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Claiborne County has several message boards where you can post your queries.  Old queries are kept as a courtesy.  The email addresses may or may not be valid.  I do not have updated email addresses or a way to find email addresses no longer valid.  Good luck...Margie

Claiborne County, Tennessee's Aug thru Sept 1999 Queries

    William KILLION b. 1768   9/29/99 12:06:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    Searching for parents and siblings of William KILLION b. 1768 North
    Carolina; d. after 1850 Claiborne Co., Tennessee.  One source says he
    married a COLEMAN.  Is the William KEELING who married Alley COLEMAN 7 April
    1810 Orange Co., North Carolina him?  If so, is he related to the Jacob
    KILLION, Sr. b. 16 March 1755 Orange Co., North Carolina?  Also pursuing the
    possibility that he might be related to the John KILLION who d.1816 Surry
    Co., North Carolina; married to Rebekah WELBORN. Any help would be
    appreciated.  Willing to share my research.
    Ima Jean Baker Young
    HARRIS    9/29/99 11:46:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    Looking for information on the following Harris families.  If you have any
    information on any of these people please contact me at
    Thomas Harris b. abt 1805 in VA married Jemima ? born about 1805-1810 - they
    married in Claiborne Co. around 1825.  They had the following children and
    have been placed in Claiborne, Hawkins and Hancock Co., TN
    Manevra b. about 1829
    James b. about 1830 married Aytchera Murrell
    Alfred b. about 1831 may have married an Elizabeth
    Susan b. about 1833
    William b. about 1837 may have served in the Civil War
    Emeline b. about 1839 may have children named Riley and Aneline
    Mahulda b. about 1841
    Mandy b. about 1843 may have a daughter named Eliza b. 1864
    Galen b. about 1845
    Jackson b. about 1847 may have served in the Civil War, may be married to an
    Elizabeth Jane with a son named Charles b. 1872

    Willis Family   9/26/99 9:05:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    I am looking for information on Hugh Willis. He is listed in the 1840,
    1850, & 1860 census in Claiborne Co. Before coming to Claiborne Co. about
    1835, he lived in Wythe Co., Va. and is listed in the 1820 & 1830 census
    there. I believe him to be the father of Charity Willis who married William
    Sharp. Any information would on Hugh or any of his family would be
    BOLIN,BOLEN,BOWLIN   Sun Sep 26 13:32:27 EDT 1999

    I am looking for information on Eli BOLEN,BOWLIN,BOLIN. He lived in
    Hancock Co. and Union Co. He married Malinda? His son Sherman married
    Eva Hammit(my grandparents) they were of melungeon descendent(BOLENS)
    Who were Eli" parents? What was Malinda" maiden name? They had other
    children, but all i know of is George and Mattie  She married Charlie
    Collins they had a child that died in 1900-1910. They divorced. any
    info would be great.

    FORD / SHARP   Sat Sep 25 18:58:33 EDT 1999
    Looking for parents of Stephen Ford/ Melinda Sharp East Tennesse at
    turn of century 1799/1800 three children Isaac, Rhoda, John.  Isaac
    born 1828 in Hawkins county
    HILL   Thu Sep 23 03:05:15 EDT 1999

    I'm looking for my grandparents Wesley & Katherine Kate HILL do not
    know her maiden name or her D.B. or D.D. They were from Claiborne Co.
    TN. They lived in Whitley Co. KY. through there marrage. I found a
    Wesley D.B. 9/17/1906 - D.D. 11/15/1996. but don't know if this is
    the right Wesley. Any info. on the family or past family would be
    greatly welcome. I am working on my family tree, and would love to
    here from you. Thanks for your time.

