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Gourley/Kite Family Records
The following Gourley names and dates were handwritten on the inside covers of an old arithmetic book in the possession of Jean Evans of Dublin, VA. The title of the book is

A New System of Mercantile Arithmetic; adapted to the Commerce of the United States, In Its Domestic and Foreign Relations; With Forms of Accounting and Other Writings Usually Occurring In Trade

by Michael Walsh, A.M. 1807.

Handwritten on the inside is "C McD Gourleys Book."

The writing is very faded and spotted and difficult to read even with a magnifying glass. I have transcribed this to the best of my ability. Also, I have tried to put together the dates with the names since some of the records were made in the front and some in the back of the book.

C M D Gourley was born 23rd October 1792.
C McD Gourley was married 25th of Dec. 1827.
C. M D Gourley Died October 4th 1839.
Nancy Gourley was born 26th of April 1804.
Nancy Gourley died 5th Oct. 1840.
Lorina Gourley was born 15 May 1837.
Thomas Ricky Gourley was born March 11th 18 ____ & died 11th May 1841.
There is an entry here that is unreadable because of the ink from the previous bleeding through, but it looks like W ____ m McN G ____ was born the 23rd of March 1829. The date is clear but not the name.)
Marcus Lafayette Gourley was born 19th April 1831.
David Nelson Gourley was born 25 January 1833.
Charles McDowell Gourley was born 3rd of April 1835.
Mary E. Gourley was married to James W. Kite on August 4th 1844.
Daniel Webster Kite was born Dec. 5th 1848.

Submitted by Jean Evans
6207 Highland Road
Dublin VA 24084
Jean Evans

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Jane Boren's Will

In the name of God, Amen! Jane Boren, of the County of Washington and the State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and usual memory though … for the disposition of the portion of Goods with which my Heavenly Father hath blessed me, and because I have a desire to give a small portion to my black man Adam; saw it right to make and constitute the following.

First, I recommend my soul to the mercy of God through the all sufficient and meritorious death and suffering of the blessed Saviour through whose constant mediation and interception and through an unshaken faith there in I have no doubt .. acceptance.

Second I submit my body to the dust, its natural element to rest in silence until the morning of the Resurrection when I know it will be quickened and fashioned according to the Image of who is the Resurrection and the Life.

Thirdly, for the support and maintenance of my black man Adam and one small child of his, which I give to him named Caroline to have and to hold his natural Life. She is then to be free, or if the s'd Negro Adam may choose to free s'd Negro girl before his death he may do so at Will. I also will and bequeath to them during their natural lives my young black man named Pate (?), one Milk Cow, twenty bushels of corn and the bushels of Wheat, Three Bacon Hpgs and three of my common bed quilts and one blanket.

Fourth, I will and bequeath to my mother one bay mare called Kelly.

Fifthly, My Will is that John A. Wilds be paid for the labor of his black boy, James Edwards agreeable to one Contract as here tofore, so long as he shall remain in my service.

Sixthly, I will and bequeath to my grandson Henry J. Wild, one young sorel Mare named Fancy.

Seventhly, I will and bequeath to my daughters, first to Caroline one Dollar; Cassandra one Dollar; Sabrena one Dollar; Lucinda one Dollar,

Eightly I will and bequeath to my daughter Loretta all the horses, cows, hogs and sheep and grain that my be at my death, and as to my household furniture I wish my children to divide it equally amongst themselves without contention.

And lastly I name John E Cessin and John A. Wilds my executors.

This my last Will and testament …, In witness Thereof I set my hand and seal the thirty first day of July eighteen hundred and forty seven.

Test, John E. Cessin		her
	I. E. T. Harris	   Jane  X  Boren		Seal
	J. A. Wilds	           mark

The foregoing Will was duly proven in the Court September Term 1847, by the oaths of the witnesses all a … there to and ordered to be recorded.

Jane Boren was the wife of Chana or Chaney Boren/Boring. Chaney Boring was the son of James Boring.

Transcribed and Submitted by
William Bracket and Diana Chesser

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John Wilson's Will

"In the name of God Amen. I John Wilson of Carter County and Sate of Tennessee Being Sick and weak in Body But of Sound Mind and Dissposeing Memory For which I thank God and Calling To Mind the uncertainty of Human Life and Being Desirous to Disspose of all Such worldly Esstate as It Hath pleased God to Bless Me with.

