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Company "A"
Transcribed by Linda Rives

Extracted from "Campaigns and Battles of the Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers" 
Published in 1885

The "Tennessee and the Civil War" Project wishes to thank Linda for transcribing this information.


L. N. Savage, Captain.
Iraby C. Stone, First Lieutenant.
John K. Ba n, Second Lieutenant.
R. B. Anderson, Third Lieutenant.
G. W. Witt, First Sergeant.
G. L. Talley, Second Sergeant.
R. M. Magness, Third Sergeant.
T. B. Potter, Fourth Sergeant.
J. W. Harris, First Corporal.
L. G. Bing, Second Corporal.
M. L. Cantrell, Third Corporal.


William Adcock.
E. K. Adcock.
Isaac Adcock.
Benjamin Atnip.
E. L. Atnip
John Atnip.
Larkin Bain.
R. W. Banks.
James Bing.
W. H. Bing.
Phineas Bozarth.
Joseph H. Bozarth.
James Bozarth.
J. A. Briggs.
W. H. Cunningham.
J. H. Cantrell.
U. E. Cantrell.
J. R. Cantrell.
James Cantrell.
Jehu Cantrell.
John Cantrell.
M. L. Cantrell.
James Cantrell.
I. D. Cantrell.
W. H. Cantrell.
L. D. Cantrell.
B. M. Cantrell.
D. W. Cantrell.
Leonard Cantrell.
W. C. Cnatrell.
Thomas Cherry.
Isaac Congo.
John W. Colwell.
Watson Cantrell.
Isaac Cantrell.
Peter Cantrell.
P. G. Cantrell.
A. M. Cantrell.
George P. Contrell.
Martin Cantrell.
June Driver.
W. L. Driver.
Isaiah Driver.
C. B. Davis.
Meredith Duwese.
D. C. Doller.
Thomas Dozier.
Martin Delong.
Watt Eastham.
H. C.  Eastham.
J. B. Fisher.
S. M. Fulton.
Calvin Fowler.
Samuel Hathaway.
Len Hathaway.
W. A. Hallum.
B. M. Hicks.
Dallas Hicks.
William Herron.
T. M. Hooper.
T. A. Hooper.
Dick Hooper.
James Hooper.
Richard Jones.
J. W. Johnson.
E. S. James.
W. L. Judkins.
Ben Judkins.
F. E. P. Kennedy.
James Koger.
Pomp Kersey
A. J. Kersey.
Felix Kersey.
Calvin, Kersey.
Enoch League.
Enoch Lockhart.
John Lafever.
John Mason.
Bud Miller.
L. D. Moore.
John Moore.
W. C. Moore.
J. A. Moore.
John Martin.
W. P. Maritn.
Thomas Martin.
W. B. Martin.
Robert Martin.
Jasper Martin.
Reuben Meeks.
R. W.  McGinnis.
Elisha McGinnis.
G. W. Maynard.
J. M. Pertle.
Charles Pullin.
Robert Pullin.
W. C. Potter.
O. D. Potter.
Thomas Potter.
J. D. Phillips.
Samuel M. Phillips.
David Pittman.
Robert Rowland.
Jesse Redman.
Ben Rowland.
Dick Richardson.
W. Richardson.
T. J. Richardson.
James Rigsby.
W. G. Stevens.
John Stevens.
J. M. Stevens.
W. B. Sweeney.
A. Simpson.
A. J. Smith.
Burdine Smith.
Noah Smith.
Henry Seawelle.
H. C. Tate.
J. R. Thompson
Fielding Turner.
Garrison Taylor.
Ross Unchurch.
John Van Hosser.
L. R. Witt.
W. Walls.
John Womack.
P. G. Webb.
I. C. Webb.
D. B. Worley.
W. M. Womack.
W. M. Wilmoth.
John E. Warren.
J. B. Wilkinson
B. C. Wilkinson.


Capt. L. N. Savage, Murfreesboro.
Lieut. R. B. Anderson, Murfreesboro,
Lieut. G. W. Witt, Mufreesboro.
M. L. Cantrell, Perryville.
Benjamin Atnip, Georgia.
Watt Eastham, Atlanta.
J. H. Cantrell, Perryville.
James Cantrell, Perryville.
W. H. Cantrell, Franklin.
James Driver, Franklin. 
Thomas Dozier, Atlanta.
S. M. Fulton, Atlanta.
W. A. Hallum, Murfreesboro.
T. A. Hooper, Franklin.
F. E. B. Kennedy, Perryville.
A. J. Kersey, Franklin.
Felix Kersey, Murfreesboro.
Enoch League, Murfreesboro.
Enoch Lockhart, Murfreesboro.
W. C. Moore, Perryville.
Robert Martin, Franklin.
Robert Rowland, Perryville.
William Richardson, Atlanta.
A. Simpson, Atlanta.
H. C. Tate, Lost Mountain.
P. G. Webb, Perryville.
John W. Warren, Murfreesboro.


Wm. Adcock, Camp Trousdale, 1861.
James Bing. Prison, 1864.
W. H. Bing, Prison, 1864.
William Herron, Georgia, 1864.
Richard Hooper, Georgia, 1864.
James Hooper, S. C. 1862.
Elisha McGinnis, Unknown.
O. D. Potter, Camp Trousdale, 1864.
Thos. Potter, Camp Trousdale, 1864.
L. R. Witt, Camp Trousdale, 1864.
Wm. Walls, Camp Trousdale, 1864.
Wm. Womack, Huntersville, 1864.
John Womack, Missing, Ga., 1864.


Capt. G. L. Talley, Chickamauga.
S. G. Bing. Perryville.
R. M. Magness, Perryville.
Samuel M. Phillips, Perryville.
Isaac Adcock, Resaca.
E. L. Atnip, Atlanta.
R. M. Banks, Perryville.
B. M. Cantrell. Perryville.
D. W. Cantrell. Perryville.
T. M. Hooper, Perryville.
Richard Jones, Perryville.
Fielding Turner, Perryville.
Peter Cantrell, Murfreesboro.
John Lafever, Murfreesboro.
Garrison Taylor, Murfreesboro.
B. C. Wilkinson, Murfreesboro.
G. W. Colwell, Murfreesboro.
J. W. Johnson, Franklin.
John Mason, Perryville.
W. L. Judkins, Atlanta.
W. C. Potter, Chickamauga.
J. C. Webb, Murfreesboro.
J. R. Thompson, Atlanta.


T. B. Potter, Sergeant Major, 1861.
R. B. Anderson, 1st Lieut., 1862.
G. W. Witt, 2d Lieut, 1862.
G. L. Talley, 3d Lieut., 1862, Capt., 1863.
W. C. Potter, 1st Lieut., 1863.
J. C. Webb, 2d Lieut., 1863.
L. R. Witt, 3d Lieut., 1863.


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