Campbell County Tennessee Wills, Bonds, and Inventories
transcribed by Helen Hoke Smith
Robert C. Smith


page 279, 280, 281, 282, 283

I, Robert Smith, of the County of Campbell and State of Tennessee, do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.
      First I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my deathas possible out of any moneys that I may die possessed of, or may first come into the hands of my executors.
     Secondly, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Sarah, all the balance of my estate, both real and personal, of every description and kind whatsoever, during her natural life.  This with the following exception.  At my death I bequeath unto my son, Sterling Smith, my negro boy Dameron, also to my daughter Nancy Hope, my negro girl, Betty, to have and to hold said Betty and her increase during her natural life, and after her death to desend to the heirs of her body forever.
     Thirdly, at the death of my aforesaid wife, Sarah, I give and bequeath my son Franklin M. Smith the plantation where I now live, including the mill, distillery &c. to have and to hold the same to himself & his heirs forever.
     Fourthly at the death of my wife aforesaid, I give and bequeath to my daughter, Elizabeth Cliborn, five dollars.
     Fifthly at the death of my wife, Sarah, I direct and bequeath that all the balance of my property not specially bequeath be equally divided among my children, namely Sterling Smith, Jourdon Smith, Franklin Smith, Nancy Hope, and Betsy Walker.  Elizabeth Cliborne having been heretofore provided for.
     Sixthly I direct that my executors hereinafter named that the death of my wife Sarah, divide all the personal property which may be left and not herein speciall bequeath amongst my heirs above named and provided for equally without any sale of property and especially that my negros be kept in the family.
     Seventh I give and bequeath that the portion of my estate which desends to my daughters, namely, Nancy Hope and Patsy Walker, to go to them and the heirs of their bodies forever respectively and not to under the control or direction of their husbands, Thomas Hope & William Walker in any way or manner whatever.  Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Jourdon Smith and Franklin M. Smith, my executors.  In testimony whereof I do to this my will set my hand and seal this 10th day of April 1839.   Robert Smith (Seal)
In presence of
David Richardson
Wm. McNew
Martha McNew