1st I do will and Bequeath to my Beloved wife Ann all the House Hold Furniture Together with all my Stock of Horses, Cattle, Hogs and Sheep. Also one negroe woman named Hannah and one negroe Boy named peter and Half of the profit of the plantation During her life - and After Her Death the Land to Be Equally Divided Between my Son Booker and my son Tapley And Tapley to have the Management and … of his part and his Mother's part During her Life If he … his Mother and Austen … and If A Lawfull Complaint Made appear against Said Tapley the property Left to my wife to Be Taken out of his hands By order of Court and put in the hands of William Widby and my Daughter Elizabeth During their good Behavior Towards there Mother and my Son Austen … and after the Decease of my wife and my Son Austen the two nigroes named Hanah and peter Be equally Divided amongst all my Children William Buckner Excepted By Reason of the grate Charge of his family that I have had So long in my Cear … wise I will and Bequeath to my Son Samuel Ten Dollars of the property Left after my wifes Death also I Leve to my Son John ten Dollars and also ten Dollars of my son William and ten Dollars to my son Joseph - and ten Dollars to my daughter Nancy Herthily - and ten Dollars to my daughter Elizabeth Widby and ten Dollars to my son Graland also ten Dollars to my daughter Rhoda Gentry.

I Hereby Revoke all my other … Former wills and Testaments by me Made. In witness where of I have Hereunto Set My Hand and Fixed my Seal this first Day of August in the of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Six.

his John Wilson (Seal) marke

Signed Sealed and Delivered for my Last Will and Testament of me the above named John Wilson Senr.

In the presents of we

T. Hamilton Jurat
Matthias Wagoner Jurat

Note: Punctuation is by William Bracket. Three dots are used to indicate words or parts of words that he could not decipher. John Wilson was a Revolutionary War soldier. He married Ann Luck. Two of his brothers, William and Joseph Wilson also served. All are from Carter County, TN.

Transcribed and Submitted by
William Bracket and Diana Chesser

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Samuel R. Wilson's Estate

… blue Cassimer pantaloons, 3 waist coats, 4 old Shirts, 1 Red flannel Shirt, 1 black … handerkerchiefs, 1 pair of black worsted Stockings, 2 pocket Silk hadkerchiefs, 1 pair mixed Cotton Stockings. Old 3 pair Socks, old 1 Neck han…, 1 pair old pumps .. of a both of tapes, 1pair of half worn boots – Books: 1pocket book, Staionary papers & amounts of no value, 1 letter of Gen Charles Lee (?), 1 Rules & Articles of War, 1 Rules & negotiations, 1 Hoyles Military instructors, 1 Johnstons pocket Dictionary , 1 Little book pamphlet, fourteen dollars twenty five cents Cash, … Court on Court Martials, 1 small Sorrel Mare, 1 Saddle, 1 pair of Saddle bags –

