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Organized over period from October 2, 1863, to June 27, 1864; mustered out over period from October 14, 1864 to June 27, 1865.



The report of Adjutant General J. P. Brownlow, State of Tennessee, gives February 1, 1864, as the date of John Murphy's commission as lieutenant colonel, and states that he was promoted to colonel July 1, 1864. However, on April 20, 1864, Murphy, at Clifton, signed a letter as major, 5th Tennessee Cavalry. In March, 1864, during Major General Nathan B. Forrest's raid into West Tennessee and Kentucky, mention was made that Major Murphy, Commanding Post at Clifton, had sent two companies of the 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry to join a force which was attempting to run Forrest down. It would therefore seem that the regiment was in process of organization at Clifton at that time. Brownlow's report gives February 15, 1864, as the date of the commission of Major Owen Haney, who was the first major of the regiment.

No further references to the regiment were found in the Official Records until November 24, 1864, when Major General George H. Thomas directed Colonel C. R. Thompson, commanding post at Johnsonville, to have the two fords of the Duck River near Johnsonville picketed by the 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry.

On December 10, 1864, the regiment was at Nashville, with instructions to report to Gallatin, and patrol the Cumberland River from Nashville to Carthage, and report any attempt at a crossing. On December 31, the regiment, under Colonel Murphy, was reported as part of the forces assigned to duty on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, and was still stationed at Gallatin.

On January 21, 1865, the regiment was relieved from duty at Gallatin, and ordered to proceed to Clifton, for post duty. On March 11, the regiment, still at Clifton, was ordered to report by letter to Major General Lovell H. Rousseau, Commanding District of Tennessee. On April 21, 1865, it was still at Clifton, Tennessee, and Dyer's Compendium states it remained there until June, when it was mustered out June 27, 1865. Dyer's Compendium also shows the regiment as having done service in East Tennessee, but nothing was found in the Official Records to substantiate this, and the muster rolls of the regiment which were printed in Adjutant General Brownlow's report contain no information that would indicate the regiment was ever in East Tennessee. The 2nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment, which was composed of East Tennesseans, served for a time as mounted infantry in East Tennessee. It was sometimes reported as the 2nd East Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment, but it had no connection with this regiment.


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