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Company "H"
Transcribed by Sue Bowers

Extracted from "HISTORY of the  Twentieth Tennessee Regiment CSA" 
Published in 1904

The "Tennessee and the Civil War" Project wishes to thank Sue for transcribing this information.

Company H was organized by electing Moscow B. Carter, Captain;  M Fount DeGraffenreid, First Lieutenant;  R. Swanson, Second Lieutenant; P. H. Eelbeck, Third Lieutenant;  Thomas Parkes, Orderly Sergeant; F. M. Lavender, Second Sergeant;  Felix G. Allen, Third Sergeant; and John E. Smith, Fourth Sergeant.

The Roster and what became of each as far as we can learn, follows:

Captain Moscow B. Carter, Elected Lieutenant Colonel at organization of Regiment, captured at battle of Fishing Creek, Jan. 19, 1862.  His post office is now Franklin, Tennessee.

First Lieutenant, M. F. DeGraffenreid.   Promoted to Captain at organization of Regiment;  resigned April 1862, lives in Kentucky.

R. Swanson.  Second Lieutenant, resigned after the battle of Shiloh. Post office, West Harpeth, Tennessee.

P. H. Eelbeck.  Resigned 1861. Died after the war, in Franklin, Tenn.

Anglin, Daniel  Lives at Union Valley, Williamson County, Tennessee.

Armstrong, Ben. F.  Wounded at battle of Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862,
and died from his wound.

Alexander, James L.  Died in hospital, Knoxville, August, 1861.

Andrews, John     Killed in Breckinridge's charge at Murfreesboro, January 2, 1863.

Andrews, Frank M.   Died in hospital, in 1863.

Beech, Fred B.   Wounded at Chickamauga, captured at Missionary Ridge;  died in West Tennessee.

Beech, Paul B.   Captured at Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863. Post office, Williamson County, Tennessee.

Bennett, William   Killed in the battle of Shiloh, April 7, 1862.

Bennett, W. S.     Lives in Williamson County, Texas.

Bennett, J. A.     Lives in Williamson County, Texas.

Berry, Johnson    Wounded in battle of Nashville, 1864, and captured 
and died of wounds while in prison.

Boxley, Philip H.    Wounded at Shiloh, Chickamauga, and Franklin;
lives at Franklin, Tennessee.

Boyd, W. E.    Died in hospital at Knoxville, August 1861.

Boyd, John     Wounded at Shiloh, April 6, 1862;  died from wound.

Buchanan, Thomas    Discharged 1861;  lives in Texas.

Butts, C. C.       Died since the war.

Butts, Daniel     Died in hospital, April 3, 1863.

Butts, J. L.     Killed in Breckinridge's charge at Murfreesboro, 
January 2, 1863.

Byrd, Thomas H.  Wounded at Murfreesboro.  P O. Basin Springs, Tenn.

Campbell, James A.  Killed at battle of Hoover's Gap, June 24, 1863.

Canada, Allen     Captured Missionary Ridge.  Lives in Williamson 
County, Texas.

Canada, Jos. A.  Wounded in a ditch on the Kennesaw Line while broiling a piece of bacon.  Post office, Davidson County, Tennessee.

Canada, William C.   Captured Missionary Ridge;  died since war. 

Carter, Theodore    Promoted to Captain in Quartermaster's Department. Captured Missionary Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863;  made his escape and was Aide on the staff of General Thomas Benton Smith, and was killed in front of his father's house at the battle of Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1864.

Carter, Wad.  Promoted to color guard; wounded @ Shiloh; lives in Tx.

Cartwright, Joseph    Discharged 1862; under age.

Caruthers, Thomas    Elected First Lieutenant at re-organization of Regiment, May 8, 1862.  Promoted to Captain, 1863.  Wounded at Murfreesboro Dec. 31, 1862, and at Franklin, Nov. 30, 1863.  Post office, Franklin, TN.

Castleman, Charles     Died 1902

Castleman, James D.    Lost an arm at Hoover's Gap;  now an inmate of
Confederate Soldier's Home.

Cliffe, Dr. Dan     Lives in Franklin, Tenn.

Cook, N. P.  Transferred to 32nd Tenn. Regiment.  Lives in Ark.

Crenshaw, Hardin    Wounded at Fishing Creek, January 19, 1862.
Post office, Nashville, Tenn.

Crenshaw, Thomas    Wounded at Murfreesboro in Breckinridge's charge.

Cunningham, H. R.  Captured Missionary Ridge.  Post office, Williamson County, Tenn.

Davidson, William   Lives in Texas.

Davis, Buster    Discharged under age;  died since war.

Davis, James A.  Wounded at Murfreesboro. Post office, Dickson, Tenn. 

Davis, Jasper    Died in hospital, 1863 

Davis, John     Discharged in 1862.  Post office, West Harpeth. Tenn.

Edney, Robert    Died in hospital, 1863

Edney, Turner    Died in hospital, April 1863.

Eelbeck, Frank   Promoted to Commissary Sergeant, 1861;  Post Office,
Nashville Tenn.

Flein, Frank     Went fishing and never returned.

