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Confederate Pension Applicants


Note: App#s beginning with 'S' = soldier applications, 'W' = widow application.

SoldierApplicantState ServedUnitApp#
Allen, James B. Allen, James B. TN Undetermined S934
Anderson, John B. Anderson, John B. VA 27th Battalion Virginia Calvary S8395
Asberry, Spencer Asberry, Spencer TN Undetermined S833
Bailey, J. C. Bailey, J. C. VA 25th Virginia Calvary S10894
Baldwin, N. M. Baldwin, N. M. TN Undetermined S2545
Barnard, Robert Barnard, Robert TN 37th Infantry S14912
Bartlett, I. A. Bartlett, I. A. TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S10159
Bellamy, Andrew B. Bellamy, Andrew B. TN Undetermined S3245
Biram, S. A. Biram, S. A. TN 43rd Infantry S10370
Breeding, Pryar Lilburn Breeding, Margaret TN Undetermined W751
Breeding, Samuel Breeding, Samuel TN 63rd Infantry S5539
Brock, Moses Brock, Ama TN Undetermined W628
Brooks, Allen Brooks, Allen TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S10163
Brooks, John W. Brooks, John W. TN 29th Infantry S3221
Brooks, R. A. Brooks, R. A. TN 29th Infantry S3528
Brown, G. W. G. Brown, G. W. G. TN 63rd Infantry S3816
Bruce, A. M. Bruce, A. M. TN 2nd Calvary S14162
Bruce, A. M. Bruce, Lucretia TN Undetermined W7782
Burch, Wiley Patton Burch, Clementine TN Undetermined W5311
Burchett, George B. Burchett, George B. TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S4634
Burchett, James F. Burchett, Mary Adalaid TN Undetermined W3167
Burchett, Larkin F. Burchett, Larkin F. TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S13233
Burchfield, James Burchfield, Phebe A. TN Undetermined W828
Burk, Richard Burk, Sarah Elizabeth TN Undetermined W5405
Burk, Richard Burk, Richard TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S10221
Butcher, Jackson Butcher, Nancy TN Undetermined W7506
Butcher, Jackson Butcher, Jackson NC 21st North Carolina State Troops S5882
Carpenter, G. W. Carpenter, Malissa TN Undetermined W5529
Carpenter, George W. Carpenter, George W. TN 63rd Infantry S4591
Carroll, Martha Carroll, Martha TN Undetermined W1160
Carroll, W. T. Carroll, W. T. TN 1st Calvary S2718
Carter, Fred T. Carter, Fred T. VA 25th Virginia Calvary S2771
Clawson, Sarah Malinda Clawson, Sarah Malinda TN Undetermined W5818
Clawson, Thomas J. Clawson, Thomas J. VA 64th Virginia Infantry S13575
Coleman, Calvin K. Coleman, Calvin K. VA 27th Virginia Infantry S8993
Coleman, George Washington Coleman, Rebecca TN Undetermined W760
Collins, Green Collins, Green TN 12th Calvary S3107
Combs, R. F. Combs, R. F. TN 45th Infantry S15418
Corbin, Alvis C. Corbin, Sarah A. TN Undetermined W3500
Cozart, James W. Cozart, James W. TN 1st Calvary S5257
Cozort, James W. Cozort, Nancy TN Undetermined W3850
Crane, William Crane, William TN 64th Infantry S4613
Crutchfield, Amos Crutchfield, Amos TN 63rd Infantry S3895
Crutchfield, Amos Crutchfield, Sallie TN Undetermined W9184
Davis, J. C. Davis, J. C. TN 12th Battalion, Calvary S8995
Debush, Campbell Debush, Campbell TN 29th Infantry S6869
