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Claiborne County, Tennessee's Jan 1998 thru March 1998 Quieries

LAY AND WEST   98-03-25 18:12:43 EST

I am looking for parents of James LAY born about 1848. His second wife was Susie WHITE and they lived in KY. I am also looking for parents of Russell WEST. Russel had one son named Andrew J and another names Russel also. Andrew WEST married Olive JONES. Another researcher told me both of these familes came from Claiborne Co, TN. Thanks 
Sherry Rothwell Hildreth  98-03-25 10:11:22 EST

My name is Sherry Rothwell Hildreth. I am hunting descendants of Isaac Gore Shewmake. He was born Tues. Jan. 19 , 1813. He is listed as a descendant of John and Catherine Byrd Thomas along with my ancestor Catherine Shewmake Card. Recently I found in Bledsoe Co. Tenn. 1813 court term that John Thomas was administor for John Shewmake.It is believed that John Thomas's daughter, Elizabeth was married to John Shewmake.The Bledsoe Co. Shewmakes, Shoemakes, Shoemates ,etc. probably descend from Jean De La Chaumette since his grand son Samuel Shoemake Jr. is living there in 1830 90-100 years old and probably the father of John. I found Isaac Shoemake with wife, Anna, and children, John, Malite, William, Mahala, and Malindy in Grainger Co. Tenn. in 1850. In 1860 he is in Claiborne Co. Tenn. listed as Isaac Shoemaker and 45 years old . He is listed with wife, Anna, and children,Malinda,William,Mahala, Andy, and George. 
Chuck Beason    98-03-23 23:20:02 EST

Researching BEASON KECK EDWARDS Would like to hear from any one researching these lines. 
rose ohara  98-03-20 23:02:23 EST

Wolfenbarger Family
Interested in any info in regard to John Wolfenbarger (1870-1959). Married to Nettie Mallicoat and children were Georgis, Ernest, Rose, Lon, Tilmon, and Myra. Any info would be appreciated. 
Dave Munro 98-03-19 23:58:12 EST
Zielphey CARR and her husband Emerson Dorris HILL were married in Claiborne County as shown below.
Any information you might have would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Dave Munro
1. ZIELPHEY FLORENCE2 CARR (UNKNOWN1) was born November 24, 1876 in Compensation, Tennessee, and died Aft. 1945 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She married EMERSON DORRIS HILL October 15, 1899 in Compensation, Claiborne County, Tennessee, son of ELIJAH HILL and SALLEE BRUCE.
2. i. SUSAN ETHEL3 HILL, b. June 13, 1900, Confirmation, Tennessee; d. Langdon, Kansas.

3. ii. MARY EDITH HILL, b. August 10, 1902, Bison, Oklahoma; d. Hutchinson, Kansas.
4. iii. BEULAH MAY HILL, b. May 28, 1904, Bison, Oklahoma.
5. iv. MEARLE CATHERINE HILL, b. August 01, 1906, Gage, Oklahoma.
6. v. NELLIE THERESA HILL, b. June 29, 1908, Brush, Colorado; d. Denver, Colorado.
7. vi. LAURA FLORENCE HILL, b. April 11, 1910, Gage, Oklahoma.
8. vii. VERDA MARIE HILL, b. September 13, 1912, Gage, Oklahoma.
9. viii. EMERSON ELIJAH HILL, b. November 17, 1914, Gage, Oklahoma.
ix. JOHN LEROY HILL, b. January 27, 1916, Gage, Oklahoma; d. March 15, 1929, Ft. Morgan, Colorado. 10. x. MINTIE BESSIE HILL, b. December 30, 1919, Gage, Oklahoma. 
E. Ray Hill 98-03-19 21:23:29 EST
Jonas Hill (b/1787) and Mary Marcum (b/1795) were in Claiborne Co., TN between 1816 and 1828 and later settled in Miami County (Union Twp.), OH where they died. Has anyone researched this family. If so, please contact me. 
Joe R. Gorham  98-03-14 23:26:31 EST
Hi Researching Thomas Gibbons, William Fitzgerald and Elijah Chism. Thomas Gibbons was one of the founders of Hawkins Co, Tn. They were in Claiborne Co for a short time but my research is weak during this time. Thoma's oldest daughter, Mary, married William Fitzgerald. William & Mary Fitzgerald and Elijah Chism final days were in White Co, Tn. Joe R. Gorham 
JAKimsey    98-03-11 22:03:56 EST

