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Claiborne County, Tennessee's February 1999 thru March 1999


Wells family of Lone Mountain    3/31/99 9:19:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Is anyone researching the Wells family of Lone Mountain in Claiborne County?

My g g grandmother was Martha "Patsy" Wells (1824-1894) who married James
Hopson in 1844. I have some information on the various Wells family groups but
can't find out where Patsy fits in.
Nancy.....researching Hopson, Hamic, Wells, Fletcher, Lewis, Walker, Bunch,
all of Lone Mountain or Little Sycamore
WILCOX    Tue Mar 30 22:18:17 EST 1999
Need information on the parents and/or siblings of Ivy W. Wilcox, b.

circa 1848 in Virginia.  Ivy W. Wilcox lived in Claiborne Co, TN
between 1870 and 1900. Was his sister, Sarah E. Wilcox, b. 1844?
Ivy William Wilcox married Sarah E. Keck.  Chidlren: Mary F., Melvin
J., Martha C., and Allie Fare Wilcox.

Collins Family   3/25/99 6:32:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time
in search of info  on William " Willie "Collins
William " Wi;;ie "had brothers;
1. Andrew Collins
2. Pete Collins
3. Henry Collins
William" Willie" Collins
Mary Carrol ( I have been told but not sure)
had three children;
1. Leona Collins b.1925 Claiborne Tazewell,Tn
2. Frank Collins
3. TJ Collins  buried at Bethel Cem.
William "Willie" died 1975 buried at Bethel Cem
William " Willie"remarried in 1931 to Della Northern
Anyone having any info it sure would be appreciated
John Johnston P.O.Box 758 Ansonia,Oh. 45303

JONATHAN FAULKNER   Tue Mar 23 00:13:15 EST 1999
I am trying to determine if the name Jonathan FAULKNER was ever
used on military records or grants of land in Claiborne County.
RITTER, HOLLIN  Mon Mar 22 08:22:06 EST 1999

William RITTER married Barbra HOLLIN 27 Nov 1846 Claiborne County,
This is all i have on my gg-grandparents.  does anyone recognize these names? or looking for the same families in Claiborne County.  drop me a note if so....
thanks a million
john f. ritter

Edmondson   3/21/99 10:51:50 PM Eastern Standard Time
Trying to find information on William L. Edmondson, born 17 august 1870
in Claiborne Co., Tenn., died 23 Feb 1952 in Knox Co., Tenn.  Thanks.
Glenda Barnes

HARRISON   Sat Mar 20 21:32:51 EST 1999
Has anyone heard of a shooting by a deputy sherriff in N.C. or
Va.,and of him running to the Speedwell area and taking the name
HARRISON.  This would have been around 1890. Looking for the original
name and location

BRYANT, HURLEY   Sun Mar 21 04:25:39 EST 1999
BRYANT, JAMES E - I am researching James E. BRYANT who was married to
Nancy Jane HURLEY (daughter of Martha Jane ________).  They lived in
Claiborne Co., before 1900.  James and Nancy had a son named James
Anderson BRYANT who moved to Harlan Co., Kentucky and married Lola
"Viola" PRICE. If you have any information on any of these people,
please contact me.

DAVIS,WILLIAM  Fri Mar 19 13:30:08 EST 1999
Seeking info and Family of William Davis. His parentswere Andrew and Elizabeth Davis,last known to be  in Middlesex Co.Va. in 1740 his siblings Henry died at war,Richard and Thomas settledin Ky. William went to Clairborne Co. Tenn his bro John unknown where he went.
LINDSEY AND PURKEY   Fri Mar 19 11:04:23 EST 1999

Looking for family of John LINDSEY and Celia PURKEPILE (PURKEY) who
wed in 1878 in Claiborne or Campbell Co., Tn. Where are their
descendants? Who was Celia's parents? I'm at a dead end. Cannot find
any thing on this couple. I would appreciate any help. Will exchange
info. on other PURKEY'S.

