Isaac Miller

born in 1838 in Campbell Co. and died 1919 in Union County


Civil War Pension Application
contributed by Marlene Lawley

Typed as is -  misspelled words/names and all.

1 Sep 1898 at So. Pittsburg, County of Marion, State of  Tenn.


I am about 57 years old.  I work at the Pipe works as  common laborer.  P.O. as above. I served in C-1 Tenn Inf from Jan 1, 1862  to Jan 1 65. I had no prior nor subsequent service. My first Capt was VINCENT  MYERS of Claiborne Co. Tenn & my next Capt was ALFRED C. AYTES of Cumberland  Co. Tenn.  I don't know a thing about being transferred to Co. A but the  Rgt was raised Aug 9, 1861 and I was enlisted later in in Co. C and then when  the Regt was mustered out Oct 17, 1864 I was with about 300 others of the Regt  given a 30-day furlough and after that met at Kingston Tenn at the expiration of 30 days where all four Regt that hadn't served our times out were put on  duty & I was under 1 Lt. JEFF ROGERS (who had been in Co. B) and that may be  what they call a transfer to Co. A.  JEFF ROGERS was at St. Louis Mo last I  heard.  I lived in Campbell Co. Tenn near Well Spring P.O. prior to enlistment  for 7 yrs & I was born & raised in Campbell Co.  I was a farmer. I  was acquainted with ISAAC BRIDGES, JAS THOMAS (two of them), WM DILES or DOYLE,  DAVID LAY, JAS MCNEELY; RUBEN CRAIG; WM CANNON, DAVID MCNEW, JAS MCNEW, LEMUEL  HILL, NARVIL HILL, EWENS BAKER, JAMES BROWN, WM BROWN, FRANKLIN MILLER (a  brother).

They all live right around in the old settlement, also DR.  LAFAYETTE LEWIS.  I had typhoid fever two years before I enlisted and outside of  that I was very healthy & stout too.  DR. JONES treated me for that fever.  If living he is at Jacksboro, Campbell Co. Tenn.  I got entirely over that fever.  WM DILE was a close neighbor then & my brother will know of it.  That was about 1858 or 1859.  I had a bad spell. I was stripped to the waist and examined at enlistment by an army surgeon. I know it was DR. MCMILLAN and he was our surgeon. I dont know where  he is.

GEORGE WHITTON was my mess mate & we slept together.   He was from Union Co. near Clinch River near Heatherly's Ford. ALLEN SEXTON  (whereabouts not known), JOHN PECK, ISAAC BRIDGES (Lost Creek, Union Co. Tenn),  MARTIN ELSON (dead), GEORGE HEATHERLY (Craigs Ford Campbell Co. Tenn), FRANCIS  NANCE (dead), JAMES B. THOMAS (- Gager Co. Neb) were my mess-mates.  My  Ord. Sgt was JOSEPH ELLIS (Maynardsville Union Co. Tenn), T. W. PAGE (dead) was  our first Ord Sgt. 1Lt was JOHN HEATHERLY (in Texas) & 2 Lt CAN (?) ROGERS  (dead). 2ND Sgt was ISAAC BRIDGES & SILAS BULLARD (dead) & JOSEPH  ROMINES was Corp. 1 Lt was J.T. MAUPIN after HEATHERLY resigned.

My first sickness in the Co. was measles at Somerset Ky Jan,  1862 along toward the last of Jan. I had never had them before. I was in hospital at Somerset Ky for measles and for about 10 days & was sent back to  Co & pronounced well then relapsed with measles on march from Somerset to  London & Cumberland Ford Ky about Feb. 1, 1862 and never did any more duty  until about June 1, 62. I was left in Hospital at London Ky with this relapse.  CAPT AYTES was Hos. Steward when I was in hospital at Somerset.

I can't say who was in the hospital with me at London Ky . My  brother LEWIS MILLER was left there to take care of me. He was in my  Co. & was killed at Kingston Tenn by Wheelers Cavalry in the service. After  return to Co. I was weak & could only talk in a whisper. I stayed at London  Hospital 3 weeks before I was returned to the Co. & it was June 1862 before  I did any duty. The measles settled in my left lung in breast & the left side of my head and made me hard of hearing in my left ear and I have had a  fluttering & thumping of heart ever since. Any excitement causes fluttering  of my heart & I have a cough at times.  And I base my claim for pension  on this result of measles together with rheumatism, piles & rupture. I  already draw $12 per month under new law.

