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Transcribed by Linda Rives

Extracted from "Campaigns and Battles of the
Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers" 

Published in 1885

The "Tennessee and the Civil War" Project wishes to thank Linda for transcribing this information.


R. R. McKinney, Captain
M. M. Bearden, First Lieutenant
T. W. Raney, Second Lieutenant
A. M. Downing, Third Lieutenant
R. D. Hardin, First Sergeant
W. J. King, Second Sergeant
E. J. Bearden, Third Sergeant
J. W. Rawls, Fourth Sergeant
W. C. Bright, First Corporal
J. H. Fletcher, Second Corporal
D. C. Dewitt, Third Corporal
J. H. Short, Fourth Corporal
W. B. Blair, Drummer
E. F. Jones, Fifer


Doc Anderson
A. C. Beech
James Billings
W. J. Bland
John Blankenship
F. F. Blankenship
J. K. Branson
 H. C. Brian
J. S. Brown
J. H. H. Burns
J. M. Byers
E. M. Carpenter
J. F. Caughran
J. C. Colbert
A. J. Commons
J. P. Doller
Robert Daniel
C. M. Dozier
F. M. Downing
Michael Doyles
G. W. Dunn
Peter Flannigan
J. W. Fleming
Naris Flint
J. H. H. George
W. B. George
Thomas Gee
H. H. Gray
J. H. Gray
J. H. Griffis
W. J. Grubbs
J. J. Gully
W. H. Hamilton
J. T. Halbert
J. A. Hall
D. C. Harbison
J. W. Henderson
J. R. Hovis
B. T. Howell
Samuel Howell
Solomon Howell
J. W. Jamerson
John Kelly
Michael Kennedy
C. G. Key
Mauley Key
J. H. Locker
J. J. Maddox
N. G. Maddox
Leonard Marburry
J. A. Meesber
J. C. Maroney
S. F. McAmm
---- McAllister
Henry McDaniel
J. Y. McDaniel
J. M. McFerrin
E. J. Phillips
A. H. Puckett
E. P. L. Parr
F. C. S. Parr
W. J. Raney
J. F. Sandlin
John Satterfield
William Simmons
Eli Simmons
Stephen Smith
Lewis Spray
N. P. Steadman
W. B. Stewart
John Sullivan
W. S. THomas
F. M. Thornton
J. P. Loon
W. T. Vickers
A. L. Walker
Thomas Warren
William Watson
J. M. Weigart
H. W. Womack
T. N. Womack
J. K. P. Wallace
O. Walker


Lieut. M. M. Bearden, Captain. 1862
Corp'l W. C. Bright, Captain, 1864-5
J. S. Brown, Captain, 1863
Norris Flint, Captain, 1862


Dock Anderson, Murfreesboro
Capt. M.M. Bearden, Murfreesboro
Lieut. T. W. Raney, Kennesaw Mt
A. C. Beach, Murfreesboro
Capt. J. S. Brown, Resaca, Ga
J. F. Caughran, Murfreesboro
Capt. Norris Flint, Chickamauga
G. W. Dunn, Murfreesboro
T. H. Griffis, Murfreesboro
W. J. Grubbs, Murfreesboro
J. A. Hall, Murfreesboro
J. W. Henderson, Murfreesboro
---- McAllister, Murfreesboro
Eli Simmons, Murfreesboro
A. L. Walker, Murfreesboro
H. W. Womack, Murfreesboro
O. Walker, Murfreesboro


J. M Byers, Murfreesboro


W. J. King, unknown
J. F. Blankenship, Atlanta, Ga
J. W. Jamison, West Virginia
Mauly Key, Chattanooga


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