SURBER,CRAWFORD    Tue Mar 16 13:46:25 EST 1999
SURBER, Tempa or Temprance early to mid 1800's
CRAWFORD, Tempa or Temprance early to mid 1800's

Alexander c. 1835-42   3/16/99 2:59:55 AM Eastern Standard Time
My connection with Claiborne Co, so far, is a brief one. My ggg-grandfather, David Brawley Alexander b. 1789
in Ireland, immigrated to the US as a small child with his parents, John and Martha Alexander. They settled in Russell Co, VA in 1803. John, Sr. and David's brother John Jr. remained in Russell Co. However, many of the other
siblings removed to Tenn. in about 1835 and then to Linn Co, MO in about 1843. David B. died in Claiborne Co on Feb 3, 1843. His sons William, John, and David all went to Linn Co, MO. I suspect that several of the 11 children
and his widow may have remained in Tenn. Known children are William G b. 5-5-1814, John b. 4-15-1816, Martha Edmonston b. 8-15-1818, David b. about 1821, Mitchell b. 1823, Rachael b. 1825, Cummings b. 1829, Benjamin b. 1830,
Isaac b. 1832, Samuel b. 1834, Virginia b. 1837. David's wife was Margaret Gilmer (Gilmore) who died about 1860 (place unknown).
Does anyone know of the burial place of David B. Alexander? Did any of this family remain in Claiborne Co after David's death? I am grasping at straws for the place in Ireland where David was born. A headstone may list his city of birth.
Thanks and best regards,
Paul Alexander
Morgan Hill, CA

HURST   Sun Mar 14 11:42:05 EST 1999
Would like to find and have copied a photo of Rev. Mark HURST, who
was minister at Big Springs Primitive Baptist Church at Springdale,
Claiborne County, in the late 1860's.

LARGE   Sat Mar 13 13:51:58 EST 1999
I'm reasearching the Abraham LARGE's  family b. 1807 in Tenn. d.
Mason Co. TX Polk cem. mar. Drusilla LATHAM in Clark Ark. Had 10
David Crockett b. 1832,   Isham b. 1835,  Sarah Jane B.1837Mar.  Sylvester Polk,  Daniel b. 1840,   Ann Mariah b. 1843,  Mary C.
b. 1847,   Modora b. 1849,  Issac P. b. 1852 mar. Eleanor THOMPSON,  GeorgeR. b.1856,  Jefferson Davis b. 1861 mar. Anne MOORE. Had 3  children: Dewey Clarance,  Leora, Lilly Belle.
I can"t find any of Abraham's parents, siblings and some children.
Can you help me ?

REED,PACE,WILLIFORD,THOMAS  Thu Mar 11 19:56:24 EST 1999
I am searching for the REED family of claiborne co tn.william REED
married mary s. Williford in 1879.oscar REED was married to artie
THOMAS,when oscar died she married a PACE.i need any information that
i can get.
Wilburn   3/9/99 10:53:48 PM Eastern Standard Time

Interested in WILBURN FAMILIES in Claiborne Co. Tn. 1800-1850 Thanks       Ruth
COFFEY, DALTON, HATFIELD. WOLFE    Tue Mar  9 22:51:29 EST 1999

Looking for Lynch Hatfield married Jane Dodson. Matilda Dalton
married Ausban Coffey, Adam Wolfe married Gemima McCoy
REDWINE, MONDY   Tue Mar  9 13:22:14 EST 1999

Searching for any info on WILLIAM WILEY REDWINE, (born:May/6TH./1791)
in (? county) N.C. He served in the military (9-23-1813/1-1-1814) in
Jacksboro, Tenn. He married AVIS MONDY on (Dec.25TH.1812) in
Tazewell, Tenn. (Avis was born:1793 where unknown)
WILEY and AVIS had #2 children JOHN W. and LOUVINA.
Hoping to learn the name of Williams Parents !!!!!!!!!
When Wiley was young his father moved to knoxville, In 1805 he moved
to Sequatchie and was the third settler to penetrate the cornbrakes
of that fertile valley. He moved from Sequatchie to Powells Valley,
when he volunteered in the War of 1812 and followed the gallant
Jackson in his memorable campaign against the British. After his
marriage to Avis Mondy and the war he moved to Lexington, KY. but
found game to scarce so he moved to the head waters of the Ky. River
In 1823 he moved to the Cumberland Mountains. He settled near, Grassy
Cove, Tenn. and died on March 8th. 1888 He was a DEMOCRAT and a
member of the METHODIST CHURCH for than 70 years.

