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    Claiborne County, Tennessee's August 1998 thru September 1998 Queries

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    Jesse DAVAR   9/28/98 9:38:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    Jesse DAVAR was born abt 1780 in Virginia. His Step-Father was Garrison TATE. Jesse married Martha CANE in 1806 in Claiborne, Tennessee. He died in 1860 in Monroe County, Indiana.
    His children were:
    Jane Davar (m. Wiliam Boriff)

    Eliza A. DaVar (m. James Smith) Patsy Ann, Martha, Davar (m. William Lamkins) Sarah, Sally, DaVar (m. Abraham Mifford) Delilah, Delililan, DaVar (m. Ralph Peter Martindale) Wylia DaVar (m. Rosina Wisely) Ira Guy DAVar (m. Emily Sherrill) Keziah Davor (m. John Lucas) Amanda Davar (m. Joseph Burkart) David Davar (m. Catherine Todd)

    Regarding the spelling of this surname: Pension Records from the War of 1812 give his name as Jesse Tate Dever. February 1833 land records give his name as Jesse Davar. His name is given as Jesse Davers in the 1840 census. His name is given as Jesse Davar in the 1850 census. August 1867 probate records give his name as JESSE DAVER. In the Claiborne Co. court records (1815 - 1823) his surname is spelled in all of the following varriations: Dever, Devers, Deaver, Deavers, Deavors, Davor, Daver, Devor, Davers.
    I am interested in learning about his family, ancestors & descendants.
    Terri Rene DaVar-Howard
    Adonigah FOX   9/29/98 2:52:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    I am looking for information on the family of Adonigah FOX b. Oct 13,1841 probably in Claiborne Co., TN. He served in 8th Tenn Vol. Infantry in Union Army during the Civil War. He later moved to Knox Co., KY in 1865 where he married Martha Leger (her family may have originally been from Claiborne/Hancock Co.) and raised their family. Any information would be appreciated.
    Vern Smith
    Davis, Elrod and Sullivan Families  9/29/98 8:49:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time
    I've posted queries on this group a lot of times, but this time it's a bit different. I got a copy of a deed sale in Claiborne County (book z page 136) from Claiborne's Deed Office. This is from June 9th, 1855. In the deed some of the children and sons-in-law of Alexander Davis are giving this land to another one of Alexander's sons, Walter Davis. I suspect that the Washington Davis mentioned in this deed is the same as my Wash Davis, who I have been unable to trace with confidence back out of Christian County, Missouri in 1859. My Wash was born in Tennessee and had married there to a Jane LAWSON, whom he divorced by 1859. They had a daughter, Mary, in 1852, and she came to Missouri with her Dad. Jane Lawson remarried a John PARKEY or PERKEY and had a daughter, Vesta on Christmas day, 1862. They may have had other children. Wash remarried in Christian County, Missouri.
    Anyway, on this deed, at the signature part is listed all the names, like this:
    Washington Davis (seal)
    Wiley Davis (seal) (as to Washington D.) Joshua Davis (seal) James Wilson Rowen Elrod (seal) Joseph Davis Martha (her mark x) Elrod (seal)
    John Sullivan (seal)
    Lucinda (her mark x) Sullivan (seal)
    My question is to the "as to Washingotn D" beside Joshua's name; does this mean that Washington assigned Joshua to sell (actually give) his land away? Washington, if he was the same as my great Grandpa Wash Davis was not listed with a wife here, and this deed is listed as having been written in 1851, though the witnesses of James Wilson and Joseph Davis to the county clerk and other documents before the actual deed are listed as taking place between 1855 to 1856. My Wash was married around 1852, but for how long, I don't know. So, does anyone know what the "as to" statement could mean, and is anyone researching the Elrods, Sullivans or this Davis line? Or even Jane Lawson's line? All those listed in the deed were sons, daughters and sons-in-law of Alexander Davis and Mary Gouger. Some of Alex's other kids married into the Pearson family. Any information would be appreciated. 
    Orville Taylor or Frank Taylor   9/28/98 6:14:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    I am trying to obtain info on Orville or Frank Taylor, living in Claiborne mid to late 1800's Particularly whether or not they served in the Confederate States Army. They lived somewhere near the clinch river arround Raven's Ridge. I am a descendent of their's and would like to dicover who they were and some particulars about them. 
    TAYLOR, MCCARROLL     Sun Sep 27 22:24:12 EDT 1998