I next had rheumatism and piles at Murfreesboro Tenn in Jan  1863 just after the big fight.  That was caused by laying in the rain all  night giving me sudden cold about Jan 15 or 20 1863. I was in hospital camp in  winter quarters sick & excused from duty but not in hospital there &  WHITTEN waited on me & ribbed me with whiskey also.  J.B. THOMAS waited  on me.  My rheumatism was in the muscles of the back, hips, & legs  running through the knee joints down to the end of my toes and while I was down with rheumatism I got costive and piles came on me. It is itching bloody  piles.  I never did any duty then until Apr 1863 & in fact not much more all summer.  I have continued to suffer more or less every year since with piles & rheumatism. My next sickness was again at Cleveland Tenn in May 1864 in march to Ga & I was left at Cleveland Tenn with rheumatism & piles and JAKE THOMAS (Well Springs Campbell Co. Tenn, if living) was left to wait on me & was there 2 or 3 weeks when we went to the front together &  got to the Co. at Atlanta Ga & went into battle the same day.

I was in the hospital at Cleveland & SMITH DANIEL (of  Claiborne Co. Tenn) was sick there at same time.  I was next sick at  Atlanta Ga where I got ruptured in right groin in July 1864 about middle of July 1864. It was caused by a strain carrying logs to build breast works.  It  was just about dark when I was hurt.  It just stung & the next morning  I showed it to WHITTEN who said the little lump that had come out when I was ruptured was my guts & I went to DR. MAUPIN there (not in my Regt) who said  it was rupture.  DR. MAUPIN lived in my old vicinity & is dead &  has been about 8 years.

I was ruptured by stepping in a hole & throwing the weight  of the log against me & straining me.  Of course it wasnt as large then as now.  I didn't know who had hold of the log with me. But CORP. JOS  ROMINES & JOHN PECK & BATE NUNN were in the detail to build the breast  works.  I can't call up others there.  I never did any more duty but light camp duty after that. DR. MAUPIN said I would get well of rupture if I didn't strain but a laboring man had to strain.  NUNN & ROMINES saw the rupture the next day I think.  I can't say who else saw it but everybody  knew it after the doctor put it back. WHITTEN put a pad & belt on me.  I got it from DR.MCMILLAN.  I had no other ailments in the Co. I have  continued to suffer every year since discharge with all my disabilities. At  discharge I went back to Campbell Co. where I came from and stayed there seven  years and farmed and the same neighbors knew me up there.

I was first treated by DR. RICHARD GREEN (dead) for rheumatism  & piles & heart trouble.  Then DR. LAFAYETTE LEWIS treated me for same things. Then DR.- RESECCU of Well Springs Tenn (if living) & Dr. HARBINSON of Cumberland Gap Tenn treated me also for same things.

I came to this county then & have been here ever since,  living either at Victoria or So. Pittsburg & I have been living in this place since Aug 1883. I have worked at furnace & pipe works & farmed  since I came here.  My first doctor down here was ALEXANDER of Jasper Tenn (dead), DR. RICHARD SHETEM (dead) & DR. TOWNSEND now in New York City.   I don't know his full name  DR.- MCCURDY (left here & whereabouts not  known). DR. T.W. JOHNSON next & still treats my family. DR. GRIFFITH nor DR.  LOWLER have ever treated me. I don't suppose Dr. GRIFFITH knew I had any complaint till I went to him to be examined.

JOHN CARROLL is dead so is ELIZABETH JONES.  J.F. MILLER  (a cousin) has been gone 4 or 5 years & I expect he is about Fincastle Tenn unless he went west. JOSEPH HENDERSON is gone & his whereabouts is not  known.  DR. KITCHENSIDE went to Ga. I dont know where.  He was old.  WM CARROLL is about Bridgeport Ala. I think.  I haven't seen him in long time.  T. J. LEWIS & J. R. MANIS will be able to testify as to my condition down here.  JOSEPH HENDERSON would be one of my best witnesses  as to continuance here if you can find him. I have been married to SUSAN  JONES Jan 18, 1866 in Campbell Co.. She died Nov. 22, 1883 and that was my only marriage & I have no children under 16 yrs old.

I have been damaged about  ___ I can't do any manual labor  now.  I just do light jobs now.  I get $1.00 when I chip castings  & 90 cents for other work when I'm able to work.  I worked 14 days last  month & 11 the month before & in June I worked none.  That is about  an average. I understand you & I am correctly reported. I hear you now l__  co___ & those marked you may recall my ___.

(Signed) Isaac Miller,  deponent.


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