Transcribed from various newpaper sources
by Mildred Collins Wasser
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Name: Jolene Kae O'Brien
Date of Birth: 1953
Date of Death: 10-25-1995
Cemetery: Perkins
Parents: Gerald & Berna Dell Alesia
Spouse: Samuel O'Brien
Name: Clarence D. Oaks
Date of Birth: 1924
Date of Death: 2-5-1994
Cemetery: Unknown
Parents: Taylor & Arlissa Rector Oaks
Spouse: Lois Lawson Oaks
Name: Lora Oaks
Date of Birth: 1941
Date of Death: 3-1-1996
Cemetery: Petros
Parents: Fisher & Lora Bunch
Name: Robert E., Jr. Oaks
Date of Birth: 1931
Date of Death: 1-18-1996
Cemetery: Douglas
Spouse: Jolene Lay Oaks
Name: Marie S.Waddell Odum
Date of Birth: 1924
Date of Death: 8-2-1996
Cemetery: Queener
Parents: Richard & Mossie Cox Queener
Spouse: Thomas Roy Odum
Name: Eugene Orick
Date of Birth: 1923
Date of Death: 5/15/1998
Cemetery: Campbell Memorial
Parents: William & Ruthie Hodge
Spouse: Juanita
Name: Eula Irene Orick
Date of Birth: 1926
Date of Death: 11-28-1994
Cemetery: Sunrise
Parents: Earnie & Rushia Orick
Name: Fred Orick
Date of Birth: 1905
Date of Death: 4-21-1996
Cemetery: Fincastle
Name: John L. Orick
Date of Birth: 1918
Date of Death: 11-9-1994
Cemetery: Campbell Memorial
Parents: William & Ruth Orick
Name: Myrtle Richardson Orick
Date of Birth: 1916
Date of Death: 8-25-1996
Cemetery: Wells Springs
Parents: George & Callie Partin Richardson
Spouse: Charlie Orick
Name: Archie Osborne
Date of Birth: 1923
Date of Death: 11-16-1994
Cemetery: Casey
Spouse: Mary Osborne
Name: Clara Osborne
Date of Birth: 1916
Date of Death: 11-10-1996
Cemetery: Woodlawn
Spouse: Dave Osborne
Name: Ervin Osborne
Date of Birth: 1942
Date of Death: 9-24-1995
Cemetery: Casey
Parents: Oakley & Edith Osborne
Spouse: Edith Malicat Osborne
Name: Harold Lloyd Osborne
Date of Birth: 1947
Date of Death: 6-6-1996
Cemetery: Casey
Parents: Edith Osborne
Spouse: Carolyn Osborne
Name: James (Jimmy) Anthony Osborne
Date of Birth: 1972
Date of Death: 8-21-1994
Cemetery: Douglas
Parents: Rosa Osborne
Name: Shawn Samuel Marlow Osborne
Date of Birth: 1977
Date of Death: 6-18-1995
Cemetery: Bowman
Parents: Kathy Marlow Osborne & Donna Sue Marlow
Name: Fontella Overbey
Date of Birth: 1920
Date of Death: 3-27-1994
Cemetery: Bakers Forge
Name: Ruth Ann Overbey
Date of Birth: 1911
Date of Death: 5-27-1994
Cemetery: Bakers Forge
Parents: Ira S. & Mary A. Noe Cline
Spouse: William Kenneth Overbay
Name: Helen Overton
Date of Birth: 1929
Date of Death: 3/17/1998
Cemetery: Lambdin
Spouse: Ephram
Name: Henry Fate Overton
Date of Birth: 1908
Date of Death: 3-27-1996
Cemetery: Woodlawn
Parents: Jacob & Amy Jones Overton
Spouse: Dorothy Overton
Name: Jo (Graham) Overton
Date of Birth: 1918
Date of Death: 3-6-1996
Cemetery: New Buffalo
Parents: Joe & Nettie Thompkins Graham
Spouse: Sam Overton
Name: Ruth Overton
Date of Birth: 1919
Date of Death: 1-6-1995
Cemetery: Campbell Memorial
Parents: Jim & Bertha Williams Overton
Spouse: Henry Overton
Name: Mildred Julia Owens
Date of Birth: 1924
Date of Death: 11-21-1994
Cemetery: Jellico
Spouse: Willam E. Owens
Name: Myrtle Broyles Owens
Date of Birth: 1904
Date of Death: 3/14/1998
Cemetery: Campbell Memorial
Spouse: Cliff
Name: Rev. Willie B. Owens
Date of Birth: 1913
Date of Death: 4-20-1995
Cemetery: Baird
Parents: Albert & Effie Owens
Spouse: Georgia & Betty L. Owens
Name: Tommy Arthur Owens
Date of Birth: 1943
Date of Death: 1-9-1996
Cemetery: Forrest Hills
Parents: Sterline &Bernece Owens
Spouse: Rosa Lee Owens
Name: William E., Jr. Owens
Date of Birth: 1957
Date of Death: 5-19-1995
Cemetery: Jellico
Spouse: Debra Lemons Owens
Name: William E., Sr. Owens
Date of Birth: 1925
Date of Death: 4-6-1995
Cemetery: Jellico
Spouse: Mildred Owens


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