    Hope to locate a member of the McCARROLL family with whom to share genealogy information. My gg-grandfather was Cornelius Alexander TAYLOR of Wythe Cty, VA who removed to Knox County, KY in the early 1800's. One of his sisters, Elizabeth, b. 1786, married a William McCARROLL. The belief is that they lived in Claiborne County, TN. Reasoning is this. My gg-niece, Mary DePRIEST, m. Joshua BINGHAM on Dec. 24, 1811 in Claiborne Cty. It is said they were married in the home of William McCARROLL and Elizabeth TAYLOR McCARROLL by the Methodist minister, Mallison Simms. Mary DePRIEST and Joshua BINGHAM left from Knox County, KY to travel to Claiborne County, TN. Any information regarding any of these names will be very much appreciated. Joyce Taylor Collins La Palma, CA E-mail:
    DORAM   Sat Sep 26 21:32:09 EDT 1998

    My name is Tai DORAM, I live in Danville, Ky. My great-grandmother four times removed. She and her husband moved to Claiborne, Tn. in 1802, she was the daughter of General Thomas BARBEE, the first Postmaster west of the Alleghenies
    BROOKS,HEATHERLY,HAINES    Thu Sep 24 18:56:30 EDT 1998

    My gggrandfather was Dr.John Jasper BROOKS he married Mary HEATHERLY.
    They married in Campbell County in 1856. I found him in 1870 census records in Claiborne county. Mary's father's name is James HEATHERLY.
    I have been told his indian name was James HANIES. His uncle was Lyndon Carter HAINES who was a cherokee chief in the vicinity of Chattanooga Tn before being driven out.
    DUNSMORE, ROSE, and WELLS   9/23/98 8:33:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time
    I`m looking for info. on PRESTON DUNSMORE. He married ELLEN T WELLS, they had a child MAGGIE(MARAGET) DUNSMORE who married LEWIS CRAWFORD ROSE. Any info. on these families would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Karen
    LEE, THOMAS    Sun Sep 20 22:48:32 EDT 1998

    Any information prior to 1764 for Thomas Lee b 1764 Goochland Cty, Va m Jerusha Huff/Hough 8/15/1788 d 1/1838 Claiborne, Tenn?

    Sun Sep 20 17:13:31 EDT 1998
    Doing research on the MUNCY, MUNSEY, PRICE, HARRELL, WEBB, BAILEY, WALKER, JANEWAY families from Caliborne Co. Tn. Will share info with anyone who has same interests. 
    WOMBLES   Wed Sep 16 23:03:31 EDT 1998

    james presley Wombles, born clairborne co., tenn. 1822. 
    DOOLEY   Mon Sep 14 15:45:41 EDT 1998

    I am searching for information about Thomas DOOLEY, listed on the 1830 and 1840 census for Claiborne Co., TN. Moved to KY around 1845. Died there in 1858. Would have been born abt 1792. Paid taxes on land in Claiborne Co. in 1839. Need anything you have. Thanks Brenda 
    MONK, HYATT, HYETT   Thu Sep 10 16:36:02 EDT 1998

    I am searching for information on a Joe MONK who fled the mountains (possibly KY or TN) and settled in Claiborne County (lone mountain) around 1890-1910. He changed his name to HYATT at that point. He was my great great grandfather, but almost nothing is known about him. Everyone who would have known is gone now. I know he was an indian, but don't know what tribe. I would appreciate any information on the MONK name as it is very unusual. 
    HAMBLEN, HAMBLIN   Fri Sep 11 21:13:26 EDT 1998

    Need information on 2g grandparents, Hezekiah (1802-1895) and Rebecca GUINN HAMBLEN or HAMBLIN. They resided in Claiborne prior to 1852 when they seperated or divorced. Would like information on their seperation and or divorce. Ralph Hamblin Colorado Springs, Coloration. 
    BREWER, ROSSON   Fri Sep 11 16:41:18 EDT 1998

    Help! I am trying to locate the parents of my great-great grandfather Jesse BREWER born 3/10/1848 (not sure where). He married Martha Jane ROSSON, born 4/3/1843, in Claiborne County, Tn. on 4/3/1873. Any info would be greatly appreciated
    COLLINGSWORTH   Thu Sep 10 01:02:53 EDT 1998

    Trying to locate relatives of Garrett Columbus COLLINGSWORTH, born about 1896. May have been born on Little Sycamore. Worked at Lynch, Ky. for U.S. Steel, retired in 1958, died from "black lung". Married Lucille HURST and had one daughter Vivian Lee. Father was Abraham COLLINGSWORTH. Mother was Mary ?. One brother, Floyd COLLINGSWORTH; three sisters, Elizabeth, Cornelia, Minerva. Elizabeth married Harvey BUSSELL, had a son named Sewell and lived in Middlesboro, Ky. Cornelia married ? WHITE and had a daughter named Ruth, and also lived in Middlesboro, Ky. Minerva married Clyde Gulley, a police officer killed in the line of duty in Middlesboro, Ky. I am the grandson of Garrett C. Collingsworth and would like to have some history on the COLLINGSWORTH family. 
    POE    Mon Sep 7 20:41:53 EDT 1998

