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Inventory of the Estate of John Phillips


Contributed by Donald J. Phillips 

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Inventory of the Estate of John Phillips, Deceased 1832
Estate Book A 1806-1841

The following is an inventory of the estate of John Phillips who died in Campbell County (Jacksboro) in 1832. The inventory was submitted by Administrators James Ross and Thomas Wier in December 1832 and recorded by William Cary, Court Clerk. This John Phillips was an early merchant in Jacksboro being mentioned in Goodspeed's History of Campbell County as owner of a Tavern House in Jacksboro. On John's death, a minor heir and son, Milton L. Phillips (born about 1820-23 and age 12-15) came under the guardianship of Thomas Weir. This Milton L. Phillips, later relocated to Athens, TN in McMinn County and became connected to the descendants of Dr. Horace Hickox through marriage. Court documents prove the links between this Milton L. Phillips, John Phillips dec'd 1832, the Tavern House in Jacksboro, and the Hickox family. By 1836 John Phillips heir's are listed in tax list of Campbell County Civil District 4 (East of Cumberland Mtn, around Jacksboro) and in Civil District 10 (West of Cross Mtn, near Huntsville) which is the area where Joseph and Thomas Phillips, son of William Tobias Phillips, from VA settled.
Would be most grateful for any further information on this John Phillips deceased 1832 - parents, siblings, children, spouse etc. (This John Phillips, dec'd 1832, possibly the father of John Phillips 1810-1862, my gr gr granddad and whose estate inventory is listed in Estate Book C and at this web site.)

p. 275-277
Inventory of the personal Estate of John Phillips deceased late of Jacksborough Campbell County Tennessee

1 Four horse waggon 5 bushels flaxseed - 2 barrels
1 Carry all 3 Empty Sault barrels
1 Set carry all harness 1 Loding line
5 Sets woggan Gearing 2 Horse Salbers - 1 blind bridle
1 set plough gearing 1 Lot box Iron
2 mens Saddles & 1 Blanket 38 Bushels wheat
1 Snaffle bridle 3 Crautt tubs
1 Womans Saddle 6 Augers
1 Rifle gun & shot bag 4 Oil Jugs
1 Rifle gun & shot bag 1 Pant Grinder
1 Shot Gun 1 pair Stretchers
2 Cupboards 1 Fifth chain & Stretchers
1 Book case 2 Mowing Sythes
1 Bureau 1 Hand Saw
1 Chest 1 Json Square
10 Beds bedsteads & furniture 1 Drawing knife
1 Umbrella 1 Grand Stone
1 Mans horse whip 2 Pair drawing Chains
1 Mantlepiece Clock 3 Grubbing hoes
2 Looking Glasses 1 Sang hoe
2 Indian canibar kits 10 Iron haulter Chains
2 Log chains 5 Plows and hooks
1 Set hay ladders 1 Bar Shear plough
1 Iron Tooth Barsaw 9 Clevires
1 Loom 2 Small Bar Shears
2 half round Tables 9 Old plough molds
1 Falling leaf table 8 Single Trees
4 Square tables 6 Fodder Stacks
7 Check Reel A Quantity of Fodder in the Stable loft
2 Cotton wheels A Quantity of hay in the Stable loft
1 Flax wheel A Quantity of shipoats in the Stable loft
2 Trunks 2 Pins of Corn husks in the fields
1 Cradle A Quantity of Corn husks in the barn
1 pair hackles A Quantity of wheat hay in the barn
1 washing machine A Quantity of corn & fodder in the stables
4 head horses A Quantity of Sound corn in the crib
1 yearling filly A Quantity of Sound corn in Anderson Cty
3 Yoak of oxen A Quantity of nubbins in the crib
3 Cows & Calves 16 Acres oats and hay
12 head Cattle 1 Pair long door hinges & hooks
21 pork hogs 4 weeding hoes
32 nook hogs 4 Hub bands
1 set Blacksmith tools, complete A Lot of old iron & scraps
1 wheat riddle 20 pair horse Shoes
1 Cutting box & knife A Part of a small box
1 corn sheller 4 Pair iron wedges
2 Iron hooped barrels 1 Box with 9 window lights
10 empty whiskey Barrells 3 Pair Shovel and Tongs
4 barrells Whiskey 4 Pair and irons
2 small kegs 1 Arm chair
1 beef hide 1 Smoothing Iron
3 meat troughts 2 Small boxes
2 meat benches 2 Liverpool Teapots
2 Fat Troughs 1 Liverpool sugar & Cream
1 Fat stand 1 Sets Liverpool Cups & Saucers
2 Soap Tubs 2 Sets Liverpool Chineds Cups & Saucers
1 Tub and soap Saucer 3 Sets Liverpool plates
1 pair steelyards 5 Liverpool dishes
some bacon 3 White dishes
2 meal Tubs 2 Sets Tea Spoons
1 meal Sive 6 Tumblers
1 Set warping based Spools 1 Vial mustard
And spool frame 2 Wine glasses
1 Bed Stead 3 Salt Stands & 2 passers
1 pair Snaffle bridle bitts 8 Cup plates
Some loaf Sugar 5 Liverpool pitchers
3 Cruerbles 1 Large common pitcher
Some Blue & Red paint, 2 brushes 5 Common plates
1 Set washing machine Irons 2 Sets knives and forks
1 set Coffee mill Irons 5 Butcher Knives
4 Vials Staughton bitters 1 Set common table Spoons
A Bundle of Gamains Suds 2 Bowls
2 Large pair shears 8 Pewter plates
2 Vols Haywoods & Cables Musical 3 Servers
2 Vols Woods Dictionary 4 Tart pans
2 Vols Morses Geography & Atlas 13 Milk Crocks & Jar
1 Olive Branch 1 Large jar
1 Columbian Orator 1 Iron candle stick
2 School Bibles 4 Baskets
1 Testament A A quantity of Sseed Onions
1 English reader 350 New boards
1 MesanickleLangston 1 Lot Irish potatoes
13 Nos Gospel Herald 5 Jugs
2 Razors and strop 1 Pair wool cards and Cotton do
1 English Slates A Quantity of hackled flax
3 Drafters 1 Sausage Stuffer & sponges
1 Stocklock 1 Sett nett Bed Caurtanes
1 Bat Cotton 4 Yards Checked Cloth
1 Pair Saddle bags 3 Window curtains
1 Shoemakers tools and Brick 3 Caunterpains
1 Glass lamp 1 lot leather, 2 Cow Bells
1 Lantern 3 Cover lites, 3 Sheets
4 Tin pans 4 Hand Trowels, 2 Table Clothes
32 Tea cups 4 Meal bags
1 Candle stand 4 Washing tubs
3 Coffee pots 2 Water pails
4 Slays 2 Wood buckets
A Quantity of Cotton thread 3 Tin Buckets & wash pans
Quantity of flax and lace thread 1 Milk churn
2 Copper Tea Kettles 3 Coffee pots
1 Tin Trumpet 2 Set Candle Moulds
2 Quart measures & funnel 1 Large kettle
4 Pots, 6 ovens & lids 2 Skillets, 1 collander
1 Spice mortar & pestle 5 Pair lead hooks
1 Cast iron lamp 1 Grid iron
1 Frying pan 1 Pair Balances & 1 Set weights
2 Pair waffle Irons 1 Tin sugar, some coffee and sugar
2 Tin dippers 1 Cutting knife and steel
1 Tea board 1 Paper cloves
1 Iron hooped half Barrell Vinegar & 1 Small keg with some peper
1 Dough tray, 1 pair Tumples, 1 Crock 1 Milk strainer, 1 Lot wood, 1 Wheel Barraw sheet, 1 Axe
with some parched coffee 1 Tub with some pickled pork, do with some Salt
1 Pair loom geares, 1 pair Spurs, 3 geese 1 Iron laddle
Feather bunches  
$7.50 cents Cash in Georgia and South Carolina money  
$29.67 cents Cash in Silver  
1 Axe  
1 Lot nubbin Corn  

