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This page is comprised of several family group sheet listings. Each played an important part in some phase of the early history of Claiborne County. I hope that some of you will send brief text files so that time and space permitting I can update this page to include your Claiborne County ties.

John CARR born 2 May 1769 with wife Darcus MCCUBBINS born 6 Jun 1773
Annie CARR- 17 Mar 1794
Jesse CARR- 15 May 1796
John CARR-11 Mar 1799
James Cannon CARR- 5 Feb 1801
Sallie CARR- 1 Jul 1803
Betsy CARR- 9 Oct 1805
Teleta CARR- Mar 1808
Polly CARR- 13 Dec 1811
Lucinda CARR- 22 Dec 1813
Louisa CARR- 27 Jun 1818

The family of Moses (Moze) COLLINS born abt 1774 with wife Anna BOTTS

  1. Alexander COLLINS- Abt 1795
  2. Moses COLLINS- Abt 1796
  3. David COLLINS- Abt 1797
  4. Mathew C COLLINS- 1808
  5. Joshua COLLINS- Abt 1811
  6. Thomas COLLINS- 1823
  7. Lucinda COLLINS-
  8. Sarah COLLINS-
  9. Francis COLLINS-
  10. Mary COLLINS-

Another early settler was Thomas HENDERSON born in 1770 and his wife Elizabeth Betsy MCGHEE daughter of Barclay MCGHEE born 1770.
GED2HTML of Barclay MCGHEE by Joe Payne
Their children:

  1. Rhoda HENDERSON- Abt 1790
  2. Susan Susannah HENDERSON- Abt 1793
  3. Jeremiah HENDERSON- 1795
  4. Preston HENDERSON- 1795
  5. Clementine HENDERSON- 1 Feb 1809

Thomas HENDERSON's second wife was Elizabeth Susan HARDY born 1805.
GED2HTML File for Thomas HENDERSON by Joe Payne
Their children were:

  1. Eliza Martha HENDERSON- 1830
  2. Thomas HENDERSON- 1832
  3. John HENDERSON- 1834
  4. Louisa HENDERSON- 1836
  5. George HENDERSON- 1838
  6. Hugh Jessie HENDERSON- 1843

The family of James BREEDING born abt 1735 with wife SARAH  GED2HTML File

  1. Jeremiah B. BREEDING- Abt 1764
  2. James BREEDING- Abt 1765
  3. Sylvia (Siley) BREEDING- 1767
  4. Bryant BREEDING- Abt 1770
  5. Byron BREEDING- 1772
  6. Elizabeth BREEDING- Abt 1775

The family of Jeremiah B. BREEDING bron abt 1764 with wife Elizabeth HURST born abt 1766

  1. Johanna BREEDING- 26 Sep 1795
  2. Atheil BREEDING- 1799
  3. Russell BREEDING- Abt 1800
  4. Squire H. BREEDING- 1801
  5. William BREEDING- Abt 1802
  6. Preston BREEDING- Abt 1803

The family of Rev. Thomas H. HURST born 1764 with wife Sylvia (Siley) BREEDING born 1767

  1. Aaron HURST- 24 Jan 1787
  2. Sarah (Sallie) HURST- 27 Sep 1789
  3. Hiram HURST- 1792
  4. Thompson HURST- 25 Jul 1794
  5. Nancy HURST- 1797
  6. Sylvia HURST- Abt 1800
  7. Charles HURST- Abt 1805
  8. Henley HURST- Abt 1806
  9. Simpson HURST- 1807
  10. Olivia (ollie) HURST- Abt 1809
  11. Fetney HURST- 18 Feb 1812

The family of Bryant BREEDING born abt 1770 with wife Winny Ann NUNN born abt 1775

  1. Isabel BREEDING- Abt 1790
  2. Rachael BREEDING- Abt 1794
  3. Milly BREEDING- Abt 1799
  4. Sena BREEDING- Abt 1800

The family of Bryant BREEDING born abt 1770 with second wife Frances Fannie HARPER born abt 1791

  1. Tennessee BREEDING- Abt 1810
  2. Pryor BREEDING- Abt 1812
  3. Leander BREEDING- Abt 1815
  4. Malissa BREEDING- Abt 1820
  5. Patterson BREEDING- 7 Sep 1825

The family of Byron BREEDING born 1772, with wife Nancy BREEDING

  1. John BREEDING- 27 Jan 1797

The family of John BREEDING born 27 Jan 1797, with wife Elizabeth Betsy STONE born 22 Apr 1808

  1. Mary Ann BREEDING- 14 Nov 1826
  2. Russell BREEDING- 24 Jan 1828
  3. Thomas Wesley BREEDING- 9 Jan 1830
  4. Samuel BREEDING- 4 Mar 1832
  5. Lottie BREEDING- 11 Feb 1834
  6. Lewritta BREEDING- 6 Feb 1836
  7. Celia BREEDING- 2 Feb 1839
  8. Fanny BREEDING- 4 Mar 1841
  9. Pryor L. BREEDING- 16 Mar 1843
  10. Virginia BREEDING- 18 Sep 1845
  11. James Monroe BREEDING- 29 Nov 1850
  12. Perry Commodore BREEDING- 31 Jan 1852
  13. Lewis Garrett BREEDING- 16 Sep 1853

The family of William STONE born 1744 in Virginia with wife unknown.