    Am searching for any info on James and Sarah POE. James born abt 1790 married Sarah ?. Had several children in east Tenn, including James, Edward, Merida, Samuel, Mary. Family had emigrated to Floyd Co, KY by 1830. Will exchange info. Thanks so much, Rose 
    WINTERS,MARTIN; OWENS, ALY   Mon Sep 7 17:11:02 EDT 1998

    I am attempting to find the marriange date and location of these two and anything else about the family. The time period was probably around 1900-1920. 
    HOUSEHOLDER, CHITTUM/CHEATHAM   Sun Sep 6 16:52:12 EDT 1998

    Looking for information on Joshua HOUSEHOLDER b.abt 1796 d.aft 1842 m. August 1, 1816 in Rockbridge Co, VA to Sally CHITTUM. Moved to Claiborne Co, TN between 1820-1824; with other members of the CHITTUM/CHEATHAM family. Children of Joshua and Sally were: Sally, Matthias (m. Nancy MARCUM), Joseph H. (m. Lovina HINES), Cynthia Ann, Andrew, Isaac (m. Frances Mae CHEATHAM), James. Isaac and Frances were 1st cousins as Frances was the daughter of George CHEATHAM and Malinda MAYFIELD. I would really like to find the parents/siblings of Joshua. Any help appreciated. 
    EARLS, NATHAN AND ELIZA   Sat Sep 5 22:17:30 EDT 1998

    Researching the EARLS from Claiborne County, TN. I need any information available. I am just starting my search on this name. Thanks! Nathan Earls m Eliza ????, son Tip Earls m Ethel Butcher 
    LEONARD,SHAVER  Fri Sep 4 14:10:40 EDT 1998

    Seeking information on William M. LEONARD b. ca. 1867. Married Margaret Elizabeth SHAVER in 1886. She was b. ca. 1874. Had following children, 2 pro.born in Tenn.: William Thomas, Cal, Clarence, Jack, Lee, Myrtle, Belle, Ruby. Left Tenn. in 1905 and went to Ark. Any information appreciated. Thank you, Rita 
    Rose  Sun Aug 30 01:05:49 EDT 1998

    I am looking for any information on the ROSE family from Claiborne
    County TN. My grandfather was Ralph Luthren Rose, my great
    grandfather was Lewis Crawford Rose, and my great-great grandfather
    was James Rose. They were all born & raised in Claiborne  County TN.
    All but Ralph are bured there. Any information would be appreciated.
    FREEMAN, CHUMLEY   Thu Aug 27 12:58:43 EDT 1998

    Peter Freeman is in l820, Smith co. tn.
    Did he have a daughter Mary Elizabeth Freeman b.l4 Aug. l80l
    married l829 Lewis Chumley l808-l880tn. 
    CAIN   Fri Aug 21 18:00:23 EDT 1998

    Looking fo info on William CAIN born 11-14-1847 in Claiborn Co. He
    had children named George, Hattie, Allen and John. William was a
    minister who started several churches. Any additional info would be
    greatly appreciated! 
    ANDERSON   Thu Aug 20 20:00:32 EDT 1998

    Looking for descendants of Thomas ANDERSON, Andrew ANDERSON, George
    Benjamin ANDERSON of Tazewell. Andrew had a tobacco plantation in
    1820. George married Sarah Jane STARNES of Thornhill (Grainger Co.).

    ROSENBALM   Wed Aug 19 11:33:19 EDT 1998
    I am looking for any information on Hamilton ROSENBALM aka Hampton. I
    am his great grandaughter. The family was from lone MT or Tazwell.
    his daughter Margaret ROSENBALM was my grandmother. any information
    would be great! 
    BROOKS,NEVILLS   Tue Aug 18 22:37:30 EDT 1998

    My ggrandaddy was Wm Floyd BROOKS, known locally as "Black Floyd",
    ggandmamma was Nealie NEVILLS Brooks, my grandpa was Carlie Winton
    Brooks all of Harrogate. My grandma always believed that we were of
    indian decent even though the family members would not talk of their
    ethnic background.  Both Grandpa & GGdaddy had very dark completions.
    I can't remember ggrandaddy since he died when I was 5/6.  Grandpa
    looked like an indian chief whose picture I remember seeing, but
    don't remember his name.  My daddy also was dark completed & had
    indian features.  I am told that the Cherekee Rolls are full of
    BROOKS' but I have not been able to verify this.  I would surely
    appreciate any help that anyone might be able to give me for
    researching this. Thanks for any help that you may be able to give
    DUNSMORE,WOODYARD Sun Aug 16 21:15:12 EDT 1998