I understand that there are several Guinn and/or Gwinn families in Claiborne County. My gg-grandfather was Joe (Joseph??) Guinn, and that's about all I know about him. I'd like to find his parents, if possible, and I think he may have been born or the family lived for a while in Claiborne Co.
Joe had three children by his first wife, Margaret "Maggie" Brewer, (b. Jan. 31, 1875 in Hancock County): a son, Lon, who died very young, and two daughters, Roberta Myrtle (b. July 7, 1989) and Viola Mae,(b. April 4, 1904). The daughters may have been born in Middlesboro, KY.
It's unclear whether they eventually divorced, or whether Margaret just kicked Joe out. She ended up owning and running a boarding house in Knoxville. My father remembers that his grandfather (Joe Guinn) came to vist once, and had a woman with him who might have been a new wife. This was in the mid-to-late 1920s, which is the last time that I'm sure Joe Guinn was alive.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?? I'm at wit's end trying to find Joe Guinn's family, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Email respones:   Thanks!!
Rosa Marie Arnett-Lee    98-03-02 09:36:52 EST
My name is Rosa Marie Arnett-Lee. I am trying to find some information on my mother-in-laws family. Her father was James Monroe Collin(Nov. 27,1881) He married Mallie Estel Trent. His father was Anthony Collins who married Margaret Hurley. There I can find no more. I have been told that he was a Seale or a Payne and that he took the Collins name when his mother married a Collins. I have found a Anthony Collins but dates donot match what I have been given but they just may be the wrong dates.
Any help will be appreciated. R. M. Arnett-Lee 
JJacobs953   98-03-01 22:39:37 EST
Would like any information you have or directions on how to obtain any info on Lambert family. Mr. Lambert owned and operated a fgocery/drygoods store in Taxewell in the first quarter of the 2oth century. Had 4 daughters and One son. Thank you. 
Mike Williamson    98-03-05 14:17:11 EST

I am researching Joseph Williamson, b.Abt.1795 in VA and lived there until Abt 1830; lived in Clayborne, Co. TN from Abt. 1836-1847+ when he moved to Arkansas. He is listed in the 1840 Tennessee census for Claiborne county. Would like to exchange data with anyone who may have come across records on Joseph. 
Rae Willis  98-03-06 12:34:18 EST

Mattie C. LIFORD was born in Claiborne County on June 24, 1883, in Lone Mountain. She bore two sons, Clarence Reuben WILLIS (4-00) and Carl Raeburn WILLIS (6-14-04). Mattie lived with relatives Reuben Liford and his wife Lucy LAWSON LIFORD in Claiborne County around 1900. Later, Mattie moved to Knox County where she married Paris L. ACUFF in 1917. She died in 1950 in Knoxville. Clarence died in Claiborne County in 1959.I am looking for any information on Mattie's parents and on the father of her children, possibly one William L. Willis. Information on any siblings of Clarence Willis would be helpful in finding contacts. 
Alice Grant    98-03-09 14:41:16 EST

I'm hoping to find information on William TOWNSLEY (TOWNSLY or TOWNELEY). I've found from the World Family Tree cd #15 that he was born about 1784 probably in VA, and died after 1849 in Claiborn Co, TN. His spouse's name was unknown. It also shows that his father was James and mother, Margaret McDILL. 
Sharon Pace   98-02-18 16:57:14 EST

Am searching for info on Mary Ann (Polly) Rice born in 1769 in Claiborne Co., we think. She married a Whiteacre. We believe one son was Rice W. Whiteacre. Would like to know her parent's names and also her siblings or other children. Also would like to know her husbands first name. Some say her father was a wealthy land owner. She later married Job Poteet and had a daughter, Rebecca. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Sharon Pace 
|Jim Frankie Meyer   98-02-18 22:42:19 EST

