The Paper Trail

Jerry Wright Jordan

If you find a family name on either the Guion Miller Roll or the Dawes Roll you will begin to follow a "paper trail." This trail will take you to earlier rolls or to other records. It will be very helpful to understand what this paper trail is. That is what we will explore through the next several pages.

We will begin with a family who is documented on both the Guion Miller Roll and the Dawes Roll.

In the standard genealogical practice we will begin with the latest record.

The following is a typescript of a complete application to the Guion Miller Roll of 1906. This applicant was admitted to the Roll and also appears on the Dawes Roll of Cherokees.

We will follow this line back in time, taking our leads from these two rolls which were created in 1896 (Dawes) and 1906 (Miller).

[Cover Page]

No. 5180 Admitted.
Nannie L. Hatfield and 2 children, Whitmire, OK
Niece of 1340 and claims through same source. Father of applicant, James S. Fields, enrolled in Delaware District, No. 432.

[2nd Page]

Nannie L. Hatfield
with No. 1340


1.  State full name   English name:     Nannie L. Hatfield
    Indian Name:                        not known
2.  Residence                           Whitmire, I. T.
3.  Town and Post Office:               Whitmire, I. T.
4.  County:                             Cherokee Nation
5.  State:                              Indian Territory
6.  Date and Place of birth:            Feb 28, 1870
7.  By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more than
    one relative living in 1851, set forth each claim separately:
        My father, James S. Fields - My uncle and Aunt, Moses A. Fields
        and Susie Tweedle [?]nee Fields, both of whom died without
        descent - my grandfather, Moses Fields.
8.  Are you married?                Yes
9.  Name and age of wife or husband: Cary A. Hatfield, age 42
10. Give names [English & Indian] of your father and mother, and your
    mother's name before marriage.
        Father   English name:  James S. Fields
                 Indian name:           [blank]
        Mother English name:    Charlotte Fields
                 Indian name:           [blank]
                 Maiden name:   Charlotte Stover
11.  Where were they born?      Father: Cherokee Nation, I. T.
                                Mother: Cherokee Nation, I. T.
12.  Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time? 
        Father: Cherokee Nation, I. T.
        Mother: Cherokee Nation, I. T.
13.  Date of death of your father and mother:
        Father: June 21, 1876 [faded]           Mother: Living
14.  Were they ever enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits?
     If so, state when and where: 
        By emigrant payroll of 1851 in Cherokee Nation.
15.  Name all your brothers and sisters, giveing ages, and if not
     living, the date of death:
        (1) Martha C. Donoho            dead
        (2) Moses O. Fields             Maysville, Ark
        (3) Caroline _ [?] Washbourne   Eucha, I. T.
        (4) Laura A. Denbo              Catoosa, I. T.
        (5) Robert W. Fields            Tahlequah, I. T.
        (6) Maud E. Burton              Collinsville, I. T.
16.  English & Indian names of grandparents: Name - Born - Died
     Father's side                      Mother's side
     Thos and Mahala Fields             John H and Charlotte Stover 
                 nee Cadel                              nee Ward
17.  Where were they born? Cherokee Nation
18.  Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time?
        Cherokee Nation
19.  Give names of all their children, and residence, if living; if not
     living give dates of their deaths:
        (1) Cahterine Ralls                     dead
        (2) Mary J. Phillips                    dead
        (3) James S. Fields, my father,         dead
        (4) Marqurite Smith                     Maysville, Ark
        (5) Samuel I. Fields                    Maysville, Ark
        (6) Martha E. Horsely                     "
        (7) Sarah P. Smith                                "
        (8) Laura V. Yeager                     died about 1900
        (9) Moses A. Fields                     died without descent
        (10) Sophronia Milligan                 Maysville, Ark
        (11) Susie Tweedle                      died without descent
20.  Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land or other benefits?
     If so, state when and where.
        On Cherokee authenticated rolls of 1880 and am a Cherokee allottee.
21.  To expedite identification, claimants should give the full English and
     Indian names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancestors
     back to 1835: 
        My grandfather Moses Fields, and grandfather Richard Fields lived
        in Cherokee Nation east in 1835.
REMARKS: [blank]
Signed: Nannie L. Hatfield, 8 Dec 1906.
Affidavit of William H. Ballentine and Charles M. Ross, who have known
applicant for 20 years and 10 years respectively. [both sign 8 Dec 1906].

Supplemental Application for Minor Children
part of original application No. 5180.

1. Full name:                  Nannie L. Hatfield
2. Residence:                  Whitmire
3. County                      District 6
4. State                       Indian Territory
5. Place and Date of birth:    Delaware District 28 Feb 1870
6.  Are you married?           Yes
7. Spouse's name and age:      Carey E. Hatfield, age 43
8. His tribe:                  Intermarried White Cherokee
9. Your children, ages, and date of birth:
        (1) Winnie  age 16  born 1890 "D.C. 802" [handwritten in page margin]
        (2) Rollin  age 12  born 1895 "D.C. 803" [handwritten in page margin]
10. Were they ever enrolled?
        Winnie Strip Payment 1894 Cherokee Tribe
        Winnie and Rollin for alotment of land Cherokee Tribe
        Winnie Strip Payment Delaware
        Winnie & Rollin for alotment of land Tahlequah District.

Signed: Nannie L. Hatfield, 17 June 1907
Affadavits of Osie Hogshooer and A. H. Mann, who have known applicant
for 10 years and 7 years respectively. [the both sign 17 June 1907]

Guion Miller Roll

ROLL P 272 #13540 FCT COMM #801 - Nannie L Hatfield  - 36
                        13541                           802 - Winnie (dau)          - 16
                        13542                           803 - Rollin (son)            - 11

We will next explore Nannie Hatfield's Dawes Commission file, beginning with the census card.

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