    Randolph may have been the son of a farmer named Thomas,unknown. Randolph's wife Pearlie was from Lee Co.,Va. Their children Robert,Allice,and Rosetta. Rosetta married Clyde N Hatton of Knox Co.,Ky. 
    COMBS  Sun Aug 16 13:31:47 EDT 1998

    Looking for descendants of Richard Friel "Freed" Combs who was in the 1900 and 1910 census, aged 59 & 63 respectively, with wife Prudy. listed as Bruda & Molly respectively. Children Noah, James, Frank Fred, Charlie, and Ellen. Richard was b. in Carroll Co, VA, son of Nuell and Francis Combs. Prudy was his third wife. 
    FORD, CUPP, HARPER    Sun Aug 16 12:48:22 EDT 1998

    Seeking ancestors of George Washington Ford and Elizabeth Cupp, both b. abt 1785, Tenn or Va. They were parents of Nancy Ann Ford, b. 26 Sep 1812 in Tazwell, Claiborne Co, TN. Nancy Ann Ford married abt 1830 prob in TN to Richard H. Harper (b. abt 1814 prob TN. 
    BULL,CLEMENT  Fri Aug 14 22:05:57 EDT 1998

    john milun BULL b-march 29,1856.married sarah jane CLEMENT,they had eleven or twelve children.who was john's father,mother,brothers and sisters? what was his connection to richard and sarah c. HOWERTON?john was found in the household of richard and sarah the 1860 census as being four year old.any information will be greatly appreciatted. 
    GOINS, HENRY   Mon Aug 10 19:29:59 EDT 1998

    I am looking for any information about Henry Goins. He later moved from Tennesse to Kentucky and died in Southern Illonois. He was in the 37th Infantry from TN, Co. G. According to TN Library Archives the majority of men were from this county or Hancock. I believe his brothers names were: John, William and maybe Roscoe. Thank you for any information about this family. Ikeagreene 
    SMILEY, WILBURN    8/8/98 7:28:09 PM Central Daylight Time

    Does anyone have any information about Dr. Jacob SMILEY who took out a license 27 Mar 1844 in Claiborne Co. to marry Susan WILBURN. It was no return bond only. Who were the parents of Jacob and Susan? In 1850-80 Hancock Co Susan SMILEY is living alone with her children. On one record she states she is married the next shes divorced and the next she is a widow. Any informatin would be appreciated. My e mail address is Thank you Patty
    DR. TILGEMAN HOWARD MASON  Fri Aug 7 02:08:12 EDT 1998

    My great-grandfather was supposedly born in Claiborne County, TN. I have no information regarding the names of his parents. He lived in Scott County, VA at the time of my grandfather's birth. Dr. Mason was a Surgeon with the 64th Infantry during the Civil War. If anyone has any information on him or his family, I would appreciate very much receiving it. Thank you.
    Joyce (Mason) Arnold, 204 SW Gettysburg Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL 34953-5926 
    Peter and Rachel Madden LEGER  8/4/98 4:35:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    Researching my gr gr gr grandparents, Peter and Rachel Madden LEGER, in Claiborne County TN. They were married 02Oct1808 in Claiborne. Peter LEGER was born in 1780 in SC. Rachel Madden LEGER was born around 1789 in TN. All of their children were born in Claiborne. In Peter and Rachel's later years they moved to Hancock County. Peter died 02Apr1858 and his wife Rachel died around 1884.
    I will share information on the Legers. Mary Leger Littlejohn 
    WILLIAMS & BLEVINS  8/1/98 12:53:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    Seeking info on the George W. WILLIAMS family who I believe resided in Claiburne co. around 1840 and earlier. George W. WILLIAMS b. ca 1800 TN married ca 1830 to Rebecca BLEVINS b. ca 1815 in VA , dau of Wm & Sarah BLEVINS.

    Children of Wm & Rebecca WILLIAMS included:
    Americus b. ca 1830
    Sarah b. ca 1832
    Lavisa b. ca 1835 b. TN
    Catharine b. ca 1836
    William b. ca 1836
    Hetta "Hester" b. ca 1837 TN
    Jesse b. ca 1838
    Elendor b. ca 1839
    Emily b. ca 1843
    Henry C. b. ca 1847
    Rebecca J. b. ca 1848
    George W. jr. b. ca 1849
    This family was found in Carter co KY on the 1850 census but was not found in 1840 . Daughter Hester listed Claibourn co. TN as her birth place when she married in Carter Co. KY in 1855. Any help greatly appreciated.
    JoAnn Cantrell Rt. 6, Box 308 McAlester, OK 74501

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