DUNN   3/9/99 10:58:52 AM Eastern Standard Time
I am very interested in finding out about a incident that happened around 1894. The tale goes
that my gr grandfather shot a man over a property dispute. I have been told he went to prison and I have been told that he never served any time because his brother was some kind of official. No one by the name of Dunn appears on the list of officials. So at least, I know his brother wasn't a sheriff.Do you know of any place I could go to find any information on this incident?  I'm new at searching so would appreciate any help. Thanks again,  Gayle Rowlett.
PYOTT/CAYWOOD  3/9/99 10:30:47 AM Eastern Standard Time

My g=grandfather, Stephen Caywood Pyott or Cawood Pyott has an unusual
middle name. There is another Steven Cawood(Caywood) in Rhea Co., TN around
the same time. Can you think of an y reason he was given this surname as a
middle name? IS there any connection.\?Thanks. Robin

YARBOROUGH   Tue Mar  9 09:15:09 EST 1999
I am searching for the surname YABOROUGH(YARBERRY, YARBREY,YARBRAY)in
Claiborne Co. I am mainly interested in the first names of Abner and
Rebecca, they were brother and sister. But if there are any
YARBOROUGH'S I would like that information.
I am also looking for information on the PERRY surname: Nathan and
Edmond. They were father and son,respectively
NATION  3/9/99 1:05:56 AM Eastern Standard Time

I have a lot of information on Nation expecially John and Bethiah Nation and Christopher Nation, now I am working on William. Have a lot of information but lots of 'I believes and guessing. I think Joseph was the brother of William, William the son of Christopher and Ch. son of John. He was born in North Petherton, Somerset, England. Will share what I have. My husband's family ended up in north west NE.

HODGE SULFRIDGE JENNINGS DAVENPORT  3/7/99 9:13:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
Was just reviewing the Claiborne Co. pages looking for Davenport and
Sulfridge but noted the Subject names.  John Davenport was in Claiborne
Co. and in Russell Co., VA and I have some legal matters between he and
a Martin Fugate... but was in the 1820's...  Also he was married to
Rebecca Sulfridge who was from Claiborne Co., but was later married to a
Frances Jennings Hall.    The Hodges comes in when a Robert Hodges, son
of Isham Hodges, so of a Thomas Hodges (I think) was Surety for John
Davenports marriage in Franklin Co. VA.  So....  just a coincidence
maybe - or does someone doing these other studies maybe find a fitting
piece.....  Bonnie
PAYNE GREEN 3/7/99 11:33:51 AM Eastern Standard Time

Trying to trace our family tree. Need information on Nathaniel Green or
his family. Born 11-8-1872 in Stephens, Arkansas. Moved to Cumberland
Gap as a young man. Married a lady from there known only as Aunt May to
us. They had 11 children. His sons discovered the Cudjio's cave and the
family ran it as a tourist attration for years. I have hit a brick wall
and can not find anything else on them. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Ronnie Payne

BRISTOW, CONNER  3/7/99 11:22:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
For any of you with CONNER connections, here's an explanation for what
became of a little piece of your family history.  It is included in the
minutes of the Claiborne County Court session of November 1807.  Without
further comment, it simply states that:  "It is proven to the
satisfaction of the Court by the oath of Dorkus Bristow that a piece of
the left ear of a certain James Conner was bit of in a Skirmish
fighting---with another man in the month of Sept 1807 it is therefore
ordered that the same be recorded."