Foster, Joseph A.   Discharged May 28,1861;  Post office, Rutherford
County, Tenn.

Fox, Bryant E.    Lost a leg May 22, near New Hope Church, GA;  Post
office, White Oak, Williamson County, Tenn.

Fox, Joe    Lost an arm July 22, 1864, near Atlanta;  now a minister
of the gospel;  Post office, Maury County, Tenn.

Garrett, Wash.   Discharged over age, 1862;  Lives in Texas.

Gee, W. H.    Discharged since war in Hickman County.

George, W. R.

Giles, C. V.   Elected Orderly Sergeant at re-organization of Regiment; wounded at Rasaca, Ga.; was one of the six of Company H who surrendered with Gen. Joseph E. Johnston at Greensboro, N. C.

Giles, Thomas J.   Elected Fourth Sergeant at re-organization of Regiment; killed at battle of Nashville, 1864.

Givins, John       Discharged in 1861;   died since the war.  

Givins, Sharp      Lives in Kentucky. 

Gresham, Jos. A.   Lives in Williamson County.

Ham, Fred      Died in 1863.

Ham, Isaac     Post office, Basin Springs, Tenn.

Ham, Jesse D.  Wounded at Shiloh and at Chickamauga in the same hand; was one of the six of Company H who surrendered at Greensboro, N. C.  

Hampton, John  One of the six of Company H at Gen, Johnston's surrender in North Carolina.  

Harbison, W. J. "Butch"     Post office, Dickson, Tennessee.

Harrison, Dan   Wounded and captured at Fishing Creek;  made escape from prison;  lives at Jingo, Tennessee.

Harrison, Dock     Lives in Kentucky.

Harrison, James    Post office, Basin Springs, Tenn.

Harrison, Harvey   Died at Corinth, 1862. 

Harvey, Robert H.  Promoted to Ordinance Sergeant;  Post office,
Lawrenceburg, Tenn.

Hay, Jesse K.     Died in 1862.

Huff, Sam

Hughes, James     Post office, Nashville, Tenn.

Hughes, R. B.     Elected Lieutenant at re-organization of Regiment; wounded at Murfreesboro, and Jonesboro, Ga.;  Post office, Nashville.

Hughes, W. P.     Discharged 1862;  Post office, Nashville, Tenn.

Hume, William M.    Wounded at Hoover's Gap;  died since the war.

Hutchinson, Alfred    Lost an arm at Chickamauga;  Lives in Texas.

Inman, Jeff     Discharged 1862;  died since the war.

Inman, Jos.     Discharged 1862;  Post office, Basin Springs, Tenn.

Inman, Reuben   Discharged 1862;  Post office, Terrill, Texas.

Ivy, A.   Killed at Fishing Creek, being the first man of Company H
killed in the war.

Ivy, John W.      Wounded at Murfreesboro;  P O, Basin Springs, Tn.

Ivy, W. L.        Died in Florida in 1868. 

Ivy, W. R.        Died in hospital in 1863 at Newnan, Ga.

Jamison, Sam      Died since the war. 

Jones, James      Killed in a falling house in Nashville in 1863.

Jones, John       Killed at Jonesboro, Ga.  1864.

King, Robert      Died at Mill Springs, Ky., 1862.

King, William     Killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862.

Kirby, Mack D.    Discharged 1862; Post office, Terrill, Texas.

Knight, Thomas M.   Killed at Hoover's Gap, June 24, 1863.

Lavender, F. M.  Second Sergeant.  Promoted to Lieutenant Jan, 1862; promoted to Captain, 1862;  promoted to Major at re-organization of Regiment;  promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, 1862;  wounded at Shiloh, and captured in Breckinridge's charge at Murfreesboro.  Resigned in 1863 on account of disability;  died since the war.

Lewis, Kelly   Post office, Fernvale Springs, Tennessee.

Mangrum, John W.  Wounded at Murfreesboro; Post office Franklin, Tn.

Mangrum, W. B.    Died 1879.

Mangrum, Wesley   Wounded in Breckinridge's charge at Murfreesboro, 1863;  wounded at Nashville, 1864;  lives in Cheatham County.

Mangrum, Wiley    P O, Williamson County.

Manley, James     Discharged, 1861.

Marr, Ben F.      Wounded at Chickamauga and died soon after. 

Marshall, John    Transferred to Quartermaster department, 1861; killed in R. R. wreck at Harpeth River on North-Western Railroad, July 4, 1870.

McAllister, James M.   Killed in Shiloh, April 6, 1862.

McFadden, Robert    Discharged, 1861.

McIntosh, John     Wounded at Hoover's Gap; P O, Hickman Co, Tenn.

McKay, R. H.       Wounded at battle of Shiloh, April 7, 1862.

McNeal, Young      Post Office, Fernvale Springs. 

Morris, Nathan E.  Wounded at Peach Tree Creek, near Atlanta; made turnip greens out of briars and "buck bushes"; P O, Grassland, Tenn.

Moss, Newton J.    Post office, Basin Springs, Tennessee.

Murphy, John       Killed July 22, 1864, near Atlanta, Ga.