    WELCH,PARKER    Wed Sep 22 21:38:58 EDT 1999
    Welchs of Claiborne Co.Parker Welch was in the census of Claiborne
    Co.in1840.He had several children.One was named Jesse,born in
    1870.Parker Welch married Margaret.Her age was listed as 50 in
    1840.There was a girl in the household by the name of Eliza age
    16.Will share any info.on Welchs of East Tenn.With anyone who is
    interested.Send e-mail-

    DOOLIN & SMITH   9/19/99 10:26:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Looking for any info on DOOLIN/DULIN/DOOLEY and SMITH families in Claiborne
    County during the early 1800's.  In particular, John DOOLIN, who died in
    Claiborne around 1829 and served in the War of 1812.  His family migrated to
    Morgan County, KY in the 1840's.  John was married to Luvisa SMITH.
    Would appreciate any help.
    Darrold Crites
    BAKER    9/18/99 6:31:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    I am looking for information on George Baker, born around 1777, Married Elizabeth Shriver and they both died in Anderson County, Tennessee around 1847-1860.  George is the son of David Baker and Elizabeth Wolf who died in Claiborne County as far as our records show.  David died 8-5-1813 and Eliz around 1814.

    ROBERTSON   Sat Sep 18 14:13:04 EDT 1999
    Looking for information on Joseph ROBERTSON b. abt. 1824 and spouse
    F.Caroline b. abt. 1826 (both born in Tennessee). They had four
    children born in Tennessee.Three sons Georgia b.1847, James b.1849,
    Thomas b.1855, and one daughter Nancy b.1852. Would like to find
    County in Tennessee that they were from.

    HARRIS/TRUE Families    9/17/99 8:13:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Trying to locate a Thomas Harris born about 1805 in VA.  He married a lady
    named Jemima.  Unfortunately her last name is not clear on the document I
    have.  I have spent a great deal of time trying to blow this name up and it
    appears to be TRUE.  All documents show she to was also born in VA.  They
    lived in Hawkins and Hancock Co. in the 1840-1850's.  Thomas died in the
    Civil War, Jemima drew a widow's pension.  If anyone has any information on
    these people please contact me at the above email address.  If anyone can
    tell me if there was a TRUE family in this area that would also be helpful.
    Thanks for your time.

    JONES, COLLINS, LAWSON    Sat Sep 11 13:13:21 EDT 1999
    Looking for information on Calloway JONES family. He was born in 1863
    in Hancock County; married Artie JONES first and then Mary Ida
    COLLINS about 1902. His mother was either Nancy or Pheobe JONES. Also
    looking for information on Mary Ida Collins family beginning with
    Carter COLLINS and Jane LAWSON (born about 1820). Jane's parents were
    Mormon LAWSON and Elvira COLLINS.
    MOORE    Tue Sep  7 14:26:16 EDT 1999

    MOORE< Enoch   Looking for Possible Arrest during the Civil War, and
    deportation of an Enoch Moore of Claiborne County.   ...Anyone that
    knows about his arrest -or- the arrest of others of the county...I
    would like to hear from you.. Thanks from  tnrebelin@yahoo.con  or
    PO Box 62,  Wolcott, IN 47995  Carl L. Moore

    George Brooks     Date: 9/6/99 11:19:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    I'm looking for any Brooks researchers who can tell me if the George
    Brooks (age 66, wife Cathrine, age 56) who shows on the 1880 Claiborne
    Co. census might have had a daughter named Elizabeth, probably b. abt
    1843?  If so, do you have any idea who she married?
    That census also shows a William A. Gwinn, wife Elizabeth, living in
    George's household.  It would seem that the most likely reason for them
    to be there would be some sort of kinship connection.
    Any help most appreciated.

    Rosannah Willis   9/6/99 11:11:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    This morning while searching the 1850 Claiborne Co. Census, I found my
    gg-grandmother, Rosannah Willis, at the age of 7. The puzzle is, she is
    not living with her parents. She is living next door to her future
    husband, Matthew Whitaker, who is listed at the age of 6. Matthew's
    parents were Timothy and Sarah (Sally) Southern Whitaker. Rosannah is
    listed as living in the household of Garrett Southern. Am I safe to
    assume that Garrett and Sarah were brother and sister. The ages are
    right. Also, wonder is there a family connection between the Southern's
    and Willis's before the 1866 marriage of Rosannah Willis and Matthew
    Whitaker.  In the 1860 census, Rosannah is not listed in Claiborne Co. I
    don't know her parents names or if she had siblings, so going back 10
    years won't help me. Rosannah died at the ripe old age of 105. I have
    her obituary and have been to her grave. I also have a photo of her at
    about the age of 100. She still looks to be rather feisty.  Any ideas as
    to where to go to from here?  Any help very much appreciated.....Gayle