Accounts for sums due for Military instruction at Greenvilles … Allison, Robert Brakon (?), Thomas Pierce, Christopher cook, David Nutting, … Harmon, A. Hunter, William Kelley, A.P. Hislip, Edward Murphey, Frederick White, …mar Murphey, Jospeh Brown, Jesse Lincoln, George T. Gillespies, Jospeh Holtz, … Mitchile, Jonathan Newman, Cornelius Newman Jr., Jacob Newman, John Maloney for his son, George W. Tole, James Hays, Thomas Lusting (?), Danl Quinn, Christian Dychis, William K. Vann, H. Carter Jr., George Hule or Holy, Samuel …unnan, Alfred W. Taylor, John White, John Watson, Charles Bright – These persons are indebted to the Estate foresaid $ 3.7 Cents for Military Tuition that being the proportion for the time taught by the Deceased Some of which debts are … Carter Schools: Wm Burris Isaac Tipton, John Hawn, Deveport Wiseman, Laben B. Williams, Major Wm Linsey, Wm Ferguson, George Rust, John Scott, James J. Tipton, Abraham Tipton, Samuel Tipton, Peter Wilson, Solomon Ellis, James Taylor, James Boyd, A. M. Carter, Robert Smelling, …uray Taylor, Andrew Emmet, Isaac Taylor, Wilie W. Williams, Joseph Cooper, Benjm Brewer, Jed Dubeap (?), Samuel Hensely, B. G. Harris, Jacob Tipton. John Tobe, E. C. Renfroe, George W. Carter, William Stover, William Hindcuk, Robert Steward – These persons are indebted to the estate aforesaid $3.87 Cents for Military Tuition that being the proportion for the time taught by the Deceased Some of which debts are … Blountvilles School: William King 4 Schollars, Thomas White, James King Jr. 2 Schollars, Wm M. Cay, Garret F. Johnson, Mathew Rhea Jr., Robert Burrows, Saml Netherland*, Sampson Broshores, John Thayer, James Pheagan 2 Schollars, James P. Huls, Jacob K. Inoff (?), Harry Key, Wm h. Denny – These persons are indebted to the Estate aforesaid $3.87 Cents for Military Tuition that being the proportion for the time taught by the Deceased Some of which debts are … - Wm Key proves that Deceased agreed to take pay for but 2 Schollars from him – Hawkins School: Joseph Hufmaster, D. Allexander, Richd H. Mitchale, Saml. Wilson Jr., Peter Parsons, Michael M. Mcann, Thomas Mathews, john Shough, James Gross, Jospeh Morrison, Stephen Wear, John a. Mmunn, James Sanders, Wm Cloud, James Baker, David Rodgers, John Smith, Saml Acton, Saml. D. Hauser, Stokley D. Mathews, Charles Bishop, Ephraim Puroyne, Thomas Vaughn, George Morrison, … M. Jackson, Partick Carey, Pleasant C. Rynolds, Robert W. Gellingworths, Wm E. Cock, Francis S. Kenner, Smauel Hamblens, Edwin Lizimore, Arthur G. young, James Young, Harvey Young, Eldridge Hoard, Samuel Williams, John K. Dan, (run away), James Francissco, Louis Christian, Wm Brooks, James Bird, Philip Meper, Joseph Rodgers – These persons are indebted to the estate aforesaid $ 3.6 Ό that being the proportion for the time taught by the Deceased Some of which debts are Disperate (?) Washington School: Jard Hachell, Wm Bayles, Jno Nelson, Hugh Montgomery, P L …, Thos. Kenard, Mark Anderson, Wm E. Derrick, Robt Rankin, Richd Smith, Joseph Stoeney, Elfew Packs, Wm Adkinson, Jno Blair, Jas P. Caster, Harmon C. Smith, Joe B. Bacon, Hiza Bayless, Jno a. Aehin, Wm M. Cassey, Saml Borandon, Wm riley, … Hampton, Wm Brown Cove, Wm Brown of Ala, Wm Brown of GR, Thos Greshan ½ Schollar, Wm Cox ½ Schollar, … M. Smith, P. Vann, Saml May, Alex Campbell, Wm Atkinson, Barnet Martin, Saml R. Brown, Thos Walker, Wm Cook, Elijah Kelly, Wm D. Jones, Jas S. Johnston, G. C. Harris, Col. Bayles, John Hunter, D. G. Vann, Alex M. Good D. M. Gunn. These persons are indebted to the estate aforesaid $387 Cents being the proportion for the time taught by the Deceased Some of which debts are … This Inventory is Correct So far as has come to my knowledge as yet 7 is therefore an additional inventory in addition to the one heretofore rendered
P. Parsons Adm of
Filed at January Sessions 1819 Saml S. Wilson Deceased

Amount of Sales of the estate of Major Samuel S. Wilson Deceased

								D	Cents
1 Saddle & …					Sold	at	13	12
1 Pair Saddle bags				ditto	at	 5	--
1 Mare						ditto	at	90	--
1 Silver Watch				ditto	at	25	--
1 M. Combs Calvary/Lus Memories/Law United States 	 4	50
1 Bucele							 2	6 Ό
1 Hat								 5
1 pair Shoes							 ''	26
1 Pocket Dictionary						 ''	90
1 Derk								 13	50
1 Pair pumps							  1	31 Ό
2 Razor Strops & box & Sack				  2	50
1 Lot clothing						 10	12
1 Coat								 10	 6 ½
1 Pair Pantaloons						  5	75
1 waist Coat							  3	62
Handkercheif waist coat & buttons 		  	  3	--
A number of Pamphlets		 			  2	25
								$209  98 Ό

The above amount exhibits the amount of the Sales of the personal estate of Major Samuel S. Wilson Deceased Sold at Rogerville Tennessee July 15th 1819 Filed at July Sessions 1819 P. Parsons Adm

Per Diana Chesser: *Netherland Inn was in Sullivan County on the Holston River, the inn was owned by the Netherland family. The spelling back then may have been Nitherland, so I wasn't sure about this spelling. The Inn is still standing, a tourist site in Kingsport, you can probably find a picture of it on the internet.