  1. Robert STONE- 1760
  2. Dorcas STONE- Abt 1770
  3. Mary STONE- Abt 1772
  4. John Thomas STONE- Abt 1775
  5. Susan STONE- Abt 1777
  6. William STONE- Abt 1780

The family of John Thomas STONE born abt 1775 with wife Susan Susannah HENDERSON born abt 1793

  1. Thomas Henderson STONE- 12 Aug 1802
  2. Reuben Floyd STONE- 18 Sep 1804
  3. Mary Polly STONE- 1806
  4. Elizabeth Betsy STONE- 22 Apr 1808
  5. Susan STONE- 12 Sep 1812
  6. John Thomas STONE- Abt 1813
  7. James STONE- Abt 1814

from "History of Washington Co. Tennessee" page 504.

GED2HTML File of William Stone Family by Joe Payne and my Stone Family History

During William Stone's residence in Washington Co., he was one of its most prominent citizens and took an active part in church and community affairs. Stone was a Baptist and he and his family are believed to have attended the early Watauga River Church, which is said to have later become Sinking Creek Baptist Church. His civic record was impressive. Besides appearing regularly on the tax lists and in court records as a juror, he was appointed Tax Assessor in 1780 and Captain of the militia in 1790. Moreover, records show that he was a good businessman who bought and sold large tracts of land. Finally after 18 years in Washington Co. in 1796, he and his son Robert removed to newly formed Grainger Co., where they bought land and William erected a grist mill on Richland Creek near the present-day town of Blain. Both participated actively in local affairs, and made valuable contributions to the organization and development of the new county. Some believe William died in Grainger Co. around 1803 and others that in 1811 he removed to Missouri. William married in Virginia before moving to Tennessee, but his wife's identity has never been determined.

Henry Stone and his son William are on the first tax list of Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, having moved there, then Halifax Co., in 1767. William was listed as being 23 years old in 1767. They both lived on the Dan River near William Bean.

Henry was on the tax list in Watauga in 1787 so he must have come with William and the Beans.

The Book "Leaves From the Family Tree" by Penelope Johnson Allen in talking about the William Bean family from Pittsylvania Co. Va and settled early in 1769 on Boone's creek, a tributary of Watauga said he was joined by his kindred and friends from the same section of Virginia where he had formerly lived, and such worthy pioneers as his son, William Bean, Jr., William Stone, Thomas Hardiman and Capt. George Russell.

by Philip M. Hurst, Tazewell, Tn

Ged2HTML File for Thomas Hurst       
Grandfather Thomas Hurst, son of John Hurst and Nancy Nunn, came to Claiborne Co., Tn, in the year 1806. He was the last of his brothers and sisters to settle in Claiborne Co., but there is evidence that he owned land in Claiborne Co., some years prior to that date.

Thomas Hurst was born in Frederick Co., Va in the year 1764 and died near Big Springs (Springdale) on Dec. 25, 1847. He lies buried in Big Springs churchyard. He married Sylvia Breeding (born in Va in 1767), on July 27, 1786. Sylvia Breeding Hurst died on May 12, 1854 at her home between Big Springs and Sycamore Creek.

On October 4, 1796 Thomas Hurst purchased land on the east side of the New River, Wythe Co., Va, from Zediel Morgan. On January 9, 1800 he purchased from Sarah and James Breeding 100 acres on Little Reed Island Creek in Wythe County. In 1804 he sold the two tracts above mentioned to Absalom Hurst, Senior and James Breeding. The deeds mention him as "Thomas Hurst of Lee county", where he resided from the years 1803-1806.

On July 10, 1801 Jeremiah Breeding (his brother-in-law) purchased 95 acres lying in Lee County, Virginia crossing Big Kentucky Branch on Rocky Ridge, from Stephen Thompson for 100 pounds. On December 12, 1803, Breeding sold this same tract to Thomas Hurst for the sum of 200 pounds. On August 1, 1801, Jeremiah Breeding purchased from James Thompson, Jr. 100 acres of land lying on the south side of Powell's River, Lee Co., Va. On December 12, 1803, Breeding conveyed this tract to Thomas Hurst.