    Josiah/Joseph ROBART   9/5/99 5:13:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Josiah/Joseph Robard was born 6 July 1852.  I don't know
    where he originated from or where he died.  I only know
    that he married Sarah Catherine DANIEL and they lived in
    Claiborne Co., TN--Harrogate or Tazewell.  The family
    connections all lived in the Cumberland Gap area.
    Is anyone else working on this surname?
    Virginia Phillips

    LEGER    Sun Sep  5 17:03:01 EDT 1999
    I am researching for information on Peter Leger, b. c1779 in SC, died
    on 02Apr1858, and his wife Rebecca Barnett Wallen Leger, b. c1789 in
    VA, died c1884.  Their children were born in Claiborne County, and
    they are: John, b. 1809, Mahala, b. 1810, Peter, b. 1817, William
    Franklin, b. 1821, Arch, b. 11Feb1820, Mary, b. 1823, Nelson, b.
    1829, Rachal, b. 1834. Peter and Rebecca Leger are buried in the
    Leger Family Cemetery on Big Creek Rd. in Hancock County.
    If you have information on Peter, Rebecca or their children please
    contact me.  I will share Leger family history.
    I submitted a query with a error concerning Peter Leger.  Peter was
    born c. 1780, m. 02Oct1808 to Rachel Madden Leger.  I believe I typed
    in their son Peter's wife name Rebecca.  Thank you????

    Ferguson Ridge Family    9/5/99 9:02:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    I have just started researching my family tree.  I am the Granddaughter
    of Johnny Fergerson and Axie Hensley, Fergerson, Dobbs (born in the
    Hensley Settlement) - Tazewell, TN.  Daugther of Lawrence Bruce Ferguson
    and Betty Jane Gose, Ferguson.
    Everything I have pulled up on Claiborne County, TN has ties back to you
    and your research.   I'm sure you get quite a few e-mails a day but I
    just wanted to Thank you for all your research.  I'm also sure when I
    get to deeper into my family tree your research will come in handy.
    Beverly S. Luhtanen (Ferguson)
    Northville MI

    REED, DELILAH   9/5/99 3:40:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    I need help on the following:
    My gggm, Delilah Reed, born circa 1830, reportedly had the following
    Jemima Reed, b. circa 1845
    Francis Reed, b. circa 1835
    Louisa Reed, b. circa 1836
    Lewis Reed, b. circa 1846
    In the 1880 Census, Delilah reported that her father was born in TN, her
    mother in VA...... As you know, NC Territory was a part of TN . . so his
    place of birth COULD have been listed as NC...
    Can ANYONE help me?
    Toni Farmer

    BORUFF, ELLISON, BEELER   Sat Sep  4 13:51:22 EDT 1999
    Looking for help finding information about Christopher / Christian
    BORUFF b. 28 Feb. 1806 in Claiborne Co., & Sarah ELLSION  and their
    descendents. Also his second wife Anna ? and any descendents of this
    marriage. Known connecting surnames are BEELER, BURNETT, CURNUTT,
    BORUFF, BUTCHER, & RELATED LINES   Sat Sep  4 13:28:40 EDT 1999

    Looking for information about Valentine BORUFF & Margaret MALLICOAT
    and their descendents. Also looking for information about Barnabas
    BUTCHER & Margaret MOSIER and their descendents. Known counties are
    Anderson, Claiborne, Campbell, Grainger, Johnson, & Union, TN. Known
    states that they & their descendents lived in are CA, IA, IL, IN, KS,
    KY,  MO, MD, NC, OR, PA, TN, WA. For a list of connecting surnames
    contact me at my email address or write to me at my mailing address.
    PETER MESSER WIFE SARAH SHELTON   Sat Sep  4 10:00:50 EDT 1999