WILLIS, LIFORD, LOFTON   Sun Mar  7 09:39:13 EST 1999
Mattie C. WILLIS was born in Claiborne County on June 24, 1883, in
Lone Mountain. She bore two sons, Clarence Reuben WILLIS (4-00) and
Carl Raeburn WILLIS (6-14-04). Mattie lived with relatives Reuben
LIFORD and his wife Lucy LAWSON LIFORD in Claiborne County around
1900. Later, Mattie moved to Knoxville where she lived with her
younger sister Daisy LOFTON. Mattie married Paris L. ACUFF in 1917.
She died in 1950 in Knoxville. Clarence died in Claiborne County in
1959.I am looking for any information on Mattie's parents (possibly
Liford or Willis) and on the father of her children, possibly one
William L. Willis. Information on any siblings of Clarence Willis
would be helpful in finding contacts.

HAMPTON,CARTER  Sat Mar  6 23:46:15 EST 1999
Searching for HAMPTON and CARTER. Edgar HAMPTON born Claiborne Co
in 1903. Mother Vernil HAMPTON,father Frank CARTER.HAMPTON family
originally came from Knox Co.

WEST-GORDON  Fri Mar  5 16:57:23 EST 1999
WEST-GORDON were known to be living in Tennessee in 1873, where a
dau.was born.  Listed as born in Grainger Cnty.  A son born July
11,1875, GR. Cnty ,  A son Isaac William WEST born March 23, 1871.
Listed as Tazewell, Grainger County, TN.  Martha Jane GORDON is a
decendant of Daniel BOONE.  William Isaac WEST was a preacher, and
went by horseback around the area.  Some of the unusual family names
were Tandy, Curtis, Vesta Sue. I am planning a trip this April to
search out this family, if anyone has any ideas of the best place to
search I would appreciate hearing from them.  Thank You Y.

DOTSON, JOEL OR CARL  Thu Mar  4 13:13:52 EST 1999
I would like any information on Joel Dotson born around 1860 in
Claiborne Co.  His son was Carl Dotson born in 1891.  Carl was my
great Grandfather.

MEDLIN,  CROWLEY   Mar  4 13:01:45 EST 1999
I need any information on the MEDLIN family, living in Buffalo Creek,
Powell Valley, Tn for the years of 1813-1819.  Also CROWLEY family
there at same time.  Elizabeth MEDLIN married Isham CROWLEY there in
ca1815.  Her father may have been a Richard MEDLIN or Hardy MEDLIN.
I would appreciate any data on these 2 families.  Alta

Looking for the wedding date for George and Elizabeth VanBevers or
VanBever in Claiborne Co. Ten. about 1880's.

I am trying to link my grandfather James Carr with Preston L.
Carr. I know that Preston has a James in his family but I do not know if
my James is the right one. I have two different birth dates in 1900
census is is listed as born in 1863 and on my mothers birth certificate
is is listed as fifty one years old and that was in 1917 which would
make him born 1866. Do you know if the L in Prestons name might be
Luther , In the 1900 Luther is listed above James. Sometimes I make
myself believe they are related and other times I think not any help you
can give woud be greatly appreciated. I live in Michigan and am having a
devil of a time with this family. I do know they seem to go back and
forth between Claiborne and Union Counies .Margaret
LEE  Tue Mar  2 17:19:48 EST 1999

I am looking for information on Carl Britton Lee.  He was born in
1858 and he died in 1934 in Hamblen County.  I belive he was born in
Claiborne Co.  In his obituary it list 1 brother, Henry Lee and 3
sisters: Mrs Katherine Young, Mesdames Margaret and Sallie Young of
Clariborne County.  I will gladly share any information on this

ThanksMoses Guy  3/2/99 9:18:31 AM Eastern Standard Time
I am searching for information on Moses GUY and family. He is on the 1850
index with wife Rachael, but I think he is indexed as Moris GUY age 52 yrs.
Rachael 63 yrs.
I would appreciate any info on my ggg grandfather. Also if the census district
is available what part of the county would this be?
Thank You,
Dorris Guy Roberts
Hurley and McCreary   3/1/99 11:06:17 PM Eastern Standard Time

I am interested in locating any family members of Nancy Hurley and
William McCreary in Claiborne County. After Bill's death, a son, Jasper
took Nancy to Mich. to care for her until her death in the early 1970's.
Family members may have information on the Francis Asbury Hurley Family.
Thanks for your help. Betty
MOSE HUNLEY  Mon Mar  1 16:50:37 EST 1999