I am searching for information on the CROSS, PARMLEY, GIBBONS, ANDERSON, JORDAN, AND EPPES families who intermarried and several descendants moved to Claiborne Co. F. Meyer 
Gary E. Young    98-02-20 06:39:31 EST

HARPER, CARY, BURCH - Trying to identify the first wife of Reuben HARPER whom he married ca 1822 in Claiborne Co., Tn. Her given name was Nancy. She may have been the daughter of Robert P. CARY or the daughter of John BURCH? By this wife Reuben HARPER had three children: Malinda Ann, born 1823/4, Parmenius, born ca 1825, and Sarah A. born 1828. Reuben and Nancy Harper left Claiborne County in 1826 first settling in Clinton Co., Ill., and then in Ray/Carroll counties in Missouri. 
Mary F. Hentschel   98-02-22 15:05:24 EST

I am trying to find an obituary for Nancy Elizabeth MOORE; date of death is April 2, 1926. I believe at the time of her death she was living with her sister (my gt gdmother) in Cumberland Gap, TN. Nancy is buried at Scott Cemetery. My gdmother was named after her. I have viewed the microfilm of the Claiborne Co. Progress and it does not cover the year of her death, 1926. Does any know of another newspaper that might contain the obituary? Thank you. Mary F. Hentschel MFSH 1@AOL.COM 
Betty Osborne    98-02-16 16:20:56 EST

BRIANT. Looking for parents of Garrett Neal BRIANT born about 1805 in NC and died about 1890 in Claiborne County. Thanks, Betty Bryant Osborne 
Richard Nash   98-02-16 12:16:30 EST

Will exchange info on all KELLAMS, KELLEMS, KELLUMS of Claiborne and surround-ing counties. Those fams are not descended from Richard Kellam or John Gilbert Kellam of Virginia. Richard Nash 
Faye Stauch  98-02-15 19:34:53 EST

Looking for location of old Bales farm later became Wolfe's. My grgrgrgrgrandparents Josiah & Mary Polly Beals/Bales Markham are buried there. She died 1877. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks. 
Preston L. Johnson   98-02-12 12:12:50 EST

I am looking for any information re. the GREER families of Claiborne Co., Tn. and Lee County, Va. Especially my great-grandfather William W. GREER who was Sherrif of Claiborne Co. from 1843 - 1847 and from 1854 - 1860, and A. J. GREER who was Sherrif from 1922 - 1926. I have some information and will be glad to share with anyone researching these families. Thanks for any help. Preston Johnson 
Bobby Talbert  98-02-13 19:52:28 EST

I am seeking any and all info on this family this passed through your county in the early 1800's supposedly--especially an Alexander Tolbert--I would welcome any and all info on ANY TOLBERT,TALBERT from any time period--any place--thanks--Bobby--NC 
Joyce Scott Sharpe   98-02-03 22:21:40 EST

Am researching Hampden S. Scott of Claiborne County, the late America Robinson Scott and her daughter Mary Catherine "Frances" Scott are members of my family. My g+father is buried on the old Smith-Ball farm. The Scott Cemetary is where many members of my family are buried.  I recently got to visit "Frances" this past September as well as locate Hampden's burial site. Curiosity has us wondering why Hampden left Knoxville for Claiborne county - the book "Valley of Vision's" provided me with a lot of info I did not know from interviews the author had with "aunt America". Joyce Scott Sharpe 
Bob Duggan   98-02-03 13:53:41 EST

Looking for ancestry of Eve Marie LITTLE who m. 1798 in Claiborne Co., TN to John GROSS (1774 PA - 1821 Jackson Co., AL). Their children included Elizabeth GROSS (25 Oct 1810 TN - 15 Jul 1890 Jackson Co., AL). 
Gearleen Bray Hagstedt   98-01-31 09:21:01 EST

We are looking for information on the Patrick and Mary (Stocks) Bray family. We know of one daughter Rebecca, and believe that some of the other children are named John, Edmond and Thomas. This information comes from Claiborne Co, deeds in the 1840's where the heirs sell their interest in the land that was originally granted to Patrick Bray. According to Census records there where other children. We are looking for information on the names of all of the children. Gearleen Bray Hagstedt 
Billie Anderson   98-02-02 16:03:22 EST