    Would like to Correspond with descendants ? Was Sally Daughter of
    William Shelton ? Was Their Mirage Bonds M June 7 1855 Claiborne CO
    Tn Youer Help Will be  appreciated Thanks
    HALL, LOUISA; ELVIN AUSMUS   Fri Sep  3 19:59:45 EDT 1999

    I am searching for information pertaining to my Grandmother, Louisa
    HALL,(June 16, 1878-November 30, 1910) m. Elvin AUSMUS (August 17,
    1876-August 16, 1950)  My Grandmother was known to be a full-blooded
    Cherokee.  I would like information pertaining to BOTH their
    backgrounds. Children:  Flossie, Pearl, Robert, Naomi and Troy
    MCDOWELL, CAPPS    Tue Aug 31 01:15:08 EDT 1999

    I am seeking information on the ancestor and descendants of John
    MCDOWELL, b. 1799 or 1800, TN, probably Claiborne County, parents and
    siblings unknown, m. Rebecca CAPPS, b. 1802, Claiborne County, TN,
    parents and siblings unknown.  They married Oct 25, 1821, in Grainger
    County, TN, and later moved to MO.  John and Rebecca had 8 or 9
    children (birth years estimated):  William b. 1822; James b.1819;
    John Pryor b. 1831; Barton Daniel b. 1834; Jacob Yaden b. 1837;
    Esther b. 1840; Sarah b. 1843; David Crockett b. 1844; and possibly
    Nathan L. b. 1827.
    I could furnish the spouses names for all or most of the chidren, if
    anyone needs those.  Any information on this family would be much
    appreciated.   Eulala McDowell Pegram

    Andrew Lee 8/30/99 11:14:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Looking for information on Andrew Lee from mid 1700s, wife Margaret (Peggy)
    Daniels Lee or any of their descendants.  Andrew supposed to have come from
    Va and Peggy from N.C.  Andrew is supposed to be buried in Claiborn Co.

    Horace M. Capps 1907-1976   8/28/99 4:29:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Horace Maynard Capps b. 1907 Claiborne Co, TN d. 1976 Knoxville, TN
    marr. bef 1930 to Dezeary Savanna Widby b. 1913
    Parents of Horace were: William Wiley Capps and Sinday Moore, further
    info unknown.
    I have siblings for Horace but no dates on them.   Carl
    DR. TILGEMAN HOWARD MASON   Fri Aug 27 20:27:17 EDT 1999

    Looking for any info on my gr-grandfather.  He later migrated to Scott County, VA and then to Letcher Co., KY.  He was a surgeon during the Civil War in the 64th Regiment VA
    Infantry. My grandfather was born in Scott Co., VA 11/18/1888 at which time Dr.
    Mason was 69 yrs old.  Any help as to who his parents were and maybe
    where he was born - any siblings - anything!  I have been able to
    trace all of the other sides of my family except for Dr. Mason.  When
    he was in TN, during his first marriage, they had one son that I know
    of - Boyd Mason.  All of the remaining children were born to his 2nd
    wife, Cornelia Kiser Mason.  I also know that he started all of the
    schools in Letcher Co., KY and was possibly an educator in the Scott
    Co., VA school system. He was known by his family and friends as
    "Doc". Many thanks for any help.  I really need to put this part of
    the puzzle together.

    MONDAY, GRAVES   Fri Aug 27 18:55:33 EDT 1999
    Looking for anyone who knows of the MONDAY family in Claiborne Co. My
    gggg grandfather is James MONDAY. Born abt. 1795, he was married to a
    Elizabeth "Betsy" Hamilton. They had five children named
    Emily,Samuel, Joshua,William(my ggg grandfather),Mahala. William
    married a my ggg grandmother Mildred GRAVES they had four children
    named Samuel E,Callaway, Melvina E, and James. I was able to find
    some of the family in Union Co.,TN.
    Gross Kin    8/25/99 10:32:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    Looking for information on Jackson Gross son of William and
    Drucilla (Cadle) Gross b.near Speedwell ca 1848.Served in Union army was captured and
    died in prison in Richmond.
    Can anyone on the list help to fill in the blanks or twll me where to look?
    Thanks Ed Thompson      <>
    Matthew Bussell d 30 Jan 1844  8/24/99 1:14:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    I am seeking a will for Matthew Bussell who died in Claiborne County on the
    30th of January 1844 and also that of his wife, Frances "Fanny" (Reynolds)
    Bussell who died  in October of 1857. Does anyone on the list have access to
    the wills for this county?
    Thanks so much in advance,

