Civil Cases Announced in LaFollette Press 1921

contributed by Misty Smith
The LaFollette Press
June 8, 1921
Vol XII No.27
Pg. 6
Civil Jury cases set
For May Term Circuit Court to be Tried at Adjoined Session
Monday, June 27, 1921
M.A. Wheeler v. James P. Keivet
Jay Blankenship vs. Adams Express Company
Diamond Hosiery Mills vs. Southern Express Company
Ellen Hill vs. James P. Scott
A.J. Foust vs. LaFollette Coal & Iron Company
W.E. McCreary vs. Western Union Telegraph Co.
Hugh Ray, Admr., vs. Geo M. and Oscar Richmond
Matt Powers, Adm., vs. Southern Railway Co., Et al
William Baird vs. J.F. Walden
Sillas Smith vs. LaFollette Coal & Iron Co.
L.F. Perkins vs. LaFollette Coal & Iron Co.
J.A. Polston vs. LaFollette Coal & Iron Co.
Walter Perkins vs. LaFollette Coal & Iron Co.
Luther Smith vs. LaFollette Coal & Iron Co.
R.D. Butler vs. James Carr
B.F. Walden vs. J.F. Walden
City of LaFollette vs. James Hampton
P.P. Allen vs. J.F. Walden
J.D. McPhetridge vs. Blain Myers
P.J. Fritz vs. Campbell Coal mining Co.
W.R. Nelson vs. Walter Wilson
Jesse Seibers vs. LaFollette Coal & Iron Co.
S.H. David and wife vs. F.D. Cannon
J.M. Williams, N.F. vs. Miller Lumber Company
Tuesday, June 28, 1921
Frank Gaylor vs. Russell Harwood Lumber Co.
S.J. Terry vs. Southern Railway Company
James Childress vs. R.D. Lynch
E.M. Stephens vs. S.F. Broughton
M.L. Link vs. J.H. Barker
M.C. Kaiser & Co., vs. T.Y. Powers
Charley Cannon by N.F. vs. John Russell, Et al.
S.F. Broughton vs. Italian Blue Gem Coal Mine
Tim O'Conner vs. James Cooper
J.N. Russell vs. Amon Tiller
Sam Rapp vs. Genette Lumber Company
Joel Parrott, Et al., vs. Frank Lindsay
Edith Evans, by N.F. vs. Wayne Chambers
Alice Huley, Admr., vs Louisville & Nashville R.R. Company
Minnie Pierce vs. James Pierce
Obedience Broyles vs. Link Blankenship Etal
William Baird vs. R.D. Davis
B.R. Berry Cantrell vs. J.P. Williams
John Hood vs. Bear Wallow Coal Company
John Sharp vs. R.E. Koontz Etal.
R.E. Koontz vs. Mrs John J. Sharp
William Chapman vs. John Barnette
Frank Schubert vs. George Broyles, Etal.
City of Jellico vs. T.H. King
Rule of Court -No.4
In all civil cases, whether jury of non-jury, parties may continue by consent, provided provision is made for the payment of all the unadjudged costs of the cause. In all cases continued by consent where no provision is made in the agreement for the payment of such costs, all the unadjudged costs of the case will be adjudged equally between the parties.
Signed, XEN HICKS, Judge



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