I am researching my gggrandfather William Rodgers. He married Martha Patsy Cross in 1805 In Grainger Co Tenn. They lived in Claiborne County Tenn. on Bald Creek . Their children were ; Hiram, James Polly Rebecca ,Elizabeth and Wiley. I have letters that William wrote to Patsy after she left him in 1820 to live with her mother Rebecca Cross in Cumberland. He acted as an attorney for Rebecca in some land disputes. It seems he lost most of his land to Hugh Graham. Margaret Graham wrote a letter to Patsy saying that Hugh had taken over the property on Lone Mountain and now all would be secure. I have tried to connect William with the David Rogers Family in Powell Valley but seems William was born around 1776 same as David Rogers. I have a lot on the Cross Family and know that Patsy ended up in Russell Springs Ky. with her family. I am at a dead end with William and thought maybe you had run across my Rodgers in some of your searches. One of my letters said that he was part Cherokee and would go back to the Cherokee Nation if Patsy did not return to Tenn. If you have any information on thisRodgers family I would so appreciate hearing from you. 
Sarah Harrison    98-02-01 10:56:01 EST

I am looking for records re: Sarah (Sallie)Deboard Harrison, who was born 1836 in Va., married Benjamin Franklin Harrison 29Dec1859 in Poles Ky, and died 26Aug1879 in Claiborne Co.,Tenn. The 1880 Texas Census shows B.F. Harrison in Limestone Co. with 4 of their children, remarried to Mary Young(Cooper?). Did Sarah actually die in Claiborne Co. Tenn. as FTM indicates?If so, was her family with her at the time? My information does not give death dates for her two youngest sons, George and Truit?Bascom Harrison. I am particularly in need of the fate of Truit Bascom Harrison whose birthdate is identical to another of my ancestors. Please email any information at all to me. Thank You, Anna Vaughn 
Grace Ogden

John Wells b. 1836 m. Mary Elizabeth Green b. 1838. Marriage took place in Claiborne Co. in 1856. They were the parents of eight children all born Lone Mountain, TN
Henly C. b. 1857
Martha J. b. 1859
Cordelia b. 1864
William F. b. 1867
James b. 1873
Charles Lafayette b. 11 OCT 1874 - the youngest I have not yet found the names of the other two children. The 1900 census says 8 children born, 6 living. Mary Elizabeth Green may be the daughter of William and Elizabeth Green found in the 1850 census. Any assistance on finding out more about this family is greatly appreciated. Grace Ogden 
Lynn Hawkins

It's me again, this time related to the HODGE family. My 3rd great grandfather was, Dempsey Hodge, b. 1815 in Haywood Co., NC. He was married to Mary "Polly" Ray, the daughter of John RAY, she was b. ca 1813 and died before 1860 in Haywood Co., NC. Dempsey Hodge moved the family to Blount Co., TN. prior to the Civil War. They lived near Townsend, Blount Co., TN.
Would you by any chance know who Dempsey Hodge's parents and/or siblings were??? 
Jean Morford, Moss, Reuben and Marcellus. Am searching for the burial place of my ggg-grandfather, Marcellus Jordan Moss. He died of a heart attack at Fincastle, Claiborne Co., TN, Nov. 1837. We have not been able to find a burial place or marker. Also searching for his brother, Reuben's marriage to Sara Maddy, about 1805, Claiborne Co. 

Gene Lynch    98-01-22 15:17:27 EST
LYNCH, Joseph, 1790-1838 and wife, Amanda HOSKINS (or HARVEY), 1800-1839, and possible children, James Harvey, 1830-1913, Andrew P., 1836-1862, and Amanda Jane, 1837-1901. Children were orphaned in 1839, James Harvey was raised on a slave farm "north of Knoxville" by a old couple who had no children. James Harvey LYNCH has not be found on the 1850 census, since he would be a boarder in some household. Andrew P and Amanda Jane were found on the 1850 Jefferson Co, ILL census. There was a Joseph LYNCH who bought land in Claiborne Co in 1837. Any info appreciated, Gene LYNCH, 511 Brown Drive, Wake Village, TX 75501, (903) 838-9679. 
Brad 98-01-21 14:30:55 EST