State of Tennessee    )
Campbell County        )    County Court February Term 1841
     The last will and testament of Robert Smith, Deceased, late of the County, was produced here in open court for probate.
Whereupon came David Richardson, a subscribing witness thereto, and made oath that he saw the said Robert Smith sign, seal, publish and declare this to be his last will and testament and that he was at the time of signing, sealing, publishing and declaring the same of sound and disposing mind and memory to the best of his skill and knowledge, ordered to be certified.  Let it be entered on Will Book at full length,  In testimony whereof I, William Cary, Clerk of the County Court of said County, have hereto set my hand and afficed the seal of said court at office, this 8th day of February 1841.
William Cary, Clk.
 The following are negro slaves for life of which ROBER SMITH, died, seized and possessed in the County of Campbell, together with the deposition we made of the same agreeble to the provisions of the Will and by an agreement made and entered into in writing with SARAH SMITH, deceaded, towit: By a provision in said Will, DAMERON, a negro boy, aged about 17 years, was given to STERLING SMITH.  Also by a provision in said Will, BETTY, a negro girl, aged about 21 years and her child was given to NANCY HOPE, the following named negros by the agreement aforesaid made with SARAH SMITH, widow as aforesaid, was divided amongst the heirs follow towit:
     To STERLING SMITH, three negros, named FRANK, aged about 35 years and DOCK, aged about 11 years and CALIA, aged about 50 years.
      To JOURDAN SMITH, two negro boys named JIM, aged about 36 years and NELSON, aged about 12 years.
     To FRANKLIN SMITH, a negro woman and her three children, namely MELINDA, aged about 28 years, ELLEN, aged about 8 years, BEN, aged about 5 years, and WILLIAM, aged about 1 year.
     To NANCY HOPE, three negros, namely SAM, aged about 53 years, MIMA, aged about 50 years, and HENRY, aged about 9 years.
     To PATSEY WALKER, four negros, namely ANABY, aged about 55 years, GEORGE, aged about 29 years, and LEATHY, aged about 20 years and her child, aged about 2 years.
     In addition to the foregoing there was about 2177 lbs. of bacon divided amongest the heirs above named. 
Also the quantity of corn supposed to be about six or seven hundred bushels, which was divided amongst the heirs above named equally.
25 head of sheep               (Sterling Smith all 25 head.)
60 heads of hogs               (Robert Smith all 60 head.)
25 head of cattle(William Kincaid got 1 Bull, Robert Smith got 1 cow & Calf, Isaac Vanbiber got 3 head, Sterling Smith got 1 cow & calf, Isaac Bridgman got 1 cow & calf, John E. Wheeler got 6 head, Alis Smith got 1 cow & calf, Robert Smith got 1 cow & calf, William Queener got 1 cow & calf, Richard A. Sharp got 1 cow, Alfred Dossett got 1 cow, and Levi Lacy got 1 cow.)
1 yoke of oxen  (Joel Meadows received this.)
1 wagon   (Alfred Dossett received this.)
4 head of horses(Thomas Hope got 1 black horse, Sterling Smith got 1 bay horse, James Smith got 1 gray horse, John E. Wheeler got 1 gray horse, and Franklin P. Miller got 1 gray horse, total 5 head.) ???? 
1005 pounds of iron(George Yokeum got 345 lbs, Lewis J. Rogers got 283 lbs, and David N. Rogers got 277 lbs, total 905, leaving 100 lbs. missing)
1 carriage  (Isaac Vanbiber received this.)
1 lot of farming utensils (William Wilson received this.)
chain and singletrees (James Glenn got this.)
2 ploughs and double trees(Thomas Hope got 1 plough and double tree, leaving 1 plough missing.)
a lock chains  (Benjamin Smith got 2 lock chains.)  
1 feed trough   (Isaac H. Rogers got this.)
4 axes   (June Rogers got 2 and Elisha McNew got 2 axes.)
5 hoes(Robert Buttler got 2 hoes, Fountain Maupin got 2 hoes, and Samuel Monday got 2, total 6.)
4 pr. gears(Benjamin Smith got 1 gear and bridle, Hunly Smith got 2 pairs, and Samuel Monday got 1 pair.) 
1 pair brickbands   (Marcellis Yokum received this pair.)
1 flax brake  (Fountain Maupin received this.)
2 bells   (Daniel Hollingsworth got these.)
1 saddle   (Leroy Brown got this.)
1 handsaw and 2 augers (James Robertson got these.)
3 barrels   (Levi Lacy got these.)
1 1/2 barrels saltR. A. Sharp got 1 barrel and Benjamin Smith got 1/2 barrel.)
6 stack oats(James Robertson got 1 stack and James Smith got 5 stacks, total 6 stacks.)
3 stacks fodder(James Smith got 1480 binds fodder, Samuel Monday got 1 stack, and Oty T. Cliborn got 1 stack of fodder, total 3 stacks.)
2 large wheels  (Daniel McCarter got 1 wheel and Joseph Brancom got 1 wheel.)
80 ovens and pots  (Jourdon Smith got 2 oven & pots, Sterling Smith got 2 ovens & pots.) 
4 sythes and cradle (Samuel Monday got 2 and Fountain Maupin got 2, total 4.) 
1 loom   (Richard A. Sharp got this loom.)
1 cupboard  (Jourdon J. Smith got this cupboard.)
2 Tables   (Benjamin Smith got 1 table.)
1 clock    (Peter Childress got this clock.) 
1 Bureau    (Thoms Hope received this bureau.)
1 fiddle   (Thomas Hope received this fiddle.)
14 chairs   (George Morris got 6, Oty T. Cliborn got 4, and James Glenn got 1 chair.)
8 flat irons  (Hunley Smith got 2 flat irons.)
1 side leather  (Oty T. Cliborne got this.)
1 barrel vinegar  (Oty T. Cliborne got this.)
4 salt barrels   (Oty T. Cliborne received these.)
1 chest and cowhide  (David Rogers got these.)
1 hatchet    (Robert Smith got this.) 
2 barrels and pair bellows (Jason Meadows got these.)
2 grind stones   (David Rogers got 1 grind stone.) 
2 sythes   (David Rogers received these.)
1 pair steelyards  (Robert Hope got these.)
2 pair dog irons   (George Carrel got these.) 
1 bull head  (Thomas Hope got this and other items, like black smith tools.)
1 grin iron  (Robert Smith got this.)
1 rice   
1 plough    (Joel Meadows got this.)
cash on hand $397.81.
1 note on JAMES and WILLIAM REED  (collected)
1 note on WILLIAM BLEDSOE, doubtful  (collected)
1 account on LEVI LACY, for $5. doubtful
1 account on WILLIAM BOWMAN, for $5. doubtful
1 account on STERLING SMITH, for $26.06 1/2, good
1 account on WILLIAM QUEENER, for $397.12
1 account on WILLIAM WALKER, $16.25
6 beds & furniture, 2 heads of horses, one hundred dollars and several other articles retained by MRS. SMITH agreeble to the Will, all of which is respectfully submitted. JOURDAN SMITH
Executors Sworn to in open courtm 5th day of April 1841
WILLIAM CARY, Clerk.=================================================================
A list of all personal property of ROBERT SMITH, Deceased, of which he died seized and possessed, the negros, bacon corn and wheat excepted, which is divided amongst the heirs equally to the Will of the said deceased towit:

