find any information on the SWEET family which passedthrough the area 2 centuries ago. I know that Owen SWEET and hisfamily lived in Claiborne County sometime in the 1st 1/2 ofthe1800's. He probably had 6 children whose names might have beenMary,Polly Alexander, James, Cynthia and Elizabeth. Owen and hisfamily left Tennessee for Laurel County, Kentucky in the late 1830'sor early 1840's with another Tennessee family named BROCK. One sourcetold me that a SWEET family(Wm. SWEET & Lucy GIBSON) came to CampbellCounty, tennessee from South Carolina about 1797 but I have no ideaif these SWEETs are in any way connected. Any leads will really beappreciated. There is also an ALEXANDER SWEET, probably the brotherof MOSES SWEET, who came from Virginia.
Jeff Hodson
Submitted on Thu Jul 6 10:56:39 MDT 2000


I have very little information on Thomas GRAY and his wife NancyWADE. According to John Wade's will of November 2, 1816, WashingtonCounty, Kentucky, his eledest daughter Nancy and her husband ThomasGRAY lived in the state of TN. I would calculate their date of birthabout 1762. They were from southwest PA and the West AugustaDistrict of VA. It would be great if someone could give me a lead tosolving the mystery of Thomas and Nancy Gray of TN.
Submitted on Thu Jul 6 05:43:07 MDT 2000


Seek ancestors and descendants of Robert Frank Brooks (d. 9-7-1915).Married Edmoni Josephine Udoxi Jane Parlee Hicks(? last name) on9-23-1891. I beleive Robert was born 1855 to Jeremiah and MargaretBrooks. Robert and Edmoni had the following children: Genius,Lillie, Hobert, Fannie Angilene, Emma, Sudie, Jonia, Callie, DellaVola Jane, Archie, Ira, and Eva. Robert may have moved to CorrytonTN sometime between 1880 and 1894. Della is my grandmother. I havebeen told that Robert had two chlidren prior to the ones listedabove. One of these children was named George. Any help is greatlyappreciated.
Robert Lundy Jr -- 75-M Rhue Haus Lane, Hummelstown, PA 17036
Submitted on Tue Jul 4 14:01:32 MDT 2000


Hi Claiborne Researchers and Dooley cousins (I know you are outthere). I am looking for information about the Thomas DOOLEY family. Thomas is listed in the 1830 and 1840 for Claiborne County, and paida school tax in 1832 and 1838. Both census show him with a woman theright age to be his wife and several children. By 1850 he is livingin Lawrence Co., KY, with a completely new family. (Different agefor wife and all children under 10.) Does anyone know what happened to the family in Tennessee? DidThomas and his wife divorce and she get the kids? Did the wife andkids die? Did Thomas just walk out and leave them? (I did not findthe rest of the family in Claiborne Co., on the 1850 census.) Wasthere any plague or sickness in the county between 1840 and 1850? Does Claiborne County have death records for this time period? Iknow some counties have a journal of year to year deaths, not kept bythe state. Does Claiborn County have birth records, again just thejournal-type thing?
Brenda Wilmoth
Submitted on Tue Jul 4 13:53:50 MDT 2000


I am looking for any information on the following people fromclaiborne county.Alexander Smith,Constantine Smith,PleasantSmith.Alexander was born abt.1807 Constantine (C.T)Smith was bornabout1842-1845 and Pleasant Smith was born abt.1827
Cindy Davidson
Submitted on Tue Jul 4 11:10:38 MDT 2000


Looking for info on Stephen Hopkins Sr. Stephen appears on the 1840Claiborne Co. census as does Stephen Jr. I need to confirm the otherchildren listed in Stephen Sr. household.
George Beaman
Submitted on Tue Jul 4 09:22:51 MDT 2000


I am trying to locate any Cherokee Indian ancestry in the genealogiesof Ogles, McConkeys, and/or McDonald families ofSevier,Monroe,Caliborne Counties.I have heard there is Indian bloodin all of these families, and I would like to know the names of themif possible. Thanks! :)
Submitted on Mon Jul 3 13:55:08 MDT 2000


I am looking for information on my great-grandfather WilliamNeil/Neal SOUTHERN who was born in Claiborne County, TN, in 1853. Hisfather was William C. Southern (b. 1806), son of Robert Southern (b.1780), son of Isaac Southern (b. 1760). Any information on thesenames or branches of the SOUTHERN family would be appreciated.
Vicki Southern Voorhees
Submitted on Mon Jul 3 13:53:03 MDT 2000


I am researching any information on John Jesse McConkey and his wifeRachel Wilbourn McConkey, who lived in Claiborne Co. TN. in early1800's (around 1830). They eventually moved to Monroe county in thelatter part of 19th century.
Submitted on Sun Jul 2 19:13:53 MDT 2000


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