    HATFIELD LEGER LAWSON   Sat Aug 21 10:36:24 EDT 1999
    Looking for info early years1800's Wm. Lawson and Mahala Leger Lawson
    and their children, which were Claiborne and Hancock families. Will
    share info I have already.

    JENNINGS-HURST-CAMPBELL Submitted on Fri Aug 20 19:13:04 EDT 1999
    Sarah JENNINGS who was b. in 1843 in Claiborne Co, TN was probably
    the daughter of James R. Jennings and Louisa CAMPBELL. In 1880, she
    had moved to Denton Co, TX where she is listed in the household of
    Seroi HURST also originally of Claiborne Co.  Does anyone know if
    there is a family connection between Sarah and Seroi?  I have been
    unable to determine the husband of Sarah and any assistance would be
    Dennis Kemper

    YOUNG, EASTRIDGE   Thu Aug 19 10:26:14 EDT 1999
    Trying to locate Claiborne Co., TN marriage record for Thomas Young
    b. 1844 to either Margaret or Rebecca Eastridge between years 1860
    and 1869.
    NOBLE   Wed Aug 18 18:43:04 EDT 1999

    I am trying to find info on Haney NOBLE, believed to be full bloodedCherokoee Indian, Born 1790, died abt 1860 in Perry County, Ky,married Levi Fugate in Claiborne County
    STIGALL, BARNARD   Tue Aug 17 20:36:21 EDT 1999

    I am looking for information on the Lone Mountain Stigalls of
    Claiborne county. My grandfather was William Tivis Stigall he was
    born in Lone Mountain, his mother was Margaret Barnard and his father
    was George Stigall.  Does anyone have any information?

    Patterson/Bolton     Date: 8/14/99 3:21:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Looking for information on the children of Issac Russell and Ely Ann   Bolton Patterson:
    Issac Russell Patterson, born: March 3, 1831 in Giles County, Virginia;   died: February 13, 1905 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, married Elizabeth   Ann (Elyann) Bolton, born: April 6, 1822 in Giles County, Virginia
    ;died:   August 18, 1903 in Claiborne Co, Tennessee.  They were married: May 30,
    1854 in Giles County, Virginia.  One child known: William Absolum
    Patterson, born: January 19, 1866; died: August 7, 1886.  Elyann is
    buried at Cave Springs Baptist Church and Issac is buried nearby.  I
    would like to hear from anyone descended from this family or working on
    the Bolton or Patterson families.  Thank You.

               Dillis Bolton

    ROWLAND    Sat Aug 14 23:26:11 EDT 1999
    I am looking for information on the Rowlands burried at the Rowland
    Cemetery on Marrows Rd 1/4 mile north of Cedar Fork Rd, Claiborn Co.
    and Rowland Cemetery on West side of Kings Bend Road near Author.  I
    am relative sure some of my wife's people are burried there.

    "TENNESSEE R. SMITH 1844-1903"    8/14/99 2:45:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Need parents and siblings of:
    b: Jan 1844 in N.C or TN
    d: 4-29-1903 in CLAIBORNE CO., TN
    married WILLIAM H. TOWNSLEY on 4-16-1868 in CLAIBORNE CO., TN
    Any info welcomed!