I am looking for any information mose hunley is my great granfather,
mabe from powell valley he had a son john william hunley that change
his last name to mooreand moved away that is mu grandfather

ROSIER, RAY   Mon Mar  1 16:24:03 EST 1999
I am looking for information on Phoebe Housley ROSIER RAY She lived
in Clairfield, Claiborne County, in 1920.  Her first husband, George
ROSIER, was alive in 1920, but she had married ? RAY by 1951.  She
and George had a son, David, who died at age 20 in the coal mine in
1915.  They also had a daughter, Marie, who was born about 1900.
Phoebe was mentioned in her sister's obit in 1951, but not in another
sister's obit in 1971. Her parents were Pleasant and Martha Jane
Brown Housley.

JENNINGS 3/1/99 12:55:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
I am trying to identify the parents and wife of ELLIS JENNINGS, who was born
in Grainger or Claiborne County in 1808.  ELLIS JENNINGS was my
gr-gr-grandfather. He moved from TN to Carroll County, MO in 1835 or 1836
with a wife and five children.
I think ELLIS may be EDWARD "Ned" JENNINGS' son, because he was listed next
to EDWARD and HENDERSON JENNINGS on a 1831 list of Claiborne County white
males 21 years old or older.  He was also listed along with HENDERSON  and
JOHN JENNINGS in a court order dated June 18, 1827 to work as hands to open
a road from the corner of EDWARD JENNINGS' field to the top of a  bald hill.
ELLIS and his wife and first child  could, also, fit into the ages and sexes
of persons enumerated in
EDWARD JENNINGS' household in the 1830 census.
However, the EDWARD JENNINGS genealogy report posted on the Claiborne County
page does not list ELLIS JENNINGS as a child of EDWARD.  ELLIS could be a
middle name, which could make finding him on legal records difficult.
EDWARD's descendants report on the Claiborne County page shows a son named
PRIOR JENNINGS born in 1808.  However, it also shows PRIOR as having a
daughter, EMILY, who married and lived in Claiborne County.  If this PRIOR
was my ELLIS, I can't imagine why he would have taken five children with him
to MO and left one behind.  ELLIS JENNINGS, also, named his second son PRIOR
PENDLETON JENNINGS (my great-grandfather).  This PRIOR was born in TN in
1831, went with the family to Carroll County, MO; where he was raised,
married, died, and is buried.
ELLIS' first wife evidently died after 1841 in MO and he married a NANCY
JANE HEARTLESS in MO in 1847.  ELLIS had thirteen known children.  Eight by
his first wife (name unknown) and five with his second wife, NANCY
HEARTLESS.  He died between 1852 and 1855 in MO. ELLIS' children's names
are:  WILLIAM H.; PRIOR PENDLETON; JOHN E.; ALEY; ANN E.; all born in TN.:
SARAH E.; and LUCINDA H.; all born in Carroll County, MO.
I also copied a Claiborne County deed recorded in Book F, page 245 dated 18
October 1820 whereby JOHN JENNINGS is selling 300 acres on Ball Creek to
JOSEPH JENNINGS.  JOHN JENNINGS states that this 300 acres is land  he
inherited from his deceased father, WILLIAM JENNINGS and represents his
one-seventh share of the inheritance.  I would like to know who the other
six heirs
were.  I am guessing perhaps JOHN, JOSEPH, EDWARD, HEZEKIAH, ISHAM, and
ROYAL (from Grainger County) might have been six of the seven.  I believe
that ELLIS is WILLIAM's grandson even if EDWARD is not his father.
Fred Jennings

SHOFNER, BARNEY   Sun Feb 28 20:36:32 EST 1999
Am looking for the parentage & siblings of MICHAEL SHOFNER, b. abt.
1780, in N.C.,-died 1844 & his wife, ELIZABETH BARNEY, b. 1795, in
VA.,- died 1851. They both died in Claiborne/Union Co., TN. They were
married in 1821 in Sharps Chapel, Claiborne Co., TN.  Michael had a
daughter by his first wife (would anyone know his first wife's name?)
named Dorcus ; Michael & Elizabeth's children: Margaret, Sarah
Elizabeth & Issac. 