While at Thompson's Settlement Church in Lee County, Virginia, Jeremiah Breeding had some difference with Stephen Thompson. Thomas Hurst, a member of the church, was appointed one of a committee on Saturday, august 18, 1804 to settle the difference. Thomas was chosen clerk at Thompson's Settlement Church on the third Saturday in May 1806. He came to Claiborne Co., very shortly after this.

From the records of Thompson's Settlement Church: February 3, 1806; "Ordered the clerk to write a petition to the Rob Camp Church for Brother Hezekiah Applegate's membership and appointed Thomas Hurst to carry the petition for that purpose.

Thompson's Settlement Church was founded on the third Saturday in December, 1800. Solomon white was given a land grant of 700 acres, lying in Powell's valley in Lee county, and by deed, dated February 24, 1793, Solomon White and wife, Catherine, conveyed the 700 acres to James Thompson, where he and his family settled and thereafter became Thompson's Settlement. (Rob Camp was the daughter church of the Thompson Settlement Church).

In Claiborne County on May 25, 1807, Thomas Hurst sold a Negro girl named Dice, about eleven years old, to William Stround, for the sum of $300.00. On October 29, 1807, Grandfather Thomas Hurst purchased from William Stroud a tract of 330 acres of land on Tye's Branch of Sycamore Creek for the sum of $900.00. Grandfather Hurst owned no less than fourteen tracts of land until after the year 1829 when he began to sell and dispose of some of his lands. According to Eathan Allen Hurst, great grandson of Thomas, Grandfather Hurst owned the Big Springs lands and all lands along the State Road from Big Springs to Sycamore Creek. The Hurst families owned nearly all lands from the top of Wallen's Ridge, south to Clinch river, and from the top of Powell's Mountain, west to Lone Mountain, or Ball Creek. Thomas Hurst's home was a large two-story log house which stood on the State Road between Big Springs and Sycamore Creek. Before his death, he deeded his home and several Negro slaves to his daughter, Fetney Stone. In 1837 Thomas Hurst sold 180 acres of land to John Breeding. This tract of land was the homeplace of John Breeding after the above date.

Thomas Hurst became a member of Big Springs Church in February of 1807. In his will, dated October 7, 1846, he provided that two of his slaves, Fanny and Louisa, should be the property of his wife, until her death, and then that they be emancipated.

The children of Thomas and Syvia Hurst were: Aaron, Sarah, Hiram, Thompson, Nancy, Sylvia, Mahala, Simpson, Olivia, Charles, Henley, and Fetney.


From various sources.   Harper GED2HTML File by Joe Payne

The following is a quote from the Claiborne County Genealogical Newsletter "Reflections" and from email correspondence with Gary E. Young, 128 S. Commerce, Centreville, Md. 21617 (email address below).

"In the early days of Claiborne Co., there were two young men named Reuben Harper who served in the War of 1812, in different companies, and who owned land in Claiborne Co. each leaving at different times during the 1820's. It was known that Richard Harper, a Revolutionary War soldier from Orange Co., NC, who settled in Claiborne Co. in its very first years, was the father a son Reuben Harper, but which of the above was his son? One Reuben Harper ended up in Carroll Co., Mo, where he d in 1870. The other ended up in Logan Co. AK, where he d. in 1880. It is clear from the evidence that the Reuben (wife Huddleston) who went to Arkansas was the son of Edmund Harper, because Edmund Harper spent his last years in Reuben's household. The Reuben who went to Carroll Co., Missouri, was the son of Richard Harper. This Missouri Reuben named a son John Forrest Harper for his maternal grandfather, John Forrest. Richard Harper had married Anne Forrest."

Mary Hansard in her book "Old Time Tazewell" describes the Richard Harper of Claiborne Co. and his family;

"Richard Harper a brother of Willis Harper, owned and lived on a farm five miles west of Tazewell, the same that was owned by E. M. Redmond. He was old in my earliest recollection. He had the misfortune of losing one of his legs, having it amputated near the knee. I always manifested a great sympathy for him and called him Uncle. I don't remember his wife's maiden name. I was a great favorite of his. He never failed to bring me a fine apple when he came to town. They raised only one child, according to Mary Hansard's recollection. Mrs. Fannie Breeding (Married Bryant Breeding, son of James Breeding) was a daughter of his. She owned and lived on a farm on the hill this side of Springdale, owned at present by Rev. Manis. She was a widow in my first acquaintance with her. Her husband died leaving her in care of four sons and one daughter: Tennessee, Leander, Prior, and Patterson; the daughters name was Malissa. Mr. Thomas Whitehead was cripple and lived on the Richard Harper farm. He was the county trustee. Some unknown burglars entered his house and robbed him of $1100 of the county's money. I do not remember the exact date, but suppose it to have happened some time in the forties. I do not know that they ever knew who committed this theft. Mr. Tom Whitehead was a good citizen and much respected. This is all I remember of his history".