Debusk, Campbell Debusk, Eliza TN Undetermined W3811
Dinsmore, Preston Dinsmore, Preston TN 61st Infantry S2841
Eads, Stephen N. Eads, Martha H. TN Undetermined W2508
Earls, Nathaniel Earls, Nathaniel TN 37th Infantry S2822
Earls, William Earls, William TN 37th Infantry S2823
Essary, Elbert S. Essary, Elbert S. VA 22nd Virginia Calvary S3641
Essary, Elbert S. Essary, Elbert S. VA 22nd Virginia Calvary S2898
Essary, Elbert S. Essary, Martha J. TN Undetermined W4290
Essary, W. E. Essary, Mary Ann TN Undetermined W7532
Essary, W. E. Essary, W. E. VA 22nd Virginia Calvary S9999
Evans, Thomas J. Evans, Thomas J. TN 63rd Infantry S7770
Farmer, Berry Farmer, Berry SC 3rd Battalion, South Carolina Artillery S6398
Ferguson, H. T. Ferguson, H. T. VA 50th Virginia Infantry S14904
Ferguson, Henry T. Ferguson, Henry T. VA 50th Virginia Infantry S14230
Fields, Abner Fields, Abner TN 29th Infantry S2889
Fletcher, B. M. Fletcher, Mary J. TN Undetermined W8201
Fletcher, Franklin Fletcher, Franklin TN 7th Infantry S13542
Fulkerson, Thomas G. Fulkerson, Thomas G. TN 63rd Infantry S12057
Furry, H. C. Furry, H. C. TN 29th Infantry S5790
Furry, Henry Clay Furry, Rosa TN Undetermined W8583
Furry, Henry Clay Furry, Rosa TN Undetermined W10857
Gallahan, W. H. Gallahan, Rachel J. TN Undetermined W4637
Gallahan, W. H. Gallahan, W. H. VA 27th Virginia Calvary S4038
Gibson, Zachariah Gibson, Margaret E. TN Undetermined W4590
Gilbert, A. J. Gilbert, A. J. TN 63rd Infantry S5581
Goin, John Goin, John TN 37th Infantry S4518
Gray, G. W. Gray, G. W. TN Ramsey's Battery, Artillery S2767
Gray, W. A. Gray, W. A. TN 2nd (Ashby's) Calvary S2955
Green, D. W. Green, D. W. NC 16th North Carolina Infantry S11720
Green, Daniel W. Green, Missouri Ann TN Undetermined W5682
Greer, J. P. Greer, J. P. TN 2nd Calvary S2957
Greer, John Greer, John TN 29th Infantry S2976
Greer, John P. Greer, Josephine TN Undetermined W3963
Greer, Robert Greer, Robert KY 2nd Kentucky Calvary S3525
Griams, Joshua Griams, Joshua VA 25th Virginia Calvary S9394
Hall, J. S. Hall, J. S. VA 48th Virginia Infantry S2858
Hall, James D. Hall, James D. VA 48th Virginia Infantry S3187
Hammock, Sterling Hammock, Polley TN Undetermined W1822
Hansard, Joseph K. Hansard, Joseph K. TN 29th Infantry S15453
Hansard, Joseph K. Hansard, Joseph K. TN 29th Infantry S15512
Harrell, N. H. Harrell, N. H. TN 12th Battalion (Day's) Calvary S2958
Harris, Frank Harris, Frank VA 37th Virginia Infantry S14252
Harris, Frank Harris, Jane TN Undetermined W7005
Harvey, Abner Harvey, Abner TN 37th Infantry S3192
Harvey, Thomas Harvey, Sarah Elizabeth TN Undetermined W2677
Hayes, G. B. Hayes, G. B. TN 12th Calvary S5268
Hayes, Green Berry Hayes, Elizabeth Ann TN Undetermined W5525
Hayes, James Hayes, James TN 26th Infantry S6818
Hill, Jacob Manning Hill, Mary Ann TN Undetermined W2499
Hill, William J. Hill, William J. TN 60th Infantry S11087
Holland, William Holland, William TN 37th Infantry S2830
Hopper, Jesse Hopper, Jesse TN 63rd Infantry S2960
Hursh, Henly Hursh, Henly TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S1680