SHETTER, SHUTTER   Sat Feb 27 18:52:33 EST 1999
Looking for information on George SHETTER who started SpeedwellAcademy, who were his parents and siblings?

CARDWELL, NORRIS, DYER   Thu Feb 25 17:53:16 EST 1999
I'm searching for information about DANIEL J.CARDWELL born(1820)
in grainger co. married to FRANCES NORRIS(1839)
also JAMES C.CARDWELL born (1845)in union co. married to
HERRELL, MINTON   Thu Feb 25 08:09:46 EST 1999

Ellender Herrell (b. abt 1828) married James Minton (b. abt 1823) in
October 1847 in Claiborne Co. In the 1860 census they have 7
children, then drop from sight. Some of the children are living with
Jacob Minton in 1870. I need parents for Ellender and any other
information I can get on what happened to James and Ellender.

Cracker's Neck2/23/99 2:30:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
Does anyone know where Cracker's Neck is located?  My Great Grandfather,
William Neal Baker was born there.  I can't find it on any maps, old or new.
HURST /SEYMORE / DAVIS / THOMAS   2/23/99 1:25:52 PM Eastern Standard Time

Fanny appears to be my connection to the Hiram Hurst family > Thomas Hurst >
John 'Mill Creek'  Hurst.
If someone on the list has access to records at Tazewell, would like to have a
reading of the marriage record of 29 MAR 1854 for Fanny HURST and Hamilton
SEYMORE.  Especially interested in any supporting bond or names of others in
the record re: this marriage.
For assistance, will share seven generations with many branchings of HURST /
SEYMORE / DAVIS / THOMAS and can also acquire much BUCKNER information as one
child of Fanny and Hamilton married Enoch BUCKNER and the Buckner Family Bible
does exist.
a salute to karen krugman who convinced me to pursue this!

Standifer/Stanifer   2/23/99 1:48:48 AM Eastern Standard Time
I need a census of Claiborne Co. Tazewell for 1900&1910.  I have 99%sure I
have found my great grandparents, J. T.  and Sarah Neal Standifer. they were
married 12-24-1876 in Claiborne Co...  I have even found Sarah's family, the
Neal family.  I know nothing of J.T.Standifer but they had my grand mother
flora Standifer.  I need the 1900-1910 census to double check and to see what
siblings Flora had.  Also, how can I find out what the initials J. T.  stand
for?  My daddy's side all lived in Claiborne co. and this would make all the
searching satisfying and it would help in the fulfillment of the search.
Joyce Stanifer Wallace

I am trying to find my Walker family line in Tennessee. Albert
Harrison Walker married Tinnie Taylor. Both were born in Tennessee
and moved their family to North Carolina. Tinnie is burried in N.C.
and Albert Harrison Walker is Burried in Texas. Any information would
be greatly appericated.

MAYES   Wed Feb 24 07:34:03 EST 1999
John and Elizabeth BURCH came to Claiborne Co., Tn. about 1814.  John
BURCH died about 1825 leaving eight children, only four of whom I
have been able to identify:  Mary married John WALLIS, Sally married
Hardin CARY,  John M. married Celia THOMPSON, and William married
Malinda MAYES.  Can anyone help me identify any of the other four
LAY, AZOR BRYANT   Mon Feb 22 14:55:22 EST 1999

I am searching for any information about Azor Bryant LAY-born 2 Oct.
1842.  The obit that I have says he was born in "Clayborn Co. East
Tennessee near Cumberland Gap".  He left for Missouri 10 April, 1859.
 No info. as to parents' names.