Another brother named Edmund Harper, had arrived in Claiborne County by Feb. 1814 when he served on the Jury. The same month Edmund petitoned to keep an Ordinary. He appeared regularly in jury lists, etc. throughout the decade, but never appeared in the deed records. Edmund Harper had moved to Arkansas by 1860.

The 1860 Scott Co., AK Census in Revalee township.
Rhebuen Harper 64 farmer b. N.C.
Sarah 63 b. N.C.
Edmond 85 Retired farmer b. N.C.
J. H. Harper 26 farmer b. MO
Sarah 26 b. ARK
W. C. (male) 11 b. ARK
A. G. (male) 6 b. ARK
As to the father of these three Harper men there is only speculation: Reuben Harper born ca. 1737 is thought to be their father.  I will add here through further correspondence with
Gary Young that "there is strong evidence for the parentage of Richard though it is not easily summarized for the average person. In the 1784 tax list of Halifax Co., N.C. (before Reuben moved to Orange Co) Reuben appears in one year with the name Richard Harper immediately following as a non-landowning taxable. It was customary in those days that a son often made his first appearance on tax lists with his father, so this constitutes strong evidence when combined with other facts such as the migration of both men to Orange Co., N.C. a few years later."  Again with help like this we can tie many loose ends when posting
information to this page.

It may be wise to mention that there were early land grants in Hawkins Co., NC, later Tennessee that mentioned Harpers. As this line is by no means considered accurate I will mention the names and where the deeds are located.

Robert Goodlow Harper

Who registered land in Hawkins Co. in 1789.

Page 54, Registration Date March 23, 1789, Transcribed from Book B, Page 26, in consideration of 50 Shillings, NC Grant No. 36, Issued at Fairfield on July 11, 1788.

Grantee Jesse Harper 1250 acres Eastern District On the head of Bull Run and Beaverdam Creek adjoining Henderson and Company's and Robert Goodlow Harper's lines, Beginning at said Henderson's corner red oak then along said Harper's line north ............. to a stake in William Reed's line then the same due south eighty poles.......... then along Donelson's line north forty five degrees ..........
According to the "GOODLOE Genealogy" page B-34

Abraham HARPER b 1705 Spotsylvania VA m 1732 Lettice GEORGE b 1713 - d 1797 (dau of Nicholas GEORGE)

I. Jesse HARPER b 1733 m 1753 Emily Diana GOODLOE b 1733

ii. Robert Goodloe HARPER b 1765 d 1825 m 1801 Catherine Carroll (dau of Charles Carroll)

  1. Charles Carroll HARPER m Charlotte CHEFFELLE
  2. Emily Louise HARPER m William PENNINGTON
  3. Emily Goodloe HARPER b1755 m Robert HYDE
  4. Robert Harper HYDE

The family moved from Spottsylvania VA to Granville Co., NC ca 1770. Robert Goodloe HARPER served under General GREENE until CORNWALLIS left NC. Robert was educated at Princeton, taught school, studied law and became a senator from MD. There were other children, all girls according to the information I was given. I am researching a Jesse HARPER but it turned out not to be this one. I kept the info anyway in hope of helping someone else or maybe eventually tying it to my Jesse Harper. charper@eastky.comClaudia Harper (Harper)

Researchers with ties to Claiborne County are:

Gary E. Young



Jerry Collins

Beason, Botts, Collins, Cox, Dunn,
England, Francisco, Goin, Keck, Laffoon,
Mayes, O'Dell, Sowder

Sue Price Ikerd

Hansard, Hurst, Evans,
Stone, Greer, Day

Conley Ford

Cupp, Mountain, England, Myers,
Duncan, Drummonds, Mays

Don Chesnut

Rose, McCubbins, Robinson, Hunt


Anna L Popejoy

Huddleston, McBee,
Condley, Duncan, Mccrary

Ann Boldger

Hurst, Walker, Moore, Breeding, Green


Florence Hoffman

Rosenbalm, Hurst (Picture Furnished)


Payne, Day, Livesay, Hurst,
Stone, Harper


Gary Brooks

Brooks, Harrells, Parkers, Whitakers

A complete line-for-line alphabetical index of 20,000+ individuals recorded by Paul Johnson, Cemeteries of Claiborne County, Tennessee (2nd Edition). Includes cross-referencing of wives, with possible maiden names and identification of children less than six-years-old. Contact Denny Brubaker for look-ups and additional information about the book.
Hi Joe, I have a home page about the 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment. This was a Union Regiment in the Civil War from East Tennessee. There is information about the regiment plus information of about 1100 soldiers. Some of them were from Claiborne County. I just wanted to let you know in case you have a place for links about Claiborne County.
Thank you, Dave Mathews Cincinnati, Oh

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