p. 278-284 is a list of debts due the Estate of John Phillips deceased. This list contains the names of 216 individuals (not shown here) whose notes were owing to John Phillips. The amounts owed ranged from 12 cents to $81.58 1/3 cents totaling $2035. 42 . Most debts were listed as uncollectible due to doubtful means or desperate conditions of the debtors.

We the administrators of John Phillips deceased, state the above and foregoin Account, Notes, Judgments etc, to be the full amount of all claims of the above character owing to said John Phillips dec and which has come to our Knowledge, with the character of the same marked respectively.

Thos Weir Administrators of the Estate of John Phillips deceased

The last page 285 lists Officers Receipts for Collection

William Carey Receipt Doubtful 9.32
Wright Sarthin Receipt Doubtful 14.62
James Johnson Receipt Doubtful 14.00
Silas Chambers Receipt Doubtful 4.50
Joseph Carlock Receipt Doubtful 26.56
John Hollingsworth Receipt Doubtful 32.87
Drury Smith Receipt Doubtful 24.37
Moses H. Swan Receipt Doubtful 32.00
Moses H. Swan Receipt Doubtful 17.78 1/3
Moses H. Swan Receipt Good 13.34
Moses H. Swan Receipt Good 65.72
Wm Leach Receipt Good 2.75

We state the above to be the amount of receipts of officers on file amongst said Phillips papers - the receipts marked doubtful, the officers alledge they have paid the sums and neglected to lift their receipts

Drafts on the 33 rd Regiment of Tennessee Militia

Cornelius Dabney's Draft for 25.00
Hiram Hatfield Draft 10.50
Hiram Hatfield Draft 9.00
Hiram Hatfield Draft 9.00
Hiram Hatfield Draft 13.50
John Phillips Draft 9.00

The above amount of military claims we believe we will receive be able to collect - but if collect to account for the same
J. Ross
Thos Weir Administrators of the Estate of John Phillips Deceased
(State of Tennessee}
Campbell County} A True Copy Teste       William Carey Clk

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