    "GEORGE BROOKS 1895-1913"   8/14/99 2:40:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    I am researching the BROOKS family in CLAIBORNE CO.,TN.
    Need the parents of GEORGE BROOKS b: 1-2-1895   d: 12-15-1913  married PEARLIE TOWNSLEY abt 1913.  GEORGE died after being hurt in a mining accident.  Their daughter GEORGIA LEE BROOKS was born 2 days after GEORGE died.
    In the 1910 census for CLAIBORNE CO., TN there is a BROOKS family listed.
                     MARTHA (wife)
                     GEORGE 15
    Could this be my GEORGE BROOKS? He would have been 15 years old in 1910.
    Any help would be greatly appriciated.
    Kathy Payne

    PENNINGTON   Sun Aug  8 00:11:47 EDT 1999
    I am looking for anyone who has information about the Pennington
    family. The area in which they lived is called Buffalo Mtn. in
    Claiborne Co. near Campbell Co. Tennessee. Buffalo is also near
    Clairfield and the Fonde,KY/Pruden area. My maternal grandmother is
    Bessie Pennington Powers, her father was George Pennington whose
    mother was Elizabeth Pennington, her father was Riley Pennington. I
    was fortunate to find several of their gravesites in the Buffalo
    cemetary. Also, I have found a line containing Rosie Pennington and
    her son Dr. Wesley Pennington(horse riding mtn. doc). I have had some
    luck, but haven't found out nearly enough to fill all the blanks. Any
    help would be appreciated.

    Ambrose Sharp   8/7/99 4:35:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Have ggf Ambrose Sharp born 5/23/1824 Lost Creek (then Claiborne
    County). m. Eliz Shoffner b4/15/26 (abt 1840).They lived Lost Creek and
    Sharp's Chapel. He died 1888. Children- Matilda, Wesley,James W.,Isaac
    Calvin, Mary Alice,Greenbury,Nancy M.,John H., Andrew Jesse,Rufus,
    Harriet, Brice M. Believe correct ascending order of birth. Have been
    unable to find parents or relatives of Ambrose other than a Larkin
    Dillon (probably half brother). Ambrose seemed to appear out of the blue
    unless he changed his name. First census for him is 1850.
    Also trying to locate ancestors Alice (perhaps Mary Alice)Greer who
    married Andrew Jesse Sharp in Union County in 1880's. Children: Robert,
    Lissie(Melissa?),Ida May,Mattie, Dewey, Raymond and Vernie. Also
    possibly a Johnny B.
    Mary Alice may have been born in Kentucky. Her father was killed on the last day of the Civil War trying to escape from prisoner of war camp. His brother succeeded. Her father's name Andrew.
    Have a little additional info but thought this message was long enough.
    Thanks for your help.

    I was hoping that someone out there could help me with my CAMPBELL
    CALLOWAY (could be spelled Callerway) classic dead end. Andrew
    Johnson CAMPBELL (also called John and AJ) born in Claiborne County,
    TN on June 15, 1855, his parents were Clarles (1805-1891) and Dorcas
    CALLOWAY CAMPBELL (1811-1892.) Other sources state that Dorcas'
    maiden name was JONES. I have looked for several years, but can find
    little on this family. The family moved from Claiborne County
    Tennessee too Wright County, Missouri during the Civil War. Andrew
    CAMPBELL,was married twice, his second wife was my great-grandmother
    Eliza NICHOLS,they married in 1905 in Hartville Missouri. Eliza gave
    birth to my grandmother Eunice Nichols CAMPBELL in 1907 also in
    Wright County. Andrew Johnson CAMPBELL lived most of his life in
    Wright County, Missouri, and is buried there. Other clidren of
    Charles and Dorcas CALLOWAY CAMPBELL were: Alex, Elisa, Margaret,
    George, Nancy CLEGHORN, Manerva, Serelda, C. C. and Martha ROWLAND,

    Garland Stanley from east Tenn   8/1/99 12:38:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Joe, I found your page through a search on the LDS site.   I searched for Garland Stanley and was pointed to your Crocket page.   I was unable to find any mention of Garland Stanley on the page.  Did I miss him some how?
    Garland was my ggggggrandfather.   He married Eleanor Noble in east Tenn about 1808 and died there in about 1818.
    Family legend is that he died in Campbell Co., TN.
    If he were to show up in your research some where I'd like to follow up and track him down.
    I'll be visiting the Knoxville area this fall and hope to spend some time researching.
    Thanks for a great page and subject

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