Hurst, Andrew Hurst, Mary TN Undetermined W4018
Hurst, C. B. Hurst, C. B. TN Undetermined S813
Hurst, Chrisley B. Hurst, Amanda Melvina TN Undetermined W532
Hurst, Nathan Hurst, Catherine TN Undetermined W581
Hurst, Nathan Hurst, Nathan TN 12th Battalion, Calvary S2657
Hurst, P. L. Hurst, P. L. TN 1st Calvary S4814
Hurst, Roadman Hurst, Roadman TN 61st Infantry S2373
Hurst, W. H. Hurst, W. H. TN 63rd Infantry S2688
Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Thomas TN 1st Calvary S2719
Jennings, James E. Jennings, James E. TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S9138
Jennings, Samuel Jennings, Samuel TN Burrough's Company, Artillery S8648
Johns, E. F. Johns, E. F. VA 17th Virginia Infantry S6322
Johnson, G. W. Johnson, Sarah E. TN Undetermined W3815
Jones, R. D. Jones, R. D. TN 1st Calvary S4132
Jones, Richard Daniel Jones, Sarah Elizabeth TN Undetermined W6333
Kelley, John Wesley Kelley, Amanda TN Undetermined W1422
Kibert, G. W. Kibert, G. W. TN 29th Infantry S11064
Kibert, James Kibert, Callis TN Undetermined W5712
Kibert, James A. Kibert, James A. TN 29th Infantry S11689
Lambert, James Lambert, James VA 64th Virginia Infantry S2806
Lambert, James Lambert, Lillie TN Undetermined W4311
Laws, John Laws, John VA 25th Virginia Calvary S8673
Leabow, S. L. Leabow, S. L. TN 61st Infantry S10189
Lee, B. G. Lee, B. G. TN 29th Infantry S12319
Lemarr, D. F. Lemarr, D. F. VA 48th Virginia Infantry S11894
Lewis, Abraham Lewis, Abraham TN 1st Calvary S10241
Littrell, William Littrell, William TN 3rd Confederate Engineer Troops S7548
Loop, William Loop, Louisa TN Undetermined W5174
Loop, William Loop, William TN 29th Infantry S2800
McBee, John McBee, John TN 2nd (Ashby's) Calvary S2764
McNeil, A. J. McNeil, Eliza TN Undetermined W2689
McNiel, J. A. McNiel, J. A. TN 61st Infantry S10535
Miller, M. V. B. Miller, M. V. B. VA 64th Virginia Infantry S8857
Miller, Martin Van Buren Miller, Martha Jane TN Undetermined W7572
Morison, J. L. Morison, J. L. VA 1st Virginia Calvary S12263
Moritz, John D. Moritz, Amelia TN Undetermined W1425
Morrison, John L. Morrison, Nora E. TN Undetermined W7842
Mullins, Riley Mullins, Rittia TN Undetermined W1072
Nelms, J. D. Nelms, J. D. TN 29th Infantry S3499
Nelms, James D. Nelms, Elizabeth M. TN Undetermined W6288
Noblin, Charles F. Noblin, Jane TN Undetermined W724
Nunn, John Nunn, John MO 2nd Missouri Infantry S3894
Nunn, John Nunn, Sarah J. TN Undetermined W7491
Owsley, T. A. H. Owsley, T. A. H. TN 2nd (Ashby's) Calvary S2761
Pate, I. J. Pate, I. J. VA 22nd Virginia Calvary S3896
Pate, Ira John Pate, Winaford L. TN Undetermined W4903
Patterson, Houston Patterson, Emma B. TN Undetermined W2481
Patterson, R. F. Patterson, R. F. TN 29th Infantry S11097
Permon, William D. Permon, William D. VA 25th Virginia Calvary S11324
Phillips, J. H. Phillips, J. H. TN Undetermined S2971
Phipps, Isaac Phipps, Isaac TN 12th Battalion, Calvary S2525
Presnell, Shadrack Presnell, Shadrack TN 3rd Confederate Engineer Troops S3965
Pressnell, Shad Pressnell, Martha TN Undetermined W9641
Pressnell, Shad Pressnell, Martha TN Undetermined W8157