DAVIS, HAMLIN/HAMBLIN  Mon Feb 22 12:02:33 EST 1999
Looking for any information on Betsey Davis (maiden name) and her
husband Ike Davis.  They were born in the early 1870's and at one
time lived in Pruden, TN.  Their children:  Frankie Jane b 44 aug
1895 (my grandmother) d 1 oct 1965 in Bell Co KY, mar Jacob "Briscoe"
Hamlin. Sons were Ben, Press, John, and Jim.  Have photo of Frankie,
Betsey and Betsey's mother who is supposed to have been full
Cherokee.  Would appreciate any help and will share all info I have.

CLOUD,CAMPBELL   Sun Feb 21 16:16:13 EST 1999
I am looking for my g-grandmother Adaline  Campbell,Married to John
Cloud lived in claiborne co tenn,i would like to find out who her
mother &father were.thank you Iris Cloud Farnum
Bray Family   2/21/99 2:31:22 PM Eastern Standard Time

I am interested in finding information on a Bray family that lived in Claiborne County in the early 1800's.  The only name that I have is a William Riley Bray who was born in 1836.  I am trying to find his parents and siblings.  Any help that anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.

WATSON    Sat Feb 20 16:52:12 EST 1999
Looking for any information (especially burial place) on Tilghman
Hamilton WATSON born about 1841 who resided in Claiborne County
around 1880-1900.  Married a Louisa (LNU) in about 1878.  Louisa and
mother apparently born in KY and father in VA. Father Henry buried
at Watson Chapel Cemetery and brother John J. WATSON buried at Myers
Grove Cemetery.
BEELER   Fri Feb 19 16:04:58 EST 1999

Searching for information on the family of William Marshal Beeler.  I
am also searching for information on Rev. Isaac Samuel Beeler and
Issac M. Beeler who may be related to William Marshal Beeler.
William Marshal Beeler and 3 of his brothers married 4 Heck sisters.
Both families were from the Speedwell, TN area. Please contact me if
you think you have information.
QUEEN    Fri Feb 19 09:37:03 EST 1999

Seeking info on the Francis Queen family.   His son James was said to
be born in Claiborne Co, TN in 1774 (the co was org in 1801 tho).
He also had a son Joseph who was in that area.  Please contact me if
you have any info on any of the Queen family.
Thanks, MQ

DAVIS   Wed Feb 17 21:44:27 EST 1999
I'm looking for information on the Harmon Sr., Harmon Jr. and Nelson
Davis family.  Nelson was born in Jul 1826 to Harmon Jr. and Martha
Shoemaker.  Nelson married Elizabeth Bond <1846>.  Harmon Jr. was
born about 1783 in Powell Valley.

SWEET   Wed Feb 17 21:00:26 EST 1999
Looking for any information on Barton Sweet family. Barton age 38,
wife Margaret age 26, John age 5, George age 4, James age 3, Lucy age
2 and William age 1 are on the 1860 census. The 1870 census has
Margaret and the children.
SCOTT    Wed Feb 17 17:36:24 EST 1999

Informatoion on Albert J.SCOTT at Big Springs Post Office 1870. With
Wife Ellen and son Boston. And If anyone can tell me near what town,
Big Springs Post office was In 1870. Im also looking for Albert J
SCOTT parent information.
HANNAH GUTHRY DAY    Fri Feb 12 18:39:45 EST 1999

I am trying to located HANNAH,S parents, she married CHARLEY DAY day
17 dec.1843,Their Children were MILOUS T DAT< ,MARY ANN<,and
SALLY,This is my gggrandfather.Any help would be appreciate, my
e-mail is as follows;
HARRELL  Wed Feb 10 09:35:02 EST 1999

I would like any information on the Harrell surname, particularly
Herbert Harrell.

CUPP, JOHNNY CLAY OR EDNA      Wed Feb 10 09:31:42 EST 1999
I would like to find any information on Johnny Clay Cupp or Edna
Cupp, borther and sister, born around 1915.  If you have any
information on either of these two  ancestors.

