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Company "A"
Transcribed by Sue Bowers

Extracted from "HISTORY of the  Twentieth Tennessee Regiment CSA" 
Published in 1904

The "Tennessee and the Civil War" Project wishes to thank Sue for transcribing this information.

The Roster for Company A from May 15th, 1861 to April 1865 at Greensboro, N. C. was as follows:

Captain, W. L. Foster   Resigned during the winter of 1861;  Dead.

1st Lieutenant, Bailey Peyton.  Killed at battle of Fishing Creek, KY., Jan. 19, 1862

Lieutenant,  Albert Roberts     Promoted to Captain and resigned May, 1862. Died in Nashville, Tenn. July 15, 1895.

Lieutenant, W. E. DeMoss    Resigned in the spring of 1862, helped to raise 10th Tennessee Calvery Regiment and was elected its Colonel, and died a few years after the war at his home in Davidson County, Tenn.
Orville Ewing, Orderly Sergeant, promoted to Asst. Adjutant General on W. H. Walker's staff.  Killed at Murfreesboro, 1862.

Alford, C. H.   Dead. (Date and place unknown)

Allen, J. R.    Now at Soldier's Home.

Alloway, O. L.  Dead. (Date and place unknown)

Anglen, Dave    Died at Mill Springs, KY.

Baker, F. M.    Killed with General Morgan.

Baker, W. T.    City Judge of Nashville.

Berry, Rann     Living near Gallatin.

Bradford, John     Living at Belleview.

Bradford, Edward   Dead.

Brady, James       Dead.

Burt, W. H.          Living at Lavergne.

Cannady, Madison J.   Wounded at Baton Rouge, died after the war.

Cathey, Sam         Dead.

Cathey, John    Killed at Fishing Creek.

Cato, John      Died while at Knoxville.

Cato, L. E.     Promoted Sergeant Major at re-organization; Killed at Murfreesboro, Friday, Jan. 2nd 1863.

Cheek, Hardy       Died at Rome, GA.

Chilcote, A. B.    Living at Chesla, Indian Territory.

Clardy, T. R.      Dead.

Corley, Seth       Dead

Craighead, W. R.

Crutcher, L. W.    Dead.

Davidson, J. T.    Dead.

Dawson, J. R.      Died at Soldier's Home.

Dix,  Robert       Dead

Elliot, L. T.

Evans, W. W.        Almost mortally wounded at Chickamauga, now living at Fairfield.

Ewin, W. G.     Promoted to Captain, lost his leg at Kennesaw Mt., June 27, 1964.  Died July 30, 1882. 

Frazier, J. H.      Died at Murfreesboro.

Frazier, Thomas     Dead.

Frazier, W. B.     Member of the Nashville Police Force. 

Graves, Henry    Wounded at Fishing Creek, now living at Nashville.

Greer, J. S.        Living at Bellview.

Greer, John         Living at Bellview.

Ham, A.             Living at Narrows of Harpeth, Tennessee.

Hanly, Timothy      Dead. 

Harland, Joseph     Dead.

Harrison, B. O.     Dead.

Hawkins, Henry      Dead.

Higgins, Valentine    Dead.

Hill, W. H.         Dead

Hite, James H.      Dead.

Hobbs, Henry        Killed at Shiloh.

Hogan, J. W.        Dead.

Hull, Robert        Killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 19th, 1863.

Jacobs, W. T. 

Kahn, Julius        Killed at Chickamauga.

Kennedy, William    4th Corporal, elected Lieutenant at re-orginization, wounded several times, losing his thumb by fragment of the bomb shell that caused Capt. Ewin to lose his leg.  Died after close of the war.

King, Anthony       Dead.

Lewis, Jno.         Dead.

Lowery, James       Killed at Fishing Creek. 

McAllister, W.      Dead.

McCross, Tom        Dead. 

McNicholas, James   Dead.

McQuerry, G. W.     Dead.

Morris, A. J.

Moss, Charles       Dead.

Newsom, J. D.       Dead. 

Newsom, Jno.        Dead. 

Nicholson, N. J.    Dead.

Owen, B. T.         Dead.

Patterson, J. E.    Color Bearer; badly wounded at Fishing Creek. Dead.

Pentacost, J. C.    Dead.

Porch, J. H.        Dead.

Porch, W. T.        Living at Bakerville, Tenn.

Richardson, T. G.   Killed by negro soldier in Miss. while on furlough.

Robertson, H.       Dead.

Robertson, W. J.    Appointed Corporal at organization in 1861; transferred to Cavalry in 1862, and promoted to a Captaincy in the Tenth Tennessee Cavalry Regiment.  Wounded severely with Forrest at Murfreesboro; died recently.

Russell, J. H.      Dead.

Rutland, J. A.      Dead.

Schlesinger, H.

Shute, Abe          Dead.

Shute, W. W.    Promoted to 1st Lieut., now living in Nashville.

Sneed, Thomas H.    Living in Nashville, badly wounded.

Stevens, W. H.      Dead.

Stevenson, J. R.    Dead.

Stewart, F. M.      Dead.

Swift, Ed       Killed at Kennesaw Mtn.

Tigue, A.           Dead.

Turner, A. G.       Living in Texas.

Waldren, Patrick    Dead.

Williams, W. A.     Dead.

Williams, Philip    Dead.

Wiles, W. A.        Severely Wounded at battle of Shiloh from which 
he never recovered; died in 1901.

Wolfe, Henry F.     Died several years after the war.

Work, J. W.         Dead.

Wynn, A. J. 

Total Rank and File, 94 men.


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