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Bardstown, KY

Submitted by John Cresseveur

Many thanks to John for his contribution.

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A monument has existed for many years in the Bardstown Cemetery for sixty-seven Confederate soldiers buried there who died in the area, sixty-six in 1862 and one in 1863. Recently, smaller headstones were placed in the burial area for those identified. Seventeen soldiers still remain unknown. After stopping at the cemetery today for the headstone listings, I did a very quick search at the library and found that General Bragg's army fought several battles in the area of Bardstown in 1862 against General Buell's Union forces. During September and October, 1862, several battles were fought around Bardstown. The majority of those listed at the cemetery died during this period. Please remember that this was a quick search. Please also remember that many Confederate soldiers are buried in other areas of Nelson County.

The main monument reads as follows (no date of dedication listed):
"This monument is erected in the memory of the 67 brave men buried here, who lost their lives in the service of the Confederate Government.

Lord God of Hosts be with us yet,
Lest we forget

Marble tells not of their valors' worth,
Nameless they rest in the earth

We care not whence they came,
Dear in their lifeless clay,
Whether unknown or known to fame,
Their cause and country still the same,
They died and wore the gray.

The headstones are placed around the main monument in order of death. For the listing below, I've sorted them by surname. The information shows surname, given name, company, unit (with State), CSA, and date of death. Hope this helps someone.
John Cresseveur - KY

ALLERSON, Charles; Co. K; 37 MISS Inf; CSA, 10/08/1862
ARANT, John M.; Co. E; 34 ALA Inf; CSA, 10/08/1862
ARMSTRONG, Robert A. J. 1st Lt.; Co. D; 28 ALA Inf; CSA 10/01/1862
AYLERS, William; Co. A; 2 ARK Inf; CSA, 10/01/1862
BAILEY, John A.; Co. E; 28 ALA Inf; CSA, 10/23/1862
BEARDEN, William; Co. D; 28 ALA Inf; CSA, 1862
BOX, William P.; Co. H; 34 MISS Inf; CSA, 09/24/1862
BRADDOCK, R. Wilson; Co. F; 3 FLA Inf; CSA, 10/27/1862
BULLOCK, S. W.; Co. I; 45 ALA Inf; CSA, 11/12/1862
BURKE, Thomas W.; Co. E; 7 MISS Inf; CSA, 10/31/1862
CAPLES, Samuel R.; Co. G; 41 MISS Inf; CSA, 10/30/1862
CARLIN, Thomas.; Co. F; 154 TENN Inf; CSA, 10/26/1862
CARLTON, Robert W.; Co. A; 34 ALA Inf; CSA, 10/08/1862
CLARR, James; Co. A; 3 FLA Inf; CSA, 09/29/1862
COCHRAN, H. S.; Co. E; 5 ARK Inf; CSA, 09/27/1862
COKER, John R.; Co. G; 34 MISS Inf; 11/10/1862
COURSON, John R.; Co. E; 32 MISS Inf; CSA, 10/01/1862
COWLEY, Williams; Co. K; 27 MISS Inf; CSA 09/30/1862
DIXON, Blackman; Co. E; 3 FLA Inf; CSA, 09/28/1862
DONALDSON, John S.; Co. E; 3 FLA Inf; CSA, 09/28/1862
DUDLEY, William L.; Co. G; 41 MISS Inf; CSA, 10/20/1862
DUNCAN, Martin V.; Co. E; 32 MISS Inf; CSA, 10/01/1862
DUNN, James; Co. B; 19 SC Inf; CSA, 10/15/1862
EASON, John W.; Co. K; 5 GA Inf; CSA, 10/15/1862
FAITO, Lawrence John; Co. A; 3 FLA Inf; CSA, 10/12/1862
FINLEY, William H.; Co. F; 8MISS Inf; CSA, 09/29/1862
FOWLER, Mitchell; Co. H; 17 TENN Inf; CSA, 11/03/1862
GAIN, Thomas R.; Co. H; 39 ALA Inf; CSA, 11/07/1862
GASSETT, Abraham; Co. E; 32 MISS Inf; CSA, 10/01/1862
GLAZE, B. F.; Co. A; 10 MISS Inf; CSA, 10/03/1862
GLOVER, Augustus; Co. B; 39 ALA Inf; CSA, 09/28/1862
GREELY, Patrick; Co. B; 2 ARK Inf; CSA, 1862
GREEN, John; Co. F; 9 Inf.; CSA, 1863
HART, Moses; Co. C; 16 ALA Inf; CSA, 10/07/1862
ISOM, John B.; Co. B; 44 TENN Inf; CSA, 11/12/1862
KEETON, J. F.; Co. L; 25 ALA; CSA, 10/26/1862
KENDALL, Samuel P.; Co. G; 5 TENN; CSA, 10/27/1862
LAUGHLIN, William; Co. G; 2 TENN; CSA, 1862
LLAMBIAS, John; Co. B; 3 FLA; CSA, 1862
McCAY, William G.; Co. D; 28 ALA; CSA, 11/12/1862
PUGH, J. M., 2nd Lt.; Co. C; 9 Inf; CSA, 10/02/1862
RAY, Edward T.; Co. E; 10 SC; CSA, 10/04/1862
ROACH, Michael; Co. E; 33 TENN; CSA, 10/13/1862
SPRUELL, William J. M.; Co. C; 56 GA; CSA, 10/24/1862
STRICKLAND, George; Co. B; 32 MISS; CSA, 09/26/1867
TIPPENS, John E., Corp.; Co. H; 1 FLA; CSA, 09/26/1862
TOMLIN, John H.; Co. I; 33 ALA; CSA, 10/24/1862
TWILLEY, Jesse; Co. F; 28 ALA; CSA 1862
WALKER, George; Co. A; 3 FLA; CSA, 10/22/1862
WILSON, Albert C.; Co. C; 34 MISS; CSA, 10/03/1862
Unknown; 17 graves, all with date of death of 1862

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