Campbell County Military
P. L. Gibson
Confederate Pension Application

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Transcribed by Laura L. Gibson


P.L. Gibson
Motley County
Whiteflat, Texas

Filed - August 19, 1929
Approved - October 15, 1929
Pension allowed from - September 1, 1929

Soldier's Application for Confederate Pension

The State of Texas
County of Motley

I, P. L. Gibson do hereby make application for a pension, pursuant to
the provisions of the First Section of Title 109, Revised Civil
Statutes, 1925, providing for Confederate Pension, amended by Chapter
95,   General Laws of the Fortieth Legislature, as amended by Senate
Bill 287, Acts of the Regular Session of the Forty - first Legislature
of the State of Texas, approved March 5, 1929 on the following ground:

I enlisted and served in the military service of the Confederate States
during the war between the States of the United States and that I did
not desert the Confederate servicw, but during the war I was loyal and
true to my duty, and never at any time abandoned my post of duty in the
said service; or (that I was in the service of the State of Texas during
the war to protect said State against the Indians and Mexicans.) That I
was honorably discharged or surrendered, May 20, 1865, peace declared,
that I have been a bona fide citizen of this State since prior to
January 1, A.D. 1920, and have been continuously since a citizen of
the State of Texas.  I do further state that I do not hold any National,
State, city or county office which pays me a salary or fees of $300.00
per annum, nor have I any income from any other enployement or other
souece whatever which amounts to $300.00 per annum, nor do I own in my
own right, nor does anyone hold in trust for my benefit or use, nor does
my wife own, nor does anyone hold in trust for my wife, estate or
property either real, personal, or mixed, either in fee or for life, of
the assessed value of over one thousand dollars, exclusive of a home of
the value of not more than $2000.00; nor do I receive any aid or pension
from any other State of the United States, and I do futher state that
the answera given to the following questions are true:

1. What is your age?     91 
2. Where were you born?     Campbell County, Tenn.
3. How long have you resided in the State of Texas?    58 yrs
4. In what county do you reside?    Young County
5. How long have you been a resident in said county?   49 yrs
     What is your post office address?     Whiteflat, Texas
6. Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate pension law and
been rejected?     No
     If rejected, state when and where. -------
7. In what State was the command in which you served organized?    Tenn
8. What was your post office address at the time of enlistment? 
Jacksboro, Tenn
9. How long did you serve?    3 yrs
     Give, if possible, the date of enlistment and discharge.    Early
part of 1862; discharged May 20, 1865
10. What was the letter of your company, number of battalion, regiment
or battery?    Co. G  McKenzie's Reg. Tenn Cav.
11. If transfered from one command to another, give time of transfer,
name of command and time of service.    No transfer
12. What branch of service did you enlist in --- infantry, cavalry,
artillery, or navy?    Cavalry
13. What is the assessed value of your home, if you own a home?    $
1,000 (? ink smear)
14. What is the assessed value of your other property?    1/2 insterest
in $900.00 real property; $560.00 in personal property
15.Do you own any property other than that rendered for taxes in your
county?  If so, state value of same and county where located.    None
16. Have you transfered to others any property of any kind for the
purpose of becoming a beneficiary under this law?    No none

Wherefore your petitioner prays that his application for a pension be
approved and such other proceedings be had in the premises as are
required by law. 


The Adjutant General's Office
October 9, 1929

The Comptroller
State of Texas
Austin, Texas

        The name P.L. Gibson has not been found on the muster rolls on
file in this office of Company G. 5th 9McKenzie's) Regiment Tennessee
Cavalry, Confederate States Army, which rolls cover the period from
March 16, 1862, to -. roll dated March 12, 1864, in part.
        The records show, however, that one Prior L. Gibson also born as
Pryor L. Gibson and as P.L. Gibson, private, Company B, 5th Regiment
Tennessee Cavalry, C.S.A., was captured at Shelbyville, Tennessee,
October 7, 1862, forwarded to Louisville, Kentucky, October 14,1863, for
exchange.  His name appears as signature to an Oath of Allegiance to the
United States, subscribed and sworn to at Camp Morton, Indianapolis,
Indiana, May 20, 1865.
        The name P.L. Gibson has not been found on the muster rolls on
file in this office of Company B, 5th (McKenzie's) Tennessee Cavalry,
C.S.A., which rolls cover the period in part,from January 27, 1862, to
December 31, 1864.

 (signed) C. H. Bridges
        Major General
The Adjutant General

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