Sterling Smith  25 head of sheep  26.05
Robert Smith 60 head of hogs  52
William Kincaid 1 Bull  10.31 1/2
Robert Smith 1 Cow & calf 13.15
Isaac Vanbiber 3 head cattle  19.24 1/2
Sterling Smith 1 Cow & Calf  10.5
Isaac Bridgman 1 Cow &Calf  10
John E. Wheeler 6 head Cattle  24.05
Alis Smith  1 Cow & Calf  6.25
Robert Smith` 1 Cow & calf  10.12 1/2
William Queener 1 Cow & Calf  8.5
Richard A. Sharp 1 Cow  9.18 1/2
Alfred Dossett 1 Cow  7.25
Levi Lacy  1 Cow 9.51
Joel Meadows 1 Yoke Oxen  40
Afred Dossett 1 Waggon  27
Thomas Hope 1 Black Horse  81
Sterling Smith 1 Bay Horse  73
James Smith 1 Gray Horse  89.12
John E. Wheeler 1 Gray Horse  15
Franklin P. Miller 1 Gray Horse  30
George Yokeum 345 Lbs. Iron  18.11 1/2
Lewis J. Rogers 283 Lbs. Iron  14.15
David. N. Rogers 277 Lbs. Iron  19.79 1/2
Isaac Vanbiber 1 Carriage  80
William Wilson 1 Lot of Tools  2
James Glenn Chair & Singletree  2.86
Thomas Hope 1 Plow & doubletree 1.45
Benjamin Smith 2 Lock Chains  2.00
Isaac H. Rogers 1 Feed Trough  1.05
June Rogers  2 axes  1.25
Elisha McNew 2 axes  1.02 1/2
Robert Buttler 2 Hoes  1.02
Fountain Maupin 2 Hoes  1.13
Samuel Monday 2 hoes  0.5
Levi Lacy  Shovel Ploughs  .62 1/2
Marcilles Yokum 1 Brink Bank  3.50
Benjamin Smith 1 Gear & Bridle  2.5
Hunly Smith 1 pair Gears  2
1 pair Gears  1.75
Fountain Maupin 1 Flax Break  0.52
Daniel Hollingsworth 2 Bells 1.52
Samuel Monday 1 Pair Gears  1.51
Leroy Brown 1 Saddle  2.63 1/2
James Robertson 1 hand saw & auger  2.75
Levi Lacy  3 Barrels  0.75
R.A Sharp 1 Barrel Salt 6.39 1/2
Benjamin Smith  Salt  3.19 1/2
James Robertson 1 Stack Oats  13.37 1/2
James Smith 5 Stacks Oats  91.85 1/2
1480 binds fodder  16.8
Samuel Monday 1 Stack fodder  4.5
Oty T. Cliborne 1 Stack Fodder  4.23
Daniel McCarter 1 Big Wheel  0.65
Joseph Brancom 1 Big Wheelt  2.5
Samuel Monday 2 Sythes & Cradle  1.12 1/2
Jourdon Smith 2 Ovens & pot  1.01
Sterling Smith 2 Ovens & pot  3.02 1/2
Richard A. Sharp 1 Loom  3.02
Fountain Maupin 2 Sythes & Cradle 2.25
David Rogers 2 Sythes  1.01
Jourdon J. Smith 1 Cupboard  10.37 1/2
Benjamin Smith 1 Table  2.33 1/2
Peter Childress 1 Clock  6
Thomas Hope 1 Bureau & Fiddle  11.89 1/2
George Morriss 6 Chairs  3.01
Oty T. Cliborne 4 Chairs  1.14
James Glenn 1 Chair  1.25
David Rogers 1 Table  1.51
Hunly Smith 2 Flat Irons  0.28
Oty T. Cliborne 1 Leather  2.37 1/2
1 Barrel Vinegar, 4 salt barrels  1.18
David Rogers 1 Chest & Cowhide 3.17
Robert Smith 1 Hatchet  1.31
Jason Meadow 2 Barrels&
pr. of bellows  7.11
David Rogers 1 Grind Stone  1.06
Robert Hope 1 pr. Steelyards  1.79
George Carrel  2 pr. Fire Dogs  2.37 1/2
Thomas Hope 1 Bull head &
other things  9.96 1/2
Robert Smith 1 Grind Iron  .75
Sterling Smith 1 Grind Stone  5.19 1/2
Joel Meadow 1 Plough  1.81
Cash on Hand  297.81
One note on Jame William Beard  40
One Note on William Bledsoe  40
1440.19 1/2 (450)
6 Beds and Furniture, 2 head horses, one hundred dollars in cash and miny other things returned agreebly to the will, account on Levi Lacy for $26, doubtful, 1 account on William Bowman for $5 doubtful,1 account on Sterling Smith for $26.26 1/2, good, 1 account on William Queener for $397. 1/2, 1 account on William Walker for $16.25 all of which is respectfully submitted. Jourdon Smith
Franlin M. Smith
Sworn to in open court 5th day of April 1841.





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