SHERE/LYNCH: Researching HENRY SHERE who married LUCINDA LYNCH daughter of ELBERT WALTER LYNCH and lived in Claiborne County. E-mail: Brad 
Betty Sorenson  98-01-20 23:19:56 EST

SHARP, McNABB, ROBINSON, KIRK. I am researching these family's. George SHARP and his wife Agnes (KIRK) where are they buried in Claiborne County, and when were they buried. Their son Anthony SHARP born 4 Jan 1811 married Elizabeth ROBINSON. Would like to know who her parents were. Where Anthony and Elizabeth were married and when. When was Anthony's daughter Mahala married to John McNABB, and where? Would like information on Kirk family. Bill Sorenson e-mail
Pat Lay   98-01-18 18:13:32 EST
I am looking for info of parents and siblings of Richard T. POOR, b. 1816 in TN. His wife was Elizabeth; his children were Mary J. POOR, Sarah A. POOR, James (Jim) W. POOR, Manery E. POOR, Nancy A. POOR, Margaret E. POOR, Rebecca POOR, John L. POOR, Wesley POOR, Lucy Poor, Marshal POOR, HUGH POOR, and Benjamin F. POOR. I have traced the line down from James W. POOR. Will be glad to share. 
JENNINGS - CAMPBELL: James R. JENNINGS married Louisa CAMPBELL in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN in 1840. William and Thomas Jennings co-signed for James on the purchase of property in 1842. William and Thomas are believed to be brothers and the son of Edward Ned Jennings. James was last recorded in the 1860 Claiborne Co. census and is believed to have died before 1870. Was he related to William, Thomas, and Edward Jennings? Or, does anyone have any connection for James. He seems to have been a "blacksheep" and maybe he was stricken from family records. I believe that he forfeited on his loan and is said to have been killed in a train robbery attempt near Knoxville.
Also, can anyone verify that there were two unrelated Jennings families with one living in Cedar Forks and the other in Lone Mountain? I believe that my Jennings came from Cedar Forks. 
Mildred Slavens    98-01-17 22:12:05 EST
SLAVEN MCCULLOUGH Looking for information concerning the family of Daniel SLAVEN Liza ann COOPER Comfort SLAVEN married William MCCULLOUGH; Daniel Slaven died in 1834 in Claiborne County Tennessee. His son-in-law William MCCULLOUGH was executor of the estate. Who are the children of Daniel SLAVEN AND Liza ann COOPER? Mildred Slavens e-mail 

Ray A. Harney  98-01-17 20:18:17 EST
I have information that Daniel Kellems owned land in Clairborne Co. He was a surveyor in the Cumberland Gap area. He was born about 1763. Also, did he have a son Jacob born 1804? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks. If you do our Email is 
Carl W. Dykes 98-01-13 23:07:28 EST
Looking for burial place and other info on John J. WATSON, born June, 1844 who married 1. Rebecca MAYBERRY in NC and 2. Gertrude ? in TN. Also his brother Tilman H. WATSON, born December, 1841 who married Louisa ? in TN. Both in Claiborne Co. in 1880 census. They are sons of Henry WATSON, buried at Watson Chapel Cemetery in Claiborne County. Carl W. Dykes, 6500 Hemlock St., Trussville, AL. 35173-1833 e-mail 
John Crosby  98-01-12 17:56:19 EST
I'm writing for my wife June Bray Crosby. She is a grand daughter of China Chadwell Bray, b. April 6, 1872, in Lee County, VA, d. April 4, 1947, Loma, CO, daughter of Hiram Chadwell, b. 1842, and Malinda Brown, b. 1850. Hiram was the son of William E. Chadwell, b. 1802, d. prior/1860, and Jane Hoskins, b. 1806/12. William E. Chadwell was the son of John Chadwell, b. 1772, Henry, VA, d. 31 Jan 1821, and Mary (polly) Adams, b. 1772. John Chadwell was the son of David Chadwell, b. 1732 in England, d. 1832, in Tazewell, Claiborne, TN and Elizabeth Turner, b. 1753, Pittsylvania, VA. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Turner, b. 1726. Most of this was obtained from LDS records and is not verified. The birth and death information of China Chadwell Bray is documented by death certificate and other documents. Can you take us further back into David Chadwell's background and give us any information about the Chadwell family, living or dead? On another family branch, do you have any information on any Bray family that may have lived in Tazewell? Thanks for your help. June Crosby, John Crosby. 
Rae Willis 98-01-12 17:30:32 EST   Mattie C. LIFORD was born in Claiborne County on June 24, 1883. She bore two sons, Clarence Reuben WILLIS (4-00) and Carl Raeburn WILLIS (6-14-04). Mattie lived with relatives Reuben Liford and his wife Lucy LAWSON LIFORD in Caliborne County around 1900. Later, Mattie moved to Knox County where she married Paris L. ACUFF in 1917. She died in 1950 in Knoxville. I am looking for any information on Mattie's parents and on the father of her children, possibly one William L. Willis. 