Sandefur "RED HILL"   2/10/99 12:07:05 AM Eastern Standard Time
I am looking for information on a family who lived in Red Hill Community.  The
name is Sandefur however; a family member said that it may have orginally been
Standifur.  The only name that I have is Dorsie Sandefur.  He was a shine
runner and when in trouble with the police he moved his family to
Russellville, TN.  His wife was Gracie Breeden.  If you have any information
on this family please email me.
Thanks in advance
JOHNSON,ROWE,ROE   Tue Feb  9 21:36:10 EST 1999

Seeking information on William Johnson b;1805 in Claiborne co. d;
1862 in a Union prison in Mo.,who m; Elizabeth Roe or Rowe b;1804 in
Claiborne Co. Their Children were; Pharaoh,Lucretia,Matilda, and
William W. Their son Pharaoh married Miley Barnard and moved to
Pitallo Tx. Erath Co.,where  he died in 1915.

I am looking for a start for a family tree search. My mothers family
heritage is African, White, and Chickasaw Indian. My father side is
from Gula Island so African, Chineese and White.

LEGER, MADDEN, BARNETT   Mon Feb  8 17:11:50 EST 1999
Researching my great great great grandparents, Peter and Rachel LEGER
or maybe LEGARE or LEGEAR.  They were married on 02Oct1808 in
Claiborne County.  Their children were all born in Claiborne County.
The children were John b. 1809, Mahala b. 1810, Peter b. 1817,
William b. 1821, Archibald b. 1820, Mary Polly b. 1823, Nelson b.
1829, Rachal Nadine b. 1834.  Peter LEGER was b. around 1780 in SC.
Rachel MADDEN LEGER was b. 1789 in TN.
Information is greatly appreciated.  Will share family information.

Anderson Parrot   2/8/99 8:42:21 AM Eastern Standard Time
I am seeking info on the Anderson Parrot family listed in the 1850 Census of
Tenn page 79. Clairborne Co.
Anderson Parrot  age 41,Lydia 34,Tabitha 15, Martha 13, Evan 10 , Thomas 8,
Franklin 5, Mary 2,. T  T , Cl-1262-662
Martha married a John R. Parrott and moved to Daviess Co Ky sometime before
1880.  I need other census and marriages and any info you can give me.
Thanks Larry
BISHOP    Sun Feb  7 22:28:25 EST 1999

I am looking for info on Matthew, Joseph and John Bishop who were in
Claiborne Co.,Tn. in the early 1800's. The following came from Smyth
Co.,Va. Thanking  you in advance. Mark

BRADSHAW, BRACHER, BRATCHER   Thu Feb  4 06:51:57 EST 1999
Hello, I received the following and was asked to try to
find more info. about him
“R. D. Bradshaw who published the ***BRADSHAW-BRATCHER
Newsletter awhile back, his ancestors were from
Virginia.  Ever so often comments would be made that
even in the SAME legal document, the name would be
spelled BOTH ways.  The address I had for him was
Tn. 37724-0700.***  He published a lot of early B/B
records.  Evidently the Virginia Bratcher/Bradshaws
came through the Cumberland Gap to VA and KY.  (Some
also came from SC, up the Tennessee River also after
stopping off in GA for the Land Lotteries.)”
 This is from Mrs. Joyce A. Rex of 901 Mockingbird
Lane, Purcell, OK 73080 She does not have a computer.
Please send any info. to her or to me by e-mail and I
will send it to her. I am also looking for any Eslick
Families. I have about 700 names developed from my
grandmothers family. Thank you for your time, Charles
CUPP, BRIDGES   Thu Feb  4 01:19:11 EST 1999

I am looking for info about my gr grandmother's family. Her name is
Matilda Ann Cupp, she married Bill Callaham. Matilda was born May
1865 in Clairborne County. Her parents were Issac William Cupp, and
Sarah Bridges.
LOCK , LOCKE    Wed Feb  3 15:57:45 EST 1999

I am researching all Lock ( or ) Locke of Claiborne County Tn
 I believe some descendants of Samuel and Abraham Lock(e) ( brothers)
of Lee County Va went to Claiborne County Tn

TUCKER   Mon Feb  1 16:13:29 EST 1999
Looking for mary ann TUCKER or decendents. She is daughter of
Zeke(Ezekial) and Sophia HAYES TUCKER. dob approx. 1904-5. is sister
of anderson HAYES and margaret HAYES BOWLING

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