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By Dallas Bogan

Reprinted with Permission from Dallas Bogan.  This article was published in the LaFollette Press.

Some 62 years ago, on Sunday, December 7, 1941, occurred the most tragic event to date in America history - the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

That Sunday morning 62 years ago plunged the United States headlong into the greatest war in history and before the conflict ended nearly four years later a half million Americans were killed or died of wounds or disease.

As near as can be ascertained, 150 Campbell Countians lost their lives during World War II. Campbell Countians saw service all over the world in every place where American troops were stationed. Four thousand, three hundred and seven served from Campbell County during the war.

The attack on Pearl Harbor came when over 100 Japanese planes and several midget submarines attacked the US fleet at harbor. The attack was made at 7:55 a.m. Hawaiian time (1:25 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.)

Of the 86 ships in the fleet, one battleship was totally lost and several other vessels severely damaged. The Navy lost 80 airplanes and the Army 97.

In the Navy there were 2,117 men killed, 960 missing, and 876 wounded. In the Army there were 226 men killed and 396 wounded.

In the attack, the Japanese lost 28 planes to the Navy, 20 planes to the Army and three submarines, each 45 tons.

Nearly fours later, on August 14, 1945, Japan surrendered: Germany had surrendered on May 8, 1945. The Japanese decision to give up came after atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima on August 6 and on Nagasaki, on August 9, killing well over 150,000 people.

The former terms of surrender were signed on board the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945.

Between Pearl Harbor and the surrender of Japan a total of 14,903,213 men and women served in America's armed forces. The United States suffered 1,978,674 casualties. Of these 407,828 died and 670,846 were wounded. Battle deaths were 292,986.

At this late date very little can be said in payment of the sacrifice made by those who died, although they should hold the highest places in memory of the living.

Among the Campbell Countians to die in World War II was one, George F. Lamb, who was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry in action. Julia M. Zechini, a Navy nurse, died in the service. As far as can be learned the first Campbell Countian to die in World War II was Private Arthur Summers of LaFollette.

Following are the names of Campbell County's war dead of World War II.

Conley E. Adams, John E. Anderson, Joseph B. Arnette, Clayton Artis, Lamon D. Ball, Johnnie M. Bates, John H. Bell, William E. Bell, Lewis B. Balton, Herndon C. Bowman, James F. Branam, Willis Branam, Paul Brashears, Everette Brassfield, Jr., Wallace Breedwell,

Glenn L. Bridges, Frederick W. Bruce, Charlie Bryant, Jordan Carroll, Charles Caldwell, James M. Childress, Lee M. Clotfelter, Wendall D. Copeland, Ross Hollingsworth, Ralph W. Cook, David H. Creekmore, Arthur Cross, Archie A. Dalton, Howard E. Daugherty, Lonzo Daugherty, William G. Davenport, Ethon Davis, Roy W. Davis, Charles Dilbeck, Daniel H. Disney, Charlie Douglas, Clyde A. Douglas,

General P. Douglas, Henry L. Douglas, Hazel H. Duncan, Marion Duncan, Owen H. Evans, Billie V. Franklin, Edd Fuston, Joe Gaylor, Jr., Byron L. Goins, Roy Goodman, Elihue Greene, Ralph Griffith, Willie Hale, Arvel H. Hall, William G. Hatfield, Wilmer W. Hatmaker, Andrew J. Hawkins, Earl E. Hayes, Maynard W. Heatherly, Paul E. Heatherly, Woodrow Heatherly, James I. Hensley, Henry Hooper, George T. Houston, John L. Huddleston, Ted Hunter, Kleetis C. Ivery, Vernon Ivey, James C. Jeffers, Joseph E. Johnson, Willie T. Justice, Lewis King, Jr., Alvis H. Lamb, Jr., George F. Lamb, James T. Land, Waymon R. Lawhorn, Bishop Lawson, James F. Leach, Norman Lingerfelt, Arlie Long, James D. Longmire,

Shirley Lowe, James T. Lynch, Lonnie Lynch, Verda Lyons, Homer Marcum, Charles H. Marple, Gus Martin, Glenn McGhee, Shirley McGhee, Lawrence L. McCarty, Cal Miller, Walter C. Nelson, Loyd W. Nichols, Lee. R. Norman, Barton W. Owens, Clifford Osborne, William M. Parker, George W. Partin, Fred Paul, Charles H. Patterson, Thomas E. Perkey, Oscar L. Perkins, Thomas E. Perkins, William E. Petitt, Earl Phillips,

Robin Phillips, Prinston D. Quarls, Jacob H. Queener, John C. Richardson, John C. Ridenour, William W. Ridenour, Earl Roach, Warren G. Roaden, William F. Robbins, Homer L. Rodeheaver, Leon Russell, J.V. Russell, Edward Schugart, Henry C. Scott, Charles V. Sharp, Clyde Shoffner, James T. Shepherd, Joseph H. Siler, Martin Siler, Gilmore W. Smith, Ova Smith, Harley F. Spradlin, Merl Stevens, James W. Stewart, Elwood J. Stiner, James E. Stone, Arthur Summers, Milton G. Sutton, Walter Tackett, Venis Todd, Carl W. Thompson, James H. Walden, James R. Walden, Eric W. Warming, Eukle Welch, Jess W. White, Joseph B. White, Robert T. Williams, Archie Wilson, James Wilson, Thomas W. Wilson, Leonard Woods, Miller D. Yoakum, Julia M. Zechini, and Peter Tom Zechini.

Addition from Campbell Countian, Volume 15, Number 3, page 55

13 additional names of war dead from the 21 March 1946 LaFollette Press article:

Francis L. ALLEN (Pioneer)
   Charlie EVANS (Habersham)
   Everette HUDDLESTON (Habersham)
   Warren GOINS (Jacksboro)
   Roy L. (Ted) HATMAKER (Oswego)
   Phillip FRANCIS
   Carl HATFIELD (Wooldridge)
   Everette W. PIERCE (Speedwell)
   Harold DOUGLAS (Clearfield)
   Carl J. BARTLEY (Jacksboro)
   Marlie CROSS (Pioneer)
   Louis FRANCIS, Jr. (LaFollette)
   Hubert COLE (LaFollette)

Time Line

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