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Company "A"
Transcribed by Linda Rives

Extracted from "Campaigns and Battles of the Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers" 
Published in 1885

The "Tennessee and the Civil War" Project wishes to thank Linda for transcribing this information.


J. E. Bailey, Captain
T. M. Atkins, First Lieutenant
R. A. Wilson, Second Lieutenant
W. H. Burgess, Third Lieutenant
A. F. Smith, First Sergeant
John B. Johnson, Second Sergeant
Robert Bringhurst, Third Sergeant
L. W. Bourne, Fourth Sergeant
M. W. Wisdom, Fifth Sergeant
Stephen Pettus, First Corporal
Wm. Adwell, Second Corporal
C. H. Ricou, Third Corporal
Wm. McKeage, Fourth Corporal


Q. C. Atkinson
J. C. Anderson
B. F. Buck
G. W. Buck
J. M. Buck
G. E. Burgess
Fletcher Beaumont
Frank Bell
J. W. Bourne
J. D. Broomfield
J. D. Booth
Montgomery Bell
C. D. Bailey
R. T. Coulter
C. H. Bailey
L. R. Clark
L. R. Cooper
C. R. Cooper
W. C. Cooper
Thomas Coulter
James Clark
W. J. Carnell
Cave J. Clark
George Chisenhall
John Dolon
James Davis
J. P. Damron
F. M. Drake
S. R. Cooke
W. D. Eminizer
J. B. Edlin
George Elliott
J. W. Ferkin
Thomas Finley
J. R. Fletcher
?. T. Farley
R. C. Goostree
Daniel Gold
L. T. Gold
Granville Grimes
J. A. Hutchinson
R. J. Haskins
S. Hackney
Wm. Harris
John Harris
Robert Harris
James Harris
Watson Hibbs
F. E. Heatherington
W. T. Hargrave
J. W. Helm
J. G. Hoskins
R. G. Halliday
Polk G. Johnson
J. S. Jarrell
Matt. Leggett
Charles Loftland
C. M. Lewis
G. W. Leigh, Jr
H. G. Marklin
T. F. McCallister
James McCarter
John McCarter
Milton Mise
B. McCormack
Robert Mellon
John Mellon
Wlker Manson
John McClintock
C. P. Moore
W. B. Munford
Benjamin McGhee
W. H. Neblett
R. H. Neal
John Orgain
B. D. Orgain
Wm. M. Orgain
J. W. Oglesby
John O'Brien
J. L. Pendergast
Robert Poole
Thomas Pearson
Paris Peter
W. H. Powell
W. R. Poindexter
Cave J. Riggins
Alfred Robb
Henry Ring
Alfred Simpson
Henry Simpson
Charles Shanklin
Thomas H. Smith
G. R. Smith
D. W. Scott
J. W. Smith
W. H. Turnley
C. L. Thomas
W. N. Trice
John Taylor
Nathan Vick
James Wells
T. W. Walthal
B. F. White
Albert Walthal
B. W. Waller
G. S. Williams. 
Polk Wilcox


J. C. Anderson. Fort Donelson
Robert Bringhurst, Franklin
Fletcher Beaumont, Missionary Ridge
Montgomery Bell, Franklin
S. R. Cooke, Franklin
George Elliott, Nashville
John T. Farley, Fort Donelson
R. C. Goostree, Lick Skillet Road, Atlanta
J. S. Jarrell, Franklin
Matt. Leggett, Lick Skillet Road, Atlanta
Wm. B. Munford, Franklin
Alfred Robb, Fort Donelson
Nathan Vick, Franklin
Polk Wilcox, Franklin
R. T. Coulter, Franklin
R. G. Halliday, Franklin


C. H. Ricou, Port Hudson, La., 1863
B. F. Buck, in prison
Frank Bell, place of death unknow
J. D. Booth, Port Hudson, La., 1862
John P. Damron, Fort Donelson, 1862
James A. Mutchinson, 1862
Robert J. Haskins, Chicago, in prison, 1862
Stephen Hackney, Chicago, in prison, 1862
Wm. Harris, at home, 1862
John Harris, at home, 1862
Robert Harris, at home, 1862
James Harris, at home, 1862
F E. Heatherington, Clinton, Miss., 1862
J. W. Helm, Port Hudson, La.,1863
G. W. Leigh, Jr., Atlanta, 1864
John W. McClintock, Miss, just before close of war
R. D. Orgain, Camp Douglas, 1862
B. F. White, Camp Douglas, 1863


Lewis R. Clark, Jonesboro, Ga
Wm. C. Cooper, Franklin
W. D. Eminizer, Kennesaw Mountain
John B. Edlin, Kennesaw Mountain
J. G. Hoskins, Jackson, Miss
Polk G. Johnson, Atlanta
Charles Loftland, Fort Donelson and Shiloh
Walker Manson, Franklin
Chalres P. Moore, Atlanta
John L. Pendergast, four times, once very severely
Robert Poole, Atlanta
Lewis T. Gold, Franklin
Charles Shanklin, Atlanta
Thomas H. Smith, Franklin
G. R. Smith, Atlanta
A. F. Smith, North Carolina
John Taylor, Fort Donelson
C. H. Bailey, Atlanta and Franklin


James E. Bailey, Colonel
Thomas M. Atkins, Lieut.-colonel
Robert A. Wilson, Captain
A. F. Smith, General Walthall's staff
John R. Johnson, Captain, and A.C.S. Tenth Tennessee
Robert Bringhurst, Adjutant
Fletcher Beaumont, Adjutant Fiftieth Tennessee
Charles D. Bailey, Captain and A.C.S
R. T. Coulter, Captain Company G
Lewis R. Clark, Captain Tenth Tenn
Charles R. Cooper, Lieut
George Elliott, Lieut, Company H
R. C. Goostree, Lieut
Lewis T. Gold, Lieut
Polk G. Johnson, Lieut., and A.D.C. General Qualres
Walker Manson, Lieut. Company G
John L. Pendergast, Capt. Tenth Tenn
Robert Poole, Lieut. Thirtieth Tenn
W. R. Poindexter, Captain and A.Q.M
Alfred Robb, Lieut.-colonel
Thomas H. Smith, Captain Company H
John O'Brien, Ornance Officer

The company was in fifteen battles, to wit: Fort Donelson, Port Hudson, La.; Jackson Miss,; New Hope Church, Ga.; Pine Mountain, Ga.; Kennesaw Mountain, Ga.; Smyrna Depot, Ga.; Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Ga.; Lick Skillet road, Atlanta, Ga.; Franklin, Tenn., Nashville, Tenn.; south of Lynnville; Anthony'Hill; Sugar Creek; Bentonville, N. C.; and in the a great many skirmishes


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