1838 Tax Records

Transcribed from Early Tennessee Tax Records
Campbell County 1838-1839 Microfilm

Transcribed by Sandra Anderson

Many thanks to Sandra for typing these records!!!

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District 4

Names of Persons        Land     Value  Tax

Arnold, John            75       230    12 1/2
Adkins, Richard
Autt, Jacob
Butter, Robert
Butter, Talifaro??
Buler??, Estill
Bridgeman, Isaac
Claiborne, Calvin
Carey, William
Claiborne, Oty L.
Cabbag, Catherine C.    250      500    28
Chapman, Thomas
Clotfetter, Frederick?
Cooper, John            243      700    35
Delap, George
David, Sampson
David, James            148      800    40
David, Calibeck?        162      1000   50
Dabney, Cornelious
Dugger, Alexander
Elliott, John C.
Ford, Isaac
Grimes, Henry
Hill, Foster
Herrin, Leonard
Hart, Joseph            216 1/2  1100   55
Hunter, Andrew          300      1000   50
Henderson, Pleasant
Hope, Thomas
Hancock, Robert
Johnston, James
Jzley?, John            78       300    15
Jackson, David
Jackson, Even?
King, Nathan            246      600    30
Lacey, Levi
Lovely, James           50       300    15
Lindsey, William        90       600    30
Morrow, Robert          242      1000   50
Miller, William
McNeil, James
Montgomery, A.ct.???    400      2400   120
Macaffee, Mosiert???
Phillips, John
Peterson, James
Phillips, John's Heirs  71       355    17 1/2
Peterson, Joseph
Preston, & Richardson
Queener, John           634      4435   22 1/2
Queener, William
Queener, Sr,, Jacob     550      1700   85
Queener, Grandison
Queener, Henry          369      2150   10 1/2
Queener, Jr., Jacob     220      1500   5
Rains, Eli
Riggs, Thomas
Richardson, William
Richardson, David       75       200    10
Rowhuff, James
Simpson, M.A.W?
Smith, Sterling?
Smith, Wiley
Smith, Gourdin??        505      2715   135 1/4
Swutin??, Robert
Sharp, George
Sharp, Richard
Sharp, James            44       400    20
Smith, Archibald J.
Thomas, Adinajah?       166      100    5
Thomas, Samual?? W.
Thatcher, James C.
Vinzant, Richard
Vinzant, George         400      500?   25
Wheeler, Benjamin L.
Wier, Thomas
Wheeler, John E.        243      2000   1
Wheeler Sr., Thomas     722      4000   2
Waterhouse, Richard     200      400    2
Wilson, Abraham         20       50     2 1/2
Wilhite?, Simon         500      550    2 1/2
Wilhite?, Joseph
Wather Jr., William
Williams, Silas         253      1550   11 1/2
Yunt, Jacob

A List of Person who were subject to double taxes

Buriss, Jessee
Bowling, Caswell C.
Boshears, Isaac
Brandon, Samual
Bidora???, Phillip
Bullock, Richard        3250     5000   2.5
Dabney, Cornelius
Dugger, Alexander
Dunkin, R.D.
Elliott, Stephan
Graham, James
Goodman, John
graham, Joel
Graves, Benjamin
Hays, Batson
Henderson, John
Huff, William
Johnston, Caswell
Linsey, Cornelius
Montgomery, R. H.
Miller, Hiram
Mallicoat, Phillip
McGullagh, Alexander
Margraves, Samual
Montgomery, Heirs
Poil???, Jessie
Page, Tucker W.
Page, Jr., Achillis
Pinkleton, Henry
Queener, Danial         400      1000   50
Richardson, David
Rowane, Nathanial
Richardson, David
Reed, Thos A.G.?
Reed, John
Smith, Alex D.
Stokes, ThL???J.
Smiddy, Rubin
Smith, Charles
Smiddy, Jepee?
Silney?, Samual
Smith, Franklin
Thompson, William
William, Heamitton W.
Wheeler, Penelope       300      1200   60
Wheeler, Richard D.     300      1200   100
Wheeler, Samual A.      600      3200   760



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