Ray, Louis Ray, Louis TN 29th Infantry S5431
Robertson, B. A. Robertson, B. A. VA 22nd Virginia Infantry S4777
Robertson, L. Robertson, L. AL 2nd Battalion, Alabama Artillery S6399
Robertson, Richard Tolliver Robertson, Eliza Jane TN Undetermined W1787
Robinson, R. T. Robinson, R. T. TN 2nd Calvary S3530
Rogers, William F. Rogers, William F. TN 37th Infantry S14913
Rogers, Wm. Franklin Rogers, Lucy Reeney TN Undetermined W10151
Rose, Samuel S. Rose, Samuel S. VA 5th Virginia Militia S4160
Rosinbalm, Wm. Houston Rosinbalm, Martha TN Undetermined W746
Russell, Landers Russell, Landers TN 29th Infantry S13327
Sampson, W. H. Sampson, W. H. VA 64th Virginia Infantry S9854
Sampson, Wm. Henry Sampson, Mary Elizabeth TN Undetermined W6767
Sandefur, S. M. Sandefur, S. M. VA Saltville Virginia Artillery S8261
Sandefur, Samuel Sandefur, Alice E. TN Undetermined W4509
Saunders, Reuben R. Saunders, Mary C. TN Undetermined W8060
Seal, B. B. Seal, B. B. TN 2nd Calvary S7154
Seal, Bayer Bullard Seal, Sarah Catherin TN Undetermined W5995
Smith, J. S. Smith, J. S. TN 2nd (Ashby's) Calvary S11339
Smith, James Sterling Smith, Margaret L. TN Undetermined W10713
Smith, Soloman Smith, Soloman TN 3rd Infantry S3766
Spadling, Wesley Anderson Spadling, Mollie Elizabeth TN Undetermined W4526
Spradling, Wesley Anderson Spradling, Wesley Anderson TN 16th Infantry S9132
Standifer, Benjamin F. Standifer, Sarah TN Undetermined W3420
Standifer, Benjamin F. Standifer, Benjamin F. TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S6562
Standifer, Isiah Standifer, Isiah TN 1st (Carter's) Calvary S3234
Standifer, Steven Standifer, Steven TN 63rd Infantry S2996
Stanley, Scot Stanley, Scot VA 21st Virginia Calvary S15749
Stanley, Scott Stanley, Rosa TN Undetermined W10827
Stephenson, W. H. Stephenson, W. H. AL 3rd Alabama Infantry S9693
Stinson, Robert Stinson, Robert VA 22nd Virginia Infantry S8570
Stump, J. T. Stump, J. T. VA 42nd Virginia Infantry S2965
Sullivan, Squire Sullivan, Squire TN 2nd Calvary S2137
Thomas, Joseph C. Thomas, Joseph C. VA 25th Virginia Calvary S13699
Thomas, Joseph C. Thomas, Sarah Lavina TN Undetermined W7691
Thomas, W. D. Thomas, W. D. VA 25th Virginia Calvary S13543
Thompson, R. M. Thompson, R. M. TN 29th Infantry S2803
Thompson, William G. Thompson, William G. TN 29th Infantry S2966
Thompson, Wm. Alexander Thompson, Sarah Jane TN Undetermined W3853
Thompson, Wm. G. Thompson, Catherine TN Undetermined W4206
Tolbert, Davis Tolbert, Davis VA 4th Battalion, Virginia Calvary S10162
Underwood, G. W. Underwood, G. W. NC 18th North Carolina Infantry S2645
Waller, W. N. Waller, W. N. TN 4th (Consolidated) Infantry S4817
Warden, Robert Warden, Robert TN 2nd Calvary S9642
Watson, John J. Watson, John J. NC 26th North Carolina Infantry S2430
Welburn, Louis Welburn, Louis TN 63rd Infantry S3784
Woodward, Alexander Fletcher Woodward, Sarah Jain TN Undetermined W2407
Wright, Enoch P. Wright, Enoch P. TN 37th Infantry S1274
Yeary, W. W. Yeary, W. W. VA 50th Virginia Infantry S8593

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