Transcribed and Submitted by
William Bracket and Diana Chesser

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Samuel Wilson's Will

State of Tennessee Carter County

In the name of God amen. I Samuel Wilson being weak in Body but of Sound mind and memory Do make this my Last Will and Testament. I first recommend my Soul to God from whence it Came.

I first will and bequeath to my Sons George and Hugh that Tract of Land on the South Side of Wattauga above the mouth of Elk and that to be equally Divided

2 Item I will to my son John the miller place on Doe River

3. Item I will Catherine Bowman the Tract of Land where Said Bowman Lately occupied west Side of Doe River.

4th Item I will to Nacha Brumet a Tract of Land known by the Sink Hole place.

5th I will to Joseph and Leavy (Leroy?) Wilson a Horse breast apron worth fifty Dollars Each.

6th I will and bequeath my beloved wife her choice of one out my Stock of Horses two Cows and all the house Hold furniture the balance of my property Such as Hogs, Cattle, Hogs, Sheep. Debts, notes, farming utensils be Sold at public … and Divided … with the Children Given … this 14th Day of April 1827

I appoint my Son John my Executor to my Samuel Wilson (Seal)
Last Will and Testament

Ann X …

Note: The punctuation is by William Bracket. Three dots represent words that he could not cannot decipher. (?) is used for words that he was unsure of. Samuel Wilson was a son of John and Ann Wilson.

Transcribed and Submitted by
William Bracket and Diana Chesser

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Will of Jerimiah Bogart

Transcribed Will of Jeremiah Bogart
24th day of January AD 1837
(Photocopy of original on file)

In the name of God, Amen.
Be it known and remembered that I Jeremiah Bogart of Washington County and State of Tennessee.  Being sick and weak in body but retaining my mind and memory. Make this my last will and testament.

First I commend myself to God and his mercy.  And secondly that my funeral expense with all my just debts to be paid out of such property as can be best spared from my family.  And thirdly I will that my beloved wife Elizabeth remain on the Land and have the control of all the property, to rase and school the children during her widow-hood. And should she live till the youngest child comes to the age of twenty one; the property then with the Land sold and equally divided between her and my children.

But in __ she marries. It is then my will that all the goods and chattels be sold to the highest bider and the money arising therefrom, kept at interest; and as the Heirs attain to age pay them off till the last one paid. Then the Land sold by a sufficient publick notice first being given and the money equally divided as above. But should my beloved wife Elizabeth not survive the time above anticipated at her death all the goods and chattels sold at public sale and retained at interest for the children only so much as may be necessary for schooling as under the limitation that the Law gives to Guardians.

And lastly I ordain and appoint my friend John Wright my Executor this 24th day of January AD 1837.

Signed and acknowledged   
In presence of ______
Jerimiah X Bogart (seal)
Geo Williams X
Isaac C. Hammer X

Washington County TN Copies of Early Wills, Book A-C 1777-1889, B Section, P. 80

    Jeremiah Bogart (Nov. 1799-Jan. 28, 1837) married Elizabeth M. Williams (Oct. 23, 1800-Aug. 18, 1860).  They are buried at the Higgins-Bowman Cemetery Unicoi County TN – as of October 2003, Elizabeth's gravestone was still standing – Jeremiah's was not found (Source: Charlotte Slagle – WAG)

Submitted by
Margaret Johnson

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Will of Samuel Bogart, Jr.

Transcribed Will of Samuel Bogart Jr.
22nd Day of October 1833
(Photocopy of original on file)

In the name of God, Amen.
I Samuel Bogart of Carter County and state of Tennessee Being in Reasonable Health and perfect mind and memory thanks be to God - therefore calling to mind the mortality of the Body and knowing that it is appointed to all men once To die. Do make order this my Last Will and Testament that is to say - principal and first of all I Recommend my soul into the Hands of almighty God that gave it and my body to the Earth to be Buried in a christian manner at the Discretion of my friends -- Touching my Worliy Goods & Estate - wher with I Have Been Blesd with I Give and Dispose of In the following manner -

Item 1  I Give to my son Jeremiah Bogart the planation in Washington County where on said Jeremiah
           now lives.
Item 2  I give to my Beloved Daughter Lyia Bogart all my land of the Home place that Lays on the
           West side of the creek.
Item 3  I give to my Daughter Margret McNabb all that part of the Home place that Lays on the
           East side of the creek.
Item 4  And after my Death If there is any propty I desire that it be devided between my three children.
Item 5  I do constitute and appoint my son Jeremiah Bogart Executor of this my Last Will and
           Testament and I do set mute and Void all former wills making this my Last will in Witness
           Whir of.

