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Company D
Transcribed by Linda Rives

Extracted from
Hancock's Diary or A History of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry

Published in 1887

The "Tennessee and the Civil War" Project wishes to thank Linda for transcribing this information.

The following is the muster-roll of Captain E. D. Payne’s Company (D):

d. - indicates "deceased" in 1886
l. - indicates "living" in 1886
* - indicates present at the surrender

Payne, E. D., Captain, d.

Petway, R. G., First Lieutenant, l.

Ryan, J. B., Second Lieutenant, l.

Birdwell, J. W., Third Lieutenant,*

Dawson, W. R., First Sergeant.*

Smith, W. H., Second Sergeant, d.

Bevill, J. M., Third Sergeant,*

Hickman, J. A., Fourth Sergeant.*

Knote, T. L., Fifth Sergeant, d.

Walker, E. R., First Corporal.*

Petty, S. H., Second Sergeant, d.

Sales, W. J., Third Corporal.*

Buckner, J. H., Fourth Corporal.*

Johnson, C., Farrier, l.

Maratta, S., Bugler, d.

Cozatt, G. W., Bugler, d

Anderson, Alex.*

Armstrong, H. C., l.

Adams, G. W.*

Alexander, J. D.*

Blackwell, J. W.*

Bledsoe, C. P., d.

Bradley, H. C.*

Bradley, William, d.

Blair, S. S., l.

Brien, W. A., l.

Caldwell, J. R.*

Carlisle, W. G., d.

Camperry, R. J.*

Carler, William.*

Cavender, J. C., l.

Cayee, F. J.*

Dobbs, J. R., l.

Drane, Thomas.*

Duncan, J. H., d.  ( I am under obligations to J. L. McGann for this roll.)

Forehand, Thomas.*

Fox, Thomas.

Galsco, C. L., d.

Good, G. H.*

Houston, J. D., l.

Hunter, William, l.

Haynes, J. C.*

Head, Robert.*

Hutchinson, W. B., l.

Hester, J. W., d.

Hill, J. B.*

Harbring, J.*

Hays, E. C.*

Heiss, Henry, d.

Handy, G. M.*

Handy, D. S.8

Hickle, G. R. H.*

Jones, Joseph, d.

Jones, J. M.*

Knott, R. S., l.

Kirkpatrick. J. W.

Marks, W. P., k.

Mayfield, W.*

McCarney, L. W., d.

Nelson, N. R., d.

Polk, J. A., l.

Pendegras, James.*

Petty, J. M.*

Rhodes, J. B., d.

Ring, A. N.*

Richardson, J. R.*

Robertson, J. A.*

Smith, W. B.*

Steele, E. F.*

Skeggs, C. H., l.

Underwood, F. J.*

Williams, A. J.*

Whittey, D. J.*

White, Edward.*

Washburn, J. M., d.

Woods, N.*

West, E.M.*


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