Newcomb, Nelson    Killed at Fishing Creek, Jan. 19, 1862. 

Nolen, F. C.       Discharged under age;  died since the war.

Norman, Jack A.    Killed after the war.

Ogles, Levi        Post Office, Perry County.

Ormes, William     Discharged, 1862;  over age.  

Overton, James    Wounded at Shiloh;  discharged under age 1862; died 1872.

Owen, Joshua      Died since the war.

Parker, D. C.     Lost leg at Chickamauga; P O, Franklin, Tenn.

Parkes, Thomas  Lieutenant; detached at Decatur, Ala., 1861, and placed on duty in Secret Service Department; later received appointment on staff of Gen. Wheeler; died since our last reunion at his residence in Nashville.

Prewitt, Adam      Post office, South Harpeth, Tenn.

Prewitt, Thomas    Died since the war.

Prewitt, William   Post office, South Harpeth, Tenn.

Pinkerton, Jack    Killed at battle of Nashville, 1864.

Pritchard, Isaac   Lives in Kentucky.

Pritchard, John    Died in 1863.

Pritchard, Wash.   Died in his tent at Knoxville, Oct, 1862.

Reams, W. R.       Discharged 1861; died 1864.

Reid, Peter H.     Discharged 1862; Post office, Brentwood, Tenn.

Rodes, William G.  Elected Lieutenant at re-organization of Regiment; died 1863.

Sayers, Harvey     Killed at Fishing Creek. 

Sayers, W. D.      Wounded at Murfreesboro;  Post office, Franklin, Tenn.;  died since the war. 

Sellers, Thomas S.   Died in 1863.

Sexton, James      Discharged as under age, 1862.

Shelton, G. M.     Killed by falling from train, July 1861.

Short, Henry M.    Wounded at Shiloh and battle of Franklin, and surrendered at Greensboro, N. C. with  "Old Joe", April, 1865;  Post office, Union City, Tenn.

Short, Jesse       Elected Sergeant;  wounded at Chickamauga, Resaca, and Jonesboro;  Post office, Franklin, Tenn.

Shy, W. M.      Appointed to Color Guard, 1861;  elected Lieutenant, 1862; elected Captain, 1862, at re-organization of regiment;  promoted to Major in 1863, to Lieutenant Colonel in 1863, and to Colonel in 1864;  killed at battle of Nashville while in command of the regiment.

Smart, Hiram   Died since war.

Smith, Dub     Wounded at Chickamauga and Resaca; died since the war.

Smith, George C.    Lives in West Tennessee.

Smith, John C.  Elected Sergeant; discharged 1861; P O, Franklin, Tn.

Smith, Jos. J.   Sergeant; wounded at Shiloh, Chickmauga, and Franklin; Post office, Franklin, Tennessee.

Smith, Sam     Wounded at Shiloh; lives in Humphrey County, Tenn.

Southall, Phil    Promoted to Sergeant;  wounded at Resaca, and surrendered with Gen. Joe Johnston at Greensboro, N. C.

Stevens, Thomas    Killed at Shiloh.

Stovall, Martin    Wounded at Kennesaw Mtn.; died since the war.

Stovall, Thomas    Wounded at Murfreesboro; captured at Missionary Ridge; Post office, Franklin, Tennessee.

Tally, Thomas J.    Died since the war.

Tanner, Thomas A.   Captured at Missionary Ridge; died 1901.

Taylor, William E.  Post office, Maury County, Tennessee.

Tierce, J. P.       Wounded at Murfreesboro; lives in Georgia.

Tomlin, George      Captured in Tenn., 1863; died since the war. 

Truett, Frank       Died in Knoxville, 1861.

Truett, James T.    Died since the war. 

Vaughn, George      Post office, Nashville, Tenn.

Vaughn, J. R.       Post office, Nashville, Tenn. 

Vaughn, Thomas R.   Lives in West Tenn. 

Vaught, G. M.       Post office, Nashville, Tenn.

Vowel, Jones        Wounded at Chickamauga and Jonesboro, Ga.; killed in a personal difficulty in 1874.

Watson, Thomas J.   Discharged 1861;  died since the war.

Withers, Ben        Killed at Chickamauga. 

Withers, James H.   Surrendered with Gen. Johnston at Greensboro, 
North Carolina;  Died in Nashville, Tenn., 1880. 

White, Ben E.       Killed at Chickamauga.

White, James H.     Elected Lieutenant, 1861; wounded July 22, 1864, near Atlanta, Ga.  Paroled May 22, 1865;  died as Commandant of Tennessee Confederate Soldier's Home in 1896.

White, John         Wounded at Fishing Creek and killed at Shiloh. 

Whitfield, Thomas   Discharged 1862; lives in Williamson County.

Wray, Frank        Killed at Fishing Creek. 

Wray, Major I.    Discharged 1861.  Died since the war. 

York, Thomas J.   Killed at Shiloh.

The following were the noted six that surrendered with Gen. Joe Johnston at Greensboro, N. C., 1865: C. V. Giles, Jesse D. Ham, Henry M. Short, John Hampton, Philip Southall, and James H. Withers.


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