I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of October 1833. Wttes Samuel Bogart ( seal )

Schedule to
Saml Bogart's


      To all to whom these presents shall come We Jeremiah Bogart Lyda Eckard and Jacob Eckard Margaret McNabb and Andrew T McNabb being the heirs of Samuel Bogart Dest late of Carter County and State of Tess. And Mary Bogart widow and relick of the said Samuel Bogart Dst send Greeting.

     Whereas the said Samuel Bogart died possessed of two tracks or parcels of land; one in the Greesy Cove where on the said Jeremiah lives on: The other in Carter County where the said Samuel lived and died on. And also other property which will be hereafter more particular mention. And that then was found in his desk a paper under seal "Samuel Bogarts Will" without any subscribing witness which said writing divides the land as to give Jeremiah all the cove land and Margaret the East and Lyda the West side of the Buffalow Creek lands. And that the said paper or will directs that the remaining part of his property be divided between his three children as above named, making no provision for the comfort and support of the widow.

     It is therefore hereby agreed by the said heirs in addition to the said Will that the said Mary have her support and maintainance with her daughter Lyda in the house she now lives in. And that the widow take of the house hold furniture and kitchen all excepting such articles as will be hereafter named also a young mare saddle and bridle, two milk cows, eight head of Sheep, ten head of hogs, the Geese and poultry, the twenty four hour Clock, the Cubboard and desk, two feather beds with their appertenances six Chairs, the kegs and wind Mill tables.

     The remaining parts of the said property, money, and debts. Viz a waggon and gears, plows and harrows The ballance of the stock of cattle, hogs and sheep Smith tools; two stills and all of their appertenances, a horse and eight day clock, a rifle gun and all other parts which is not for the widow support and maintainance is to be divided as fast as can be mutually agreed on between the said Heirs the ballance to be sold to the highest bider on nine or twelve months Credit and the money equally divided as above.

     And it is further ___ agreed that because the said widow is to have a life Estate on Lyda's portion; that at the said widows death Lydas is to have all the property reserved for her convenience and support to be the said Lyda's and Jacob Eckards forever.

     And further we agree that Jeremiah Bogart have all the said mentioned land in the Cove with all of its appertenances to him, his heirs, and asigns for ever from the rest of us our heirs. And Lyda to have the west side of Buffalow Creek of his Carter Lands with all the appertenances there to belonging to her and her heirs and asigns for ever from the rest of us our heirs. And to Margaret all of the East side of Buffalow Creek ajoining Lydas to be the said Margarets her heirs and asigns forever from the rest of us our heirs. With all its appurtenances there to belong with one exception that is, Lyda is to have a free privelege of the spring that supplies the house with water with privelege to keep up the acquaducts with as little injury to the land as possible. And that a fence is necessary to divide the two last mentioned lotts each one is to make and keep up a good sufficient fence half the distance say on his on land with the meanderings of the Creek joining in the center of the extremes.

     And further as Jeremiah Bogart is mentioned in the paper purporting to be the will as the Executor of this said Estate. We also agree to the same with this agreements as a schedule to the same ___ And lastly for the faithful performance of these present we the said parties bind our selves each to the other in the final sum of one thousand dollars to stand and abide to the conditions above named in witness whereof we have set too our hands and affixed our seals this May the 7th 1836.

Signed and  acknowledged             Jeremiah Bogart (Seal)
By all but Jeremiah in the           Lydia Ekard   (Seal)
Presence of                          Jacob Ekard    (Seal)
     John Wright                     Margaret Mcnabb   (Seal)
     Isaac C. Hammer                 Andrew T. McNabb   (Seal)
                                     Mary Bogart   (Seal)

Signed and acknowledged                                
by Jeremiah Bogart
Signed In the presence of
     John Wright  &
     Isaac C. Hammer
Carter County Wills and Inventories 1794-1847, Page 83

Submitted by
Margaret Johnson

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