Brenda Wilmoth 98-01-11 18:16:02 EST
I am researching William Harrison DOOLEY, my g,g,grandfather, and his ancestors. His father may have been Thomas DOOLEY listed in the 1830 and the 1840 Claiborne County census. In 1850 Harrison listed himself as born in Claiborne Co. TN on the Lawrence Co. KY census where he was living, and lived and died. I know about his life in Kentucky but have not been able to identify him or his ancestors in Tennessee. If you know anything about this family name, please write to: Brenda Wilmoth, P.O. Box 78, Dayton, OH 45409, or e-main me at 
J. Garland 98-01-10 16:33:06 EST

I am serching for Info about my G-G-G-G- Grandmother TABITH.GARLAND dob of birth NC.?? US Census.1830 Cl.Co.TN.put Tabith in Cl.Co with four children,Pryer b.1804 born in G-G-G grandfather his wife was Marget.??? dob 1813.Pryer&Marget had 10 chidren MILINDA-1834.ISAAC-1835.WILEY G-G Grandfather.his wife was SALLIE.KIBERT.dob 1847 in Claiborne of Benjamin & Sallie children was SAMUEL.GARLAND.dob1862 Claiborne.Co.Tn. Wife MARTHA.BUSSELL dob 1872 Claiborne.Co. Samuel & Martha had A son name BURL GARLAND 1898.Claiborne.Co. TN. wife MARIE.1899. Claiborne.Co.TN. my E-Mail- 
Sue Eskew 98-01-07 22:14:06 EST
My G-G Grandmother was MARY ANN PHILLIPS BURCHFIELD/BIRCHFIELD b. 23 June 1822 m. 16 April 1843 to HENRY ANDERSON BURCHFIELD/BIRCHFIELD in CLAIBORNE CO. TN. MARY ANN was the daughter of ANDREW PHILLIPS. MARY ANN d.10 Sept. 1889 in STODDARD CO. MO. Need information on ANDREW PHILLIPS his wife/wives and other children. Will share info n Mary Ann and her children. Sue Eskew 
Harry & Melody Stillings

LAFORCE,Samuel b. 1750 died CLAIRBORN Co.TN. on May 13, 1822. Married Agnes BAILEY in 1770 in Boutourt Co. Va. They had 10 children. 1. William Bailey LA FORCE (my gg-grandfather) 2.Robert S. La Force. 3. Sarah Mosbey La Force. 4.Mary Ann La Force. 5. George Washington La Force. 6. Patrick Henry La Force. 7. Felix Lafeyette La Force. 8. Agnes La Force. 9. John La Force. 10. James Maddison La Force. I am seeking anyone who might belong to the above family so we can exchange information. 
Nancy Clayton  98-01-04 00:10:34
I am searching for info about Willie King and his wife Martha Elizabeth Laws. They lived in New Tazewell, TN in 1800's. Trying to locate Willie's father's history. His name was David King, and he was married to Susie, a Cherokee Indian. David's father was Henry King. Two King brothers originally came to Virginia from Scotland about mid 1600's. They worked for 7 years to pay off debts they owed back in Scotland/England. I know nothing about them from that date until Henry King shows up in New Tazewell. Would love to find out who Henry King's parents, wife and rest of children are. Especially would love to know about Susie, the Indian girl. Any help would be grateful. E-mail me at: 

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